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Ashley Graham It's hard to do much around the church before the sun comes up. But when it starts to peek over the Arklay mountains, turning the night to grey, it's at least possible to move around. That's what Ashley is doing this morning. From her cot, it looks like this might be what she's been doing for hours anyway. She didn't spent much time in bed, last night. Now she takes up her morning in the organization of what little supplies they have. She's gotten her hands on what is likely a church organizer's former clipboard with a piece of paper and a pen, sitting on her knees as she sorts through things. "Four double-A batteries," she mutters to herself as she works.

She's left her hair down this morning, the strawberry platinum catching what little light there is. She's pale, perhaps paler than usual, or perhaps that's the light. She's still dressed as she's been, in Leon's button-down sprinkled with dried blood, black leggings, and her boots. Her clothes are damp, having been washed the night before and left up to dry. Cleanliness is next to godliness, after all.
Trixie Trixie steps inside the church proper from the would-be courtyard, stifling a yawn. Her wardrobe is as unchanging as Ashley's, though for different reasons. "Six bells and all's well," she murmurs. "Or at least we're all still alive." Noticing Ashley and her clipboard, she smiles faintly. "Good morning, sweetie. What'cha up to?"
Ashley Graham Ashley lifts her head to the voice when she hears it, and smiles softly at the person approaching. "Good morning," she says, pleasantly and politely. At Trixie's question, Ashley turns her gaze down again to the clipboard. "Just trying to get a better sense of what we have and don't have," she explains with a weak sigh. "At least it's something I can do to be a little bit useful. I've already washed every scrap of fabric not currently being worn by someone. And the Major might like to know what we have. So if Claire decides to give it away again, he'll at least be aware of how we fare." She frowns a little at that, looking back to the pile. Then she looks over at Trixie. "I haven't really gotten an opportunity to speak to you since we last saw each other. You're alright, or as alright as you can be, given the circumstances?"
Trixie "Inventory, then? More or less?" Trixie asks softly, her tone turning thoughtful. "My watch isn't for a couple hours... mind some help? And thank you for washing the clothes, 'cause I could use another uniform. This one itches more than it did when I got it, and that's saying something. Been trying to bathe as much as I can, but that's not often enough, I think. Gawd, I miss showers..."
Ashley Graham Ashley nods. "Of course," she says, gesturing to the cold hard stone beside her. "Please." Ever gregarious and graceful, this one is. "If you want to borrow something else to wear in the meantime, I'd be happy to give that a once over," Ashley says, gesturing to the uniform with her head while her hands work on unpacking another box of donations. Mostly canned food. She wrinkles her nose at the sight of corn, but goes to write it down anyway. Then she looks to her friend beside her with a little sigh of exhaustion. "How did you end up here?"
Trixie "I'd be very grateful, definitely," Trixie replies warmly. "Just point me to the clean stuff and I'll get changed, very gratefully." She moves to stand beside, Ashley, not seating herself immediately. "And how I got here's kind of a long story, honestly. It started when we lost police headquarters, to angry civil servants, no less. I think we could have arranged something if we hadn't been ordered by the chief not to let anyone inside... but we were, so that was out. Then again, they broke down the door with a jackhammer and shot at us like they meant it. So half a dozen of us got chased out of the station house under fire by about a hundred desk jockeys and street department crew. Somewhat predictably, the last I heard of the place, it was crawling with infected, so all they seemed to accomplish was getting themselves killed." She shakes her head slowly. "Just one more mess in a city coming apart at the seams."
Ashley Graham "That's horrible," Ashley says, looking up at Trixie with a frown and a look of displeasure. "I suppose we can't be too angry with people being scared, though. Behaving like animals, yes. But it all comes from being scared..." Ashley seems to be lost in her own thoughts for a moment, and whatever they are, they bring a touch of color to her cheeks.

But then she comes back to reality with a shake of her head. "There's a box over there," she says, pointing to a corner of the inventory pile. "The box on the right is womens' wear. Just go and get changed and I'll get those washed up straight away."
Trixie "Maybe. We weren't kidding when we said we couldn't help them... there was only enough food inside for a day or two, for less than ten people, and we had no keys to the armoury. That, and they almost killed us when we were clearly leaving the building, letting them have it... trust me, I can be angry with them, scared or not," Trixie replies softly. She doesn't sound totally convinced, but that thousand-mile stare on her face seems to drain all emotion from her tone of voice. "I don't even know if most of the people that were with me are still alive."

She looks to the box, mechanically sorting through the contents and neatly refolding everything she looks at before setting it aside, to be put back after she is done. "Did anyone ever tell you that you're a beautiful person, Ashley? Inside and out? But especially inside," she says softly.
Ashley Graham The compliment seems to take Ashley aback and she lifts her head to look at Trixie again, rather surprised. "Thank you," she says, graciously and honestly. And then she smiles, a touch playful, more than a touch tired. "Is the fact that I'm offering to wash your clothes and underthings the impetus for such a statement?" she asks, rhetorically and playfully. Of course she says underthings. Bloody boarding school brats. She goes back to sorting, taking out two more cans of corn and drawing lines to indicate the number on the paper.

"Anyway, I don't think anyone could fault you for being angry at such a mob," the blonde says thoughtfully. "You have every right to be. And if we were in a situation to bring them to justice, they absolutely should be. It's just that everyone's so frightened, now. I don't condone it, but I think I can understand it a little. If not for Leon I don't know what I would be, just now." A zombie. She'd be a zombie.
Trixie "It doesn't hurt," Trixie replies, her tone just a touch playful. She might be more so, were she not exhausted. But the thousand-mile stare is gone, at least for now. "See? That's what I mean. You make everyone feel better somehow, no matter how grim things look. They must love you back home... I'll go out on a limb and call you a national treasure." She takes up an armload of clothing, then bends to gently kiss Ashley on the cheek. "Worth twice your weight in gold."

Straightening, she moves to look for a bit more privacy. "Hope the Major doesn't come around... I'll definitely be out of uniform for a while."
Leon Kennedy This seems like a good time for Leon to make his appearance, coming into the room with the imprint of his bulletproof vest still wrinkling his shirt. It's been a long night helping keep watch, as much as they can keep watch in the dark with limited lighting and the fickle weather. His hair is damp with the cold dew of the morning, making his long bangs cling to his face. It's been a few days since he shaved, and he's definitely on the rugged side of things rather than cleancut by this point. He hasn't noticed the ladies yet. He's been too preoccupied with immediately leaning up against the nearest wall once he made it inside, his shoulderblades against the cold stone, his head leaned back against the rock, his eyes closed. It's been a long night.
Trixie Trixie, having found an alcove to step into to get out of view, gasps softly and blushes as she hears footsteps coming into the room. "Don't look over here!" she calls softly. "I've got a bad case of nudity I'm trying to treat. Um, can I help you? After I'm decent again, I mean?"
Ashley Graham Ashely also doesn't hear Leon approach. While Trixie is off getting changed and the blonde thought she might have a moment to herself, she closed her own eyes and left her chin rest on her breastbone, sighing softly. Perhaps she's tired too? It's anyone's guess.

The moment she hears Trixie's voice, though, she lifts her head and the life seems to come back to her. She rises, keeping the clipboard at her side as she moves toward the alcove where she heard the other woman's voice. "Trixie?" she asks, curiously and cautiously. But before she can see Trixie, she sees Leon. "Oh, Leon." Apparently she's gotten over calling him officer. "I didn't hear you come in. Go ahead and sit, I'll get you some water." She turns to go see to that particular task but pauses by the alcove. "Are you alright, Trixie?" Just making sure. "Just leave your clothes there when you're done, I'll come and get them."
Iezika Iezika can be heard muttering in Italian in a corner and then yawning "Porca Miseria! I really hoped this was a nightmare! Cazo!" and then sighing "Anywhere I could get dressed?" she says, to noone in particuliar, before looking for an alcove
Leon Kennedy Leon's eyes pop back open when he hears Trixie declare her nudity, which is probably the opposite response she's looking for, but he's nowhere she needs to worry about being spotted. The officer looks over as Ashley comes to the intervening rescue, pushing slightly off the wall and nodding vacantly. It's been a long night. He's not really feeling that talkative, it seems. "...I'm not gonna see her if I go further in?" he cautiously inquires of the blonde with the clipboard, eyes wandering towards the pews. That back row looks appealing.
Iezika Iezika is going to an alcove, before she shouts, that if anybody peeks, they will be dead.
Trixie "I'm fine, Ashley!" Trixie calls, keeping her voice down somewhat. "And I will... just need a few more minutes, that's all!" She falls silent for a few moments, but Iezika's voice rouses her from her work. "Jessica? There's an alcove across the chapel. It should provide some privacy. As much as anyone can get around here, anyway. I'd let you use my alcove with me, but there's not a lot of room in here."

She peeks around the corner of the alcove, then withdraws again, almost as if she were in a firefight. The technique is one Leon would recognize instantly. "Not if you don't go /too/ far in, Officer Kennedy!"
Ashley Graham Ashley pauses, looking back over her shoulder at Leon with a soft, reassuring smile. "Just keep your penitent eyes to the floor and think on our Lord and Savior," she tells him gently, even a touch playfully, before turning to continue on her way to the stockpiles. She'll ladle out some water into a mug, halfway full, and pluck up a snack size packet of pretzel rounds before heading back toward Leon and the pews. "Good morning," she says with a slight pleasant smile to the strange girl who's just awoken. For her own part, Ashley's been up nearly all night. As she approaches Leon again, though, wherever the man has ended up, she'll move to hand him the water and snack, moving to stand close to him so she can drop her voice for only his ears. "Are you alright?" she'll ask him, quietly and with a touch of fear to her voice. He seems worn, after all. Something bad might have happened. Or he might have had some bad news. Or he might have been bitten. Who can know in these dark times?!
Iezika Iezika nods "I will take the alcove then. Although, once this whole apocalypse is over, I am getting a new suit, definitely. Do you think there will be an D.S.O. left to apply to? I can forget my car, certainly. I suppose some undead tried to eat it. I wonder whether my family is alive, back in the Bronx?"
Leon Kennedy Leon's moved to a pew where he can sit down and take a load off, his head hanging back over the top of the bench-back as he slumps down low in the seat, closing his eyes again for a moment until he feels Ashley's presence at his side and opens them again.

She's there with the snack and water, and he accepts them gratefully, taking a sip of water and balancing the mug carefully on the pew while his fingers prise apart the bag of pretzels. "I'm alright," he assures her, glancing up from the foil-lined plastic. "Just tired." He gives her a wan grin. He's fine.
Trixie "Probably. I mean, it can't be like this outside the city, can it? Not with how hard they seem to be working to keep things in here," Trixie calls to Jessica. "I'm sure your family is fine. And probably really worried about you." She steps out of the alcove, barefoot and dressed in a black tee and ill-fitting jeans that are clearly too big for her. The waist gaps and the legs have been rolled up. "I'll try not to let these pants fall down or anything, Ashley. I couldn't find a belt that fit me," she says apologetically, blushing faintly as she moves to set two belts and a second pair of jeans back into the box with the other clean clothes. "I had better luck with the, ahem, undergarments at least. So we'll keep our rating."
Iezika Iezika leaves dressed soon there after, wearing her black, now dirty, suit with a belt "there are clean undergarments? And I hope I will be able to calm them soon. And I suppose they are well." she sighs "I would like to lend you my belt but I need it myself."
Ashley Graham Ashley nods to Leon, returning his smile in the hopes of being reassuring, and setting a hand on the back of his shoulder in a similar gesture. "Fairly so, I'd say," she muses. "I'll get you a fresh blanket, and you can try to nap for awhile," she tells the man, removing her hand from his back and turning to head toward the supplies again. She very easily manages to find a clean quilt that smells like it's been in mothballs for 20 years. It's all pink and white with flowers and shit

With that in hand, she turns back toward Leon, speaking to Trixie as she goes. "That's good. I'll go ahead and get everything washed now, then. One of the guardsmen brought in half a bucket of water from someone's koi pond I've been using." So not potable, and hopefully whatever soap she's located will kill all the fish poop

As she passes Jessica toward Leon to offer the blanket, she addresses that woman too. "There's a box of fresh things over there," she says, gesturing to the inventory pile with her head. It's a very organized pile. "If there's something you need desperately, that's where to look." Just call her mother hen, it seems.
Leon Kennedy Nothing wrong with a little bit of fish poop. Leon takes the quilt when she hands it over with a 'thanks,' just sort of sitting it on his lap for a moment, apparently not quite ready to resign himself to sleep. He's glanced over at Trixie as she emerged, and his eyes follow the placement of the belts back in the box. "-You could cut one of those to fit," he puts in, "Or they /should/ have given you a web belt with your Guard uniform." But since they're using surplus, maybe not. Very helpful, Leon, thank you. Go to sleep.
Trixie "It's the thought that counts. Thank you," Trixie replies warmly to Jessica. "There should be something to fit you, in with the other stuff over there." As she moves toward the stone where Ashley had been seated, she smiles apologetically at Leon. "They're not the kind you can cut... and I don't have anything to punch new holes in them. Also, my web belt is too big to fit through the loops on these pants. Thanks for the idea, though. I'll just be careful. Or maybe find some stray rope."

She has to stifle a chuckle as Ashley mentions what she's been using to wash clothes. "If the fish don't mind, neither do I. With any luck we can find a better water source soon."
Iezika Iezika looks through the box quickly "I almost think I will stay in that old suit... I like it" she sees a black shirt and a skirt "Or take this as reserve clothing" she said, going back to the alcove to change "Would it be too much if I added my suit to be washed?"
Ashley Graham Once Ashley is free of the blanket, she begins to walk toward Trixie's alcove, her hands coming up to comb through the slightly-strawberry-tinted-platinum hair that's been left to hang down in waves. Even though it hasn't been washed in a few days, it's still easy to tell that her hair is as beautiful as the rest of her. For now, though, her fingers move deftly as she walks, tugging small handfuls in this direction or that as she walks and does a quick, tight french braid. "No, just toss it on the floor in a pile. I'll go get the bucket." She slides the hair tie from her wrist to the end of her braid as she steps out to where she's keeping the soapy, no-longer-all-that-clean water. When she comes back in, she's hauling the Home Depot bucket between both hands to one side of her body. Poor little thing. It's a struggle, but she makes it.
Iezika Iezika throws her clothes on her pile, as she is once again dressed. "Thanks! Should I help?"
Leon Kennedy "Suit yourself," Leon shrugs, happily munching away on pretzel rounds. Stale little rings of crusty flour with liberal doses of salt never tasted so good. He spreads the quilt out a little now, covering his legs like an old lady about to start knitting, and the contrast between his rugged appearance and the floral quilt when he pulls it up around his chin is just delightful to anyone looking, most likely.
Trixie Trixie stifles giggles at the sight of Leon wrapped in that floweredy quilt. "I'm sorry, Officer Kennedy, but flowered quilts just aren't your look," she teases gently, moving to assist Ashley if she might. "Need help with any of that, Miss Ashley? I'm not busy until we get to that inventory," she offers warmly. "And I've never washed clothes by hand, but I learn quickly."
Ashley Graham Ashley, with Trixie's help, manages to bring the bucket into an out-of-the-way corner of the sanctuary. Once there, she sighs and leaves her hands on the bucket for a moment, as if to catch her breath. But then she rises, and looks to Leon when Trixie speaks to him. Her own smile is warm and even fond, but she doesn't comment.

Instead she looks back to Trixie, shaking her head. "Nor have I," she admits. "But I'm treating it like hair. Later, rinse, and rinse again." With that, she turns to start collecting the little piles of dirty clothes left around the room by different people changing. "I don't think we have much more water for the purpose, but I can take care of these just fine," she assures the other women. With the clothes in her arms, she makes her way back toward her bucket. "And really, Trixie, you don't have to call me 'miss' anything." Certainly not Graham. She slides to her knees beside the bucket.

"I was wondering though," she says to the other women. "What we would do if someone got hurt. We don't really have a clean place to work here, do we. I know that an evacuation might come at any minute," Fat chance. "But is it something we should consider? Maybe talk to the Major about?"
Iezika Iezika says "We could burn a few things, so they get clean... and... we have to do with what we have."
Leon Kennedy Leon is past caring about his image right now, so the snickering from Trixie is met with a smug grin. "It's so /warm/ though." He's content to let the women deal with the laundry, since they're so eager to do so, though the suggestion of burning things gets his attention. "As fun as that would be, we only have so much /without/ burning them," he remarks, starting to pull his legs up onto the pew and turn a little more horizontal.
Iezika Iezika giggles "Burning clothes? Great idea! Then everyone will need to go naked!" She laughs "Just joking... but, can't you desinfect by burning a knife or a wound slightly?"
Trixie "Well, that's heating them, not burning them," Trixie corrects softly. "And you'd need either hot metal or gunpowder. Even then it's not fun, to say the absolute least. Mostly it just stops the bleeding and kills some of the germs. Anyway, I think the Major would get upset if I burned my kind-of sort-of uniform. He didn't even want me to wear my S.T.A.R.S. uniform... just camo if I didn't have an official duty uniform. And I didn't."

She kneels next to the bucket, ready to assist however she can. "Lather, rinse, rinse, repeat... okay, I think I can do that. And I hate to bring up bad news, but I'm not sure how much longer we can stay here. We're running out of everything, and we've picked this area as clean as possible. We need closer sources of salvaged goods, and that will need firepower to take on the dead. It's not something I look forward to." She manages a grin to Leon. "Get some rest while you can. Don't let us tease you /too/ mercilessly."
Ashley Graham Ashley lifts the first item, Trixie's shirt, and shakes it out before plunging it into the bucket, having to sit up on her knees to bend over into it to work. Then she lifts it out with a shiver. "Water's cold," she sighs, and begins to scrub the fabric with itself, trying to get out spots and grime. "It's not much," Ashley says, looking up to Trixie with a smile. "Really, I'll be alright. I'm just glad to be of any use at all." Because something about being the President's daughter doesn't give you a lot of 'roughing it' life skills.

"Anyway, I just meant a clean table, with candles for light, and all our medical supplies available rather than buried in the rest of the pile," the woman continues talking. She pauses to look over at Leon, though all she can really see from her vantage point is a floral lump. Still, she drops her voice after that, not wanting to disturb the tired man. "Though if you're right, I'm sure the Major has something in mind for us," she says, keeping her eyes downcast all the sudden.
Iezika Iezika asks "Who.. is the major?" she kneels next to the bucket as well "Could I try to clean something too, later?"
Leon Kennedy Apparently Leon is bunking out right there. In a few moments, his head starts to nod and his eyes fall shut, then everything reverses itself as his head bounces back up only to nod again. Repeat a couple more times, and his head stays down on his chest, eyes closed, lying flat on the pew. He might regret his choice of bedding later, but right now he's too tired to care, and Ashley is within a 'safe' distance for him to 'keep an eye on her.'
Trixie "I hope so. The longer we sit here, the less it feels like protecting anyone and the more it feels like just sitting here waiting to be eaten," Trixie murmurs, shivering. She glances at the Leon-lump for a moment, then looks back to Jessica and Ashley. "If we sit here much longer, we won't even have enough ammo to keep the perimeter secure."

Taking up her 'uniform' pants, she begins to dunk and scrub them, working from what Ashley is showing her. "And the Major is Major Stadler... the guy who promoted me to Sergeant most of a week ago. Somehow it doesn't seem like a present. If it ever did. If he's got a plan, I'd sure love to know what it is."
Iezika Iezika "So, where could we go. And you are a sergeant? Am I the ONLY civilian here?"
Ashley Graham "No, really, I've-" Ashley begins to quietly protest when Trixie takes up some clothing. It's very tight working in a single bucket with two people. But since Trixie's just plunged in, Ashley bites the inside of her cheek and says nothing, looking down at her work and continuing as she can.

"I'd recommend speaking to him," Ashley says to Jess, referring to the Major no doubt, "About what needs doing." Despite arguing with the man quite a bit, Ashley seems to defer to him almost entirely.

She pauses then, looking up and over at Leon as he finally settles under the blanket. She seems thoughtful, even worried for a moment, but then she goes back to scrubbing.
Trixie A Specialist sticks his head into the chapel, knocking on the edge of the door. "Mackenzie? The Major wants ya. Better hustle," he says, before ducking out again.

Trixie rolls her eyes and lets the soaked camo pants fall back into the bucket, drying her hands on her borrowed jeans. "Think I saw some sandals in that box... they'll do," she muses. "I'll be back as soon as I can, Miss Ashley, Miss Jessica. Sorry to run out so soon." She pauses long enough to slip on some sandals that would look more at home in a shower than a church, then jogs, flap-flap-flap, to the door.

The Specialist glances back in. "You folks might want to grab some cover, too... the Major said something about some groaners around the perimeter," he says, then ducks out again. The room's relative silence suddenly seems much more oppressive in the wake of the announcement...
Ashley Graham At Trixie's announcement, Ashley looks over at Jessica. "You'd better do what he says, and go find someplace secure. I'll stay here with Leon to let him sleep. If things look bad, I'll wake him up," she tells the other woman with a reassuring smile.
Iezika Iezika pulls the slide of her gun back and tries to hide behind the altar "I hope this will be save"