Umbrella Surveillance System
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Albert Wesker It's been some notable span of hours since the on the down-low search and rescue operation recovered Rebecca and... scant signs of anything else living out there. Time for her to get proper medical attention, and likely her first real rest since being stranded. Time to get her head in order; her story straight. It's a strange one, isn't it? Even with strange as the order of the day in Raccoon City of late. Early the next morning, though, one way or another a message would get to the rookie medic that the Captain's asking for her.

With a number of their own missing or dead, there's a tension to the S.T.A.R.S. office, or perhaps just its officers; that feeling of teetering on a precipice.. one that no one can entirely see looming ahead, in the fog. Wesker is waiting in his office off the main floor, filling out some paperwork and going over a number of reports on his computer, by the look of things. It's also not hard to conclude that the senior officer has been doing basically this much of the night.
Rebecca Chambers Some of the other S.T.A.R.S. members were whispering about Edward Dewey, no doubt, too - the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team member who was found, with Rebecca's knife driven deep into his skull. An autopsy would find that that wasn't what killed him, perhaps strangely enough, but internal bleeding and a number of broken bones from the start of the avalanche.

But that wasn't done yet.

What was done was Chris Redfield missing under strange circumstances, and the only surviving member of Bravo knocking on the door, her eyes a bit haunted - face downturned a bit as she enters the room. She had a blanket over her shoulders, but that was mostly for show at this point.

"Commander Wesker - you wanted to see me?" asks Rebecca.
Albert Wesker "Yes, come in." Wesker offers in steady, unassuming tones, the fatigue in his bearing only lightly touching the smooth baritone's enunciation. She probably doesn't need to ask why, and the S.T.A.R.S. commander isn't immediately inclined towards beating around that bush. "Have a seat." Though there is a polite invitation and a gesture towards one of the comfy seats beside his desk. A small stack of forms is slid off to one side, tucked away in a file folder for later.

"You understand I have to ask. You're sure of what you saw? The strain of being caught in hostile environments, of losing partners, can do... strange things to the mind." There's little judgement in the Captain's voice, despite the implications. It's nothing personal. In fact, with all the whispers reaching his ears of late, from people he tends to expect good judgement from.. it's perhaps easier to hope Rebecca's wrong than to expect it.
Rebecca Chambers Paperwork. Rebecca no doubt had her own pile of paperwork to move through, but that had waited for her to be seen by another medic. She was smart enough to know why she was here, and the normally peppy young rookie was anything but, at the moment. Bringing up a hand to run through her short hair, she moves to settle into one of the seats, pursing her lips tightly together.

"I understand. It's part of the protocol, and I understand that I will get in trouble for... Dewey," says Rebecca, biting her lower lip. Her eyes draw downwards, before she looks up again. "But I saw what I saw. They just came out of the trees, grabbing, and biting and scratching - Forest got bit and went down first, but then Dewey..." she still choked up a bit when saying that name.

"He got bit pushing one away from me. And then, after the avalanche hit us, and he died, well..." a beat. "...he became one of them."
Albert Wesker Wesker leans back more fully in his chair, twining his fingers together and clasping his hands behind his head as he looks from Rebecca to some vague point in the office, sighing softly to himself. "And I imagine Valentine gives us a good picture of how the squad feels about that." Wesker takes a whack at summing it up, "Umbrella's up to some sick shit in the mountains, got their own team killed and something nasty into the water or whatnot, let Bravo die if not walked them into an ambush. You're not meant to take the fall for Dewey, though I'm sure it's the convenient path now."

Beat. Wesker leans forward, resting an elbow on his desk and sliding his shades forward to eye the medic from overtop the rims, "None of you were meant to come back." It's perhaps starker terms than Chambers has quite considered it in, so far. Albert may not be an idealist like some on the team, but he's a stalwart soldier who knows the score. "You're a smart one, tell me..." Rather than outlining it how he sees it, first. "We've got some problems with this crusade even if we had evidence, don't we?"
Rebecca Chambers 'None of you were meant to come back'.

That statement, although spoken from Umbrella's perspective, gave Rebecca the chills, her eyes flickering towards the window towards the snowy outdoors beyond, her breathing drawing in, held a moment, before it was released again. "Alpha team and Bravo team always had a little rivalry, but it's... they don't think I'm a psycho or anything. Just that I freaked out, and got the team killed," she says.

"You know. They died saving me, instead of trying to save the team? And I don't... know how true that is or not. Dewey should have lived," she says, pursing her lips further.

But the last thing Albert says draws her eyes up towards the man with sunglasses at night. "So you think all of this comes from Umbrella?" she asks. "Are you sure? I mean..." a pause. "...maybe I haven't heard the rumors, but I did hear that they had some security guys that ended up dying. There's some vicious things in the mountains now, and I have no idea where they come from."
Albert Wesker Wesker shrugs briefly. A fair part of what he says is simply paraphrased conjecture from Jill, on the return flight. "I'll tell you the truth, Chambers. I wish I knew exactly what happened out there, and who to go after for it." This is appended with a shake of his head, and some notable frustration. "I'd be an idiot not to be looking at that facility, though. At this somehow being Umbrella's mess." The logo on so much of the PD's equipment is Umbrella. Wesker removes and lays down his shades, flipping the department-issue specs around to show just that iconic emblem. "Blaming you is just grieving people lashing out; looking for an easy answer. It will pass." Assuming the autopsy clears her, anyway.

"Here's what you may not know: the Chief himself tried to stop us from going out to look for Bravo." the Captain intimates what the team's frustratingly familiar with, already. "Gave us a line about Redfield filing paperwork for extended field training. Out of radio contact." Tried to make sure they all died out there. Sloppy of him, in the end.

"We put all of.. this down on a report, shine a light on it, if certain officers decide to rant about it all over the department..." there's the faintest smirk, allowing a moment of dark humor despite the weight of it. He pauses a moment without saying it; letting the implications set in. How entrenched their possible foe is in the department, in the city; how vast their reach.
Rebecca Chambers It likely would. It would be confusing, but Dewey's wounds should be unsurvivable a thousand times over, before she stuck the knife in his 'dead body'. It was still weird, whether the hysteria of a rookie stabbing a body, or a mercy kill - not many outcomes painted Rebecca in a good light.

"If you think Umbrella is behind it... then Umbrella must be," says Rebecca. "Or... I dunno," says Rebecca. She bites her lower lip, and kinda glances over her shoulder towards the door. She wasn't going to go too strongly against her commander, especially now. "I remember Chief Irons saying something like that. It was supposed to be training, blizzard training - but things went down."

A handful of moments, though, and the implications do settle in. Rebecca shifts in her chair, glancing up towards Wesker's face. "...what do you think we should do, commander?" she asks.
Albert Wesker "If not them, someone with reach and influence." Wesker doesn't disagree on any particular point. "I haven't decided what to do about the Chief yet. And it would help to be sure." The complexities of her other question is weighed by the S.T.A.R.S. commander for several moments, fingers flexed tip to tip against their opposite number as he considers it. "I think we need to get everyone we can on the same page, and fast. Circle the wagons. The training op went bad, animal attacks in blizzard conditions overwhelmed your scattered team post-crash."

"Dewey..." the loss of the team shows on Wesker's face for a beat, and he sighs slowly before continuing, "While succumbing to his wounds, he went rabid; we're not sure what happened, but the research at the hospital might tell us more. Or maybe we find more evidence on his corpse, maybe not..." Either way, their asses are covered. Half. "Then we keep a real close eye out for any threat all this craziness poses in Raccoon City." Even the smallest outbreak in a high density civilian center is very different from a pile-up in the mountain pass. "And for any vendetta they might have for S.T.A.R.S. and what we suspect. We do our damn jobs."
Rebecca Chambers Standing up straight at what Wesker says, Rebecca brings up a hand to give the commander a salute. "I think... I think I can say that," says Rebecca. Did she already kinda confide in Barry? She couldn't quite remember. But she imagined Wesker thought of that sort of thing. Pausing, and spreading her stance, the loss showing on Wesker's face mirrored on Rebecca's own.

"Yes, sir!" she ends up saying at the last thing he says.

"I can do that, at least, or try - um... permission to avoid the week of leave that the doctor is recommending I take?" she asks.
Albert Wesker "Be careful who you trust, but S.T.A.R.S. is in this together. I'll speak with the others." Wesker fires back the salute crisply with one of his own. "We just need to be smart about this." As smart as being involved at -all- is to beging with, at least. "Consider permission not only granted, but yourself suspended with pay while this investigation plays out." Keeps up the appearances. "You'll be on enforced leave until you're cleared of wrongdoing in the loss of Bravo Team. I'll need your badge, but Chambers..."

She's forestalled before the second half of the traditional 'turn in your badge and gun' mantra. "I fear I've been sloppy filing your sidearm, just kept it locked right here in my desk." Beat. "Keep it close." The words are offered low, with importance; and no small level of trust. After all... "Rebecca-- keep your head, pick your shots. Fuck this up and it's -my- ass."