Umbrella Surveillance System
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Benny Scavenging, is not easy and it isn't fun but for some odd reason it is very satisfying when you had low expectations and then find a can of beans. It is like you freaking won the lottery! Benny, was quite content living in a society where he could go to HOT! HOT! HOT! grab a matcha green tea latte with soy milk, have a peach scone and sit there with his lap top, surfing the web or playing Fantasy RPG video games. He did not envision, having to sneak around in the early afternoon in desserted streets, with busted cars and several zombies wandering around trying to find him to eat his brains. To make matters worse, he really craves bubble tea and his favorite place is gone forever, poor Mr Lai is either zombie or just dead, gone to the giant fluffy Pearls in the sky. Damn you fucking Umbrella for causing this!

Benny is dressed in his full S.T.A.R.S. body armor with gear, he's holding an MP7 and creeping along the side of a bunch of parked cars towards Mr Lee's Bubble Tea Palace. Looters probably haven't gotten the appreciation of the how much good stuff could be in a Bubble Tea place, so it could be a gold mine or he could be walking into a death trap of super pissed undead customers who never got their fix.
Trixie "Fan out. Keep in sight of one another, just in case."

Sergeant Trixie Mackenzie, who has now held the rank for just over twenty-four hours, guides her foraging party along the once-busy street, scouting for possible salvage and much less welcome infected and/or zombies looking for a quick bite. With the disaster at the evacuation point so recent in everyone's mind, a real damper has been put on Guard spirits lately, especially with the amount of extra work on everyone's heads due to the losses. In spite of all this, Trixie welcomes the chance to get out into the city again after days of walking perimeter, followed by adjusting to her new role in the defense of the church encampment.

As the squad splits off in four different directions to look over the shops, one of them spots Benny creeping toward Mr. Lee's. "Contact, next to Mr. Lee's! Possible looter!" he calls, then stands and aims his rifle at the S.T.A.R.S. officer. "LET'S SEE THOSE HANDS, ASSHOLE!!!"
Benny Benny blinks, "Oh shit..." he mutters to himself and did not expect this to happen. He's dealt with zombies, crazy cultists, back stabbing survivors and starvation due to lack of any good Chinese restaurants being open but not getting caught so close to getting his BUBBLE TEA!

Benny, glances around noticing that he's out numbered and out gunned by a team he has no clue what their allegiance is. He's trapped...again and this time he didn't even have Admiral Akbar's voice in his head to warn him. So he slowly lowers his MP7 which is secured over his shoulder by a cross strap then raises his hands above his head and slowly stands up. "Don't shoot! I'm officer Benny Wong of RPD S.T.A.R.S. unit team Charlie. I'm not a looter."
Trixie "RPD's history! Don't make any sudden moves unless you want to join 'em!" retorts the soldier, not backing down an inch. This man can /project/!

"Geez, Stetson, let the whole town know we're here why don't ya?" Trixie murmurs, moving cautiously to back up the (over)zealous Specialist aiming his rifle at Benny. "Step out where I can see you, sir," she directs, calmly, holding her Samurai Edge ready, though not aimed at the contact yet. As she gets closer, she notices the distinctive armor, identical to her own except for the lack of slightly frayed old cammos beneath. And then she sees his face...

"Ohmigawd, Benny... is that really /you/?" she calls, her tone equal parts joy and forlorn hope.
Benny "What? RPD is history....what the hell is that supposed to mean? Just because I can't contact anyone over at dispatch doesn't mean..." Benny wants to turn around to face the projected voice soldier but doesn't dare move a muscle, in case they have really itchy trigger fingers.

"Uhh...Trixie? Is that you? Thank god your alive! I..." He is about to turn around, but the first soldier said don't move or else he get shot. "Trixie...I'm not moving until you PLEASE tell your team to lower their weapons trained on me." He doesn't want to even turn around to face his old team mate in case they mistake his movement for aggression. "Yes, it's me...I still didn't throw up in your Tahoe despite your driving."
Trixie "At ease! This one's a friendly!" Trixie shouts to her team, making a 'lower your weapons' gesture with both arms. And then she hurries over to hug Benny tightly. "It's definitely you... Benny, I thought you were /dead/!" she murmurs into his chest.

Specialist Stetson lowers his rifle, shaking his head. "Daaayum... why can't she ever hug /me/ like that?" he asks.

Specialist McGee, walking over from across the street, cuffs Stetson on the back of his helmet, just hard enough to rock his head forward. "Take a guess, knucklehead," he retorts.
Benny Benny blushes as he gets hugged by Trixie, the somewhat shy Asian was never comfortable with public displays of affection but he is so happy to see a familiar face, a team mate that is a link to his past before the city went to hell in a handbasket, than he can't help but give her a big ol hug back despite his normal reservations. "Ummppphh...Nope, not dead but had a few close calls. I knew that it would take more than a zombie apocalypse to take you down so that thought never crossed my mind. It is great to see you Trixie." His cheeks are still flushed super red and he starts tearing up a bit in fact. Damn you pent up introverted emotions!

It takes a few moments, maybe almost a minute before Benny can speak again. "So is, is everyone else okay...I mean the rest of S.T.A.R.S?" He doesn't really notice the other National Guardsman, staring at them like they never seen a guy and a girl hug one another, who were team mates before zombies took over the city.
Trixie "Dunno why you say /that/... I only barely got out of police headquarters ahead of a mob. Rumormill says it's a ghost town now," Trixie says softly, gently drawing back to arms' length. "I don't know how many other S.T.A.R.S. are still alive right now. It's just been one nightmare after another since then. You can't know how /good/ it is to see a living, breathing teammate!" Realizing what she's just said, she blushed and giggles sheepishly, hugging him again. "Silly me... of course you do! I bet you feel just like me!"

Just then she notices the beginnings of tears in his eyes. "Oh, Benny, are you crying?" She hugs him even tighter. "You're not supposed to cry... that's /my/ job! The whole world really is upside-down!"
Benny " haven't had a chance to go back to HQ. Shit...I should've been there...I was on patrol, helping civillians escape and then the car ran out of gas. I got seperated from Rebecca, I looked for her but couldn't find her. Gawd, I hope she's okay...she's too damn smart, so I know she's fine. I fell in with this group of civillian survivors. They needed my help, so I fortified their building, went on scavenging missions to get supplies but I had no vehicle and the zombies they are everywhere." Benny blurts out, wiping at his face with his hand pretending his forehead is itchy or something.

Benny's face is like a ripe tomato as you hug him one more time, but he still hugs you back, not his usual pat pat hugs then runs away, "Yeah, I'm super glad to see you and...and...your uniform. Uh, you got drafted by the military or something now?" He blinkblinks, hoping that the tears look like sweat or something. "Don't be silly, this is probably the happiest I've been since this FUBAR. But yeah, I...kinda know a few things about how this started..." he looks at the men who are around and whispers into your ear. "Fucking umbrella corporation."
Trixie "Be glad you weren't... we didn't have a chance. There were seven or eight of us and maybe a hundred civilians against us. Only thing we could do was get the hell out, and even then they were trying to kill us on sight. And I've been Guard since before I joined the RPD. I just didn't much advertise it, that's all," Trixie explains softly, gently drawing back to arms' length once more, the explanation ringing in her ears. She only nods slowly, then looks back to her people. "Go ahead and fan out, same protocol as before. See what you can find. Just watch out for zombies. Remember to shoot for the head and keep back from them."

Only once the three Specialists have fanned out does she reply to his comment, keeping her voice low. "I knew this virus was a weapon, somehow, but I didn't know it was /Umbrella/ behind it... no wonder nothing but uPhones work. I've heard that the Guard and some SEALs tried to evacuate healthy civilians, but it went bad quick. I don't know how many actually got out."
Benny Benny watches as the Trixie orders the three military guys to be on their way, continue patroling. You can see that he has a guilty expression on his face, mixed with the blushy cheeks as he listens to Trixie's explaination of what happened at RPD. "That could people do that. We protect could they attack us like that?" He shakes his head in disbelief and grinds his teeth at the thought the people could turn on them so quickly during a crisis. He sighs, "Well thankfully there are lots of other people who still respect us and they need us as much as we need them if we have any chance of escaping. How badly locked down is the city? Is the government going to send more help with evacatuations?"

Benny blinks and then looks at your uniform one more time after the hugging is finished, "Oh...learn something new everyday. So you are a sergeant in the National Guard, eh? Cool. Oh wait, I think I met this other guy at the hospital, Doctor Richard uh...something. He said he was a Major in the National Guard. You know him?"

Benny's jaw kinda drops when you tell him about the National Guard and the Seals tried an Evacuation. "Holy shit! Are you they already tried to evacuate and it possibly failed? I guess if Umbrella is behind this, then they don't want an evactuation to succeed...but that doesn't make any sense, did this happen as an accident or is there some sort of master plan?"
Trixie "I just don't know... no communications and no 'net means information doesn't get around like it should. I wasn't there, so I'm kind of lost as to what happened. What I /do/ know is hearsay from witnesses," Trixie explains dispiritedly. "And Major Stadler is who you mean... he promoted me to Sergeant just over twenty-four hours ago. That's how bad our losses are. I think he's the highest-up we have left right now. I feel for him, trying to manage this mess. It's amazing any of us are still alive and organized, since the Guard got the same mushroom-stonewall treatment as the RPD and the citizenry."
Benny Benny nods, looking up to the sky and trying to think. "Okay, well the important thing right now is that we all get out of Raccoon City alive. Sounds like you've got a good set up where you are and now that you mention it, I was hoping to communicate with you via uPhone but if it is controlled by Umbrella, then it isn't secure." He takes out his uPhone and scrolls through his contacts, seeing that you are already in his address book. "But I guess we can figure out some sort of code words for now. It might be better if we stay separate as crazy at that sounds. Find out as much as you can about things in your camp, be careful around Richard...I think he may know more than he's letting on if what I remember about his conversation with me at the hospital is correct." He puts his hands on your shoulders, squeezing them gently and looks at you with admiration. "I don't think he's a bad guy he wanted to find his family and get out of Raccoon City but I guess he got trapped here like the rest of us. If you can find some pieces of info and I can from my group then we can help solve this mystery. I want to find out who is responsible for this and make this right. Oh and don't worry, I'm with some good people. But I'll be in contact soon and we can talk more..."
Trixie "Okay. It'll have to be face-to-face, since I don't have a uPhone," Trixie says. "Beginning to think I need to change that somehow. Communications are too important to lose again. But if I learn anything, I'll be sure to get it to you as soon as I can."

"Sarge! Got something over here!" calls Specialist Cannell from across the street.

"I'm sorry Benny, but I've got to go. I want to help however I can, but the Guard is keeping me pretty tied down right now. Take care, and don't get yourself killed. If you need a place to rest and recover, the church down the street is where I'm headquartered." She turns and jogs across the deserted street.
Benny "Thanks Trixie, don't worry we will figure something out." Benny replies and the nods when you get called over by your team member. "Go, I understand. Be safe."

Benny does his best Han Solo grin,when you tell him not to get himself killed. "Hey, it's me...remember?" He waves as you jog across the street, "Church got it and be safe. I'll always have your back." He touches the S.T.A.R.S. patch on his body armor and then heads off towards Mr. Lee's Bubble Tea Paradise. "I have a bad feeling about this...but I need myself some of that sweet taro milk with pearls." Yup, shit just got real interesting and the day is looking up because he's found an old friend.