Umbrella Surveillance System
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Alice While Archene is out scavenging, he finds a building that has taken some heavy damage from a dump truck crashing into it. There are numerous zombies under the dump truck, most of them half-squished that have no real way of getting to him.

On the upper floor of the unstable building there are two large boxes marked 'Red Cross Donations'. Inside of them were numerous food and medical supplies, likely that someone had intended to donate.
Silent Night After finding the building, Archene can't help but have a better look into it as he haven't scouted it properly. The surprise on the second floor, can only make him smile. Medical supplies, food? Archene couldn't help to think that it was his lucky day. While the safehouse had enough food for a few more weeks, medical supplies would always be welcomed in the end. He adjusts his shades, rarely removed even with the helmet on his head. After checking the medical supplies, and even the food to see if they are still usable. He quietly pondered by the boxes a good way to move them back to his base safely.
Alice Archene wasn't always lucky, watching so many people through binoculars didn't always pay off!

The building is unstable due to the dump truck crashing into it and suddenly and abruptly the floor begins to collapse without warning. It was going to take all of Archene's acrobatic skills to avoid falling a good distance.
Silent Night Watching people paid off in many other ways! Archene certainly saw things, and people that were worth being seen!

As the floor begins to collapse, Archene attempts to run with all his might. Despite the suit, he does his best to avoid the fall, but a small mistep is all it takes for him for him to fall a considerable distance. He falls right on his left side. It hurts, a good bit, but he isn't broken, probably. Umbrella does make good armors after all.
Alice Archene wasn't out of danger yet, as he lays there stunned, the rest of the building begins to collapse around him. He was about to be covered in the roof, the upper floor and a great deal of debris and very quickly!
Silent Night Archene does what he can to get out of the building, while some of the debris hit him square in the chest. Thankfully for the armor, he remains safe enough. His left arm, however, isn't as lucky as a bigger part of the building falls on it. Though the arm remains attached to the body, it is no doubt a mess. If not for the adrenaline, he'd probably be screaming in pain. But he isn't, the man is only focused on making his way out of the building for now, crawling, rolling and doing all one could do in such situation to save their lives. Only that most would be dead by now.
Alice Archene would have likely been crushed by the cave in, but a woman's hand grabs his right arm and pulls him out of the building at the last second. Alice has a smirk on her lips as she remarks, "Try not to get yourself killed."
Silent Night Archene takes a deep breath after the woman gives him a hand on what could have been his final moments. He properly stands up as he looks at the woman smirking at him, "Thank you for the hand." He puts his right hand on his left arm, probably trying to wonder how messed it is, "But I'll do what I can to stay alive." He takes a look around, a noise this loud would surely enough gather zombies, sooner or later.
Alice "It was convenient." Alice replied without much emotion or thought when Archene thanked her, letting go of the man's arm before turning to walk away. It was noticeable that she was carrying a great deal of weaponry, like she was fighting a one-woman war against someone or something. Unless stopped she'd head down a side-alley and leave Archene to his own devices.
Silent Night Archene wouldn't stop her, he also had to get on his way our of there. It isn't like zombies would be coming around. By chance his way involved going through that same particular side alley, mostly because the one going through it seemed capable enough to make that alley one of the safest patches. As for her lack of emtion or care in the response... That kind of thing, simply happens.
Alice No doubt Markus was near-by, keeping an eye out for Archene after his partner-in-crime or was it espionage was nearly crushed by a caved-in building. From his safe perch on top of a building he can see something approaching through the fog in the distance. It's large and it's walking down the street directly towards Archene.
Markus Berger Seeing something lumber towards Archene is not what Markus wanted to see today, especially not in combination with Archene being nearly crushed by a entire building and his general paranoia about Umbrellas toys inside the city. Good thing that they still have some radios from before everything went to hell. "Arch, there is something large heading straight towards you. Can't make out what it is, but be wary of the possibilty that its something hostile... and dangerous. Remember what happened to James."
Silent Night Despite his incredibly great and amazing abilities on theory, Archene is, in practice, with an working arm less than usual. If he happened to be slowly walking off towards the alley to meet Markus later, now he was dashing to a location where it would be harder for himself to be found.
Alice The thing that Markus sees is none other than Nemesis.

Nemesis does not wait for Archene to finish fleeing, the lumbering beast approaches steadily with its deformed mouth trapped in a rictus-grin before raising the rocket launcher to fire it directly in front of Archene.

The rocket misses Archene but blows a hole into the wall in front of him and sends debris showering everywhere.
Markus Berger "Shit... thats Nemesis! Get the hell out of there!" An advice for Archene that Markus takes himself as he proceeds to retreat quickly, after all he can't really do anything against it from where he is and with only a Desert Eagle he doesn't really know how to use. Selfpreservation at its finest.
Silent Night Archene doesn't wait for the rocket to blow up the wall to jump away from it. Through a sheer skill, the man is capable of jumping away and rolling on the groun away from the wall. He looks toward the 'Nemesis' as Markus spoke on the radio.

He rolls on the ground, and quickly stands up despite the aches from the building that fell on him earlier. "At least, it is smaller than the building. Markus, be sure to stay out of its sight. I will try to run!" Quickly, the man unstrapped the Barretta M82 from his back, still fully functional. He hastely retreated towards the alley as he fire at shot from the weapon against what he could simply call a monster.
Alice Nemesis continues to advance forward spewing lead-hot death at Archene without much care for collateral damage as the near-by area is filled with bulletholes. Somehow though Archene appears unscathed from it all.
Silent Night Archene deftly avoids the various spray of shots from Nemesis as he slowly reatreats, even as he aims and shoots yet another .50 cal bullet. This time aimed at its head. His breathing quickening as he hears no news from markus. Well, he certainly must have ran away already. All the support was welcomed... at least, he isn't making any attempt of self-sacrifice right now.
Alice Nemesis continues to advance forward showing no quarter what-so-ever towards Archene who has so boldly engaged it. The minigun barrels continue to turn rapidly, beginning to heat up from sustained and constant use.
Alice Archene has been lucky up until this point as Nemesis continues to lay down fire in his direction, unable to hit the man who is like an armored cat of some kind. The minigun stops firing as the barrels begin to overheat and Nemesis gives the weapon a break before firing its rocket launcher.

As another .50 caliber bullet hits the grotesque creature in the head it roars loudly and tentacles sprout from the wounds wrapping around the head protectively over the wounds.

<Combat Limiters Disengaged> Nemesis was free to act of its own volition, not limited by control.
Alice Nemesis fires off a rocket towards Archene before charging directly into close combat with the deadly secret agent, attempting to slam the minigun down onto Archene like a club while it cools down.
Silent Night Archene jumps back as the rocket explodes ahead of him, throwing shrapnel towards his armor. Nothing that would be enough to damage it at least. As the Nemesis comes charging upon him... he has a greater desire to curse the world. Somehow, he is capable of dodging its attacks at -just- the perfect timing before jumping away from it, two more bullets coming from his Barrett as he retreats.

Would he even be able to run off if he tried? Maybe lose it in an alley, something!
Alice As Archene begins to flee away from Nemesis, the grotesque Tyrant of Tyrants took aim with its minigun, catching Archene with a deadly volley of bullets before moving towards the beleaguered man at full speed.

The sound of a large truck could be heard approaching at high speed.

As Nemesis closes in on Archene, disengaging its minigun and allowing a large tentacle arm to snake out; it was clear that Nemesis wanted to take Archene's manhood in the worst way.


The aforementioned Dump Truck that had been crashed into the building Archene was scavenging earlier slammed into Nemesis and Alice rolled out of the driver's side door as the truck continued moving forward plowing Nemesis right into the building.

Rushing towards Archene she helped him to his feet and said wide-eyed and serious, "We need to go now before that thing recovers!" If Archene wasn't an asshole, maybe he'd take Alice back home and provide a safe haven.
Silent Night Archene coughs some blood, before spitting it. For a moment, he thought that maybe, he would die. He didn't. While he is... briefly out of himself due to the scene for a moment, he soon recovered his breath and accepts Alice's hand. While he breaths with dificulty, he is able to tell Alice, "Thank you. But, follow me. I have a good place, to stay. Come quickly." He takes a sharp breath before he begins fleeing towards his safehouse. Anyone so well armed, that also saved his life, twice, would be welcomed by at least himself into that safehouse. He'd leave suspicions and scrutinity to Markus, after he manages to lie down.