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Trixie Early morning has dawned on the National Guard encampment at the church. A thick fog hangs over the city, swallowing up nearly everything more than a dozen yards away, and making anything beyond seven yards vague and indistinct

Sergeant Trixie Mackenzie, her new rank now five days old, peers beyond the fence into the fog. The watch has been stepped up to deal with the horrible visibility. Anything could walk out of that pea soup and be on the fence before anyone caught it, so more eyes are better. More eyes are also drowsy, if her jaw-cracking yawn, politely hidden behind one hand, is any proof.
Laura While being wary of people in general, especially when some of them seemed to more interested in getting a bite out of her, Laura was making her way to the church. Maybe what it takes to stop a one.. thing army was another one.

She emerged from the fog, holding a single hand up; last thing she needed was over-eager uniforms mistaking her for an undead in that fog as she approached.
Isabel It's been a while since Isabel last visited the church and its contingent of National Guard and police. But she's had a run of good luck scavenging, and she feels like sharing. It's not everyone who can nose out stuff like she can, after all, and there are plenty of people who need it.
But trying to get there in the mess called 'today's weather' is proving to be a pain. She's traveling with scavved duffel bag in one hand and her Python in the other, watching out for potential trouble as best she can. She can just barely see the lights of the church through this floating cotton wool!
But she's getting closer, and shapes are beginning to materialize out of the mist. She can see a fence now, and begins working her way along it to find the entrance. "Hellooo-ooo! Anyone heeere?"
Leon Kennedy Early morning finds at least one non-Guard guard posted at the wall, as Officer Kennedy tries to pull his weight on a sentry's post down one from Trixie. She'd vouched for him when he'd arrived, and Major Stadler had seen him in action already, so it wasn't too hard to talk them into letting him assist. The badge went a long way, too, and the fact that anyone is better than no one by this point. Two women come strolling out of the fog, one of them visibly armed.

"Freeze!" Leon shouts, his voice somewhat muffled by the heavy mist and losing some of its effect. "And identify yourselves." Cops love to yell freeze.
Trixie "CONTACT, ELEVEN O'CLOCK!" shouts a male voice from somewhere above and further back into the compound. Probably the upper floor of the church. "POSSIBLE LOOTERS!" The muzzle of an M16 can be seen protruding through a window in the lower part of the belltower. "GIVE THE WORD AND THEY'RE EX-LOOTERS!"
Trixie glances at Leon, then winces and gives the rifle muzzle an irritated look. "HOLD FIRE, SPECIALIST!" she shouts back, followed by a grumbled, "Somebody /please/ put a muzzle on Stetson," while approaching Leon's position, pistol in hand, but lowered to her side. "What've we got, Officer Kennedy?" she asks, in a more reasonable tone.
Laura The contradicting shouts had Laura stop on her tracks, leaning her more towards the line of just turning heel and slipping back into the cover of fog. Standing there, barely making out the source of the shouting up in the tall structure standing before, the mixed shouts seemed to turn to a rather more reasonable tone. "Er-", she stuttered out first, before pulling in a deep breath.

"Okay, okay, don't shoot!", she shouted out, "I'm Laura, I've been holed up few blocks down..", she added, glancing to the other figure. That voice she did recognize, but didn't address it for now.
Isabel Isabel, still trying to see someone to talk to, does indeed freeze at that shout, one hand still on the fence she'd been following along its side. "D-don't shoot!" she yelps, hurriedly setting down the bag and laying her weapon on top of it. "I'm Isabel Welsh... from earlier?"
She's a little more easily seen from the camp, standing partially in one of the lights. Her old green Carhart coat, and the two layers of legwarmers over her well-worn denims, are a pitiful attempt to protect herself from zombie jaws. She did have the forethought to pull back her hair and weave it into a braid-bun high on the back of her head.
Leon Kennedy "Hold your fire!" Leon shouts out as the over-eager Guardsman gets a little too excited about putting holes in these nice young ladies. "They're civilians. Form an orderly line in front of the gate over there," he instructs, pointing at the gate before realizing you can't really see it that well in the fog. "Uh, to your left, Laura, your right, Ms. Welsh." The officer glances over towards Trixie's post closer to the gate. "You want me to go out and check on them?" That's a little quieter, but everything has to be a bit noisy to penetrate the fog.
Trixie "That might be best," Trixie calls back softly to Leon. "I'll keep the gate secured in the meantime. Good luck."

She looks out into the fog. "Did you say Laura?" she calls back, raising her voice a bit to carry to the two refugees. "As in Laura Herron? Is Ms. Welsh with you, Ma'am?"
Laura Laura Herron waves her hand through the air. "That's me. Hello!", she shouts back, glancing at the other figure, "And yes, she is.", she adds, taking a few careful steps closer, deeming the situation defused a little, though she kept those movements slow, stopping after a few steps, getting out of the fog more.
Isabel "I see the gate..." Isabel says hesitantly, peering through the fog. She carefully picks up her bag, careful to keep the revolver from slipping off, and steps forward to the designated place. She smiles at the sight and sound of Laura. "Hey again!"
Leon Kennedy Leon trots down from his post, shoving the manually-operated gate somewhat open and slipping out to greet the two ladies in the mist. "Hey there," he says as he approaches, quieter now that he's down and out with them, where he can see them and they can see him, despite the thick cover from the air. "Just need to give you a once-over for weapons and make sure you're not showing any weird symptoms." No one really knows what this thing is or what causes it or what makes it start, but 'weird symptoms' is delightfully arbitrary.
Trixie "Look for bites, Officer Kennedy! That seems to be the most common method of transmission!" Trixie calls to Leon as he meets the pair outside. She closes the gate, but leaves it unlocked, keeping her pistol in hand. "Pity it's not the only one," she murmurs.

Just then another sound reaches her ears, that of shuffling footsteps, and indistinct, shambling humaniod shapes begin to appear out of the fog, more than a dozen yards to Leon's left and Laura and Isabel's right. A moment later, that same male voice breaks the silence again. "CONTACT, EIGHT O'CLOCK! GROANERS! PERMISSION TO MASH SOME MELONS, SARGE?!!"

"Kennedy! Get them inside!!" Trixie cries, taking hold of the gate and raising her pistol in her free hand. "GRANTED, SPECIALIST!!!"
Laura Isabel's smile was replied with another one from Laura, and she does a quick nod, and a careful wave with her hand. "Heya.", she smiled, her attention shifting to the sound of the gate opening, and the man stepping in through it. Must've been the one shouting freeze a moment earlier. "...I haven't been bit, if that's what you are wondering.", she comments, narrowing her eyes a little. "As for weapons--", she was about start, but was interrupted. More shouting. What the shouting was about, was much more worrying, her hand grasping her pistol's grip behind her back, instinctively pulling it out while starting to make her way towards the gate, a close eye kept for things getting in close.
Isabel "No weapons other than the Magnum, promise," Isabel says. Just as a make-sure, she unzips her battered jacket and holds it open batwing-style. Nothing. As further proof, she undoes her belt and buttons and flares open the top of her jeans. Nothing there but powder blue briefs.
Then she gets a better look at her examiner. "Leon? Leon Kennedy?" she asks, getting her second surprise of the day. The handsome police academy grad she'd met on her first trip to Raccoon City. The one she'd hoped to run into again, maybe in the same library. Someplace with nice lighting and books...
If there was any circumstance she imagined running into him, standing outside a high fence in the fog while showing him her unstylish underwear isn't on that list anyplace. The dark-haired girl's blue eyes widen, and she turns bright red, hurriedly pulling her jeans shut. "Ahh! Don't look!"
Her mortal embarrassment is interrupted by a /real/ problem. "Oh, no... not here!" she yelps, grabbing for her bag and hurrying to get inside. At least she does have the presence of mind to hold up her pants as she runs.
Leon Kennedy Oh crap. It looks like Leon isn't going to have time to check them over for bites, not out here, anyway. "Get inside," he instructs, back to that loud, police-officer voice, his hand immediately falling to his hip and pulling out his service weapon. "We'll check you inside. One's armed!" He calls over his shoulder as he jogs forward to put the ladies between himself and the gate. "I'll close the door behind you, just get in!"
Trixie The M16 in the high window opens fire, the earsplitting crack coming just as one of the zombies falls over backwards floppily, its head exploding from the nose up in a gory mess. Two more rifles fire from further inside the fence, their muzzle flashes ugly orange blooms against the gray fog. Two zombies jerk, but keep coming.

"Copy that! Hurry!" Trixie cries, aiming in the general direction of the zombies. "I make six infected! Repeat, six!" She hastily swings the gate open for the refugees and Leon, holding her fire.

"COPY DIRECT!" shouts the man in the lower belltower, firing on another zombie. The slug tears through its neck, all but severing its head, which flops to one side and back as the shambling corpse takes two more steps and folds to the pavement.
Laura With the gunfire and brain matter splattering about, it seemed that Laura's instincts on her gun weren't quite needed, and she rushes towards and through the gate, slipping her pistol behind her back as she passed through the gate. Coming in close, she could identify the young girl in the uniform for certain. It was unlikely that many others in the Guard knew her by name, so that alone was quite a strong hint in earlier. She stops there, a few steps away from the gate, on the safer side of it.

She offered no words with the gunfire from the building ruling over the day, her eyes turning to see did the others follow in after heel.
Isabel The shouting only urges Isabel to move faster. She hurries through the gate, one hand full of duffel handle and the other full of waistband, and though her jeans hang open and sag embarrassingly, they stay up as she dashes for safety.
She comes up next to Laura, wide-eyed and shaky, but alive. "Are you okay?" She looks back to the gate. "Did Leon make it inside?"
Leon Kennedy Zombies are coming. Guards are shooting them, but there are more. Leon is between the ladies and the gate, and he doesn't have time to gawk at Isabel's powder blue panties. He's hot on the ladies' tails, though, coming behind and blasting heads on his way in. Only a few actual headshots, mind you, because it's pretty far and that fog is no joke. The man hauls the gate closed hurriedly as he slips inside, shoving the crossbeam home and glancing between them. "Everyone okay?"
Trixie Two zombies crumple with holes in their heads under Leon's shots. A third wobbles as a glancing shot hits its temple, but keeps staggering along, largely unfazed. Several M16s crack from inside the compound, and several zombies stagger, one losing a forearm in the process, but a bare instant later they are moving again.

"Gate's secure!" calls Trixie, taking a firing stance and bringing up what can only be a Samurai Edge handgun.

The pistol booms twice. One zombie's face partly staves in as the back of its head explodes, and it flops bonelessly to the asphalt. A second's left eye vanishes in a gory mess as the back of its head is blown off, and it sags slowly to the ground in mid-shamble.

The M16 in the belltower cracks one last time, and one last zombie is beheaded, flopping to the ground. The silence that follows is very nearly deafening.

Laura Laura nodded quick towards the man closing down the gate, "Yeh, think we're okay.", she commnets as the gunfire dies down, leaving more corpses littering the streets of the cursed city. Atleast those ones will be staying down for good, now.

"Thanks.", she commented looking at the man as he finishes with the gate, having taken note of the position he took. "You all.", she added, looking at the young sergeant, shooting a glance up the church.
Isabel "I'm okay... I think," Isabel replies, glancing down at herself hurriedly. Oh, right. She blushes and quickly begins buttoning up her jeans.
She's not so busy that she doesn't notice the rapid clearing of the shambling deaders. "Oh, wow... you all are awesome shots!" she says, impressed. "Especially you, Leon. Thanks for keeping us both safe."
Oh, wait... there's someone else there, too. "And you, miss... Sergeant," she adds hastily, having caught the rank pins on Trixie's collar. Situational awareness fail.
Leon Kennedy "Everyone's alright," Leon repeats, almost more to assure himself than anything else. The door is closed, the gate is shut, everything is fine. "We're all safe. Good." He glances between the two women, assuring himself that they are, in fact, good. "I didn't do too much," he adds, looking over to Trixie. "You have the guardsmen to thank for that."
Iezika Iezika seems to mutter to herself, being unarmed, and curled up in a ball, inside the church "W...why did I need to go here. Why didn't I stay at home instead of going to this city... che cazo. I could have been living on a different continent altogether."
Iezika Iezika taps Trixie on the shoulder, having gotten up "Sergeant... am I... I mean, we safe now?"
Trixie "Ventilating two deaders is hardly nothing, Officer Kennedy," Trixie replies, smiling at Leon. "That's as well as I did, and you were moving at the time. Where'd you learn to shoot? 'Cause I'd love to train there."

She looks to Laura and Isabel, studying the two for the moment. "Sergeant Trixie Mackenzie, Miss Welsh... or should I call you Blue?" she asks impishly. "Welcome to our camp. Sorry about the supplies being so low, but we're trying to improve that. Now, if you'll just follow me, please?" With that, she turns and leads the way inside the church.

She's barely through the door when she is tapped on the shoulder by a young woman about her own age. Smiling warmly, she kneels next to the frightened girl. "We're safe now, sweetie," she says gently. "No need to be afraid."
Iezika Iezika nods "I wish I ad least had a gun, like you... but first, probably I would be a waste of ammo. It is just... unarmed, I am scared... wrong words, probably..." sighs "Don't know how to put it. Che cazo, I don't know how to defend myself with just my hands, which scares me. And I don't even have a knife."
Laura Laura takes a deep breathe while the two talked about the quick firefight. The smell of burn gunpowder floated in the air, having her curl her nose. Her attention finally was off the scents and sights as the Sergeant addressed her and her friend. "Not at all-- I dropped by mostly.. Incase you all had more questions about that thing I saw.", she grit her teeth together. But she walked in after the girl far too young for her uniform, her eyes scanning around the scenery as they went towards the church, her first time entering it while living in the city.
Isabel "They're not right in front of me, though. It's harder to thank them," Isabel replies to Leon. "On the other hand, you're right here..."
She's about to hug him when Trixie makes herself known. And reminds her of her little boo-boo concerning her wardrobe. Isabel blushes again. "Just Isabel is fine. Or Blue, I guess," she adds, embarrassed. "I'm right behind you."
She notices the young girl as Trixie does, frowning thoughtfully at the suit and tie on such a young person. "Hello, miss. If you need help, some of us know a little about surviving out there," she offers helpfully, picking up her own weapon and sliding it back into its holster, then picking up the duffel. "I'd be happy to share my own perspective."
Leon Kennedy "My dad taught me a lot of things," Leon murmurs a bit bashfully, even, which is a little surprising. "Shooting's one of them." Apparently the old man knew his stuff. Isabel is about to leap at him with a hug, but she gets distracted at the last second, and he's safe for the time being from the grasp of affection and/or gratitude. "You're welcome," he tells her instead, as Trixie gets pulled a little to the side talking to Iezika.

"She knows my name, but I don't remember you," the rookie cop remarks to Laura, jerking a thumb at Isabel and offering a hand. "I'm Leon."
Trixie "I'm sorry I never met your dad, then. Looks like we have something in common," Trixie replies to Leon, winking impishly at Isabel. "Miss Isabel, then, or Isabel... or Blue. And feel free to call me Trixie, or just Sergeant if it's formal. And I just may have some more questions for you, Miss Laura. They could be important."

She looks back to Iezika, gently hugging the frightened young woman. "It's okay, sweetie. Maybe we have something lying around you could use. There are a few weapons we've found while foraging. Anyway, I doubt you'll have to worry about protecting yourself inside the compound, at least for now."
Iezika Iezika nods, looking slightly taken back by being hugged "Thanks... Maybe, since everyone seems to introduce themselves, I should do so too? My name is Jessica Lucchese. Well, it is written a bit differently, but that is since my parents couldn't spell." she looks around, and finds a SIG 220 "I hope I can return home after all this is over. I had a old Walther there."
Laura Laura chuckled a little, "Guess it's catching on, then, eh, Blue?", she commented, nudging Isabel with her elbow a little, her attention shifting to the man in the police uniform. "Mm? Don't think we've met earlier, but nice to meetcha, Leon.", she commented, quickly giving that extended hand a shake. "Laura Herron's the name.", she replied, offering her full name this time as opposed to shouting it out from the fog.

She glanced at the girl whom had slipped out of the church during the gunfire, offering another "Nice to meet you." her way as well.
Isabel "Trixie, then," Isabel replies, nodding to the Sergeant. She turns to Laura... and then gets some teasing from that direction, along with a nudge in the ribs. "Not you, too..."
Her attention strays to the girl in need of a weapon only seconds ago. "Jessica? I'm Isabel. It's cool to meet you. Have you been here at the church long?"
Leon Kennedy There's a lot of meeting and greeting going on, and a lot of offers to exchange information and that sort of thing, which is all very good. Very good indeed. Leon gives Laura's hand a brief shake, offering her a charismatic smile. "Pleasure's all mine, I'm sure." Curious grey-green eyes dart toward 'Jessica', not sure what her story is. One of the refugees they'd let in earlier or some such. "If there's anything I can help any of you with, please let me know. I'm kinda without a beat to walk at the moment." Oh yeah, he's not in uniform. "...I'm a cop," he adds lamely, smoothing the omission over with another charming smile.
Trixie "See? You've found something already, Miss Jessica," Trixie says warmly. "That should do for you for now when it comes to defense. I doubt you'll even need it as long as you don't leave the perimeter alone. And like Officer Kennedy says, if you need help, ask him, or me, or anyone here. Most of us are glad to help. I'm Sergeant Trixie Mackenzie, but Trixie's just fine... or Sergeant, if it's formal."
She rises from her knees, looking to Laura. "The questions can wait if you'd rather," she offers softly.
Iezika Iezika says "I got here a few weeks ago, back when the outbreak started. Still, it was scaring me. And I won't leave it alone. I am not crazy..."
Laura Figure she can take a breather at the Church for a while longer, and so Laura nodded at Trixie. "Sure, it's no rush.", she replied, her eyes looking for a spot to take a seat, before turning her attention to the group. "Mmh, not the best time to visit the city, or were you coming to study here?", she asked to mix up in the conversation.
Isabel Observing that she might as well not be here, Isabel shrugs and turns for the door. "I suppose I should see to my donation to the supply pool. I'll be inside if anyone needs me," she says over her shoulder.
Leon Kennedy "The major will be happy," Leon comments when Isabel brings up making a charitable contribution. "Not sure if you'll get a tax deduction for it, though." That's a joke, and it comes with a smile and cheeky wink. Humor is one way of coping with the stress and the fact that he just blew two people's heads off.
Trixie "Thank you for your generosity, Miss Isabel. Please call if you need any help finding anything," Trixie replies to the exotic-looking girl. She stifles a chuckle at Leon's joke. "I'm glad you're a cop and not an accountant," she observes impishly. Then she looks to Jessica thoughtfully. "That's an awful shame, coming to study only to have the town come apart. I had a friend at the college, and I'm very thankful that she's here now instead of there. The campus... well, it's overrun with the infected now, I'm sure. I'm glad you got out safely."
Iezika Iezika laughs "Well, I finished school, thankfully. I hoped to become an agent of the D.S.O. in the future... I... kind of got here, since I was told to check some colleges by my father and mother, or they would kick me out, so I went to check the Racoon City University, so they would leave me in peace, so I could try to get to the D.S.O."
Laura "I'm sure he could still take down a few of those things with just papercuts, if he was an accountant.", Laura laughed softly. "But a good aim gets you far these days.", she added, taking a seat for a moment. It was early in the morning, but the day already felt too long with gunfights and the undead. "Well, in a twisted way it worked and they left you alone. Hope this ends soon, I'm guessing you wouldn't mind being bothered them a bit now."
Isabel Isabel manages to summon up a wan smile for Leon, and a quick wave for the rest, then steps into the church to see to her donation. Judging by the size of that duffel, it must have been a good night scavenging for her.
Leon Kennedy Well, Isabel heads off, leaving Leon to watch her go for a moment before turning back to the group at large. "I'd make a pretty awful accountant," he agrees with Laura, grinning. Don't think about the exploding heads. "But I have damn good aim." There's the heads again. "Laura, are you hungry? We do have a /little/ food to spare."
Trixie "Possibly. Either way, I'm glad he's shooting at the zombies and not me." Trixie chuckles. As Leon suggests food, she nods her agreement. "Perhaps you all should eat something. I should get back to the fence, just in case the noise drew any further unwanted attention. If you need anything, just call me." She smiles to Jessica. "It was a strange trade-off... parental annoyances for the end of the world. Whatever else happens, I hope you can get out of this safely, and I wish you luck. Take care." With that, she steps back through the door she'd just entered through, back out into the courtyard and toward the main gate.
Iezika Iezika Sighs "Awful idea, admittedly. I dislike that trade-off. I would have preferred if the world wouldn't be ending. Oh, and I want that food, so you get me right!"
Laura Laura shakes her head a little, "Nah, I'd rather save the stuff you have for someone who needs it. My hideout still has a little to go on by. But I can certainly keep you company, if breakfast is what you're after.", she replies, smiling. She glances over at Trixie, nodding in her direction. "Alright, be careful out there. I'll try to flag you down if you had questions, before I head out again later."