Umbrella Surveillance System
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Kitten Sometimes, shit just got plain weird.

For Nick Fox, today was one of those days.

While out scavenging for supplies he had found a veritable treasure trove of food, in a shop in the industrial area of the city called 'Chimera's Kinks and Fetishes'.

The store itself being an 'Adult Store' had not been looted much, but the supply of blow-up dolls seemed to be gone. Maybe people needed love in the Apocalypse still.

As Nick is gathering the food, he hears footsteps behind him.

Standing in the middle of a shelf of adult toys and a shelf of different 'oils' is a large man wearing a black leather gimp suit with the mouth zipped up; the zipper is broken.

The figure is holding a cleaver in his hand, dripping with fresh blood.

He began to advance upon Nick wordlessly.
Nick Fox You know most people wouldn't think to loot an adult store, but the place had a fridge in the back that had food in it. Nick had grabbed some, stuffing it into a bag, and then he heard a sound behind him. He wheeled around to spot the guy with the blade, hand coming down to his holster to draw his newly aquired Samurai Edge, "Freeze! RPD!"

Of course this guy clearly had no intentions of backing down, his gait and the fresh blood dripping from the blade. This guy needs to go down, whatever it takes. He squeezes the trigger and blasts a single round into the blade wielder's torso, "Put it down!"
Kitten The maniac in the gimp suit takes a shot directly to the chest, not even grunting in pain as the bullet tears through the leather sex gear. It only enrages the man who silently charges towards Nick Fox and slams the bloody cleaver down into the bulletproof vest.

That's twice now his standard issue RPD Vest has saved him from what might have been a far deadlier blow...

Pulling the cleaver out the man prepares to attack again.
Nick Fox Nick's not exactly the fastest on his feet, and the blade slashes in, catching him in his bulletproof vest. He's so glad he was on duty when shit went crazy, even if he could have gotten out of town. He's not going down to some crazy guy, though. Not like this.

He takes a step back as the blade clears the vest, and pulls the trigger twice, going for the double tap. The first shot is off target, but the second one hits dead center. The guy falls backwards and lands face down in a display basket of dildos. Nick visibly winces, checking his chest to make sure he's okay before he grabs his bag and books it out of here.