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Xenophobia: Alien
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"In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream..."

It's the 22nd Century. Human beings have spread out into space and stuff. They have spaceships. They have colonies. The worst part? They are not alone. The stuff that lurks out in space is absolutely terrifying and most of it just wants to KILL YOU.
Welcome to the world of Xenophobia, based on the ALIEN Franchise. This is a world where terror lurks around every corner, where despite technological advancement; things are crude and well people are often pretty rude and filled with their own agendas.
Can you trust the person beside you? I wouldn't.
Xenophobia is designed to be an evolving storyline with a constantly changing cast of characters. You will die. You may even cry. Hopefully though, you'll roll a new character and start again.
Welcome to Horror Role-Play.

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