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Isabel Late evening, Raccoon City: The dead walk, the living hide, and time slowly ticks by for the stricken city. Here on Elma Street, the masses of zombies have thinned a bit on the front, but that doesn't mean there aren't more in the alleys between apartment houses and buildings.
Isabel's been to this building before. A stop by the manager's office (through a door that had been left hanging open) after her last visit secured a key for the last apartment she'd been in. She has other keys as well, but it was a messy office. She only knows which one opens that one apartment.
Still, it's a start. With that key in her hand and her Python in the other, she's just easing up to the front door. Last time it was unlocked. Hopefully...
Turns out it is! She slips quickly inside and shuts it quietly behind her. Now it's just a matter of putting in the time to search the entire place.
Laura As the city grew darker, Laura had also left her hideout. While it was easier to see threats in the day, it was also easier to be seen, and she certainly preferred not to be seen if at all possible. The apartment building from earlier seemed like a good start, while the streets outside were crowded, the apartment building itself seemed more dead than undead. Of course, she might've still had possibly a newfound.. friend? in the building depending on how long they camped out there. Atleast possibly someone who was friendly, and hopefully not infected overnight.

She scopes out the back alley first, noting a fire escape leading to the back of the building. A good thing to note down, if she intended to explore the upper floors. She slips in through the service entrance, seeming free of zombies that the front of the building was swarming with. There might've even been more than previously... She hopes not to have to make a hasty exit. Regardless, she pulls out her weapon, slowly making it in again. It didn't take long to bump into a familiar face. "Hey, Isabel.", she says out in a soft voice, as if wary that the girl wasn't infected or not. Foolishly or not, she did lower her gun as well, trying not to give a similar fright. "You're still looking about here?"
Isabel Hearing that familiar voice, Isabel stiffens, but relaxes quickly, glancing over her shoulder. "Laura! Oh, thank goodness... I was worried for a sec somebody else'd found this place," she says, visibly relieved. She makes sure her own weapon is pointed at the ground, giving the taller woman a smile. "I came back to check out the rest of the building. We didn't exactly clean the place out last time. Want to team up again?"
Laura Hearing a reply, Laura pushed her pistol away behind her back, flashing a happy smile that the girl still was alive and well. "Seems to be just more of those things shambling about... Maybe someone's been around to lure them to the area.", she shrugs. "Maybe gotten caught...", she wonders in a soft voice, not really wanting to risk the chance of meeting someone less friendly. She shakes her head as if to discard those thoughts, returning to a smile. "Sure, that sounds like a plan. Need to jump at the shadows less that way.", she let off a chuckle.
Isabel "I don't know, but I don't like thinking about it," Isabel admits, shuddering in sympathy for whoever that poor person might be (or might've been, more likely). "I have a bad feeling that uninfected people are getting to be an endangered species in this town."
But the positive response to her suggestion draws a smile. "Much less. And four hands are better than two. I've got keys now, so it should be a shorter search... unless I have the wrong keys, or something. That manager's a slob. But it should be a little shorter anyway, since I don't have to look for pants," she recalls with a faint blush and a grin.
Laura Laura Herron laughs softly, if not a touch too loud, and nods. "Yeah, running about with your butt out certainly makes things harder.", she grins. It seemed that the extra noise didn't attract any additional attention yet. "Or cooler.", she smiles, looking about the halls and corridors. "Did you look through the ground floor, or should we make it upstairs?", she asks, "Keys also sound good.. Atleast quicker than me fumbling with the locks.", she chuckles.
Isabel "Especially if you're trying to sneak around and wearing white underwear," Isabel agrees, stifling giggles. Mostly. She's trying to be quiet, really! "I was more careful about that this time."
She nods towards the stairs. "Let's go upstairs first. I was thinking we could use the best apartment on each floor as a cache for stuff we find."
Laura "Mmh, should atleast be black in the dark.", Laura sticks her tongue out briefly, before starting to head towards the stairs. "Probably should start with apartments facing the back-- the fire escape there should be a quick way out if something goes wrong.", she adds as she takes the first steps upstairs. Those were cautious, nervous steps, but it was assuring that their earier laughter hadn't lured out anything. If there was something hiding in the building, they probably were in the apartments themselves.
Isabel "Makes me wish I had more black clothes," Isabel admits, falling in with Laura and watching their collective back. She's getting better at this wariness thing. "But black underwear I have," she adds, pulling open her belt and the buttons of her jeans to show her new friend that she's learned her lesson...
And blinks, nearly losing her grip on her jeans in her surprise at what's beneath: Bright pink! "Now if only I could remember to wear it..." she murmurs, blushing brilliantly. How embarrassing!
Laura Laura Herron laughs heartily, shaking her head. That certainly didn't fill any qualifications of being quiet anymore, and she pulls in a deep breath. "Those really are the opposite, a real 'come get me' color.", she winked, making light of the other girl's embarassment. She takes a few more steps upwards, her hand slipping to her back, grabbing the handle of the pistol. Just in case if she heard anything reacting to the nose. It seemed quiet atleast, "Not sure if those things care much for pink like the ones still alive, tho.", she said, glancing back again with a warm smile.
Isabel Isabel manages a faint smile at Laura's teasing, though the blush doesn't go away. "Somehow I don't think the dead much care what color your panties are," she replies, sliding the Python back into its holster so she can get herself back together. She's fastening her jeans as they come up to the first door. "Not that I'm inclined to test the theory..."
She fishes the key ring out of her pocket, fastening the last button and stepping up to the door. She presses her ear to it, frowning. "I don't hear anything... maybe it's empty."
There's only one way to find out. She slips the key into the lock with surprising silence, unlocking doorknob and deadbolt, and slowly opens the door...
Laura "No the science type, then?", Laura smiled warmly, "Admittedly, neither am I. The less I have to do with those things, the better.", she added. Approaching that door, she turns her back to the girl feeling about the key ring and the lock seeing nothing but the empty corridors. Someone had been there, atleast, not all the doors were untouch. A neighbour who knew who were the most likely to had stuff worth having? She pulls out her pistol, pointing it towards the opening door as she hears the click, ready to shoot anything less untowards that may or may not have been inside.
Isabel Isabel peeks inside... darkness. She feels about inside, finally finding a light switch, and the room within is bathed in comfortable electric radiance.
Looks like no one's home, which isn't surprising with the shape the city's in. The living room of this apartment looks rather lived in, not quite messy but definitely not neat-as-a-pin. There are a few signs of some hasty packing, but none of life. "I think we're in luck again..."
Laura That certainly was reassuring. Laura stashed her pistol again, looking about the room from the hallway. One can only wonder how long that luck could last, but she certainly didn't feel like jinxing it by saying out loud. "Hope they weren't as lazy about keeping the pantry stocked as they were about cleaning.", she commented, taking a step inside the apartment. It's floorplan and style was much like the one they had already been to, a bathroom to the wall on the right, a bedroom door on the left one. The kitchen itself was most interesting, but surely other supplies would be equally welcome. "Good, good..", she commented, "Not sure they have panties in black for you here though.", she laughed. Atleast the shoes racked by the doorway didn't include heels or the type.
Isabel "We'll soon find out. At least the power's still on," Isabel replies, easing inside after Laura, carefully shutting the door behind them. No sign of any undead in this building so far, but that's no reason to be careless.
The joke draws more giggles from the younger woman. "Maybe for you?" she suggests. "Couldn't hurt to look!"
The faint hum from the kitchen says the refrigerator's still running. The counters show signs of a hasty packing, but half a box of granola bars stands open on the counter, suggesting that someone was traveling light even if they decided to take snacks.
Laura The purring fridge certainly was a nice sight, and one to attract Laura to it. She crouched down, and opened the freezer compartment. "Wouldn't you like to see me try 'em on, huh?", she quips, laughing, atleast her younger counterpart seemed to flash hers. Looking through the freezer had something to lift her sprits even further. A doggone ice cream bar! A bunch of them, at that. Something not to haul for long distances, but.. She rips one open, slipping one on the kitchen island before closing the freeze. "Check out what I found.", she smiled happily. It was just vanilla sandwhiched between a pair of large cookies, but what could be better.
Isabel "Hey, you enjoyed watching me try on pants," Isabel teasingly reminds Laura, moving to peek into the bathroom. Which is about as unoccupied as the rest of the place has been so far. This medicine cabinet is shut, though that doesn't mean much. "Bathroom's okay."
That tone of voice Laura just used suggests good news. "Ooh!" Isabel exclaims, her face lighting up at the sight of the frozen treat. "I hope there are more!" She hurries into the kitchen to find out, playfully hipbumping Laura along the way. She has one of her own in seconds, unwrapping it with eager haste. "I've /soooo/ missed these!"
Laura "Well, I can't exactly help it if you jump out of the bedroom without them.", Laura laughs out loud, smiling at her companions face as she saw the loot. Well, atleast the frozen ones, chuckling at the hip bump. She lifts herself to sit up on the kitchen counter, finishing unwrapping the one she snagged. She casually litters the kitchen with the wrapper, her teeth sinking into the ice cream bar itself. That was good-- Her eyes closed, the cold, sweet spreading in her mouth. One could just forget about the horrors for a moment, imagine oneself sitting on the beach. "There was a few more, yeah.. Probably not worth saving for later, less nice when all melt."
Isabel Isabel blushes at the reminder of that little indiscretion. "My bad," she admits. "But at least you were the only one who saw me."
But enough talk: There's ice cream! Isabel giggles at the look on Laura's face. "Guess you've missed them, too, huh? I won't judge." Not when she's trying to savor every bite herself. These might be the last ice cream sandwiches in Raccoon City, after all. She leans on the island and takes another bite.
Laura Laura chuckles, "The chance to enjoy life for a moment atleast, yeah..", she smiles, taking a bite of the frozen treat. "But they do taste wonderful, too.", she smiles, giving a quick nod to confirm.

She stuck out her tongue again for a flash, "Guess that's a compliment.. Or something, if it's /just/ me seeing them.", she laughed, soon finishing that ice cream. Maybe she should look and loot around, and then have another. She slips slowly off the counter, walking towards the bedroom. "So whatcha do in the city, before all this?", she asked before her form disappeared behind the corner. She took that corner carefree, which luckily enough didn't bite her in the ass, literally or figuratively.
Isabel The bedroom definitely shows signs of hasty packing: Clothing strewn on the bed, on hangers and not, loose hangers, a bag that was apparently not packed for some reason. The clothes suggest a married couple, probably young. At least the bed was made before they left.
"Me? Nothing too.., interesting. I was a student at RCU," Isabel replies, interrupting herself by swallowing the mouthful of ice cream and cookie she'd been talking through. "I wasn't very good at it. It's like I couldn't find what I wanted to be, or to know. I think the only thing I was good at was reading." She takes the final bite of ice cream and wads up the wrapper she'd been protecting her hands with, plopping it into the kitchen garbage can. Neat, isn't she? "See anything cool?"
Laura Pictures on the walls, nothing too interesting in the drawers... A dress one might wear to a fancy party. Roughly Laura's size, but as nice it was, served no purpose. "Nah, nothing useful.", she replied, taking a glance out the window. Ignoring the wrecked cars and trash, from above things might've seen normal, people walking about slowly. She didn't quite like the fact that they seemed to be overall be moving towards this block, but there seemed to be time...

"Read anything useful? Trapmaking and rainwater collection?", she chuckles, returning from the bedroom. "And don't feel bad-- I didn't much care for schooling myself.", not that it turned out very good for her ultimately.
Isabel "Not even black underwear?" Isabel has to ask teasingly, unable to keep in the giggles. She peeks into the room. "But no, nothing like that. Mostly just general studies, to get them out of the way and see if anything seemed interesting. Nothing much did. What about you, Laura? What did you do before this?"
Laura Laura snorts softly, "I guess the wife here had some from the looks of it, but there'll have to be lot less of those things around for me to try 'em on.", she grins, returning the tease with another. She heads for the living room before coming to a stop. "Ah.. I'd been working the Umbrella offices a few months after moving in.", she says, "Just the boring office kind of stuff. Accounting. Nothing too exciting", she comments, glancing towards the living room, as unlikely as it was to have anything too useful.
Isabel "Worried some of the shamblers might turn out to be real live ones?" Isabel ripostes playfully, glancing into the bedroom before shutting the door. She frowns thoughtfully as Laura speaks of her past. "You're awfully quiet for an accountant... play a lot of hide-and-seek as a kid?" she asks, her tone suggesting curiosity rather that suspicion. Poor trusting soul.
Laura "Rather not get caught with my pants down by 'em. Like, especially literally.", Laura winked, laughing. Boring bookshelves, boring couches. A nice big flat screen television, someone had clear priorities. "Lived in this small town as kid. Abandoned factories, farms and stuff, what else there's to do than explore? Plus, townsfolk didn't really like it, used to come by when we were gone longer, looking.", she chuckles, leaving the bedroom behind her.
Isabel "Even I haven't managed that yet," Isabel says, shaking her head and chuckling. Apparently, having your pants torn half away doesn't count. "It sounds a lot like Mumford, actually. Not much to do, but some places to see."