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Claire Redfield For the past few nights Claire has had pictures of the Channel 8 News Station spread out on one of the tables of the church going over possible entrances with Richard. Him being the top ranking National Guard officer on site, she makes it known that she intends to borrow one of the few remaining working Humvees, one without a mounted gun unfortunately, but she needs something with enough armor to withstand an onslaught of a horde and keep moving.

Next she gathers up the group, a small team, with a singular purpose and starts devying out the days rations which are quite larger than they're probably use to... that's probably not at all a good sign. "Alright guys..." She says, sitting down at one of the fold out tables with the assembled while eating a heated meal, in comfortable conditions, new clothes... Seriously, something big is happening, "We're going to take the News Station." She says quietly as she starts laying down pictures of the building in question. "Reestablish communication with the National Guard units spread out across the city and establih some form of communication with the other survivors across the City. I've been giving out radios to survivor groups with their rations..." Because they haven't just been feeding themselves, Claire hasn't hid this fact from anyone, that's why they're running low rations.

"And I've recorded a message, but that building is overrun." It's obvious, there's a horde outside... a big horde. Forty, fifty? Possibly hundreds of zombies milling about in some of the high quality pictures. "And I don't know what the state of the equipment is..." Glancing around slowly, "So here's the plan... Ashley, you're going to be driving one of the Humvees to get us in a block away from the station, then run alongside that horde to get as many of them to chase you as you can... the rest of us are going to breach here..."

She taps her finger at another picture. It's a ventilation duct, "Cecily and I are going to go inside... Leon, you're going with Katie.. This is Katie everybody.." Motioning, "And set up a defensive position around a generator we're taking in with us. While Hunni sets up with her rifle on a building here..." Tapping one that over looks the front of the building, "To give them cover while I protect Cecily inside..."
Leon Kennedy "Hello, Katie," Leon says like a member of Alcoholic's Anonymous, in the middle of Claire's spiel. But when the briefing is over, he gets to his feet and heads towards her, reaching out his hand to shake and giving her a charismatic smile. "I'm Leon. Looks like we're gonna be working together. Try to keep your head on straight and watch each other's backs, and we'll get through this in one piece." There's some confidence for you, despite the doomsday prep meal they've just shared.
Hunni Hunni had been hanging back, watching the briefing while standing beside her partner, her S.T.A.R.S. armor once more wrapped around her form and her beloved sniper rifle resting slung over her front. She's quiet, listening to the words and taking in every detail she can. Claire's request earns a nod, but she's frowning. "I'll have to secure the roof, have a way off if things go south. I don't fancy the entire building's worth of dead coming up behind me if I'm going to be up there alone."

     Katie gets a nod of greeting, but she'll make her friendly introductions later when they're all back and successful. "A suppressor, or something to seal the door..." she's thinking aloud mostly, but she looks back at the others. "Anyone have some rappeling gear stashed away?"
Ashley Graham Ashley's here? Ashley Swann, as she's been introducing herself to those that don't know her deep dark paterfamilias-secret? She can be recognized from such exciting activities as washing blood out of blankets, or organizing rationed food. And yet here she is, and with a job no less! She seems surprised. Perhaps a touch overwealmed. But she nods, once and then twice. Her tongue darts out to wet her lips.

She's forgone new clothes for the mission today. The same slightly blood-splattered men's button-down, leggings, and boots will do her. Her slightly strawberry platinum hair is pulled back in a fresh tight french braid. One the briefing is done, she looks to Leon, and then to Katie. The woman gets a small, reassuring smile. See? Everything's fine! This is totally no big deal! "Welcome," she says, but doesn't interrupt others' introductions and greetings. Instead she turns to look out the window toward where the vehicles are and takes a deep, calming breath.
Cecily      Cecily is standing quietly as she listens to the briefing. It's the best she's eaten in over a week, almost as if a last meal, and she certainly has no qualms with having given supplies to the civilians. She still looks tired and ragged, but she's taken good care of her clothes, her RPD uniform in surprisingly good shape. Worn with pride. Her badge hangs around her neck and after a moment, she carefully secures it behind her vest, behind her shirt. The large divot from a round impact in the center of her chest, stopped by her armor, is another grim reminder of who and what had been lost so far.

     She lingers close to Hunni, and frowns a little at the thought of being too far from her. Then speaks up when her task is brought up. "I'll do what I can... my expertise is firearms, but if there's anything I can do to bring the broadcast relay back up... I'll do it. And I can hold my end of things up in a fight if worse comes to worse.." she sighs, "..which hopefully it won't.." she shakes her head. Her hand lifts up to her hair, brushing over it before she adjusts her glasses. The other hand subconsciously falls to her thigh where one of her two firearms rests, a combat PDW with some obvious custom markings and work on it. A pistol is secure on her other hip, looking deadly and possibly military, the Umbrella logo in the grip looking like it had barely survived an impact with the pavement.

     "Maybe we'll find some useful things in there, too..." she says with a spark of optimism, though her smile is forced.
Katie Colt Katie was here at Claire's invitation, the normally cheerful theatre student with the happy-go-lucky attitude looking quite serious as she held the M14 Battle Rifle in both hands trying to look like she knew what she was doing, "Nice to meet you all." Stepping closer to Leon who she was going to be working with, she asked, "Hey, aren't you that cute cop who was always hanging around Campus?"
Claire Redfield "I've worked out with Richard that we'll have an escort out, but don't expect a huge calvery if things go sideways... the guard is already spread pretty thin keeping the Church secure for us." Claire says, trying not to let the gloom seep into her voice. She's surprisingly calm though. Another day at the office for her, but she's done most of the leg work. Which directs her attention to Hunni, "I've set up safeguards on the first floor of that building. If you have to hole up there, I've put enough food to last a day or two... long enough for us to mount a rescue, but you shouldn't have any problems from zombies." She says reassuringly. There are, however, far worse things out in those streets that not even Claire could have prepped for.

"Alright..." She says, finishing her meal and then going about strapping on a bulletproof vest that she probably wont need. Just a little extra protection that is more for psychological benefit than anything, then checks her ammunition. Extra clips slipped into the pockets of her cargopants with a single holstered pistol with a silencer and tactical flashlight. The big ass magnum is held out towards Leon, "Here, don't die, someone very special gave this to me and I want it back after this is over."

Then she's leading them out to the humvee. The Guard is watching them, even giving them a few salutes. None of them ''have'' to be doing this and at the end of the day it's for the good of everyone. It's hard to appreciate how important communications is until it's gone. Trying to organize rescue missions in radio silence is complicated, especially with all the celltowers down.

Two guardsmen are gassing up their transport and give Ashley a tight smile when she heads towards the front seat, the rest of them piling up into the back. Claire goes over whatever she's got in that backpack of hers, something to do with her hands while they make the trip across town towards the omenous looming darkness of a nighttime Raccoon Cities overrun district where the News Station is.

Even a block away it's hard not to hear the moans of the horde down the street. If there's ten, there's four times as many and there's a wind picking up with a light drizzle. "Alright..." Claire climbs out first and stares down the street, "Ashley, you're our guardian angel here, girl... be careful, don't put yourself in unnecessary danger, but the more you lead away the better off we'll be..."

Rashaam, another former S.T.A.R.S. officer, linked up with the Church a little while prior and, though he wasn't in the initial briefing, Claire quickly works him into her plans as they all depart the Humvee. "Rashaam, you're with Hunni providing overwatch from the building across the street from the station. She's primary shooter with her big widow maker, but you should be fine with your SCAR, yeah?"
Leon Kennedy "I'm not sure how I feel about putting Ashley behind the wheel of a hummer and sending her off as bait," Leon mutters darkly, but Katie's talking to him and he glances back over. "Yeah, I used to walk the beat around the university. Those were, uh. I miss the coffee." Damn that coffee shop had good coffee. "Did you know cops got free drinks there? I didn't." The mission. Leon blinks, refocusing on the mission, stowing Claire's super special magnum by shoving it into his waistband. He's already got a big-ass LMG on his back, because he must look like a packhorse, and three guns wasn't enough.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, he slips over towards Ashley, pulling out his old Glock service weapon. "I don't like this plan," he tells her frankly, looking her in the eye, his own serious in the moment, "and I don't like giving you this gun, but I like sending you out there as bait without one even less. You told me you know how to shoot, and you better not have been lying." If she was, this is a damn good time to say it.
Rashaam Rashaam, for the most part, looks disinterested in social niceties. He's all business, wether it's his asshole-y personality, or a defense mechanism, it's hard to place. For the most part people are regarded with.. fairly, warm expressions.
    The Former S.T.A.R.S. officer nods towards Claire, "Pretty sure I can hold 'em off from there with my SCAR, aye." He shrugs as he disengages the magazine from the rifle to check it's contents. With a sturdy tap against his knee, Rashaam seats the bullets before returning it, and popping the receiver back to chamber a rifle, "Just tell me when to shoot." Regardless of the time of day, Rashaam sports a very fancy, and cool pair of glasses.
Ashley Graham It serves right that the Guardsmen should look rather sideways at Ashley on a mission. She's tiny, and young, and delicate. And she seems even more tiny and young and delicate behind the wheel of a humvee. There's a lot of seat adjustment to be done before they're going anywhere. And it's while she's doing that, that Leon approaches her.

She listens to what he says, a touch wide-eyed, definitely pale. But those eyes, as always, meet his openly. He may not like this plan, and her confidence isn't exactly stellar either. But she nods to him, swallowing once. "I know how to shoot. A little," she makes sure to clarify. She watches the gun that he holds out to her and bites the lower right corner of her lip before sliding her hand to it, palming the grip and leaving one index finger up along the body, above the trigger and trigger guard. At least she knows how to hold it. With one hand she switches the safety off, then on again, then lifts her eyes once more to Leon. She's able to give him a soft, reassuring, but as always stupidly lovely smile. "I'll be alright," she promises him, almost sounding convincing. The smile fades. "I have this giant truck to take care of me." Built by the lowest bidder. "You just take care of yourself, Leon." And then? She'll set the gun in the middle console and drive on.

The drive will be a white-knuckled affair for Ashley, and at more than a few points her hands on the wheel will tremble. (It's okay Leon she'll use that gun super great!). But she gets them there, and nods once to Claire without looking back at her. "I'll take care of it," she promises the other woman, somewhat weakly.
Hunni      Claire's offer of a backup should she have to hole up? That's enough to have Hunni nodding. It'll do. The asian woman gives Cecily's hand a gentle squeeze and then she steps back, making her final checks and then moving to join the others in the vehicle. For the entire ride she's cautious, watching through the windows and silently praying they don't come across that monstrosity that had fired on them with stingers and a damn minigun. They'd lost too many people the first time.

     Rashaam's arrival? It earns a nod from the woman, it's even clear to see on her face she's glad to know another S.T.A.R.S. officer made it out alive so far. No words, just a silent acknowledgement and thanks before she looks towards the building. "We'll signal you when we're in place. We'll have your back." she assures Leon. With one last look towards the rest of the team she flicks the protective cap off her scope and turns to head for their perch. Time to go to work.
Katie Colt "Yeah, I used to work as Barista at the Starbucks. I think I served you a few times." Katie grinned before heading to the Humvee, rolling her eyes at the dramatic display between Leon and Ashley before declaring, "Ugh, get a room you two. Just use condoms, always use condoms." Sage advice from a college student.

Sitting in the Humvee beside Rashaam, she set the rifle down on the floor carelessly like it was a toy before reaching into her cleavage to pull out an expertly wrapped blunt, "Hey, you got a light?" She asked Rashaam. The whole back of the Humvee already smelled like dank kush.
Cecily      Hunni's squeeze of Cecily's hand makes the raven-haired officer look back to the sniper. That forced smile remains, and there's a half moment where she leans up and gives her a quick kiss on the cheek. "...I'll come for you if I have to... but I'm glad you're not alone over there..." she says quietly, then exhales a sigh, patting her pockets, making sure everything's in order, and following the group to the vehicle. Pile in, sit, and wait. She frowns at the blunt being extracted, "'re going to attract every infected in the area if you light that up... not to mention we're in an enclosed space... save that for after we get out of here in one piece..." she grumps quietly. "...preferably far away from me." she sighs, closing her eyes, just waiting for the ride to be over and covering her nose.
Rashaam Rashaam looks down towards the blunt, then towards Katie, eyeing her for a very long moment, like he had some kind of witty, sarcastic comment, but he appears to shelve the thought. He shakes his head for a second, "No.. no I don't.. not on me, anyways, looking back towards Cecily as she totally judges Katie. There's a slight upturn to the corner of his lips, which have held true to his stoic demeanor until now. Reaching up towards his scope with a spare bullet in his hand, Rashaam adjusts the settings of the optics for longer distances.
Claire Redfield "I'm about to crawl through a ventilation duct into a building that I have no idea whether is completely infested with infected with nothing but a pistol and a backpack full of tools..." Claire says with a sidelong glance at Katie, "I'm having a fuck of a time keeping my shit together... and if you light that I'm going to get paranoid, more so than usual. Maybe it'll calm your nerves, but it's going to make me go batshit..." She doesn't want to beat a dead horse or anything, so she's saying it with a quieted smile. "That'll be your victory dance."

It also makes her think of Sherry.

The Humvee pulls up along the curve a block away from the News Station and Claire hops out. She hoists her backpack up onto her shoulders and clips the front strap for added support. It's a little chilly and the drizzle is becoming a mist of rain as they all pile out of the back of the vehicle. "Alright, you're up Ashely." Leaning in to the driver window to give her a side arm hug, "You got this." Then she moves over to Cecily pulling her pistol out form its holster on her hip, looking around at everyone else joining her. "Let's move. Keep it tight and quiet until Cecily and I are inside and Hunni and Rashaam are on the roof." She takes a slow breath and looks down the street, moving slowly off into one of the bisecting alleys that connect like an anthill around buildings leading towards the News Station. "Radio check." Said quietly, they've been given shortband, low frequency radios. "Rashaam, Hunni.. there's a fire escape on the south side of the building that should get you up above the defenses on the first floor blocking the stairs. As of two nights ago, the alley was clear, but stay on your toes."

It's quiet, but for the sound of so many zombie moans a block away.

Anyone who's not encountered more than ten zombies in a single place should probably roll courage.
Hunni Hunni nods her head, even as it's just a voice on her radio she's listening to. "Izumiya he-" she begins, old habits dying hard before she clears her throat. "Hunni here, roger that." With that, she's signalling for Ras to move alongside her. They'll have to check and clear the alleyway quick, but they can't do it carelessly. Leaving her rifle at her front she draws her Samurai Edge pistol and grips it with the practiced hands of an expert before signalling for them to move in. "I'll climb first," she offers to the man, eyes seeking the fire escape.
Rashaam Rashaam keeps his rifle nestled in the cusp of his shoulder, pointed towards the ground yet forward for quick aiming. He follows Hunni, eyes scanning the area around them for any signs of enemy-combatands, "I got you covered," He comments, kneeling into a firing position. He keeps his attention split between his two tasks expertly, his finger resting slightly above the trigger.
Leon Kennedy "Oh my god, that /was/ her," Leon mutters to himself as he steps up into the humvee, realizing that he recognizes Katie after all. She looks different without the little hat and the misspelled coffee cups. He glances across at Katie, with a 'Can you please not do that in here?' Geez, a truck full of cops and she's lighting one up. But then they're pulling up and it's time to get out again. For some reason it feels like he might be a bit unequally yoked here. "Let's go, Katie, come on. Keep your eyes open."
Katie Colt "Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Katie groaned loudly from the back of the Humvee, the sound of annoyance at being told she couldn't smoke very long and drawn out for added drama.

Sticking the blunt in Rashaam's armor she started pawing at the pistol the man was wearing and saying cheerfully, "Trade ya!" She tries to take it unless Rashaam stops her...

Then she's following Leon looking very unsure of the entire situation and wishing she had got to smoke.
Ashley Graham Katie's barb at Leon and Ashley makes the latter blush, just a touch. She looks up into the rear-view mirror for a moment and purses her lips, unhappily. "Rude," she declares, softly but distastefully, to Katie. And then her eyes hit the road again. They don't move from that road, not even when the stench of pot fills the air. She doesn't speak to it, but she does wrinkle her nose unpleasantly when it hits her nostrils, looking rather displeased about it. But there's road to be watching. A random half-runover Zed to be driven around. Things of this nature. So Ashley, tiny little thing that she is, focuses from the wheel of the giant vehicle.

And once they're all off? She'll drive away ... sort of. Rolling the windows up almost all the way, but enough that she can still hear her surroundings, Ashley starts to pull off along the street, along the lines of Zeds lined up, shuffling along. The nose of the humvee will bump a few of them, but she's not going fast enough for carnage. Yet. Instead, she adjusts the stick into Neutral and revs the engine a few times, calling up enough noise for those in the vacinity to hear, but hopefully not so much that those far away get curious. And then she's driving off again, still going slow. Still making herself seem like a plausable meal.
Rashaam Rashaam eyes Katie as she starts to take his Handgun, "Fine, but.. I want it back eventually.." He offers a stern expression with the underlying hint of humor. But he was for real. He waned it back.
Cecily      Cecily just rubs her face. She has bigger things to worry about than the over-eager barista stoner. Like sneaking through a horde of zombies, getting into a building undetected, and then fixing whatever rat-gnawed and zombie-chewed electronics are awaiting them upstairs with her limited high tech expertise. Still, it's better than nothing. All she has is a sidelong glance to Hunni when her partner gets going, and seems confident in her rifle-wielding guardian at the least. STARS and STARS together. It works.

     "Cecily here.." she says sotly over the radio, ensuring everything is in working order, then falls into step behind Claire. She has no qualms letting the civilian lead, after all, Claire has the plan, and the cop isn't the best at people. She draws her compact SMG and slides the strap on, ensuring she can go hands-free without dropping it, and takes a breath. At least the rain drizzle might help with keeping their scents masked, and sounds.
Katie Colt "For sure." Katie replied with a smile as she was allowed to take Rashaam's handgun, tucking it into the waistband of her pants. Inside of her mind she had finished that sentence, with, 'guy I don't know the name of and I'll probably never see again'.

Keeping an eye open as she followed Leon and separated from the others she kept alert despite her care-free demeanour and stated seriously, "Hey Stud. Don't want to scare you or anything but someone or something is watching us.."
Claire Redfield The groups seperate: Leon, Claire, Katie, and Cecily heading in one direction to sneak their way through turned over trashcans, half eaten corpses, and all sorts of apocalyptic refuge while Hunni and Rashaam make their way towards the other side of the street and around the side of a building straight out of a war movie. The windows are boarded up and there's absolutely nothing alive inside.

Group 1 (Claire)

The whole stealth portion of this mission is met with varying successes, but there's a lot of broken glass on the ground. Despite their very best effort and attempts to keep their feet from crunching it still sounds like the fourth of July in that alleyway... at least to their ears. That's usual right? When you're trying to sneak in it sounds like your shoes have fireworks attached to the heels, but from the change in the moans it probably isn't just in their head this time.

Thankfully; Ashley is there with the humvee rumbling down the street towards the horde. Hearing it and seeing it are very different things: In the headlights the sheer number of undead is staggering. Huddled together nearly shoulder to shoulder like a rotten roadblock spread out across from curb to curb, she's going to have smash through them if she hopes to get through... What's more; they all turn slowly with slack jaws and glossy eyes towards the sound of her vehicle. Teeth gnawing at the air as their face goes from emptiness to fury in a heartbeat, shifting almost unison to move in her direction. The first one she hits is thrown off to the side like a ragdoll with its spine broken, head smashed beneath the heavy duty tires.. the next four noticably slow the vehicle down as she wades deeper into this mass. Fingers linking into the rearview mirror, the sides of the door, even into the cracked window. One flings up onto the hood, face smashing against the glass and craning back to slam its forehead against the windshield repeatedly as if trying to break through.

Group 2 (Hunni)

The pair of officers round the corner and come upon a group of undead standing their as silently as a graveyard, but they don't even look in the pair's direction, so quiet are they moving. They could get past them without even engaging if they wanted to.

Group 1

It's Katie's warning alone that alerts the group to that odd feeling they didn't even realize they were feeling. Claire glancing around as they move... Then snaps her head in the direction of one of the windows above them with her silenced pistol brought to bare. Katie saw ''something'' but it was gone before she got a clean view, Leon saw it though... it looked like a naked woman with her clumps of missing hair peeling back from one side of her head... her mouth was hanging slack and a black tongue was looping back and forth like a snake hanging out from between her lips. Then she was gone just as quickly. "Move!" Claire says and starts at a double step around the corner. Not really running, but she's definitely not wanting to find out if that thing is coming back.
Leon Kennedy "That's not good," Leon mutters as he sees Naked Amy, as she will forevermore be known (to Leon), with her frazzled hair and the black tongue like she'd eaten too much liquorice. He doesn't need to be told twice, and he quick-steps after Claire, keeping his eyes open and his head on a swivel, just like the academy taught him. The fun is just getting started, and he instinctively pulls the Samurai Edge from his hip, keeping the LMG in reserve on his back for now.
Cecily     Cecily is being careful, she's really trying. The alleyway is so strewn with debris though, and her mind keeps going back to other things. She's not tripped over any trash cans, at the least, but her boots do crunch on more glass than she'd like, and the sound is louder than her heart beating in her ears like a drum. The tension is palpable, though, when someone or something is called out. She reflexively follows the looks, seeing nothing, but screws up her face some in thought, and maybe fear. She'd seen the Nemesis, after all.

     Then the order to move comes, and she snaps out of it, cradling her MP7 and falling into step with the others, picking up her pace as best, and as quietly, as she's able to. A smile is cast towards Leon. She hadn't met the rookie on his first day, but being in the company of a fellow officer--one that survived the initial outbreak--is comforting.
Ashley Graham "Jesus, Jesus," Ashley whispers under her breath as the humvee moves slowly along. The crunch of bone and flesh beneath the wheels makes her flinch, and she shivers. White knuckled does not even begin to cover it now. Her fingerprints are going to be gripped into that steering wheel, when she's done. When a few more bodies roll under the humvee, and it begins to jam things up, Ashley slows nervously, moving gently over the former people beneath the wheels. She flinches to the right when a few fingers manage to slide their way in the cracked window. "Jesus, Jesus," she whispers again, either praying or just swearing, creeping forward. She manages to avoid looking into the eyes of one of the ones on the windshield, for now.
Hunni      Hunni sees the dead at the other end of the alleyway and grunts. She'd like them dead-er but her weapons would risk them discovering the pair too quickly. "Silent," she says to Ras, "Or on our way out." With that, she moves to begin her climbing, shifting her rifle on its sling to her back so it won't bang against the rungs and moving. So far, she's practically a ghost as she moves, but she's still wary they could be discovered at any moment even with Ashley's vehicular distraction.
Rashaam Rashaam keeps the infected targets in his cross-hairs until Hunni makes her way to the top of the building. Once she's clear, the large officer carefully follows suit up top. Once he's up on the roof, Rashaam moves over towards the ledge of the building, overlooking the intended area. Rashaam lays down while extending the legs of his bipod. Zeroing in, Rashaam flashes a thumbs up towards Hunni, "In position.."
Katie Colt "This is worse than Night of the Living Dead. I hope it's not one of the runners, those things are fast. They ripped my friend Dave's face off, at least I think they did. I didn't really look back." That's how she had survived thus far, not looking back and looking out for herself. Katie was cursing her luck for running into Claire and saying yes to this little mission with no questions asked. At least she had guns..
Claire Redfield Claire brought in the generator a few nights before, lowered it down on a rope, and then climbed down herself to hide it behind one of the dumpsters. She's already got it connected to the junction box of the building, so really all they have to do is crank it on when Cecily and Claire are in position. The obvious problem with that is; these things are loud. It's essentially a motor... and the only thing seperate the alley from the street are a couple of dumpsters positioned to give Leon and Katie cover, but with enough zombies smashing against it that wont last long... and there's plenty of zombies out there.

Once they get the equipment running inside they can baracade it up and move the generator into the building which will secure it. Someone will have to come refuel it periodically, but there's a roof access for that. Needless to say, the next ten or fifteen minutes (best case scenario really) are going to be mind numbingly painful for anyone outside.

Ashley continues to struggle through the mass of bodies, the one on the hood finally slung off as she pushes past the biggest clump of rotten flesh and can see open street ahead, but she's moving at a snails crawl. It's probably a harrowing experience. The only thing keeping her from being face to face with the undead is a couple inches of glass.. and that is doing exactly ''zero'' to prevent her seeing them up close. Let alone the smell seeping in through the open window. Like a butcher's shop that's had the power cut to the fridge for a week. It's oppressive and sweet smelling, rot has an unmistakable odor to it. Once you've smelt it, nothing ever smells quite like it.

From the rooftop, Hunni and Rashaam can see the humvee.. it breaks free and the entire exterior is ''covered'' in a tacky black substance that's probably blood. The wheels spin once it is nolonger held in place by a barrier of bodies and then catch pavement and barks forward away from the horde, peeling down the street with nearly a full half the mass of undead trailing after it with a unison cry of anguish as their mobile meal makes a run for it.

It really is a snipers delight up there. Clear targets almost as far as the eye can see. Far more bodies than there are bullets to kill them all. They also have a clear view of the side of the building where Leon and Katie will be holding up while Cecily and Claire move around inside trying to get the equipment working. A nice little bottleneck.

Claire looks to Leon and Katie, "Once we're inside, crank the generator..." She says with a little frown, "Soon as you do, they're coming..." Glancing back towards the street, "Hunni, keep them off the dumpsters as long as you can..." To Leon, "Don't start shooting until they start coming over the top. Ten minutes. We need ten minutes." That's probably a gross underestimation, but that's what she's figured for.

Once she's said that, she jumps up and climbs into the open shaft to shimmy her way into the darkness beyond with the flashlight on her pistol shining ahead of her.
Cecily      A loose salute is given to Leon and Katie. She's glad a good officer is sticking around to do work that needs a reliable hand, but her concern is for the horde of zombies that might set upon them. "Good luck, we'll be counting on you, dears," she says with another forced smile. A glance to the rooftop is taken, a nod to the guardian angel, and then she's falling in behind Claire, sliding into the darkness, guided only by the other woman's flashlight. She has her firearm up, slow and careful, breathing controlled. It doesn't help that her heart is once more pounding in her ears as she wiggles through the ducting, glad she isn't claustrophobic.
Katie Colt Katie follows in after Leon while the other two girls head up into the ventilation shaft; a task she didn't envy at all as she kept the battle rifle aimed ahead trying to look as badass as she could with it more for her own personal self-esteem and confidence.

Not long after they were out of sight, the sounds of gunfire could be heard; both from Katie's borrowed rifle and Leon's pistol; the muzzle flashes no doubt lighting up the windows of the room they were in if there were any.

Whatever was going on in there was intense.

Gunfire still going, Katie's voice could be heard reporting over the radio, "I've got the generator on!"
Hunni      The thumbs up returned, Hunni's own bipod is set and she gets to work. Ever the guardian angel with a rifle, her arbiter comes to life and three zombies are taken down in rapid succession, one falling from the path in front of Cecily and claire before the other two drop near Leon and Katie, missing their heads. Hunni doesn't stop, everything from her trigger-pull to her heartbeat is controlled, steady and calm. This was what she does, and she was going to make damn sure her people got home safe if she had anything to say about it.

     When Rashaam begins to fire, she speaks without ever taking her eyes off the scope. "Focus fire on Leon and Katie's direction, you've got the rounds and the automatic. I'll watch over the girls."
Rashaam Once the gunfire begins, Rashaam quickly and efficiently lines up the cross-hairs of his Heavy SCAR Rifle. Depressing the trigger twice in rapid succession, Rashaam's shot manages to turn the back of two feral humans heads into spaghetti bowls, the rotten mushy tissue that was once their brains littering the ground behind them, "Ayee... I really like this scope!" He yells back at Hunni, emotionally unmoved by the battle.
    Once they're inside, Rashaam pokes his head up from his scope, peeking about in case these Zombies were sneaky. You never know.
Claire Redfield Once the firefight begins, all semblance of calm is destroyed. Hunni and Rashaam can see the full gravity of what's going on outside after the Humvee pulls away as, even after the vehicle drags a sizable portion of the undead with it, there's still a dinner party left outfront. Enough to make this more than its fair share of difficult.

This is exacerbated by the sound of that motor coming to life. The pair of snipers can hear it from across the street so the dead can ''definitely'' hear it.. and they're snapping around in that direction to shamble slowly, methodically, unrelentingly, in that direction. Even the sudden death of five of their companions has little effect on their mentality. It's a single-mindeded determination to destroy.

Find, seek, destroy.

The group hits the dumpster and claws at the metal side, not yet climbing over the top, but it wont take long. Not with that mean corpses pressed against it.

Claire drops down to the ground in a crouch once she clears the vent and shines her light around the room she lands in. "Clear." Moving towards the door with a heel over toe motion to check the hallway. It looks like an office. A window to the outside is mostly boarded up, but there's still enough visibility that the edge of the building across from them is in sight. Then one whole wall is a window that overlooks the offices next to it. There's twist blinds closed, but a tug of the cord would open them right up.

Both Claire and Cecily hear it a half second before... something crashes against the door as the red-clad Claire reaches the door knob. Probably drawn in the direction of the generator rumbling on the otherside of the wall. Claire falls back a step and looks to her companion, pistol up and ready. The door gives way to a group of four zed smashing at the wood. It isn't open, just tearing it apart trying to get in at them...

Both get a shot before the next round due to holding for target engagement.

Hunni can make out that another group is shambling from one side of the news station to the other. There's several doors between them and Claire/Cecily, but they're tearing through them just as effectively.
Cecily     Cecily peers around from inside the vent before she, too, drops down to follow Claire. She has her PDW up, stock unfolded against her shoulder, foregrip held firm. The silence has her tense, but she awaits, covering Claire and watching the door. Her eyes widen, "Wai--" it's too late before the door is plowed through. She stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the other woman, snapping off a shot that the suppressor mutes with surprising efficiency. The armor-piercing round passes harmlessly through her target, however, rotting flesh and a lack of vital organs where she'd hit just sending the bullet into the wall behind the zombies as she frowns, backstepping and lifting her weapon a little higher.

    Another press to the trigger, another muted snap as the zed moves, the bullet piercing rotting flesh again but snapping into bone, the connection severed at the shoulder and blowing the infected's arm clean off. It's better than nothing at all, removing part of the threat, but it's no headshot and she frowns, moving slowly to get distance.
Hunni      The Arbiter was semi-automatic, there was no punctuation in the sliding of a bolt by Hunni's deft hands. Only a smooth rhythm. Aim, breathe, shoot. Hunni and her gun were one. Glimpsing through the window the movement, those threats headed towards her wife and their fearless leader, her delicate finger eases onto the trigger, applying pressure right up towards the threshold before she picks her moment, breathes and...squeezes.

     The bullet whizzes through the air, the sound of glass shattering accompanied by the high-velocity sound of the round tearing through flesh and three zombies fall, ripped apart by the single round that had claimed all three of them in that single instant when they had lined up perfectly. Luck or skill? Who knows? Either way, Hunni is already firing to fell more threats as Cecily and Claire witness her wrath. She's got faith Ras can cover the other pair, or will call for her to switch targets if need be. They had two guns, and the shooters were puting them to work.
Rashaam Rashaam returns to his scope once he eliminates the possibilities of their being zombie ninja on the roof with them. Spotting two zombies who were making their way far too close for comfort, Rashaam grins, "It's like hunting deer back in Texas.." His smile slowly fades after he considers his comment, "..slower.. hungrier, undead deer.."

The trigger is depressed once, then again, emptying the contents of one's torso, while the second blew it's right arm and shoulder clean off.
Claire Redfield Even through the walls of the building, the report of Hunni's sniper rifle is like thunder clapping. One of the zombies, the one Cecily was firing at, explodes in a spray of black blood and molten rotten flesh as a round tears right through the side of the former anchorman's face. Behind him, another is eveserated, but more over, the zombie standing beside them is severed at the spine. It drops at a strange angle.. intestines spilling out onto the floor like loose cords frayed out of the side of an electric box.

The undead at the door are all but gone, Claire takes a shot, but Hunni pretty much destroys the creature a second later.

Rashaam is picking zombies off the dumpster, but there's so many of them in the street it'd be impossible to completely keep the tide at at bay. The dumpster is already starting to rock with the weight of so many bodies pressed against it.

Across the hallway, doorways are shattering, and Claire is leaping through the muck left behind by Hunni's arbitor, just barely missing her ankle being yanked by the half a zombie left clawing in gore on the ground. "Let's go! We need to get to the control room!"

They're about to lose overwatch as they head deeper into the building, but it's a necessary evil if this is going to be a success. "Good shooting Hunni! Keep those from following us if you can! How's the otherside going?" While running down the hall. Time is of the essence, after all. Because that's really the only thing Leon and Katie have. There's a ''lot'' of undead.
Cecily     And there it is. Maybe it's hope. Maybe it's prayer. But the guardian angel delivers. Cecily cracks a smile before recoiling, shielding herself from the spray of rotting blood and viscera and averting her eyes from the gravity-induced disembowling that happens. Claire's shout spurs her forward and she rushes past the grounded corpses. She keeps radio silence but maybe Hunni can feel her smile as she follows Claire.

    "Let's hope there's enough left for me to put back together so we can get out of here... hopefully in one piece...!" she gasps out, keeping pace with their fearless leader, glancing this way and that when they near or pass doors, just in case.