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Resident Evil: Redefined has a varying degree of scenes we use for our players and encourage our players to run. A scene type can be either one or multiple scenes put together.

Social: Social scenes are scenes where there is no expectation of danger or action. It involves purely social-oriented activities. Social scenes are best suited to people who just want to socialize with others.

Action: Action scenes are primarily centered around action and may involve anywhere from a little build-up before the action or none at all. Action scenes are best suited to people who want to participate in combat.

Horror: Horror scenes may consist of multiple elements but are primarily focused on building atmosphere and tension, before a potential showdown. Horror scenes are best suited to people who want some danger and tension, but don't want to run in with assault rifles blazing.

Mystery: Mystery scenes consist of exploration or investigation and may not even involve any combat what-so-ever, but rather more cerebral affairs where problem-solving and use of skills are important. Mystery scenes are best suited to people who are not itching to roll dice in combat.

Danger: Danger scenes may be anything, but they have one important facet to them; they are extremely dangerous. You could be seriously injured or die and the event itself could have possible ramifications across grid. Danger scenes are aimed at everyone and tend to be some of the most crucial scenes of a story arc.

Raid: Raid scenes are pure combat scenes, where a group of people are pitted against a dangerous boss. No holds are barred. Great risk, great reward if you can take down the boss. Unlike Danger scenes, there are not often plot ramifications to these or a chance of character death.

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