Umbrella Surveillance System
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Kitten Ada had spotted what she thought were some kind of supply drops being put down over the city, by the time she got to most of them, they happened to be cleared out. However, in the middle of a park behind an elementary school she had managed to trace down one of the drops.

A parachute sat on the ground near-by and a large black case was on the ground, still sealed. It looked like a weapons case.
Ada Wong Before the events of the RPD incident,

    Ada had carefully prepared herself for the upcoming task at hand at the Raccoon City Police Department though the young woman had not been particularly feeling well that morning. A fever continued to persist but she mustered up the strength not to call in and go in to work. Shaking her head, the agent zips along the rooftops and begins heading in the direction of the RPD when a peculiar item catches her eye: a weapons cache.

    A smile writes across Ada's lips as she thinks quietly to herself.

    A present for moi? You shouldn't have?

    Ada carefully makes her way over to the large black case. She cautiously gazes around, keeping an eye out for any potential hostiles. Upon confirming the safety of her surroundings, the young woman begins to inspect the case, looking for some form of identification before proceeding to open it.
Kitten There are no markings on the case but it is not booby trapped either. Ada finds inside of it what appear to be a full set of combat equipment including carbine with grenade launcher, pistol, knife, spare clips and a single vial of what appears to be the T-Virus Serum.

It was no doubt intended for some high-ranking Umbrella operative in the city. Now it was Ada's.
Ada Wong Score!
    Ada opens the case to discover a vast array of Umbrella weaponry included inside, "Well, this was worth getting out of bed the morning."
    Glancing back towards her previous safe house, Ada ponders and takes a moment to gather some of the gear including the pistol and the knife, placing the smaller gear upon her harness. However, the other gear will likely be a tad bulky for constant free movement and decides it best to stash the other gear. After all, it could come in handy sometime soon.

    Never look a gift horse in the mouth as they say.

    The thought crosses her mind and Miss Wong takes the opportunity to make runs back between her safe house and the gear in order to give it a proper home in her arsenal.