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Leon Kennedy It's been a long day in Raccoon City. After the unfortunate events with the convoy, Leon had managed to find Ashley again, rescue her from MIKE the zombie postal worker, and bring her to the National Guard base at the church. It's a good thing he misremembered where the gen pop evacuations were supposed to be, because all reports indicate that things did not go well for that. Not at all.

Night had fallen shortly after their arrival, and somewhere in there Claire had decided to show up as well, while Leon and Ashley were enjoying a brief nap after the day's events. Military cots are not that comfortable, though, and Leon is on the antsy side, so he's left his charge for now in order to take a stroll around the churchyard inside the walls of the compound. He's wearing jeans and a v-neck tee, green, with the bulletproof vest foregone for now. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, the young man appears to just be walking around looking at things.
Claire Redfield Claire never found the shower she was looking for and had to settle for a rag drenched in water from a bottle and a little hand sanitizer, but when desperate one must do what they have to. The benefits of being little miss prepper is that she has several changes of clothes in that dufflebag and comes strolling out of the church with a thin grey hoodie pulled up over her hair.

Beneath her pistols are in shoulder holsters and she's mostly clean, even if she smells like alcohol. "Leon." Heading towards him with a stiffled yawn. "How's the charge?"
Leon Kennedy Leon glances over at Claire as she approaches with that alcohol stench. Either she's been drinking or... it has that slightly medicinal quality to it, though, and she doesn't look drunk. "Claire," he replies in kind, picking a piece of sand out of his eye and flicking it away. "She's... surprisingly tough, so far. When I got the call from that agent lady, I thought I'd be dragging some prissy namby-pamby prep school brat across five acres of scorched earth, but... no." A shake of his head, a downward turn of his lips before relaxing back to the status quo. "What about you? You find the rest of your college crew yet?"
Claire Redfield "Just out of the blue, hey rookie police officer Kennedy who hasn't even arrested anybody yet, we have a mission for you to escort the president's daughter out of a potentially volitile situation in raccoon city?" Claire, always the observant one, "Unless you served a tour of duty in Iraq, are secretly an agent of the united states government, or changed your name from Tony ''fucking'' Stark, I get the feeling someone A. Stole your phone and gave you theirs or B. The president doesn't give a shit about his daughter."

That probably sounds like an insult to Leon, "Because who sends a rookie with no previous experience after their ''daughter''? Someone who could, literally, send Navy SEALS like expendable toy soldiers to die and orders entire national guard convoys to escort?" She shakes her head, "I'm calling bullshit."

She shrugs, "They're still at the campus. I'm going back once Yoko shows up, radios in, or first light... whichever comes first."
Leon Kennedy "They did send Navy SEALs." Leon retorts. "They're all dead." His lips purse into a thin line, staring across at the young woman with her stoner beanie and superiority complex. His eyes narrow slightly, and his mouth starts to press tighter together until it drops open like he's about to say something else, but then he snaps it shut and glances away. "I hope you make it back there, then," is all he says, turning to keep walking, his shoulders visibly tense under his fitted clothing.
Claire Redfield "You're telling me you don't find that the least bit strange, Leon?" Claire doesn't go chasing after him because she didn't mean it as the insult it probably sounded like and she's totally earned her superiority complex by being opinionated and difficult to approach. "We picked your number out of a phonebook, Officer... can you save my daughter?"

Claire leans against the outer wall surrounding the courtyard, "Yeah, I was there." When the SEALS died. "You know what have been awesome? If they'd sent a SEALS to find my brother. Or just anybody... if they sent anybody to find my brother." Looking down at the ground, "Whatever, he was just a Major in the airforce, a decorated STARS officer, and a badass... What good would someone like that be in a situation like this, right?"
Leon Kennedy There's a catch in Leon's step when she keeps going, and his stride stops, turning back to face her again. He slips his hands down into his jeans pockets, just as deep as his fingers go. A short, shallow sigh escapes him, and he shakes his head a little, pulling one hand out to brush his bangs back out of his face and shoving it back. "...I'm sorry no one's found your brother. He sounds like a really great guy and anyone would be lucky to have him around right about now." He lets that rest for a moment before he moves onto her original accusation, sensing that there's some frustration here she might be projecting onto him. "And I do find it a little strange, yes, but I had a traceable phone in my glovebox when I was out driving around in my squad car, and the agent said I was the only one around."