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Licker Friday Nights in Raccoon City use to be relatively normal. People out on dates at the theatre, people heading to dinner with their families, or just taking a stroll down Elma Street in the early Spring crisp night. One thing is absolutely certain about Raccoon City, however; it is almost never considered sleepy or quiet.

That's changed over the last few weeks.

Where families use to go to shops for last minute purchases, now they're caught behind baracades constructed out of whatever material they had on hand. Instead of the honking of horns and the blaring of music from passing vehicles, there's the deathly silence that carries the moans of thousands of zombies shambling like leaves down baron streets. Instead of groups of friends heading to a baseball game, roving packs of undead bang on the exterior of boarded up store fronts where people struggle for survival.

Raccoon City has changed, but life has to go on. Jill Valentine still has to survive, find something to eat, and try to etch out as much of a life as she can in hopes that someone, eventually, will come and save them.

She can hear the pack of undead... a dozen to two dozen of them shambling only a block or so away. The blaring of car alarms when one of them bumps into the passanger side door of a Prius.. the echo of all their collective cries as they fall upon that vehicle with a ruthlessness that only the dead can exibit.

She can hear them, but the need for food is strong. So despite the very real danger, she's still digging through what's left in a corner market trying to find ''anything'' to eat.

Roll Stealth vs 3 successes.
Jill Valentine Since the Outbreak had began, Jill had been doing everything in her power to try and escape the city.


When the Quarantine was first enacted she had went to the Police Station, finding most of her friends already gone or elsewhere in the city. She had intended to try and get out with some of them, but she had no luck finding any of them.

On her own she had headed to the Ravensgate Bridge, catching a ride in a truck with a man she had just met; the pair of them attempting to get out through the Quarantine.

She had been there when the shots were fired on people to make them move back, when the infected had begun to surface among the people on the bridge. She had struggled horrified with her newfound companion to get away.

They had escaped and watched in horror as the bridge was blown.

When the truck ran out of gas, the man she had met refused to leave. She heard his screams minutes later as something pulled him from the truck. R.I.P. Max Tucker. He may have been the love of her life if they had gotten out of here, who knows.


When the evacuation point at Raccoon City Park fell to the hordes of undead, she had been there. Only minutes away from boarding a helicopter. Instead of getting out, she had been forced to fight her way out; fleeing into the woods where she had spent the night sleeping in a tree.


One thing was for certain though, in the time since Outbreak began.. Jill had regained her resolve and she was determined above all else to survive. Going over the shelves, she tried to find whatever she could, anything. She knew her supplies would only last a few more days and she had nobody to count on but herself.
Licker There's always the constant reminder that this situation is not advantagious in the form of the moans from just around the corner. Growing numbers of undead are amassing nearby, it was obvious before she ever came into the shop, but it's only getting worse as she picks through broken bottles of coke, torn bags of chips, and smashed cans of spam.

There's just so little left to pick through in this part of town. People frequent the locations that are closet to them and a lot of people got trapped where they worked. An entire Ruby Tuesday's staff has been living on whatever was stocked until Harold, the night manager, killed one of the waitresses who was sneaking extra portions of lettuce. All hell broke loose after that. Now there's an entire horde of undead Tuesday Waitresses right on the otherside of the wall from Jill. She can hear them, scraping broken nails against the thin wall, gnarling and snarling at her.

She can also hear something else... something in the back of the shop. Something clicking like a duck call and then a sound like water falling on a hot furnace. Sizzling until it evaporates.

Roll Stealth vs 3 successes or Investigation vs 3 successes.
Jill Valentine Food. If there were zombies back there, there might have been something not yet scavenged. There was also the strange sound to investigate, it could have meant anything but if she didn't check it out it was going to bug her.

Drawing her custom Samurai Edge from the shoulder holster, she flicked the safety off and kept her thumb on the firing selector as she moved towards the noise; ready for trouble, "This is stupid Jill and you know it.." Great, now I'm talking to myself she thought.
Licker The sound suddenly stops when Jill stops searching and starts approaching the closed door seperating her from the back stockroom of the market. Even placing her feet and trying to keep quiet, there's so much debrie on the floor that every single time she steps it probably sounds like a thousand cornchips have just crushed beneath her boot. Sounds always sound a lot louder in our heads though, especially when we're trying to be quiet. Even more so when we're a little concerned about what we're being quiet ''for''.

The door stands dark in the early evening gloom. Wind picking up outside to blow paper and leaves in through the smashed front window, carrying the cries of some unlucky that got caught in the grasp of impending, unstoppable, unmolested doom. The horde is without end, even if only two percent of the population were infected.

That's vast amounts of human dead, animals, let alone looters and people just driven batshit insane by the lose of civilization.

The door, however, is unchanged by the virus, but it does slowly start to swing open... the handle jiggling a few times to warn Jill, then it's ''creaking'' on unoiled hinges.. If it's dark in the shop, it's an abyss beyond that portal.

The moans are instant and hungry. A dozen zombies spill out of that open door like a river of undead flesh and rotten teeth.
Jill Valentine "Shit!" Jill begins to step back from the door as the dozen undead breakthrough towards her in close quarters. She doesn't panic in the least though, it was against all of her military and police training not to aim for center mass but she had prepared herself for this.

She hadn't fought this many at once before but she was positive she was faster than they were.

Pressing her finger down on the trigger as she stepped back she fired off two shots in rapid succession, each at a different zombie with a self-assurance to her actions.
Licker The horde is relentless, even after Jill brings her pistol up to put two of the zombies down before they've even cleared the doorway, but their falling bodies don't even register in the rest of the horde. Clambering over the register, turned over shelves, always moaning and moving like a fluidic, unorganized mob of rotten flesh.

One of the standing displays crashes down against a glass window on the cooler, smashing it with a loud clatter which nodoubt draws the attention of ''more'' zombies down the street towards the brawl... the gunfire doesn't help either.

One of the zombies, wearing a dirty white tanktop and mini skirt, cranes her neck back and hurls a mass of bile and maggots in Jill's direction, but the Super STARS agent is already moving backwards. Five of the zombies grab at her and start to sink their rotten claws into flesh until Jill slips to the right, right at another gang of rotten flesh that fall right atop her as they break down over the top of a crashing shelve.

She's fleet and nimble, however, and Jill scurries out from beneath them with out so much as a scratch as the tight confines of bloated black flesh proves to be a ''benefit'' to her lithe atheleticism.

This, however, puts her between two groups of zombies... and Barbara is still over their clicking her tongue against the back of her teeth.

Decisions: Roll alertness (vs 4 successes) or try to fight your way out (IE) determine actions NOW.
Jill Valentine Jill took a deep breath as she looked around the area before spotting a ventilation shaft near the ceiling. Sliding her samurai edge back into the shoulder holster she watched projectile vomit fly past her head and cried out, "What the fuck!"

The desire to shoot was overwhelming but she knew she didn't have enough ammunition to stand and fight.

Running towards a near-by table she used it to gain some momentum and leapt towards the ceiling, grabbing hold of the small entryway and pulling herself up with a sigh of relief.

"Should have listened to Mom and married a Doctor..."
Licker Barbara, clearly the lead zombie in so far as zombies can have a leader, takes off at an angle in full sprint. So far she'd just been clicking at Jill, but the second the former STARS officer makes to jump into the ceiling, the deft undead is leaping after her and swiping one grotesque claw at a dangling foot just as it pulls up into the shaft and out of harms way.

Barbara crashes into the zombies, turns and clicks up at Jill... Looks around frantically in a crouch, then starts sprinting towards the same table the officer just used to get up into the ceiling.

It is not as majestic as was Jill's, but dingy, dirty, rotten nails grab hold of the ceiling and slowly start pulling the corpse bride up into the ceiling. The sounds of dozens... then dozens more... moans echoes even louder in the ventilation shaft.

But that clicking.. it's louder than two dozen, is it three?, moans... and relentless.
Jill Valentine Jill scurried through the ventilation shaft as best as she could, her attire benefitting her in the confines of the ventilation shaft; although it was such a tight fit she could feel the equipment in her backpack digging into her back, "Owwwww." She groaned to herself as she continued to scurry.

Then she heard the sounds of something pursuing her, "No. No. No." There was no way to turn back and fight whatever was pursuing her, she couldn't even see what was behind her over the bulk of her back that was smooshed down against her.

Forward she pressed, entirely vulnerable.
Licker The sound of moaning beneath her grows louder as more and more undead crash through half broken windows into the shop she's left behind for the safety of the ventilation shaft... The only solice is that none of them are smart enough to start climbing... none of them, but one.

Barbara finally levers herself over the edge of the duct and a glance back reveals the rectus grin of a decayed maw working against black ichor oozing over the black teeth of her hanging bottom jaw. The clicking is actually her tongue, far longer than any human tongue should be, slapping against the side of her cheek as she tries to growl.

her tanktop tears as she hoists up into the shaft and her rotten breasts hang like sacks on her muscular, exposed, abdomen.

It's tight in this tunnel and abysmally dark, the only light coming from behind Jill. A constant reminder of the clicking as Barbara follows her.. far faster than Jill because she has no concern for her own well being and doesn't feel the pain of dislocated shoulders that snap and twist out of place as she claws after the scurrying Officer.
Jill Valentine Jill kept her wits about her as she continued on into the darkness, every fiber of her being wishing she was somewhere else. She had already tried to wake up from this nightmare too many times to try again though.

"Chris, where are you when I need you?" She said out-loud to herself and wished that she had the sense to grab her flashlight from her backpack at some point during the endeavor but it was too late for that now.

All of her survival training came from Delta-Force and none of it involved this. It involved scavenging in the wilderness. Shitting in a hole. The basics.. not dealing with an undead outbreak in a quarantined city.

She didn't want to die here.
Licker There's. a. light.

Somewhere up ahead of her, Jill can make out the glowing vent that looks like it exits out onto the side of the street. Steam vented from the air conditioning out on alleyways, afterall, so it was only a matter of time...

There's still the clicking behind her that's growing increasingly closer. The snapping of bones as the undead creature throws itself ruthlessly against the sides of the shaft with zero concern for her own wellbeing. There's a feeling of doom coming from behind her and a glowing promise of hope ahead. All she has to do is hold out... a few more feet, a dozen at most.


Something heavy crashes along nearby.


Each footfall is like a hammer striking concrete at a construction site.

"STAAAAAAAAAARS...." The single word is drawn out, hissed more than spoken..


Right into the shop she'd just left.
Jill Valentine Jill was struggling to move as fast as she could but there was only so much she could do within the confines of the ventilation shaft. As flexible as she was, she wasn't a contortionist who could just dislocate limbs and move through the tight space at rapid speeds.

The sound of the booming steps and the hissed words filled her with a dread she had yet to experience though, "The hell..." Whatever was back there was not something she wished to encounter anytime soon.
Licker The light grows closer and Jill can feel the cool crisp night air on the otherside just within reach. All she has to do is reach out and grab freedom! So close that she can smell the rot of hundreds, thousands even, of undead leaving their scent on every street. It has effectively set the default smell of Raccoon City to gross.

Just as she's about to smash through, however, something grabs hold of her ankle and tightens like a boa constrictor. She is completely unable to see what it is, only able to smash forward and out through the open vent hatch to ''hang'' above the alleyway.

Now that she's out in the light of night she sees what has wrapped her boot: a leather black appendage that would probably look like a snake more than a tongue... unless it was connected to the impossibly wide open mouth of Barbara holding herself errect at the edge of the open hatch.

The tongue tightens and starts dragging Jill back up into the mouth of oblivion...

Then the whole building rumbles after a resounding, powerful BOOOOOM! as if it were hit with a rocket. Then the rattling of a .50 cal from around the corner and another earth shaking rumble of rockets smashing the street, the buildings, and anything in its way.

Barbara jerks her head around and release the tongue's grip around Jill's ankle and lets her fall. Immediately, the undead crawls RIGHT UP the side of the wall like a spider and over onto the roof.

As she falls, as she tumbles down to earth that's still shaking and errupting with gunfire, she becomes distinctly aware of how bad her right leg itches...
Jill Valentine "Almost.." Jill said between tense breaths as she saw the light ahead of her, freedom. It was like she was seeing the gates of heaven after a nightmare, a thought she shook off quickly because that would mean she was dead.

She was Jill Valentine and she was going to survive this.

"NOOOOOOOOO!" She screamed horrified as the tongue of Barbara which had already evolved into a Licker grabbed onto her leg and began to drag her backwards.

Against her exposed flesh it stung like a million beestings and she cried out in terror and pain again as she struggled against it kicking as best she could.

Then she's on the ground as the creature is fleeing, tears in her eyes from the pain she drew her custom samurai edge and flipped the firing selector over to burst and began to open fire with the machine pistol even if she had no hope of hitting the best.

She runs. She runs as far away as she can from the newly evolved Licker and whatever the National Guard was fighting. She ran with tears in her eyes and no breath in her lungs.

Up ahead loomed the Raccoon City Clocktower and she kept running towards it without stopping to look anywhere but forward.