Umbrella Surveillance System
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Albert Wesker From street level, the bunker utilized by Albert Wesker's task force during the Outbreak is unassuming, a house quite common to the block-- it has a modest backyard, two spacious stories with vaulted ceilings in the great room, and neighboring structures of similar stature on every single adjacent lot. Inside, a young couple lived a life of moderate luxury up until everything went to hell. Who's to say just what happened to them-- but they're not here now.

Now, Andrei and Wesker are in the process of dismantling their heavier, hardwood furniture, rendered more extraneous than ever by the current crisis. Prying the formidable tops off of the dressers, dismantling the previously impressive headboard and footboard gracing the ample mattress in the master bedroom, there's plenty of work to be done; and plenty of material to do what's presently advised--

"We'll barricade everything on the ground level." Wesker strongly suggests, "Use the second floor for lookout and leave or enter through the balcony into the backyard."
PrestigeAndrei Andrei had at least found a place where he didn't sleep with one eye open all the time. At least when it came to the undead. The Wesker team though had its own assorted issues that needed to be dealt with, and to be honest, manual labor wasn't exactly something the man had ever signed up for in his life. Not that he is complaining persay, but certainly his enthusasim for the work shows. He gives little concern for the actual dismantling of furniture, the tearing up of the odd floor board or two to help barricade the doorway... whatever it takes really to get the doors closed.

At the very least, getting this done was far easier then being at risk of getting eaten by.. those things Wesker talked about.. or that Nemisis.

Worst case if they didnt have enough wood.. Andrei supposed they would have to go out and get something better. "As you wish, Wesker. Anything you actually want to be kept built up?"
Albert Wesker The rote labor is certainly far less exciting than tearing through the undead-- but maintaining their advantage over said bioweapons? Probably the only way for any majority of them to survive the catastrophe unfolding around them. Wesker knows the whole situation's effect on morale, however; and he's front and center to handle it. "We'll tear down as much as we need." And hope they have enough. "Anything extra is icing. Quality of life for the bunker." Which, ideally, they won't need for defense at all. Because best case scenarios always play out predictably at times like this.

"The bottom floor we'll trap extensively. Spikes and pits around the house to thin and contain the herd, tripwires and chokepoints inside. Think you can handle that?" Wesker has a better understanding of his capabilities, and Daryl's, but Andrei is a new associate. Still, something in the tone, in the operative's gaze from over the rim of his shades, perhaps, suggests he knows the answer.

The subtle nuances of the gestures made while discussing the plan suggest strongly that the Commander of S.T.A.R.S. sees the floorplan morphing clearly, precisely in his mind's eye. "We've got a pair of claymore mines to put at the end of the obstacle course. Line them up if they get in, blow them up if they get too far. Maybe save the one for just inside the bunker entrance..." Which is an elevator disguised as a shower stall in the house's second bathroom, for the record, accessed through a keypad hidden seamlessly amidst the tile.
PrestigeAndrei "A cla- if we detonate anything in here, Wesker.. No, you know what? Just going to assume you know what you are doing." Andrei responds rather simply then, having paused in the middle of his work to look at the man like he had grown a second head before he just lifts his shoulders and continus his wwork in trying to break down this damn chair. Sure the legs were not perfect for the nails.. but theres something there thats usable.. something that can be sharpened at least. "I can handle much of the whittling for the spikes y ou want made. As for the pits.. I.."
o the fuck volunteers for digging?

"I suppose.. I can handle that as well, just don't expect me to want to do much of anything else for the next day or two." He'll mutter out softly as his eyes glance down then. "As for tripwires.. you have some fishing line, or am I going to have to find something?"
Albert Wesker "Desperate times." Wesker answers simply to the concern. Best case scenario, they certainly wouldn't have to abruptly demolish a wing of the house. But the veteran operative wouldn't rule it out. They've already seen several of the terrors that fill the night in the city beyond. "We'll split up the labor, I think at least the three of us can do a passable job of it, and there's no sense exhausting anyone. Sleep in six hour shifts, one down and three up. Two working, and a lookout on the second story to walk the windows and keep an eye on the perimeter."

Once they've got everything barricaded up, that last part will remain static, at least. "There's also what we bring down on us with all the noise of the work." Although they -should- have a nailgun, somewhere around here....
PrestigeAndrei "Right, Six hour shifts." Andrei mutters then under his breath, just casting a look down at the chairleg in his hand then as he moves towards the doorway for a second, casting a curious glance aside out one of the barracaded up windows, offering a visible frown as he does so then before he states simply, "At least that will keep us safe, more or less. Is there anythign else we need to have done before long?" He'll inquire before moving away from the door and to sit off to the side, jsut so that he can pull out a small pocket knife and begin carving and whittling at the edge of the stick of wood in his hands.

"My suggestion is that we barricade last then.. even if it puts us at some risk."
Albert Wesker "We can tear down the S.T.A.R.S. suv to reinforce key points, as well." The armored paneling covering its hefty frame is, to say the least, quite resilient. ... and the poor vehicle is more than slightly disabled from the team's volatile arrival. While the safehouse may have been remarkably clear save a pair of zombies trying to break in through a window, the streets outside-- and on the way-- were anything but. "If we keep a low profile while we're building up our defenses and keep the local perimeter clear, we should be able to get away with that." Wesker agrees.

"The security protocols of the Umbrella bunker blow should hold without our help." Even if they find the entrance, the elevator ride below can prove quite unpleasant for the unauthorized guest; to say nothing of the reinforced doors and environment sealing below. Setting the hefty, flat panel from a chest of drawers in a leaning pile with its brethren, Wesker moves to the doorway and slips his combat knife from its sheathe, testing its heft with practiced ease. "Speaking of keeping us safe. I'll just be a moment around the block..."
PrestigeAndrei "Two things. One. sounds like a decent idea, and at the very least with an allenwrench and the like I can tear out those chairs in the SUV and we can use those for beds.. Two, try not to die, That would be very awkward for me, Wesker." Kirov states rather dryly then as he continues to whittle away at the small pole in front ofh imself. "if you find anything interesting too.. just do be careful."

Andrei for his part now is content to just work on his small projects until something else happens.. he'll make numerous spikes if left to his own devicea and eventually, once he runs out of excuses.. take to digging. But fucking diggin, seriously.
Albert Wesker Wesker gives a smirk that certainly passes for genuinely bemused, but is perhaps just a bit too flippant, too confident, too arrogant for the situation at hand. "Never." Wesker assures his comrade sardonically, his footfalls all but silent as he creeps back down the stairs.

He'll get back to the labor without complaint shortly, without a doubt-- but for the moment, he's executing stealth kills on any zombie that's wandered too close. He does not, however, paint 'CLEAR' all over their evolving deathtrap's perimeter.