Umbrella Surveillance System
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Alice It's been almost a month since Claire and Alice had met, no real contact occurring back and forth between the two at all. In that time Alice had been struggling with the fact that she was fully aware of the kind of experiments Umbrella was conducting and that a line had to be drawn somewhere between loyalty and moraltiy.

She could no longer be part of what the Umbrella Corporation was doing, not since the latest reports in the mountains and the distinct fact that she was starting to feel like she was little more than an experiment of some kind.

It was a risk but she had no other way to reach Claire before things happened.

Dialing the younger woman's number she awaited an answer on the other line.
Claire Redfield Claire has kept to herself since things went sideways up in the mountains. She hasn't heard from her brother and nobody seems to have any answers as to where he's gone.. this has made her a little distant, trying to sort through any information she can come across to distract her from the very real possibility that Chris was dead.

Sherry has been out of town, so with the blizzard finally passing Claire has returned to the dorms and is sitting at her desk working on something that has nothing to do with school work when her smartphone starts to rattle off; 'Lemon Demon, Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny'.

Not recognizing the number, she puts her pencil down and answers, hair tossed out of the way of her shoulder, "This is Claire."
Alice "It's Alice." Alice replied into the phone, "I've given some thought to what you said and I'm tired of being part of what Umbrella is doing here in Raccoon City. If you're still willing to help"

There was no way Umbrella could be monitoring the call, she had purchased the phone months ago under a fake name with cash. So she thought anyways.

Staring at the computer screen in front of her, she continued to memorize the layout of The Hive. Intending to be in and out quickly with a sample of the T-Virus along with the research data.

Then they could expose Umbrella and she would be able to sleep at night.
Claire Redfield "Oh, hey Alice.." Claire sits up a little straighter hearing the familiar voice on the other end of the line. It had been... wow, several weeks? So much had happened since then, she never expected to get this call and it's apparent in her voice. "R-really? Okay..." She starts, pinning her cellphone against her ear and reaching over for her laptop. "First things first, we need to set up secure communications."

Which means not using ''her'' cellphone. While she's fairly certain she could bounce a cell signal for a while, eventually the anti-hacker software Umbrella is using to monitor for keywords would ping back, especially since she's almost certainly on their radar.

"Do you have a private email? If not, get one, I'm going to send you a program I want you to install..." clicking the keys quickly to bring up the little piece of code she'd written a few months back for one of her computer science courses. She used it on the public servers at the university to test out it's strength and ability to use loopholes inherent in the server to send large band communications along very secure channels.
Alice "I'm sorry Claire, that's not an option. Umbrella is already watching you and any computer I have access to is being monitored live, I'm sure of it." Alice replied with a degree of hesitation to even reveal that much, "I need you to be ready to leave Raccoon City. I'm going to get a sample of the Virus along with the research data they're using to create the bioweapons. Be ready tomorrow night. Can you do that for me?"
Claire Redfield "Yeah, just download the program Alice.. I don't see how we're going to be able to meet in person if you get the sample out, but you can send me the data once you have it..." Claire CLAIREFIES, wuuuuut. "It's designed to accept big data transfers quickly..." But she knows when she's fighting up hill against the avalanche and sighs quietly, "Yeah.. I'll be ready. Where are we going to meet?"
Alice The Clairification doesn't seem to have much effect on Alice's tone or demeanor in this regard, "This was a big enough risk as it was, you don't understand. I don't just work for Umbrella, I'm aware of everything they're doing here. They're creating Bio-Organic Weapons using something called the T-Virus. " Alice looked down at her watch, counting the seconds she had left before she was sure the cell phone call would be traced, "Meet me at the truck stop, and make sure you're armed. 6pm tonight."
Claire Redfield Claire is still doing a system update on her laptop, phone trapped against her shoulder, "T-Virus..." She repeats, glancing down at the journal with a little frown. "Alright.." She says in response and pops up to grab her revolver, "6pm tonight, armed." She tosses on a shoulder holster after hanging up and drops the phone into her pocket. The magnum is shoved into the holster and her glock into the waist of her pants covering both with a thin jacket with the blizzard broke. Last is her beanie, set into place on her way out the door with pack slung over one shoulder.
Alice Claire Redfield went walking up the mountain.
Then she went tumbling down.
Crash she went.
Nowhere to be found.
Alice As the phone was hung up, Alice dropped it on the ground and crushed the little flip-phone beneath her boot before leaning down to pickup the remains and toss them in the fireplace. She watched the phone melt before walking away towards the hidden bookshelf that would lead her towards the secondary entrance to The Hive.

Today was the day. She would steal the T-Virus and begin the exposure of Umbrella Corporation to the world. She smiled to herself as she input the security code and the bookshelf slid open leading to the underground section of the Mansion.
Claire Redfield There's still a little nippy, but spring is starting to set in on Raccoon City. It's like people completely forgot that there was a blizzard hammering them only a few days ago or that a huge section of the mountain unexplicably exploded under the guise of an Earth Quake. Claire lifts the earphones hanging around her neck and slides them in over the top of her ears, hitting play on her smartphone; Deadmau5, Get Scraped starts buzzing in her ears as she makes her way through the busy afternoon campus.

She has a few hours to blow before she has to meet up with Alice a the dinner so she b-lines it for the coffeeshop to get a latte and do some work on her website.