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Ada Wong     Raccoon City - Church - Late Night

    The Church of Raccoon City. It use to be a beautiful place that gave people hope in their most challenging times and joy in their most cheerful of times. It appears those days are over, however, as the coming of The Outbreak has changed this once peaceful place into a bastion for those seeking to survive. However, one could look at it as one of the remaining beacons of hope left in the city, symboling a number of great and powerful emotions that people are needing during these desperate times.

But for every treasure, there remains some truths that remain behind the guise of mystery.

    Ada Wong has recently passed through the barricade held by the National Guard. The woman appears unarmed and did not receive what security protocols would refer to as a proper search, even excluding a pat-down. Amateurs.
    The young woman glances around as she passes through the gates, admiring the gothic architecture, "Beautiful work. It seems Warren did his homework when he refurbished this place it seems.", folding her arms as she approaches the front entrance, "Now, where to start?", appearing ready to enter the church foyer proper.
Leon Kennedy Late night at the church, and Leon Kennedy can't sleep. He's tried pacing, tried nibbling on a tiny pack of beef jerky, tried counting sheep, tried lying perfectly still and focusing on the way the air moves in and out of his body, but none of it is helping. It's time to try a stroll around the grounds, check in on the sentries, and get some fresh air, he decides, with a small nod of his head.

That's why when Ada is about to enter the church, the door opens and a young man in jeans, a green v-neck t-shirt, and a leather jacket starts to step out, eyes on the ground and then turning upward to notice- oh. Calm grey-green, they blink twice quickly, his brow lifting just slightly in the universal sign of surprise, and a little puff of air escapes his mouth. "Hi."
Ada Wong Lo and behold, angels appear to grace each other unknowingly with their presence. A chance of fate perhaps?

    The front doors to the church open and Ada is greeted by a rather handsome young fellow, much to her surprise. She bids the young man a slight smile and responds with a brief, "Hello there."
    The young woman does not stay long, bidding Leon a polite nod as she passes him by, obviously not intending to stay for long as she enters the cathedral and heading towards the prayer candles.

    One of the guards notices Leon become caught off guard and decides to toy with him a bit, "Seems to have caught you too, eh, Leon? You seem a little starstruck there, young man. Pretty boy like you I would think would be use to women like her by now."
Leon Kennedy Leon gives Ada a little wave as she goes by, stepping aside to let her pass, his eyes following her for a moment before that soldier decides to start picking at him. The man glances over, puffing out a little snort of derision and bad humor. "If you think looking like this means that looking like that is somehow less impressive, you haven't spent enough time outside Raccoon City." A shake of his head as he glances back towards the door. Some people. It's not like he hasn't heard the sentiment before.

"Who is she?" The tease made her sound like a familiar figure around the camp, but this is the first time Leon's seen hide or hair of her.
Ada Wong     The solider kicks back near one of the pillars leading up to the church itself, obviously on break as he takes out a smoke, "Don't know really. Boys at the front say she was a new arrival that just came in a little while ago."
    He puts the cigarette between his lips and lights up, puffing momentarily to get a good burn going before continuing, "However, with the way she strolled in, its hard not to notice a woman like that for sure. Been the talk of the group as she arrived. Just glad she's safe is all. A lot of unruly people out there, especially time at night and i'm not just talking about the infected, if you know what I mean."

    Meanwhile, inside the Church, Ada reaches over and grabs one of the punk sticks that rests in the holder off to the side. She takes a moment to light it and then begins to light a pair of the prayer candles before her then proceeds into the main hall of the Church slowly. She continues to glance around, scoping out the scenery before moving off to one of the pews near the front, where she kneels down to offer up her prayers.

For what exactly remains uncertain.
Leon Kennedy "Yeah, I'm glad she made it somewhere safe," Leon agrees, still eying the door, now with a hint of suspicion. "Especially with a wardrobe choice like that. Interesting attire for the end of the world." With that comment, he moves off, making a quick jaunt up to the top of the temporary breastwork via observation deck to scan the area briefly, inflating his lungs with the chill spring air. Clearing his head.

With that finished, he decides to head back inside, pulling the heavy wooden door ajar and slipping back in. Quiet feet carry him towards the sanctuary, noticing the soft glow of the prayer candles and then the outline of the back of Ada's head in the dim light.
Ada Wong     The solider nods in response to Leon's comment, "Too true. Have yourself a good night, Leon.", then proceeds to get back to his smoke break.

    Ada continues with her prayers in silence. With her eyes closed, the young woman remains at the front of the church for what appears to be minutes before concluding her work.
    The young woman stands up and lightly moves some of her raven-black hair back out of her view as she exits the pew. Once more, she appears to glance around the room, almost as if looking for something specific as she moves back towards the entrance, unaware of Leon's presence.

A few words murmur from her lips as she continues her surveillance,

    "Hmm.. a most unusual color pattern. Even for a gothic cathedral, I would have expected something a little more.. dull in terms of color. Red and white doesn't appear to suit this place."
Leon Kennedy When Ada doesn't notice him back there, Leon decides to fade back into the shadows somewhat and see what he can learn from this curious arrival and her self-directed musings. The young cop fades back into the shadows, using the bare classroom theory he's learned on the technique to ghost her for a few more moments before revealing himself. It seems innocent enough, thus far, but his brow furrows slightly at the way she's scanning the room. It's not a tourist's gaze, the way she's looking around. It's the same kind of look the instructors at the Academy had, and the seasoned detectives. Something is not quite right here.
Ada Wong     Following her brief artistic view of the Raccoon cathedral, Ada begins to proceed towards the front foyer once more. However, the young woman slowly moves to a halt as she reaches for the door handle before her. She stops in her tracks for a moment, having not caught the presence of another previously due to her focus being elsewhere but now is a different story. She lightly glances over her shoulder and smiles lightly once more, "I take it you enjoyed the show?", inquiring of the one who appears to be lurking in the shadows.
Leon Kennedy "What little there was," Leon retorts politely, stepping out a little so that she can see him more clearly, a lopsided charismatic grin creasing his cheek. "I didn't mean to snoop," he begins, spreading his empty hands before himself. "Just a curious mind. And caution never seems particularly ill-advised these days." Bright, curious eyes peer a little closer at her belt from behind before she turns to face him (assuming she does), noting with a wave of deja vu the curious construction of it. It's like someone figured out how to make a fashionable police belt. He has to have one. "I hope you'll pardon the intrusion." The same light-hearted, charming tone is maintained through all of his speech, his voice an easy, rich baritone he doesn't have the years to deserve.
Ada Wong     As Leon reveals himself once more, Ada turns to face him and smirking a bit at his little grin. She listens intently to Leon's initial comments, offering a nod in response, "Wise words.", followed by her resting her hand upon her waist.
    The young man's charm certainly isn't wasted, however as keeping Ada's attention isn't an easy feet by any means unless she wants it. She takes note of the young man observing her figure as well as her more exotic accessories, "Hard to say there.", she jests lightly in response, "After all, you were watching me from the shadows and now are checking me out face-to-face. Most women would find that a tad disturbing, if I do say so myself."

Ada too glances Leon over for a moment and continues, "However, no harm done I suppose. What's your name, cowboy?", she inquires genuinely. After all, he did spy on her, fair she gets to do some sleuthing just the same.
Leon Kennedy "Leon," he replies easily, sliding his fingers into his jeans pockets casually, a light shrug working its way up through his shoulders at the name. He doesn't bother with Officer Kennedy just now. It's late and it's nice not to have to bear that particular burden for the moment. "And /some/ women take the latter as a compliment, but I agree the 'skulking in the shadows' routine was pushing it," he says with a bit more of that genuine, if roguish, grin. "And you are?"
Ada Wong     Well, even for a nice boy, he doesn't take things lying down.
    Ada is humored by the thought as it passes through her mind as Leon introduces himself, "Leon, huh?"
    "I think the name suits you, Leon and perhaps you have a point. Some might.", continues Ada as she returns the favor, "My name is Ada. Ada Wong."
    "So, Leon. The world is going to hell and you just happen to end up here of in the house of God. You don't seem like the one to join the clergy. So, tell me what's your story?", inquires the young woman as she folds her arms gently across one another.
Leon Kennedy "It's a pleasure to meet you, Ada." Momma Kennedy didn't raise no slouches when it comes to manners, it seems, even if there's a playful spin on everything he says. "You may have noticed on your way in, God's rented the space out for a while." The young man even has the good taste not to laugh at his own joke, although there's a slightly bitter smile to go along with it. "I'm not with the Army," National Guard, whatever, "but they're letting folks take sanctuary here, and it's a safe place to plan out my next move." Still no mention of being a cop. "That quarantine they've got on is making it hard to just run people out of the city, so I'm looking for other ways to help." This is all true, of course, even if there are additional details he's leaving out. But who doesn't have additional details they're leaving out? A hand slips out of its pocket to pick something from the corner of his eye and discreetly flick it away. "Not that it feels like there's much /anyone/ can do to help at this point." An undercurrent of discouragement runs through that statement, disrupting the wave of charm he's been radiating since she spotted him in the shadows.
Ada Wong     Since she inquired, Ada takes the opportunity to listen intently to the story being told to her. She takes a few moments to glance around, taking note of the National Guard's presence and the surrounding refugees before returning her attention to the man before her. The young lady nods to reaffirm that she is indeed paying attention and doesn't speak until he finishes.
    "I see. So, sounds like you are here to take care of a few things before you head back out into thick then. For someone who isn't clergy or military, you sure have a missionary's mindset, perhaps even that of a saint in the making."
    Ada had taken Leon's tone of discouragement as an obvious sign of despair, almost as if he wasn't sure of what he was going to do next or if he was going to get out alive.
    "You know, if I may say so, a look of despair doesn't seem to suit you, Leon. By the sounds of things, you might be seeking a purpose of sorts. It happens. The question is, what are you doing to do about it?"
Leon Kennedy Discouragement and despair are two stops on the same road, one a few exits further along than the other. Leon's not quite that far traveled yet, not by a long shot, and he shakes his head at the woman, his admittedly very nice hair swaying slightly with the movement. "I'm not quitting. There's still people I can help. People that are counting on me." He has to chuckle a little bit, though. "I'm no saint, though, trust me." Curious eyes consider her for a moment before he turns the question back around.

"What about you, Ada Wong? Is prayer all that brought you here?" He waits quietly, patiently, for her answer, eyes serious and calm.
Ada Wong     Ada forms a light smile, replying with her usual monotone and sultry pitch, "That's good to hear on both accounts: having purpose and not being a saint, that is. I hear it is a tad overrated."

    Then it appears the tables have turned as Mr. Kennedy has put forth the same question upon her. Her response is simple, "I am looking for my boyfriend. His name is John. I had not heard from him in sometime and so I decided to look for him though it appears I decided to choose the wrong time to visit, it seems."
    Just then there is a flicker of light from one of the candles, whisking about as a gentle breeze slips in from somewhere, extinguishing the illumination it was producing. Ada glances over as the smoke whispers from where the light once was and then looks to Leon, "I think that's a sign for us to part ways it seems." then she proceeds to open the door to the outside, glancing back at Leon with a nod, "Pleasure meeting you, Leon. Perhaps we'll see each other again sometime. Til then, take care.", then proceeds towards her next destination.
Leon Kennedy "Ada," Leon begins, but she's too quick for him, already heading out into the night. "Wait," he murmurs lamely, looking after her towards the door she's just vanished through. His footsteps carry him quickly across the room, but by the time he reaches it to look out, the woman is gone and he's alone with her candle. The realization evinces a small sigh as he pulls the door shut again, turning back into the sanctuary. Quietly, he steps across the space, leaning down to pluck the candle from the floor, lifting it to his face, and, with a singular puff of air, ushers darkness back into the holy place.