Umbrella Surveillance System
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Kitten The week before Outbreak

"Codeword: Silent Night." The former CIA Operative said as he ambushed Archene in an alley behind a dark bar injecting him with a syringe of something meant to counter-act the drug he had taken before.

The codeword was a deep seated psychological trigger that granted the conditioned double-agent known as Archene Night access to his former memories and true mission.

For years Archene had worked for Tricell, undertaking acts of corporate espionage and sabotage; the drug he had taken to erase his memory.

His mission: To infiltrate the Umbrella Corporation and recover a sample of the T-Virus as well as any information he could on Umbrella's research.

His direct employer and overseer would have surprised most though. Lucia Excella Gionne, a rising prodigy and star who was barely into her twenties and had already become the head of Tricell's cosmetics division.

Like most pharmaceutical companies, Tricell was aware that Umbrella had hidden research, and patents that they could not hope to compete with unless they began reverse engineering whatever Umbrella's trade secret was.

None of them knew how dark the truth was behind this.

As Archene's memories flooded back to him, his handler recovered the sample and began to outline the details of his continued mission...


The night before Archene faces Nemesis

The satellite vidphone Archene had been supplied with a week ago began to beep at the appointed hour and time. He was being contacted with further instructions.
Silent Night Archene is quiet on his room, vacant and locked. It wasn't his night to stay watching, as plannned. As his satelite vidphone beeped, he immediately retried it before answering it. He held the vidphone, easily showing his face and the blank wall that his room had, "Agent Archene Night, here." He spoke quietly, but easily loud enough for the vidphone.
Kitten On the other end of the call was a strikingly beautiful woman with dark hear wearing a pink and black Chanel business suit. Lucia Excella Gionne, the Vice President and face of Tricell's cosmetics division, "Agent Night, I'm delighted to have received the sample you sent to us." There was no hint of an accent in her voice, years of practice and schooling had helped to eliminate that except when she spoke Italian or was incredibly upset, "The situation in Raccoon City is quite worrisome, but I wanted to personally congratulate you on the completion of your initial mission, I very much look forward to reviewing the data you have transferred. I knew my faith in you was not misplaced. However, I must ask more of you."

Archene's laptop signified the data transfer had ended and new information was being sent to him, "The research on Regenerist is stored inside of the Umbrella mainframe at the headquarters. I've pulled some strings and I'm sending you in a bit of reinforcement, it will be awaiting you at the designated co-ordinates by air drop in 48 hours. It will be up to you to secure it and the research data on Regenerist."

All of this, it was for an edge in the cosmetics industry. This wasn't even about Bioweapons for Tricell.
Silent Night Archene nodded at the president, unsurprised by her great use of the language, "Thank you, President." He said briefly, it was a bit strange to him to have the memories he currently has, but still, he is clear on who is his real boss in the end. As the information arrived at him, he had a look at it, "Alright, I will be sure to be there on the appointed time. Currently, there are others in this safehouse, it will not be hard to convince them to help if I am able to escort them out of the city, along with myself later."
Kitten "Of course. Please make sure to include how many we'll need to extract in your next report, I would hate to leave anyone trapped in that nightmare. Do take care of yourself. I would hate to lose my secret weapon." Miss Gionne said in reply to Archene, of course, her secret weapon was Archene Night, Tricell's very own James Bond.

Without another word she shut down the phone call.
Silent Night Archene seems to be ready to say a prompt 'understood'. Quietly, he begins to put his things away. He had 2 days to prepare for the mission, 2 days to convince the people in his little group to get their way out... It would work well enough, specially given everything that has been happening. He lied down in bed murmuring, "And still have to get Emma back." With a final sigh, he closed his eyes and went to sleep. Tomorrow, he'd scout in the direction of the HQ to be sure it was easy to get there and that there was no waste of ammo on his way there.