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Resident Evil timeline is broken into a series of stories known as acts, which have a set number of plots known as Chapters. Each Chapter can last anywhere from a day to several months. As of current, there are 2 acts and sixteen chapters. Below are all of the story lines told thus far in Resident Evil.

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ACT 1: Resident Evil: Biohazard

The Beginning

Dates: Feb 1 to 28, 2005

There is something lurking in the Arklay Mountains, something that is not quite human. Even worse, things are amiss in Raccoon City on many levels.
Encounters were had by several individuals with Infected Wildlife in the woods, ranging from smaller creatures like raccoons and birds to predatory species like coyotes and wolves. Umbrella deployed Biohazard Containment Service to the region under the cover of the Federal Department of Forestry dealing with a rabies outbreak. In spite of the UBCS deployment, there are more people missing in the mountains and forest each day.


Date: Feb 15, 2005

It's just after Valentine's Day, early morning as the snow begins to fall from the skies creating a treacherous night. The Arklay Mountains have something in store for a group of people, all of them unconnected but their lives about to end or be forever changed.
A crash occurred on the mountain roads between several groups, causing a blockage in the road that would prevent anyone from getting past. Combined with the bad weather, this has made travel to Raccoon City by way of the Arklay Mountains next to impossible. A UBCS Team was killed by Smokey the Infected Bear Tyrant, as the hapless survivors of the accident killed one another; as they were killed by Infected. Chad and James Scott managed to escape, neither of them informing the police. Moral of this story? Meth is really bad.


Date: Feb 28, 2005

Raccoon City and the surrounding area has been put under a severe cold weather alert with winter storm warnings as a blizzard renders travel extremely difficult. As a result, schools are cancelled; and Doctor Blanton's test subjects are easier to cover up the disappearances of at the local high school. S.T.A.R.S. is dispatched to the Arklay Mountains to perform Search and Rescue Operations when a break in the storm occurs.
A S.T.A.R.S. team consisting of ace Chris Redfield, his best friend Forest Speyer, team mentor Edward Dewey, rookie Rebecca chambers, veteran pilot Jose Vasquez, and civilian psychologist Maria Martin is sent in to perform Search and Rescue operations at the site of the accident in the Arklay Mountains (Chapter 2 - Biohazard). They come under unexpected attack and the surviving members of the team are lost in a massive avalanche that covers most of the mountain range and surrounding forest.

Snake Eyes

Date: Feb 26 to Mar 2

The rabies outbreak in the mountains seems to have spread to the city and instances of rabid animals is becoming more common within Raccoon City. Umbrella Corporation's Arklay Mountain Facility goes rogue and Umbrella Security is dispatched to the site, as an attack is taking place by Government Forces.
The government funded group 'Black Sword' attacked the Arklay Mountains facility in an attempt to seize the research and destroy it only to be foiled by the Umbrella Security services sent to the location. Casualties were high among both groups and only a handful of those involved made it out alive before the facility was destroyed. S.T.A.R.S. Alpha & Charlie Team deploy to the Arklay Mountains to try and rescue any survivors from Bravo Team but only find Rebecca Chambers who is returned safely to Raccoon City. At the Looking-Glass Mansion, something is horribly wrong and Alice Abernathy and Spence Parks are about to discover the true meaning of fear.

Calm Before the Storm

Date: Mar 2 to 13, 2005

The situation in the mountains is mostly resolved due to heroic sacrifices, but not before things had already begun to spread to the city. Rabid animals attacking people are becoming more common, there is a darkness lurking just out of sight and it is waiting to be unleashed. Many different parties make their moves during this period and virus samples are acquired. Plots within plots are unraveled and reach fruition.

Meanwhile, the horror lurking beneath the Arklay Mountains Facility is defeated by a pairing of Jane Chelsea and Rain Ocampo, but only one of the two women emerges from the horror alive. Throughout the city panic is growing as the winter ends and more attacks become commonplace causing protests outside City Hall. Umbrella Corporation begins to 'evacuate' the family members of VIP to safety for both benign and nefarious purposes. Vengeance against Umbrella Corporation looms on the horizon even as the evil threatening Raccoon City has reached critical mass and it was about to be unleashed.

Curtain Fall

Date: Mar 14 to 22, 2005

Raccoon City descends into complete chaos as an Outbreak of the T-Virus and its sub-strains proves not only inevitable but planned. Across the city people do what they can to escape, prepare, or try to stop the spread of the Virus. In spite of the best efforts of those working against Umbrella, Raccoon City is doomed.
Raccoon City has suffered a full-blown Outbreak and has been quarantined by either the Umbrella Corporation, the Government; or both working together to help contain the infection. The bridges leading out of the city have been blown and those within Raccoon City are trapped with each other, and the monsters that lurk in the shadows as well as plain sight. Welcome to the Outbreak of Raccoon City. Population: You.

ACT 2: Resident Evil 2: Outbreak

I, Survivor

Date: Mar 23 to 30, 2005

The Outbreak continues as Raccoon City becomes Quarantined and those still within the city are forced to do whatever they can to survive. All signs of aid are quickly evaporating and those within the city are left to wonder if they have been abandoned by their government, or if the magnitude of the situation has slowed the Bureaucracy down to a grinding halt.
Week 1 of the Outbreak ended with the supplies in Raccoon City dwindling to almost non-existent, making the fight to survive not only one against the undead, and less than friendly fellow human beings; but one also against starvation. The B.O.W. known as Nemesis has been sighted and engaged by multiple individuals across the city and it seems to be weaving a web of destruction that anyone in its path is caught in. The Government evacuation point within Raccoon City has fallen and those remaining National Guardsmen and military in the city that have not gone rogue have started trying to fortify defensive positions to hold out until the Quarantine is lifted. Even among those who would be considered heroes, the cost of victory is high and the risk of infection is real.

I Will Survive

Date Mar 30 to Apr 6, 2005

The situation in Raccoon City has grown increasingly desperate as the number of survivors dwindles by the moment. There seems to be little hope of escape, and those that are still among the living struggle to do whatever they can to survive the nightmare they have been forced into. Thanks to Claire Redfield and her group of survivors, communications are restored within Raccoon City; allowing an ominous warning to be transmitted throughout Raccoon City.
The Government begins deciding how best to take action, and despite the no-fly zone, a lone man Chris Redfield is able to secure transport within the city against all odds to rescue his partner Jill Valentine who was on death's doorstep in the final throes of infection. Together, the pair face Nemesis with the aid of their extraction team and are able to do severe damage to Nemesis.
Claire Redfield and her team of survivors take back the TV Station and are able to regain communications throughout the city. Alice engages Nemesis again and manages to gain an upper-hand thanks to the damage done by Chris and Jill but ultimately is forced to flee when she stuns Nemesis. A team that went into the Water Treatment plant turn the water back on and manage to vanquish Nemesis for now. The Government warns that Raccoon City is going to be purged of infection and all survivors in the city (estimated to a few hundred to a few thousand at most) are told they will be provided a safe extraction before the purge.

Final Hour

Date: Apr 6 to 8, 2005

Using the information on the locations of survivors in the city and providing an opportunity for those still within the quarantine zone to signal for help, the US Government mounts a final last ditch rescue attempt to evacuate whatever survivors are still left. Only a few hundred remain at the end of it all, with the largest extraction team heading to the Church where the President's daughter and hundreds of survivors were holed up.
In total there are roughly two-hundred fifty survivors of the Raccoon City incident, many of those alive thanks in part to Claire Redfield and her group who shared their gathered supplies.
Approximately seventy-five people managed to escape from the apartment building safehouse, while one hundred or so escaped from the Church before it fell entirely. The rest of the survivors were mostly players and named NPCs.
The loss of life is staggering.
As the final choppers fly away from the city, the survivors see seven missile contrails fly towards the city before a massive explosion consumes the former location of Raccoon City.
The Raccoon City Outbreak had been contained. Casualties are confirmed to be over 600,000 with over 100,000 residents escaping the city before quarantine was put into place.


Date: Apr to Sept, 2005

In the six months between the Raccoon City Incident and the opening of the game, the world recovers from the bioterror attack that left over half a million people dead. Organizations such as the BSAA form to help fight Bioterrorism. President Graham resigns and Adam Benford takes his place as President and Felicia Walker becomes the first female Vice President. President Benford forms the Division of Security Operations to act as his 'sword' to keep America safe. Even groups like TerraSave have gained legitimacy.
Multiple new groups are formed. Much of the world doesn't take what happened in Raccoon City seriously, even the name seems to be a bit of a joke to some. In less developed parts of the world, they think it is part of a Hollywood Movie. Things are quiet on the Bioterrorism front and there has been no sign of the culprit responsible for the attack; Alice. Umbrella U.S.A. aka Umbrella America has faced heavy sanctions and the Umbrella Corporation has cut it loose, throwing many former employees to the wolves.

Act 3: Resident Evil 3: Aftermath


It's been six months since the Raccoon City Incident. The world has yet to suffer another Bioterror attack and many are beginning to think it is all some kind of hoax despite the evidence that exists. In Moscow, Russia; a team of BSAA Agents on their first mission attempt to stop a bioterrorism attack. Not long after, the Cruise Ship 'Heaven of the Seas', operating out of Las Islas del Paraiso loses communication with the world.
In Russia, Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine attempt to stop a Bioterrorism attack which is also interrupted by commandos of the Umbrella Security Service. Jill is critically injured in a fight with Rain Ocampo, codename: BLACK WIDOW, while Chris is forced to allow Alice to get away in order to save his partner. The Russian Special Forces assisting the BSAA are killed, but Russia agrees to provide some limited support and funding to the group in the form of equipment.
On the Cruise Ship 'Heaven of the Seas', something goes horribly wrong. The vessel is in fact, the site of a secret Umbrella Laboratory which operates on the lowest levels of the ship; hidden from the sight of all. Something escapes or is possibly let out... there is chaos aboard the ship. In a matter of hours, all communications are lost. The FBC sends a clandestine mission to the ship to destroy it if it is indeed the site of a bioterror attack while recovering samples. A Chinese-UN Rescue Mission to the ship is foiled when Umbrella Security services lead by Rain Ocampo attack and slaughter most of the rescuers and survivors. Further action by outside sources is prevented due to the tropical storms plaguing the region; leaving the survivors on their own, even the hunters, not realizing they are the hunted.

Biohazard 2: Heavenly Abyss

Date: Sept 15 to 24, 2005

The Cruise Ship 'Heaven of the Seas' has been found to be the site of a biological outbreak involving a variation of the t-Virus, codename: t-Abyss. Multiple organizations fight for control of the vessel even as they try to find a way off, leading to the ultimate destruction of the Heaven of the Seas.
The members of TerraSave are rescued thanks to a group of well-trained mercenaries hired by billionaire Warren Jameson Price IV, the timing of the rescue taking place just as a group consisting of the FBC, and a few civilians were heading to the lower decks. A pitched battle ensued but despite the best efforts of those involved, HUNK was able to escape with the t-Abyss sample while Rain Ocampo and the rest of the USS held them off. Kalin Mikhailov earned his place as a true hero, taking on Rain in hand to hand combat while the others dealt with not just the horrors lurking on the ship but the USS as well.
Rain was left gravely wounded, but HUNK had activated the self-destruct and the high-yield explosives on the bottom deck used by William Caldwell had already caused a hull breach. The ship was about to go down, one way or the other with anyone still onboard.
Andrei Kirov, Kalin Mikhailov, Markus Berger, Richard Stadler, and William Caldwell began to flee the doomed ship to a helicopter that Andrei had located and left Chase and Caio to guard. Unfortunately, the gravely wounded Rain, died and mutated into a horrible t-Abyss Spider Creature that pursued the group. Ultimately, it was the sacrifice of the badly wounded Kalin that allowed them to escape.
The ship was destroyed, and the helicopter crashed into the ocean not long after. In the coming days, many of the survivors of the incident would be recovered by a multi-national rescue force but the truth of what happened on the ship would never be truly known by the public.
Those who had survived were no doubt forever marked by their experiences on the ship.


Date: Sept 25 to Oct 12, 2005

The true aftershocks of Raccoon City are slowly being felt around the world, as global incidents of bioterror begin to rise; including the sale of bioweapons on the Black Market. Presently, the FBC is at the forefront of the fight to stop it with the resources that have been allocated to them by the US Government; making them far more visible over groups like the BSAA and DSO in their efforts. Umbrella America is officially disbanded and several of the executives are placed under arrest for various crimes; unfortunately a publication ban prevents the public from knowing the very lenient details.
On a small island in the Indian Ocean, an outbreak has occurred. The BSAA, FBC, & Tricell respond to provide aid to civilians and contain it. In Afganistan, a black market arms deal is interrupted by the FBC who deal with several B.O.W.s and stop the local insurgents from coming into possession of the t-Virus. In Niagara Falls, the FBC also stops a renegade Umbrella Scientist from fleeing to Canada. A new arms race has begun. Who will control the world's bioweapons?


Date: Oct 13 to Nov 8, 2005

It's been a fairly quiet month for bioterrorism, with many leads going cold or outright dead as the Umbrella America trials end. There is one name that continues to come up in searches though: James Marcus.
Aside from some trouble with an unknown mafia group, nothing seems to be happening. Doctor Alexander Isaacs, the head of Umbrella America is taken into 'protective custody' by the United States Government after some kind of plea bargain; angering many.


Date: Nov 8 to 20, 2005

Eco-Terorrists belonging to PITE (Protecting Injustice Towards Earth) staged an attack on the Umbrella Europe HQ in Paris, France. Hundreds were taken hostage and PITE was demanding the surrender of all Umbrella Executives into their custody or they would detonate a dirty bomb.
Many of the hostages were rescued by FBC Teams while Black Sword, the BSAA and a group of rag-tag heroes (players) descended into the lower depths of the building to stop the bomb. Ultimately, the team was forced to flee while Poncho stayed behind to try and unsuccessfully disarm the bomb. There is now a crater in Paris where the Umbrella building once stood and several blocks of devastated area.


Date: Nov 21 2005 - Jan 9 2006.

In the wake of the terrorist attack in Paris, France the city deals with the devastating fallout and attempting to contain any potential outbreaks of the t-Virus that might occur. At the forefront of these actions are the FBC and BSAA who work alongside the Paris SRT to keep the quarantine zone contained and swept of threats.
The attack in Paris opened the eyes of the world. This wasn't just something happening in America, this was effecting other places as well. Thanks to the efforts of the FBC and BSAA Joint-Operations much of the Quarantine Zone has been swept and many of the rogue threats that escaped to the catacombs have been dealt with.

Last Stand

Date: Jan 10 2006

An Umbrella Scientist who defects to the United Nations provides information about an Umbrella Facility located in Siberia that is conducting ongoing bio-weapons research. The BSAA, FBC, and Russian Government mobilize a strike team for rapid and immediate deployment to seize the facility.
The Facility, known as Umbrella Prime is raided successfully and a treasure trove of data on Umbrella Asia's operations are uncovered. Unfortunately the self-destruct for the facility is activated. A team of heroes are forced to fight against Nemesis once more as they fight to escape the facility before it is destroyed. All the while, the Red Queen is doing her best to kill them as well using a variety of security systems.
Jill Valentine takes a hit for Chase Dalton to save the other man's life and is critically wounded in the process. Chris Redfield returns to try and save her and as the others race away on an escape lift, Jill and Chris take their final stand against Umbrella and their B.O.W.s going out in one final blaze of glory.
As a result of the evidence recovered, Umbrella Asia's assets are immediately seized and the company is disbanded.


Date: Jan 11 - Feb 3 2006

The events of Last Stand bring about a chain reaction of events that will lead to the downfall of Umbrella Asia. Umbrella Europe faces heavy economic sanctions and Paris still has minor occurrences of bio-organic weapons being sighted. The start of Resident Evil 3: Sins of the Father.

The FBC, & BSAA take steps to prevent an Outbreak from starting in Paris, but it's hard work. The Catacombs are found to be the biggest lurking place for potential B.O.W.s and numerous lives are lost within these ancient tunnels beneath the city of Paris.
The FBC's own Vivienne Asherion is killed under unknown circumstances by James Marcus. A personal message is sent to James Scott in the wake of the murder; the severed head of Vivienne Asherion.
Rumors continue to surface that bioweapons are likely in play by one faction or the others as part of the Bolivar Civil War.

Sins of the Father

Resident Evil 3 Finale
Date: Feb 4 2006

James Marcus. One of the perpetrators of everything that has been happening around the world has been located. This is a chance for answers and Retribution. The conclusion of Resident Evil 3: Sins of the Father.

After discovering the largest 'nest' of bio-organic weapons (see:UNDEAD) in Paris to date, the Federal Bioterrorism Commission took point on an operation to clear out the source of infection in the Catacombs themselves.
Joined by a handful of BSAA Agents and other individuals, a large FBC Strike Team proceeded into the 'nest' and engaged a horde of zombies nearly a thousand strong beneath the dark confines of the city.
The situation was further escalated by the reveal of James Marcus being on site and a crowd of panicked civilians with embedded infected being released towards the Strike Team.
Some of the team members made a hard choice and opened fire on the civilian rather than risk any infection escaping, others focused on the fight at hand with James Marcus; but one thing is for certain. Some of those civilians escaped and those civilians were infected with /something/.
Molly Finnegan would lose her life attempting to save her commanding officer even as James Marcus mutated into his true form, revealing that he was NOT James Marcus; a man killed over a decade and a half ago but in fact, the QUEEN LEECH.
A terrifying monster that had mutated over the years, the Queen Leech believed itself to be James Marcus in some sick and twisted manner after absorbing his DNA and hippocampus after his death.
Ultimately the terrifying monster, not man, at the center of the events since Raccoon City was defeated and Paris was saved from Outbreak.
Unknown to the heroes, the events set into motion long before any of them were ever involved have continued to play out in the shadows between Lord Oswell E. Spencer and the ghost.. or psychic shadow of Lisa Trevor; whatever she was.
This was all far from over.

Resident Evil 4: The Plague

Resident Evil: Stories

Christmas Special

Date: Dec 24 to Jan 1, 2005

A break from the horror of today and a return to more joyous and ominous times of the prior year in Christmas of 2004.
During the holiday season of 2016 (OOC), the game was set back to the holiday season of 2004. This was considered to be our Christmas Special and during this time, many characters participated in flashback RP set before the outbreak in the happier time of Christmas.

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