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Primary Factions

Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance [BSAA]

The Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance is a small non-governmental organization sponsored by the United Nations and is dedicated to dealing with bioterrorism and stopping biohazard incidents. The BSAA is currently in the process of expanding their ranks in the wake of Resident Evil 4 and is investigating potential biohazard incidents in the Democratic Republic of Bolivar.

Membership open
Org contact Chris Redfield
Org Type Small Special Operations and Investigative Group

Division of Security Operations [D.S.O.]

The Division of Security Operations is a US Government group formed directly by former Vice President Benson to act as the Sword of the President against terrorism incidents.

Membership open
Org contact Administration
Org Type Government Organization. (Secret Agent type stuff)

Federal Bioterorism Commission [FBC]

The Federal Bioterrorism Commission is a US Government group setup for handling bioterrorism operations and was in existence shortly before the Raccoon City incident. It includes the covert ops team 'Black Sword'. Since Resident Evil 3, they have waned in power after a poor publicity incident in Paris during the battle against James Marcus/Queen Leech. Members of the FBC are part of Task Force Eagle and are deployed to the Democratic Republic of Bolivar.

Membership open
Org contact Esa
Org Type US Military Organization & Government Group.


Terrasave is a human rights and activist group that has taken a stance against Corporations like Umbrella who they believe are responsible for Bioterrorism. As of Resident Evil 4, the group has gained huge legitimacy for exposing the FBC in human rights violations and many members are in the Democratic Republic of Bolivar providing aid and relief.

Membership open
Org contact Emma O'Connal
Org Type Civilian Faction


Tricell is one of the big three pharmaceutical companies who have their own agendas. Tricell South America is presently run by Sir Archene Night who is 'cleaning' up some kind of mess that the branch of the company made.

Membership open
Org contact Sir Archene Night
Org Type Greedy Corporation

Umbrella Corporation

Umbrella Corporation is the largest corporation in the world and has resources that surpass entire governments. Ever wanted to be on the winning side? Umbrella Security consists of both the highly-trained mercenaries of the Umbrella Security Service (U.S.S.) and the Umbrella Biohazard Containment Service (UBCS). As of Resident Evil 4, the Umbrella Corporation has lost a great deal of power and several branches of the corporation have been disbanded.

Membership open
Org contact Administration
Org Type Evil Corporation

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