Umbrella Surveillance System
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Kitten It's late evening and the intrepid Laura Herron has just stumbled upon a large military cache of minigun ammunition crashed through the roof of a building. The case is all in black with no visible logos on it, but it appears to have been air-dropped here.

There were easily several thousand rounds packed into the case, clearly someone was planning a party with all of this.

The question was, who was it all for?
Laura The hole in the ceiling was curious enough, but sleek metal cases tended to be worth a closer look. Not like looting through the building had been particularly useful thus far. Laura moved in closer to the metal box, staying on guard with her pistol in one hand. Nothing out of sight, except the interesting box of loot, and the background noise of undead things outside, and the busted piped. Maybe the box she now was standing over had a hand in busting them.

The contents aren't really what she was looking for. Way too much stuff to carry, and the way the bullets were in belts didn't feel right, especially when that cache didn't seem to belong. But, maybe there's something else in that cache, and she looks closer. It seemed safe enough.
Kitten Laura is able to find at least two dozen rockets beneath the belts of minigun ammunition, all of them inserted carefully into the bottom of the case in foam fittings.

Outside of the building she can hear what sound like massive booted feet approaching. Whatever was coming, it was massive.
Laura Rockets?! While one might be easily traded to someone else, she wasn't strong enough to start lifting the belts to get at them. Why not airdrop some food, too, geez... Laura's train of thought was quickly interrupted by the sounds from outside. That's not the usual groaning and.. slurping the things outside did. Footsteps. By the sounds of it, it was atleast squad of unfriendlies marching in rather fancy synch. With her luck, she was just standing at the said squad's prescious bullets. Time to make herself be elsewhere. Very, very far elsewhere.

She quickly slips her pistol away, against a squad of people who needed minigun ammo, that thing might've as well thrown at them. She makes her way towards the backdoor, trying to keep quiet.
Kitten The door to the room is knocked down and the door frame is broken as a creature of almost a dozen feet tall bursts into the room. It is wearing black trench coat style armor that is pocketed with bullet holes and its face is a grotesque mockery of a man with tubes and tentacle like appendages snaking out of one side of its head.

One of its eyes has been outfitted with what appears to be some kind of Cybernetic replacement that covers it up on the opposite side of the head from the mutations. You could thank Leon Kennedy for them giving it that upgrade.

Upon spotting Laura it's wide-open mouth full of teeth could be heard uttering an approximation of something that sounded like, "MIIIIIINNNNNNEEEEEE."

The barrels of the minigun on its arm begin to whirl to life as the gun spun up and Laura found herself facing a torrent of firepower that was aimed directly at her as Nemesis opened fire upon her as she tried to flee out the backdoor!

If only she had heard Nemesis approaching sooner.
Laura Laura's mouth was quite as far ajar as the Nemesis's was as her plan for making her be elsewhere didn't seem to be progressing well when the brute crashed in. Atleast it isn't a /squad/ of synchronous marching soldier boys, but looking at that /THING/ it wasn't a blessing either. Far from it. The few steps she managed to take where quickly stopped by a barrage bullets. Guess that thing needed a resupply, but she'd rather not have what it had left emptied /on/ her. She makes a quick dive behind the ammo cache, narrowly avoiding the hailstorm pointed towards the quickest exit, now riddled with holes. Pros: Surely the thing wouldn't shoot at it. Cons: The thing surely wanted it. "Fuck--!", she cried out, preparing to dash elsewhere, maybe through the front door-- or double back through the back door? Either way that was a /bad/ place to be.
Kitten The minigun trailed after Laura, spewing death in her direction even as she dove behind the case, bullets stopping as the resounding sound of a CLICK-CLICK-CLICK can be heard. It seemed to be out of ammunition at the moment.

No wondered it was here for that supply cache. Even Monsters and Bio-Organic Weapons of Mass Destruction needed to reload.

There was a moment's reprieve for Laura as Nemesis's head slowly turned to look down at its minigun before stepping slowly towards Laura and the case.

The noise had attracted undead who were loitering outside and there was one stepping through the front door, and one stepping through the backdoor. Either entrance/exit would work for an escape but Laura would have to contend with the Zombie.
Laura The monstrosity was out of ammo, and maybe none had hit Laura through some minor miracle. Or they did, and she was in too much of a shock to notice. Either way, as if she didn't have enough to contend with, both of her valid escape routes were blocked off. Maybe she could dive through the display window.. and be left lying on the ground in a pile of shards. Not an option, definitely. The front was swarming earlier, she wasn't entirely sure about the back of the building, but she had to risk that. A monstrosity of that size didn't need a minigun to splat her brainmatter on the walls.

Back door it was, heart beating hard, topped up on adrenaline, she lunged towards the exit, one tiny zombie be damned compared to the alternative.
Kitten The zombie is far too slow to catch Laura Herron as she rushes past, the dim-witted flesh eating monster grasping out towards her as she slipped past. Nemesis did not consider Laura Herron to be a further threat and such, it did not pursue her.

Inside the building, the B.O.W. was no doubt reloading its weapons and preparing to go back on the hunt as Laura escaped into the sunset like a Hollywood not-action Hero.
Laura It must've been hours Laura spent running, what it felt like, until she stopped to catch a breath in some back alley. It was but half a block away, but with the adrenaline pumping it felt like ages. It wasn't like her at all, not a quiet exit, but a desperate escape.

That breather helped a little, and she continued onwards. Away, away from that thing. Now she knew, that there were worse things than bitey-undead things out there. All the more reason to get out of the city, any means necessary.