Umbrella Surveillance System
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Mia Artisan She will forever blame the movie she was watching when this all started, at first Mia had thought it was riots and chose to stay to guard the Corner Gas and Garage her family had. That was a mistake by the time she encounted the walking dead and the odd looter? It was far too late for her, very far too late for her ot get out. What might get someone's attention about the place is? It's fairly intact for one, two there's still power here and the place has been borded up and shows signs someone has dug in here at some point, a wall made out of packed cards also seems to be here around the front of the place.

It is however /very/ quiet here save for the sounds from any near by infected...
Nick Fox Well honestly, Nick has been trying to find anywhere that hasn't been hit yet. Places that are boarded up, places that look like they've been left relatively alone, or that nobody got to after the chaos.

The garage he used to drop his long-gone motorcycle off at has been left alone, for the most part. Nick sneaks up to the edge of the building, peering around the corner for a moment, as he holsters his pistol and draws the big blade he picked up a while back
Mia Artisan Well it looks intent ant that someone tried to fortify it from the looks of it and there's power here unlike everything else. That means a backup generatotr has been fueled up recently too. So there may very well be supplies here as he moves in. Though something may be wrong he should pay attention here nd there gass cans and tin cans have be seen st attached to wires, not to be traps but to make noise if someone disturbs them...
Nick Fox You know there's probably someone here, or at least there WAS someone here, who knows if they still are. Nick starts to look around for any kind of traps...Or some kind of way in otherwise, because with the doors and windows barricaded, it's doubtful that they'd not have a way in and out.
Mia Artisan the likely entry point is the large doors used to get cars in and out? Seems to be /intact/ and ther's even signs of use it looks like that's the way in is from there or maybe something on the roof? IT would be hard to tell but Nick might hear some sounds of movment now..faint but something's moving about.
Nick Fox The former cop makes his way up to the roller door, moving up to check the sides of it for any potential traps, and then he wedges the knife under the base of the door, trying to pry it open enough to grab it.
Mia Artisan At the moment he tries to get his knife under the door and stts to make noise prying it? There's the click of a shotgun being pumped. "Don't move! Who are you! You think you can loot my home just like that?!" The voice is female and one Fox might even recall it seems if he might look up there's someone on the roof with a shotgun.
Nick Fox Ah the familiar sound of a shotgun. Nick drops the knife and raises his hands up, turning up to face her, "Don't take it personally, I figured everybody who worked here was long gone." He says, as he tries to get a good look on whoever has the gun
Mia Artisan Mia Artisan says "Vaction I was left minding the ga...wait. Officer Fox?!" She pauses for a moment her weapon is lowered and she looks down in a wayve Nick can see the messy and rather diry looking woman. What was once a mechanic jumpsuit looks like it came out of Fallout or Mad Max and she's cradling a fairly nice model of hunting shotgun as she looks down.

"Your alive...?!"
Nick Fox "Huh. Mia?" He asks, as he realizes who it is, "You're still alive? How great it is to see you!" He pauses for a second, "How terrible it's here...You couldn't get out in time?" He seems a bit disappointed, "Can you let me in? It's cold out here."
Isabel The lesser quantity of undead in this area is a relief to a scavenger. Not that Isabel's looking to scavenge: She's learned that the smaller the number of undead, the more likely the area is to have been picked clean already. But she's passing through all the same, between Mission Street and Elma. A small, slender figure in a worn green Carhart jacket and jeans, she might've been anyone before the city went to Hell. Only the Magnum holstered on her thigh and the two layers of legwarmers to protect against zombie bites hint at how things have changed.
The sight of two people outside in the cold and danger draws her up short. "Hello?" she calls, waving to them. "Sorry to butt in; it's just good to see someone else alive around here!"
Mia Artisan Mia Artisan Says "Err I thought it was just a riot, was was defending the family property. It wasn't till later I ... saw what a mistake I had made and it was too late...wait. Someone else?" She trusts Nick enough to let him in but someone else is showing up and the mechanic calls out. "Halt! Who goes there! Are you with Officer Fox?"
Nick Fox "Whoa whoa." Nick holds up his hand, and picks up his blade again, "She's not with me, but she's clearly not a zombie either." He says, as he looks Isabel over, "I don't think Mia's too comfortable around strangers, but lets all take it down a notch and nobody has to get hurt."
Isabel Isabel blinks, halting a few feet away. "I'm halting, I'm halting! Easy on the trigger, there. There are enough dead people in this town," she returns, looking between the two of them.
Mia Artisan Mia Artisan Says "I had people try to break in and some lady wearing shades was spying on me with Bioincars when I was out scaving /last/ night damn right I'm uneasy. I'm stuck in the middle of Evil Dead and there's not an S-mart in sight." A little humour is good. She keeps her weapon ready but lowered. "Well what do you expect I let someone I don't know in and I end up ... dead."
Nick Fox "Hey it's okay, we've got a base set up." Nick says, "It's a bit more secure than this is.." He motions to Mia, "Plus it's being run by several former cops and S.T.A.R.S. members, so you know we're good."
Isabel "I wasn't coming in," Isabel protests. "I just came over to talk. It's not like there are many people to have a conversation with lately. Besides, I'm not in the business of killing other people. We've all got enough problems as it is."
She glances over at Nick. "So you've formed a group, working together to survive?"
Mia Artisan Mia Artisan says "All right then I'm sorry, I'm just ... on edge here food's getting low and there's no sign of help coming." She also pretty sure what the Government would do. Write off everyone off as a carrier or not worth the risk of letting it spread. "WAit you have Officer Fox? Are you making me an offer..." She thinks on her own she's hosed she knows Nick just enough she's willing to turst him on this offer.
Mia Artisan Mia Artisan looks over t Isabel for a moment "I don't like it either but what can we do everything's going feral and I'm not sure which is worse the zombies or those who chose to become animals."
Nick Fox "Look I promise that I'll play arbitrator if need be." Nick says, "But let us inside first so we can like...Not get eaten while we stand out here and talk to you." He motions to the door for Mia
Isabel "No objections here. This part of town looks a lot clearer than it is," Isabel replies. "Shall we? Frisk me if you like, but the Magnum's the only weapon I have."
Mia Artisan Mia Artisan says "Sounds good and fine I'll let you in I can spare ... a little but not much, what I do have though is some water." She notes for a moment and she vanishes into the buuilding a moment later, the garage door start to open and Mia's there ushering them inside.
Nick Fox Nick motions for Isabel to head inside first, as he'll cover her getting inside. Once she's in, he'll close the roller door and make sure it's secure.
Isabel Isabel, seeing all the worriedness, shrugs and lets herself be herded inside. "Don't worry, Mia. I've been getting my own food. But thank you."
Mia Artisan Mia Artisan closes the garage door at this point. It looks like she's been held up in the main garage area and there's an odd number of rat traps and such about the place. "All right then, so ya this is about what I got left. How the hell did things go walking dead? Magic's bullshit but feels like Revlations is starting..."
Nick Fox "No idea. Some kinda virus I think." Nick replies to Mia, "People started getting sick, then all hell broke loose. Plus there's some monsters..There's one out there, damn thing has an RPG and a minigun and it's running rampant." He sheathes his knife and looks between the two, "We should be fine in here for the night I'd think. Don't wanna be out after dark if we can avoid it."
Isabel "There was something on the news about the latest bug just before things got so bad. And I found newspapers that mentioned that, too. The disease idea makes the most sense out of anything I've heard," Isabel agrees. "But that's the nastiest monster I've heard of so far. Nothing I've run into could handle a doorknob, much less modern weapons like that."
Her attention wanders to the room itself. "So you've been living here the whole time, Mia? Wow..."
Mia Artisan Mia Artisan pauses "I saw something that wasn't a zombie nights ago I .... I ran the moment I saw it." She looks embrassed lkike something else /happened/ and she'snot keen to talk about it. "Wait ... what?! a RPG and a minigun? Where the hell what?!" She seems to be thinking now running was the best idea she /had/. "Yes, fended off looters there were food in the corner gas. Hell I was able to use the cars left here to make a barricade at least to slow things down."
Nick Fox "It's a good plan. This place isn't too bad of a defensable position but it won't hold up if we get hit by a huge horde.." Nick says, as he looks around a bit, "Any of those cars still run? I don't know if we could get them to the theater but if we could they'd make for a nice extra barricade."
Isabel "Running isn't a bad idea. Sometimes it's the best idea," Isabel replies, having had some experience in the better part of valor lately. "Against something like that walking artillery piece, it might be the /only/ good idea."
Nick's question is a good one. "Every little bit helps. A vehicle might actually help in scavenging."