Umbrella Surveillance System
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Ashley Graham Ashley Swann's the name, should anyone ask. For most people, it's been long enough since the inaguration that the traditionally American hot first daughter might not be recognized, paritularly now. Her platinum blonde hair has a tint of red to it now, and it's pulled back in a messy french braid. She wears a man's button-down, splattered with dried blood, leggings and boots. And today she's working in the stores of the Church.

"No, that doesn't make any sense," she can be overheard speaking to another young woman over in the corner, where what food supplies, blankets, and other necessities seem to be piled. It's a small pile. "We have three times as much the first day I came in. Where's it all gone?" There's some further chattering, and the other girl goes to check on some things. That leaves Ashley to start sorting through what there is to sort through, wrinkling her otherwise unblemished nose in displeasure.
Ares Buchanan As the other girl leaves, a broad man dressed in coveralls with armor over them and a gas mask walks in with a container full of cans and bags, "Knock knock, anywhere in particular I should put this?" Whoever he is he's clearly just returned from scavenging, made extra obvious from the revolver at his side and sawed off rifle slung over his shoulder.
Ashley Graham Ashley rises when she hears the voice, starting slightly at the sound of a man's voice that she was not expecting. But she's nothing if not graceful and composed, even when surprised. "Hello," she manages to say, giving the man a once over from head to toe. Not lusty, or anything like that. Appraising. Searching him for danger, perhaps, or sighs of injury. Her eyes settle on the box and her brows life. "How wonderful," she says with a sigh of relief. "Over here," she directs, stepping out of the way so he can set it near the pile. "Did you just come in with all that?" the blonde asks, appreciateively.
Ares Buchanan "Sure did. I don't stay here myself, but figured it'd be bad form to let people starve." The man replies, moving over to set the box by the pile. "How're you holding up?" he asks the teen, turning and tugging the mask off to reveal his face. If she'd been to the Waffle House before the outbreak, she may recognize him as Ares Buchanan.
Ashley Graham Ashley Graham at the waffle house? Bah! Perhaps once, just once, drunk after some frat party. But she certainly wouldn't remember a particular worker there, one way or the other. "I hope that we won't need much more," the blonde says after a moment. "It should only be a temporary until the National Guard can get a new evacuation site set up." She says it with a touch of conviction and a smile, but the smile doesn't particularly reach her eyes. Perhaps she doesn't believe her own words.

Those big beautiful baby blue eyes of hers track over the box again, thoughtfully. "Where did you come from, that you decided to just bring all of this to us here? It seems a little bold to go for a stroll with your hands full, just now."
Ares Buchanan "Had a little help. Imagine they're heading back to the truck stop now though." Ares tugs a silver case from his pocket, producing a cigarillo from it. At least it looks like a cigarillo, until he lights it up, then it becomes obvious it's a blunt.

         "Not a lot of food left in the city. If they're gonna do something they need to do it soon, don't imagine these people will stay calm if they're starving to death." It's his turn to shift his gaze over Ashley as well, though more like he's trying to figure out where he's seen her before. "You ever feel like shit might turn sour om this end, you're welcome to get a couple of people together and head over to the motel. Tell the men at the entrance Ares sent you, should let you right in."
Ashley Graham Ashley doesn't seem to mind his gaze, meeting it comfortably with her own. "I suppose that's true, though to be hoenst I haven't really noticed being particularly hungry these last few days. A lot of distractions going on," she admits, biting the lower right corner of her mouth in thought.

His offer, though, makes her smile again. "That's very kind of you, Ares," she admits. "Though very brave, for you to make that kind of you to a total stranger."
Ares Buchanan "If I'm being honest, you remind me of somebody I used to know." Ares leans against a counter, taking a few drags from the blunt he produced before offering it over. "Probably offer it to more people if we had the room. But it seems like every day we add another person."
Ashley Graham When the blunt is offered over, Ashley shakes her head, lifting a hand up to gesture 'no'. "No thank you," she says with a sly little smile. "Though I do wonder who I might remind you of. Hopefully it's someone you have good memories of, at least," she adds with a soft chuckle. While she's able to speak easily and casually, all her tones and gestures are tainted with the tenseness that comes from a multi-day traumatic experience. "How are things, where you are? Are there a great many of you, holed up there?"
Ares Buchanan "Yeah, plenty of good memories with her." Ares confirms, flashing a bittersweet sort of smile. "It's not so bad over there, mainly it's the truckers that were holding over when the outbreak happened." When the blunt is denied he pops it back between his lips, taking another drag before knocking the cherry out.

         "I was at the Waffle House when the shit hit the fan, and they'd already blown the bridge by the time I made it out there. So figured I'd go back and hold out in my motel room, but they'd already barricaded the place up. Been there ever since." He explains, attention drifting to check over the weapons he brought.
Ashley Graham "Well, I'm glad it worked out for you, then. It seems to be a good setup for you," Ashley says, offering the man a gentle smile with a flash of pearly teeth. "I'll keep it in mind, Ares. And I'm Ashley, so if I do come knocking you know who it is that's bothering you," the blonde adds with a smile. "I'll start seeing to this, that you've brought. And thank you again for it. I'll be sure to let the Major know. He'll apprecaite it greatly."r