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French Roasted Benny
Date of Scene: 24 April 2017
Location: Cafe des Anges
Synopsis: One wherein Benny asks Eve to not show the tapes to Emma from the scene 'Quiet Night with an Assassin or The Fall of Benny'.
Cast of Characters: Benjamen Chan, Eve

Benjamen Chan has posed:
It is Thursday afternoon, just after lunch time on February 24, 2006.

Grey clouds dot the sky, motionless due to the absence of wind. The temperature is mild and at least it isn't raining.

At the Cafe des Anges, it is business as usual. The regulars come to get their afternoon caffine to get them through the rest of the day, while others sit down to relax or chat with friends and sitting at one particular table is Benny, he's dressed in his usual attire, his black waxed cotton jacket, a black graphic t-shirt with a picture of Voltron on front, dark blue designer jeans and his grey adidas sneakers. He is sitting at a table, sipping on a cup of coffee and munching on a peach croissant.

He had sent a text message to you, to meet him here at the cafe and that he needed to speak with you alone.

Eve has posed:
Eve walks in, looking like a woman out for a stroll, needing some coffee. She has a magazine in front of her face as she walks in, easily sidestepping several people on their way out the door. She stops at the counter and smiles at the woman behind it, ordering a drink in fluid French.

Her eyes shift to the side, and she spots her contact. Once she has her drink she walks over to the table where he's at, sets down her magazine and takes a seat, crossing her legs primly. She is wearing a short gunmetal gray skirt, a crisp white blouse with long sleeves and a high collar and is carrying a large messenger bag.

"You needed to see me?" She asks, a polite smile on her face.

Benjamen Chan has posed:
"Afternoon, miss Eve. Thank you for coming to see me on such short notice..." Benny saw her as soon as she entered, making note of the people that followed in after her and keeping track of people outside the cafe as well. It didn't appear she was followed though.

He gives you a polite nod when you take a seat across from him and returns your polite smile with a small smile of his own.

"I'm sure you've heard about what happened at your office the other day. I'll be leaving Paris very shortly and I need your help." He pauses, taking another sip of coffee before continuing. "If there is a video of what transpired...well, I'd be very grateful if it somehow...well, perhaps, possibly wasn't working properly? I know it is a lot to ask though...and since you don't really know me, except through Emma...well, I understand either way."

He sighs and it takes a few moments for him to get to the next part. "I'm hoping that Emma never gets a chance to see what happened...I never meant for things to go that way, but they did and I can't change it now." He then lowers his voice.

"That man was part of the a group called GFH or Guns for Hire. They have a small cell here in Paris, somewhere in the lower class area and protecting a man of possible middle eastern descent. They are planning on setting off a t-virus bomb." He folds his hands in front of him now.

"I'm telling you this because I want you to firstly, protect Emma, yourself and your organization. Terrasave has done the people a great service lately and I don't want it tarnished so soon."

Eve has posed:
Eve has already slipped a notepad from her bag and is taking shorthand notes as Benny speaks. When he asks her to destroy the video footage from Emma's office, both brows raise slightly and she looks up from her notepad. "I'm sorry, Benny, but I have that tape in my possession, and I'll be keeping it."

She leans forward, then, her voice lowering as she continues to speak. "Emma has her own demons, we all do, and while she might be surprised at what she would see..it's a part of you. Something that will eventually come out." She picks up her coffee, takes a sip, and then continues to speak. "I actually think she needs to see that tape, to be aware of what kind of people are out there trying to get their hands on her, and possibly other operatives of TerraSave as well."

She shifts slightly, leaning back in her chair as she studies Benny, her hand poised to make a more notes in her shorthand. "Where exactly are they planning on setting off this...device?" She asks, putting emphasis on the word device. She knows how people react to bomb, and while the place is quiet. It's not empty.

"Also, you'll have to pardon me for asking this, but why would TerraSave be tarnished by the rogue actions of a group that has nothing to do with us?" Eve's brow furrows in confusion, and she frowns, focusing on Benny to get some answers.

Benjamen Chan has posed:
Benny blinks when he see's you taking notes. "Seriously...wow, you really do take your job to a whole new level." He sighs once more, "I kinda suspected you were going to say that...it's dissapointing but you have your own reasons as I have mine." Benny replies in a calm tone and takes a bit of his peach croissant before continuing.

"Emma is a strong person but right now she needs to heal, both physically and mentally. I implore you not to show her that tape just yet. Wait until she's...better prepared for it, but again you will do what you think is best for your boss." He shakes his head at you when you ask him when they are going to set off the device.

"I don't know and the only reason I'm telling you is because I'm concerned for Emma's safety. This is the second attempt now and we both don't want a third." He looks at your carefully now. "As I told you, I don't have much time and...tell Emma, I'm sorry." He then looks over your shoulder towards the door, taking a very long gulp from his coffee mug.

Eve has posed:
Eve slides her notebook back into her bag and shrugs elegantly. "I'm paid to be good at my job Benny, and Emma is one of my main priorities." She says, buckling the bag shut. "The last thing I want is to screw up the progress she's making, mentally and physically. She might be my Boss, but she's also my friend."

Eve cradles her cup in her hands and she takes a few moments to gaze at Benny. She watches his body language and after a moment she simply nods. "I will tell Emma about your apology, and I'm working on the safety issue." A moment passes and then she adds. "If I find out any information about the location of the..device, I'll see that it gets taken care of, I thank you for bringing me this information. I will put it to the best use that I can." As she's speaking her fingers are on her phone, sending a message. She slides the phone in a pocket and gives Benny a sad smile. "I know we won't be seeing you for a while, you will be safe?"

Benjamen Chan has posed:
"Good. She needs people around her that are like that...like you." Benny says with a slight nod, still looking over your shoulder towards the door. He takes a few more bites from his peach croissant, chewing slowly, almost savouring the taste of it since he's leaving Paris soon and might not be having this kind of food again for a while.

"I know if you do find out, you will get the information into the hands of the right people that can take care of it. Just, please don't let Emma get involved with it. We...well, she got injured not too long ago when we agreed to help her. I agreed to help her and although things worked out in the end, Emma...she was put at risk and got hurt. That's on me. I don't want that to happen again." He is very serious about that and does look at you when he talks about Emma's safety.

"Yeah, it won't be for a while...I won't have time to see Emma before I leave, so...tell her not to worry about me. Just like the chicken nuggets. She'll know what I'm talking about." He doesn't reply to your asking about if he will be safe.

Eve has posed:
Eve carefully sets her cup on the table and speaks slowly, her eyes on Benny. "I know that you guys did a lot to protect her. She's told me stories." She begins, licking her lips before she continues. "You have to realize though, Benny, Emma is not the same girl that she was in Raccoon. She has a lot of strength that people dismiss because she looks fragile." A beat. "A lot of people make a mistake when they do that."

"I will keep her safe, I will try to solve this neat little puzzle that you've dropped in my lap." Eve says quietly, taking a breath before she adds. "I will tell her about your apology, about the not worrying and about the nuggets. I will also say this next thing, knowing that you'll likely just not listen."

"If you find that you need help, and are in a position to ask for it, I hope you'll contact us." Eve says, picking up her cup and taking a sip. "I know Emma would want that out there, because if she could help you in any way, she would. Because of that, so will I."

Benjamen Chan has posed:
Benny finishes off the rest of his croissant and his coffee, taking out some money and leaving it on the table for a generous tip. "No, your right about that. She's not the same girl and no, I never saw her as fragile." He listens to you as you continue to speak about her safety, passing along his message and the offer to help him.

He then wipes his mouth with a napkin, regarding you with assessing eyes and then stands. "I did just ask for your help and you wouldn't. So forgive me if I find it hard to believe /you/ would help me and no, I won't be asking Emma either. I'm afraid my time is up. Good day to you miss Eve. Thank you again for coming to chat with me." He then glances around the Cafe, as if taking it in one final time before he's gone and casually walks out.