Umbrella Surveillance System
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Frank West Downtown - Night.

    Since the establishment of The Outbreak, Downtown has been one of the highly congested areas in terms of the zombie horde in Raccoon City. It also remains one of the more highly contested areas in terms of the Survivors. This piece of the city has truly has become a "No-man's Land" where only the clearly insane or those with absolutely nothing to lose would dare venture.
    However, there are those that have chosen to fight back. Some by choice, desiring to take-back Raccoon while many are here because they have no other choice, trapped and forced to fight their way out due to their limited options.
    This group of survivors does not have a name for their team though they have worked hard to establish some sort of order amidst the chaos and have done fairly well, taking back the apartment building across town to act as a safe zone from the dangers of the horde in Downtown. This place has become to be known as, "Haven".
    This group has decided to attempt to expand their reaches further in and attempt to gain some more ground for the safety of themselves and others. Their next location is a shopping complex a few blocks away from the apartment and thus has chosen a set of survivors to scout the complex and if able, clear out the area and retake it.

    The small scouting group consists of group of six. The leader of this scouting party is a woman named Rachel Knoxx, a teacher with a knack for the outdoors and oddly enough, urban parkour. She goes by the name, "Teach" and has been around the downtown area longer than most, having acquired a decent knowledge of the area.
    Rachel has gathered her gear and team and headed off earlier in the day, having made it with little issue to a building near the complex just as evening began to settle in. They appear to be scouting the area for a short time before making their way in.
PrestigeAndrei Conflicting loyalties are nothing new in the world, and Andrei Kirov is perhaps someone well suited to such behavior. Sure he may be working for a man named Albert Wesker most of the time, but there is nothing saying he can't find other employment opportunties, and a team organized and composed of scavengers is certainly something that appeals to him. Thus when the small group had ambitions to expand the safe zone around their territory, Kirov was happy to step in and join up, even if just temporarily, all for the opportunity at getting access to some choice opportunties to scavenge. Bullets and ammunition are needed after all, and being surronded by other people at the very least opens up the possibility that there are others who might watch his back.

That he also doesn't have to lead this groupa round by the nose.. like he would for others is also just a small, but thankful inadvertent perk. One he would likley regret taking them up on.
Katherine Quinn The dark haired woman had hooked up with this small group fairly recently. It had happened after she'd realized that Umbrella had abandoned her, when her support system had been cut off. She was not a happy camper, she had been very loyal to the company and had been rewarded by being left in a dead city.

Maybe if they do get her out, she'll forgive them. But for the time being, the woman has been silently cleaning the gear she brought with her, since she has a couple of rather high end peices of equipment with her. She's been less than forthcoming with any information about herself.
Frank West     Andrei's experience as a Park Ranger was a welcomed addition to Rachel's group and was one of the main reasons she chose him out of the bunch. She obviously did not know the man well but any additional scouting and survival experience was vital, so she was willing to bargain if he came along.
    Rachel peers outside of a window, keeping low to avoid being spotted as she surveys the outlining region. The complex appears to be sparse of the living but the undead appears to be in reasonable supply. Zombies appear to be roaming in small groups around the Shopping Complex and surprisingly docile all things considered.
    Rachel turns over to another addition to the team, Katherine Quinn. While its true that the young woman knew little of Katherine's background and anything outside of Umbrella's beneficial pharmaceuticals, Rachel did notice the assortment of weapons the operative carried and that she was at least willing to work as a team.
    "What do you think, Teach?" asks a voice from behind Rachel as their leader continues her surveillance. The voice belongs to a man named, Ricardo Perry. He was a calm and collected man who usually acts as Rachel's voice of reason. The man glances back to Andrei and Katherine before turning his attention forward. While he had some suspicions, Ricardo trusted Rachel's judgment, so they continued on with the plan.
    Rachel takes a moment, along with a deep breath before replying, exhaling with a light sigh, "Well, at the very least we have a manageable number to deal with but I can't see inside the buildings. Still, I would like to see us get a closer look."
    Rachel calls Andrei and Katherine over, along with others in the group, "Gather up. The plan is to head across the street where the horde is thinest and enter the next building either by roof or by ground. We need to be quiet and only use weapons if there is danger of attracting them and if you have a killshot. Remember, we're here right now for recon, not take over. Everyone clear on that?"
PrestigeAndrei Andrei for his part just offers a smile in response to the person named 'Teach', offering the slightest of nods, his respirator and NVD goggles hung around his neck as he looks between their glorious leader and Katherine Quinn then for a good long second before his shoulders lift. "Bullets are rather expensive now a days I find, so we better make the best use of what we got." He observes before stiffling what appears to be a quite audible chuckle then.

Oh yes, the Kathrine woman that has travelled with them is certainly getting some odd glances from Andrei, not that he can place exactly why she was suspicious, after all, the only people who had lived through this likley had some sort of armament, but only rarley had he seen someone so well equipped.. ussually they were guardsmen or ex-law enforcement, and Andrei had a very good idea who most of those people were.
Katherine Quinn Katherine knew who was behind this whole fiasco, of course she did. She'd seen some of Umbrella's more questionable operations first hand, "If anyone has a long gun it may pay to have them up high on overwatch, in case the group down below gets in trouble. If not, we'll just need to make sure we don't get in over our heads and get surrounded." She says, as she rises up, locking her rifle back together and stashing the cleaning supplies, letting the weapon drop onto it's sling.
Frank West     The remainder of the group nods in response to Rachel's orders beginning to move off to prepare their gear.
    Rachel stands up, slinging her backpack over her shoulder and checks her own equipment for a moment. The woman appears to be quite fancy of blades, as a number of sheathes can be seen upon her belt and a single pack of what one could consider throwing knives strapped to her leg. She glances over to Ricardo, offering him a smile as she tries to put on a brave face but deep down she's terrified, not just for her sake but the others.
    Ricardo returns the smile and places a reassuring hand on her shoulder, patting it gently as he whispers in her ear, "You got this, Teach. Have faith."
    The reassuring words releases some tension off of Rachel's shoulders and widens her smile. He knew exactly what to say when she needed it most and nods to him, emitting quietly, "Thanks, Ricky."
    Rachel and Ricardo glance over to Katherine, as she breaks her silence and offers some good advice.
    Rachel glances over Katherine one more time and nods, "That's not a bad idea. Would you be willing to watch out backs just in case?", inquiring genuinely of the operative before turning to Andrei, "Meanwhile, Andrei. I want you taking over mid-point while Ricardo takes rear. I'll be on point. The rest of you are on support."
    The remainder of the group has gathered their gear and joined the group, nodding to Rachel as gives orders. A couple pairs of eyes remain on Katherine, awaiting her response.
PrestigeAndrei "Sure, Mid-point Right, sure, I can do that." The guy standing right behind the guy that will get eaten, not a bad move. Or get shot at, also not too bad. So Andrei will move forward then to stand behind Rachel, offering a smile. He'll move to shift his shotgun around, unshouldering it so he can properly hold it in his hands before his gaze shifts to look over the rest of the room, smirking as he goes. "Lead the way, Glorious leader." Andrei will offr out amusedly before he turns to look over at Katherine then, watching the woman from over his shoulder, that wry smug little smirk not having escaped his features quite yet.
Katherine Quinn "I can do overwatch." Katherine says, as she shoulders her rifle and then heads towards the door, "You won't see me, but trust me. I've got your backs." She heads out first, moving through the buildings to get into a position where she can overlook the team and give them cover against any potential threats.
Frank West     Upon hearing Katherine's response, Rachel's smile widens a bit more and nods to her, "Glad to hear it. We'll be counting on you, Katherine."
    Rachel glances between the rest of the group, "Alright then, stay close and use the buddy system, as usual. Eyes on your partner, front and back. Let's do this."

    Rachel and the rest of the group depart from the building with each in their designated areas. Once on the streets, Rachel takes her position, glancing outwards, seeing little to no activity in their path. Quietly, she unsheathes a knife and heads out into the streets, motioning to the group to follow and taking low cover down near some destroyed vehicles as she continues down her path.
    On rear-guard, Ricardo hoists up his a pistol and keeps a lookout on the farside. Upon receiving Rachel's signal to move, the back-up holds the door open for Andrei and the others to move forward, "All clear. Move, move, move!", whispering quietly.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei will move quickly alongside, or really just behind and to the left of Rachel, bolting his way through the doorway, gun lifted up quickly as he takes a quick scan around the room before exhaling slowly and offering a nod. Once he does his quick check for any zombies about to immeaditly eat his face, ANdrei will bolt off to the side to make sure he is properly in some sort of cover- to at least hide himself while waiting for the next bit of movement down the street... keep in cars, sneak by zombies, its all fairly simple stuff for a practiced stealt expert.. and at the very least, Andrei is quite skilled at that.
Katherine Quinn Once setup in place, Kat brings her rifle up and leans it over the edge of the building, peering through the sights at the group moving through. She doesn't want to fire unless she has to, but if she spots any of the zombies moving on the crew down below, she'll do what needs to be done.

Why is she helping these people, she wonders to herself. She doesn't care about them...But at this point what choice does she have? She needs to survive and escape, and every route she has tried so far has been cut off one way or another. So she'll help them so they can help her.
Frank West     As the remainder of the group begins their pursuit, Rachel moves forward. Glancing left to right, Rachel sees no signs of hostile zombies and continues, reaching their destination with relative ease. She takes a glance towards the roof and the door a few feet from the roof escape, "No sense in trying to reinvent the wheel here.", quietly commenting to herself as she approaches the door and listens, putting her ear to it before knocking gently against it to see if there is any signs of life.

    As the central group continues on their path, things seem to be going well. Andrei appears to be easily making his way over with relative ease. So much so that the others in group follow his example.
    It was then that there is the sound of rotating blades can be heard. A helicopter can be heard approaching from in the distance. Its route appears to be heading due west and out of the city. The whirling sounds of the helicopter's approach due little to stir the surrounding zombies, causing perhaps a minor irritation if that.

    Then, a loud sound can be heard in the distance.


    The sounds of a rocket can be heard in the surrounding area though no one is able to pinpoint its origin. Upon hitting the skyline, the rocket appears be on a collision course with the Helicopter!
    The Helicopter attempts to evade but its too late and the missile slams into its hull with a direct hit. It bursts into flames and begins to spiral out of control before going down! A moment later massive explosion is heard a short distance away, lighting up the surrounding area with a massive fireball!
    A small bit of heat can be felt from the blast but doesn't appear to be close. However, the massive noise created by the explosion is enough to now catch the attention of small pockets of the horde around you. They glance lifelessly in the direction of the blast, which appears to be directly in the path of the survivor group. Upon spotting the survivors, the groups of the undead being shambling in their direction, moaning loudly and looking for feed!

    Ricardo is taken off guard by the explosion as he attempts to leave the building they are apart of. A look of shock and fear strikes his face as the undead are now on approach!
PrestigeAndrei As pandimonium seems to erupt in the sky, and the crashes and blasts attract unwanted attention, well.. Andrei isn't about to get into an inevitiable fire fight on the street, so rather than opening fire, the man just basically books it, or as quickly as one can move while hiding behind cars and otherwise let the rest of the team take the attraction, or take shots if need be. Andrei isn't here to be a hero, and if anyone has any sense, their first instinct should be go get out of the open.. and out of the path of hordes looking to take them over and out.
Katherine Quinn "Son of a bitch." Wyvern knows that's not the first helo she's seen shot down. Umbrella has something armed with an RPG stalking the city, she's sure of it. Nobody could be bothered to give her a rocket launcher.

Spotting the horde gathering and begining to shamble towards the other survivors, she raises her rifle and fires a pair of shots, the first one headed for a zombie's head, right at the front of the group, but the second shot is headed for a propane tank laying near the horde. She's sure these high velocity rounds can set it off.
Frank West     The resulting explosion and the coming horde does begin to spread panic across the members of the group. Something like this was unexpected and not planned for!
    Rachel heres nothing at the door in front of her but the resounding explosion startles her greatly. She quickly moves her gaze to the sky, as her eyes beginning to widen at the realization that is shit has likely hit the fan. This feeling of dread only continues to worsen with the moaning sounds of the zombies in the surrounding area.
    "Shit!", escapes the young woman's lips as she turns to the others on the streets. She has to think of something fast!
    Having not heard any sounds on the other side, the leader of the group attempts to open the door before her, only to discover the door remains locked! She begins to jerk the door handle violently in a desperate attempt to open the metal door before her, "Come on, you piece of shit! Open!"

    Meanwhile, out on the streets, the others begin to succumb to panic from the oncoming hordes. One of the group begins to make a mad dash towards where Rachel is, breaking formation while the other begins to look around for another way!
    Ricardo breaks into a sprint as well, aiming his pistol towards the horde and letting loose a few rounds as he comes upon one of the panicked survivors. He looks directly at him, "Hey! Listen! Get a grip and focus! We need to go!", then points in the direction of Rachel, "Go for Rachel and don't look back!"
    The panicked survivor comes to his senses and nods, moving in the direction of Rachel.
    Ricardo moves his attention back to the Zombies coming towards him though he appears to have made a fatal mistake of taking another's health into his own, as a zombie grabs him from on the outside.
    Ricardo is startled by the sudden grasp and the moan only causes him to panic further, as the zombie struggles to hold him in place, preparing to bite down on him!
PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov for his part hasn't been panicking or running, just sneaking his way along beside the cars, closer and closer to Rachel, he doesn't really look too intent on sticking around for much longer though as he quietly, but carefully flips the saftey off on his shotgun, standing near the doorway now, wiht a shotgun, he'll see Ricardo in his rather unfortunate predicament, though there is little he is willing, or.. to be honest, able to do. Shooting will just as likley catch the man in his shotgun blast as the zombie.. and well, bullets, as always are expensive. So he stands there quietly next to Rachel then for a few seconds longer before giving a heaving sigh. "This is.. turning into a real cluster fuck.." He'll mutter under his breath then as he turns to help push and try and kick in the door.. finally admitting to actually offering some form of aid to the team, if only to get inside this damnable building
Katherine Quinn     The propane tank explodes, scattering several combies in bits and peices all over the place. Then she hears the sound of Ricardo yelling, shifting the weapon to level it on him and the zombie trying to chomp down on him.

Wyvern breathes out and squeezes the trigger, the zombie's head vanishing mere milimeters from Ricardo's body, "GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE!" She yells down at him. This is why she prefers to work alone more often than not. Doesn't have to look out for, or keep track of, other people.
Frank West      Rachel continues to struggle for the door in front of her, desperate to find safety for her and her crew. Andrei moves to assist but unfortunately, the door simply will not budge. The sounds of moans behind the pair now break her from her attempts. She turns around quickly only to find a pair coming up on and Andrei, "Not good!", moving to a defensive position to try and fend off their attackers!

    Just then, a rather large shadow begins to descend from the rooftop above the pair of Andrei and Rachel! The object crushes one of the undead husks, causing it to hit the ground with a sickening splat and causes a glancing it against the second! Upon inspection, the first was crushed by what appears to be an air conditioner and does not appear to be moving in the slightest bit! Meanwhile, the second stumbles and eventually falls to the ground from the hit.

A voice can be heard from the rooftop shortly there after,

                "Come on!"
    Frank West appears from over railing on the roof of the building above the pair, motioning for Andrei and Rachel to climb up, "Climb the ladder quickly! I'll try to cover you!'

    Ricardo appears to be within Death's grasp as the zombie who has him in its clutches keeps a rather strong hold upon him. He begins to shiver at the though that he'll be bitten, much less be eaten or worse turn into one of them, "No. No! NO! I don't wan--"
    Ricardo's screams are cut short as a bullet launches amongst the sea of moans, sending his capture to the afterlife without a head! Some splatter rains upon the man as the zombie releases its grip and falls to the floor. He remains in shock, struggling to regain his composure. However, it is Katherine's voice that manages to bring him back as she orders him to move. Still breathing heavily, Ricardo glances up to Katherine and nods to her, emitting a low, "Thank you." before heading off towards Rachel and the others! He'll never doubt the woman again.

    The other of the group reach Rachel's group, noticing Frank above motioning them up. They begin to climb the ladder as well towards safety!
PrestigeAndrei Hohum, as Frank West calls out, Andrei's gaze will lift up and then to the ladder in question. it doesn't take the man to ask twice as Andrei bolts down along the side of the street then, just trying not to call attention to himself, using his shotgun more to shove the odd zed away before moving to climb up the ladder. He'll get up it quickly enough, even with all his kit, his shotgun hung around his shoulders, masks around his neck.. and well the vests are a bit bulky. He doesn't have time to wait for the others to catch up after all.. or make their own way. After all, Andrei has other ambitions then to just scout with a small group. As he makes it up to the top of the building after his quick climb, hell exhale heavily then as he climbs onto the roof, breathing shortly. "Fucking.. Ridocolous, this entire thing." He'll mutter as his gaze then shifts to where the helicoptor that started all of this origonally was.
Katherine Quinn With Ricardo off to safety where the ladder has been dropped, Katherine pulls her gun back and then leaves. She's fired too may shots from this same spot and is bound to be drawing attention to herself.

It make take a bit of doing to try to get over to where the others are at this rate, but she should be able to get to them soon enough. Hopefully the guy who rescued them won't shoot her when she approaches.
Frank West     Frank reaches over and helps the others onto the roof, keeping an eye out for any other zombies that are in close proximity. He grasps Andrei's hand and helps him up, offering the man a grunt and a grin, as he pats him by, "Ain't that the truth?"
    Following the path of the others, Rachel quickly looks around before proceeding up the ladder. As she begins to climb, she notices the form of Ricardo and smiles as her good friend begins to make it towards them. The young woman glances up at where she thinks Katherine is and nods to her, offering her a silent, "Thank You."

    Rachel extends her hand as Ricardo nearly reaches the alleyway line, "Come on, Ricardo! I've got you!"
    Ricardo continues to run towards the alleyway at full sprint, ignoring his surroundings. All appears to be going well before there's a grasp at his feet, causing the man to trip and fall to the ground with a loud THUD! He groans at the pain of falling face first then glances back as another zombie has caught his foot!
    The ghastly form hisses loudly as it slowly pulls up against his leg and with gasp of air, bites down into his flesh!
    Ricardo jerks upward and cries out in pain at the bite! He desperately attempts to break free from the monster's grasp but it appears in vain, as the zombie's teeth will not relent! It doesn't take long before the form of Ricardo is overwhelmed by zombies!

    Rachel simply watches as the entire scene unfolds in slow motion, watching as Ricardo's chance at salvation slips away as he falls to the ground. A resounding slow cry emits from Rachel as she watches the worst occur right before her eyes, "NOOOOOOO! RICARDO!", then attempts to leap from the ladder to head towards her friend.
    The teacher's arm is grasped as she tries to flee from above, causing her to dangle loosely in the air. Feeling the grasp, she turns towards to see that Frank has grasped her arm and appears to be struggling to keep his grip, "He's gone, lady! Don't throw your life away!"
    Rachel glances back lifelessly, tears swelling up in her eyes, "Let me go. I have to save him! I am his only chance now!", then she starts flailing in a desperate attempt to free herself from Frank's grasp!
    Frank retorts, "HE'S DEAD, LADY! Its not worth it!", then he turns back to Andrei and calls out to him, "HEY! Give me a hand here!", groaning loudly as he desperately tries to hold on to Rachel!
PrestigeAndrei "Give you a hand and get punched in the face? You look like you got it." Andrei will respond easily enough as he continues to breath heavily after all that sprinting and running, a small frown playing across his lips then as he moves off ot the edge of the building to look down. "If your going to throw your life away Teach, at least leave your guns and ammunition for those of us with enough sense to keep on living." He'll offer rather callously then as he casts a glance then to the flailing woman before sighing slightly.

"Me? I'm going to keep on living and thank Ricardo for his sacrafice. Our savior sounds like he has a good head on his shoulders. One that'll keep you alive. Probably." He'll offer rather amusedly then before finally making his way around the top of the building trying to find an egress route that won't get them killed.
Katherine Quinn Unfortunate. Had she known that would happen, she would have just shot Ricardo and saved him the pain and suffering. Wyvern emerges onto the rooftop (Hooray for the hook-shot) and walks up to where Frank is struggling with Teach.

"Do you really think Ricardo would want you to jump down there and get killed along with him? What would that accomplish?" She asks, voice stern, "If you really want to honor him, don't get killed. Live on so others can know about him."
Frank West     As Andrei reaches down to help, Rachel continues to struggle desperately to break free from the pair's grasp but it is to no avail. The combined effort of Frank and Andrei pull Rachel up without further incident and Rachel is forced to watch as Ricardo is devoured until he disappears amongst the number of the horde!
    The trio come back onto the rooftop. Frank leans over and desperately tries to catch his breath as he listens to Andrei's comments though doesn't appear to have any direct reaction to it just yet.
    Meanwhile, Rachel climbs to her feet and with a desperate action, attempts to do just as Andrei mentioned and clock him with a right hook in the face!
    Unfortunately, the desperate swing misses by a wide margin due to Andrei's nimble and wiry nature though she simply falls to the ground, slumping over as her tears begin to pour out with sorrowful cries. She slams her fist into the rooftop, beating it for a few seconds and clenching her fist tighter as she does so. Obviously, she did not take too kindly to Andrei's inconsiderate words concerning her good friend.
    However, Katherine's words do speak to Rachel and her cries slowly return to whimpers. She doesn't respond to the group just yet. Deep down, logically speaking, she knows the three of them are right but there is still so much going through her mind that any words would just be hateful and unwarranted.
    Frank recovers and stands up once more, watching as the scene unfolds, including Rachel's attempt to sock her partner's for his callous words. He remains quiet as it happens, knowing he'd probably do the same thing if he were in her position. After all, her body language says it all: denial, anger, hurt, guilt. All the classic symptoms of grief. He would know this because he's covered wars, you know.

    Katherine's sudden arrival startles Frank and causes him to jump back with a resounding, "Woah! Where the hell did you come from and who the hell are you!?!"
    The others in the group approach Rachel after a few moments, leering back towards the outsiders of the group, "You all just need to back off!" "You don't understand! Ricardo was strong member of our group!", then work to comfort their leader.
PrestigeAndrei "Key word there, 'Was' friend, and unfortunatley, we need to focus on getting off this building and out of here alive.. and focusing on those we've lost right at this second is perhaps.." Kirov takes a momment to rub at his chin then before sighing, "Unwise?" Beyond that though he'll look to Katherine for a momment and chuckle softly. "You were quite skilled with that gun, most impressive, hopefully those twitchy fingers of yours and that sharp eye of yours can help me figure a way out of here that will not get anyone else killed." A pause then as he looks to Frank, offering the man a smile.

"And honestly, couldn't thank you enough, saving lives and all that.. now.. where were we.."
Katherine Quinn The woman in black glances towards Frank for a moment, "I suppose it's time to come clean." She says, as she holds out the hookshot, "This is how I got up here without using your ladder. As for who I am, I am agent Wyvern, former Umbrella Security Service." She responds, as she tucks the hookshot away, "This isn't going to support more than just my weight, no way to use it to get all of us off the roof. However.." She considers for a minute.

"Do we have anything up here we could rig into an explosive? Propane tank, gas canister, anything along those lines? I could set up a diversion so you three can get out of here."
Frank West     Frank blinks as Katherine "comes clean", as she put it and whistles at the hookshot, "Oooh! Fancy. Take it you don't favor Batgirl do ya?"
    Frank looks to Andrei and makes the motion for him to tone it down a bit, "Easy there, buddy. Let's just give them a minute.", then turns back to Rachel and the others, watching them as they sneer towards Andrei's and then go back to helping Rachel.
    Seeing the scene unfolding before him, Frank pulls out his camera and takes a photo of the trio not far from their position.
    Seeing how Katherine and Andrei appear to be the calmest in the group, Frank looks to address the pair more openly. He nods to Andrei and comments with, "Don't mention it. I just happen to be passing by thanks to that rather big explosion from a couple streets down.", then points in the direction of the fireball still erupting in the distance.
    The photojournalist turns around, having forgot to get a second photo and snaps another shot with the zombies heading in the direction of the flames, "Fantastic!"
    Frank turns back to Katherine and nods to her, "Umbrella, huh?", quirking a brow as she comments loosely about her involvement with the major pharmaceutical company. A number of questions run through his head, including why would a major organization like Umbrella need a security service so heavily decked with her load out and more importantly, why is she here?

    This might be one of the leads I need.

Frank brings up his camera again and takes a shot of the pair together, "Good stuff. Now then, I imagine since we're doing introductions. I should probably do the same.", then extends his hand to the each of them, "Frank West. Freelance Photojournalist."
    Frank looks back to Katherine and says, "I have some questions for you later but to answer your question. I imagine we could rig something up. Did you have something in mind?", then turns to Andrei and asks, "and how about you? Who are you, friend?"
PrestigeAndrei "Andrei Kirov." Andrei responds rather tersley then as he seems much more interested in finding an escape now over making any real conversaton then as he looks back towards the man, if only for a split second. "Park Ranger." He'll then add quickly, hopefully heading off any further questions by showing a great deal of disinterest then with the conversation at hand, his lips pursing then as he steps aboutm kneeling down to look over and curiously inspect the side alleyways of the buildings for walkers then.
Katherine Quinn "A reporter?" Katherine asks, "Yes, there'll be time for questions later." She looks back down to Teach, "Are you going to be good to head back to the base soon?" She inquires, "Because my plan is to set off another explosion, drawing the attention of the zombies to it. Then, while they head that way, you all escape."

She pats the hook shot, "I can escape with this after the explosion draws their attention. But everyone needs to be ready to go as soon as it get set off."
Frank West     Frank takes note of Andrei's rather adverse and withdrawn attitude then proceeds to scoff lightly as he folds his arms, "Not from around here, huh?"
    Andrei's investigation leads him around the rooftop. The Park Ranger(?) discovers that the layout of the Shopping Complex is laid out in a similar fashion to that of a "L" shaped strip-mall, where the buildings are interconnected and leaving the group to easily move from rooftop to rooftop. There is a single alley way that loops around the building complex with some other exits to other streets but for the most part remains a single backstreet until leading out to towards Devon St.

    Frank glances towards Katherine and nods towards the USS operative, pondering for a moment about the plan, "I think we could do something that though I think it might pretty hard to drive them away with that flaming fireball. It might be better just to let them go at their pace, ya know what I am saying?"

    Then a voice from on the other side of the trio peeps in, "No, We're not escaping."
    Having broken her silence, Rachel begins to rise, still slightly trembling from the shock of everything that has occurred but better than she was. The others help their leader to her feet as she dries her face with her sleeve then looks to address Frank, Andrei, and Katherine, "At least, I am not going too.", a slight tone of embarrassment in her voice as she continues,

    "Look, I am sorry for my actions before. I won't make excuses for them, even if deep down I still am grieving for the loss of Ricardo. That pain won't go away. That being said, I am going finish this mission."

    Rachel takes a deep breath, turning in the direction of the fireball from down the way, "The reporter is right. The Zombies are already heading in the direction of where the fireball is burning. Given time, they will clear out of this sector on their own. As a result of this..", then she turns to address the group, "We can secure this place as part of our secondary objective. All we need to do is clear out any of the other infected inside the complex."

    Rachel turns to Andrei and nods to him, "Despite your callous and harsh words, I do hold your skills in regard, Andrei and by the sounds of things I am sure the reporter and you can find us a way down, no? That is if you are going to stay with us."

    Rachel looks between Frank and her group members then lowers her gaze as she sighs, "Look, you don't have to stay. I am not going to order you to what could be your deaths. That's not my choice, nor would I. So, if any of you want to go, then please feel free to do so. There will be no shame in it."

    Then Rachel looks back up with new determination, her will shining brightly, "However, I am going to do this. There is more than enough chance that this can happen and I won't let what happened to Ricardo be in vain. So whether I have to do this with you all or by myself, it's going to happen."

    The other group members are taken back with what Rachel has said and one comments with, "Teach.", obviously surprised and now having to consider what they want to do.
PrestigeAndrei "I'm glad you've at least determined a way forward, though it is not exactly what I had expected." Andrei respodns then as he pushes himself up off the ground then after finding what he assumes to be.. wait no, that is nothing important. "If you wish to continu with the mission, I'm not going to stop you, but what you are describing borders on being a campaign, something long.. drawn out. Securing this building.." He'll mutter as his fingers slowly jostle one of the pocuhes of his combat vest, "Will likley take a lot more effort.. given the amount of activity down there. I'd be happy to assist on and off again, as I have been doing, but right now.. I'm interessted in making sure I can get out of here alive." Andrei offers before he lifts a hand them to jab his thumb nearby.

"If you want to keep going though, there are some vents you can go climbing through, probably will make a racket but it will at least get you inside.." He'll mutter before stepping off towards where the ladder is then to look down, hmming as he checks his saftey again before nodding.
Frank West     Rachel looks to Andrei, seeming somewhat disappointed in his words but can preciate where he is coming from. She manages a weak smile as Andrei advises about the air vents and then comments, "I see. Well, if that's your decision, I won't stop you.", then she moves to pat the man on the shoulder with her hand, whispering to the Park Ranger, "Also, that was pretty corny. You sound like you should be on one of those survival TV shows.", following with a wink as she takes a jab at him.
    Rachel turns back to the others in the group, exhaling a deep sigh as she glances around, inquiring with, "Anyone else?"

    Frank who remains to be an outsider simply listens for the moment. He folds his arms and waits for the others in the group to respond.

Rachel's other members of her group look between each other for a moment then they turn back to their leader and nods, "If its for Ricardo." "We're in."
PrestigeAndrei "That is becuase I am corny, madam, and I will have you remember that, amongst other things." Andrei states rather dryly then before he makes his way off to the side of the building, humming as he kneels down and seems to just wait, not becoming overly responsvie then as he just idly watches the zombies underneath.. no doubt when things seem to clear up even al ittle bit, the 'ninja' will make his way stealthily down the ladder and make his way away