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Benny Mondays, the dreaded day of the week and to make matters worse this is a Monday in Raccoon City. A city that just went to hell in a handbasket in less than 72 hours, things went from bad to deep shit fast! Benny, Emma and James had gone on a scavenging run not too long ago while Markus and Archene were probably out galivanting around on their own scavenging mission.

Suddenly, there is fast knock on the door! Bang, bbang! Then, some muttered swearing and another quick round of banging. Shaemus, runs up to the door from the inside, barking and running in circles. His paws are scratching at the door.
Silent Night Quickly, Archene runs towards the door, he had just recently been in the kitchen eating his daily rations after a rather ammo-expensive mission. He quickly unlocks the door, taking a look at the person that may just be outside. The pistol on his waist ready just in case there were unexpected things outside.
Markus Berger Markus himself was sitting in the room near the door, sorting through some ammo and supplies he just recovered not too long ago as the knocking banging on the door starts. At least he doesn't need to take care of it himself as Archene immideately does and instead just grabs his nearby Desert Eagle and looks in the direction of the door.
Benny When Archene opens the door, he finds Benny standing there but he looks like he's gone through hell and back. He's covered in blood, pieces of rotted flesh are stuck to his body armor, there is a gash on the side of his head, blood is clotting though but there is still dried blood caking one side of his face and his skin colour is a bit pale, like he's seen a ghost or going through shock. He's carrying his MP7 in one hand, glancing back cautiously and he's alone. No Emma or James. At least his backpack looks full, that is the only bit of good news. When he hears the locks undoing and the door opens a crack, he blurts out. "Archene...Emma...James...shit...they're gone...we encountered some fucked up sunglasses cult, then there were these other survivors...they kidnapped Emma! Then a zombie hoard attacked and James...fuck...I tried to get him to escape with me, but he fell...the zombies...they swarmed him...I couldn't save them....I fucked up..." He stumbles into the door if Archene lets him, he can barely stand, he stinks of sweat, zombie guts and unpleasantness times hundred. Shaemus, stops barking when he see's Benny, but when he sniffs at him, the dog, huffs, shakes its head and sneezes. But looks up at Benny then glances around, looking for Emma and lets out a concerned whoof and whining.
Silent Night Archene takes a hand off his pistol, leaving it peacefully in his holster while attempting to keept James standing with his other arm. With a foot, he kicks the door closed, before he spends any moment to breath. "Benny, let's get to the kitchen. Sit down, and get some water... You will have to explain this all to me more clearly." He attempts to help Benny move to the kitchen, where he can sit, have some water and hopefully calm his nerves.
Markus Berger "Shit... get in here!" With that said Markus abruptly gets up and tries to nudge Benny inside as he closes the door. "Kitchen. Sit down. Drink. Tell details. In that order." After all, incomprehensible babbling isn't going to do anyone any favors.
Benny Benny is in a bit of a daze, he nods at both Archene and Markus as they direct him to the kitchen and he slumps into the chair, still wearing his backpack so his butt is on the end of the chair. He wipes at his face, smearing the drying blood even more and shakes his head, looking at the ground. When Markus offers the water, he takes the cup gingerly and manages a few sips then sets it down on the table. He takes a deep breath, lost in thought for a few moments and closes his eyes. Shaemus starts licking at his hand, even though it is caked in blood but quickly runs over to his water dish afterwards.

After a few more moments, Benny opens his eyes, looks to both Archene and Markus. "We were on a scavenging run, things were going well. Found a bunch of canned food, some twinkies and cereal bars." He pats his backpack, "Then we saw a group of weird cultists, they were wearing sunglasses and the leader was spouting off about joining them for enlightenment, humans and zombies both." He pauses and takes another sip of water. "James puked, one came over to investigate but I threw a rock to distract them. Then about half a dozen other survivors, one a pregnant lady comes out of a building but the cultists stopped them. There was a bunch of zombies converging, probably because that idiot cult leader is yelling and we were quickly getting cut off from our escape route across the street. So I told everyone to follow me, had to fight through a few zombies but I didn't want the other survivors to get captured by the cult so I yelled out to them after I killed a zombie to distract them. Then Emma gets caught, James went to rescue her but the survivors grabbed Emma, saying that they needed her because she's a doctor. The zombies were closing in, I got trapped...god damn Admiral Akbar...I tried getting to her, but they were dragging her away. Then there was gunfire, I managed to get to James, he was bashing heads in with that bat of his but we got surrounded. I killed a bunch of zombies, saw an opening. Tried to get James to follow me, but he fell, I couldn't save him...the zombies jumped on him. I barely managed to escape myself. Emma...we can still save her! We have to go now...while there is still time." He tries to stand up, but his legs don't want to listen.
Silent Night Archene quietly listens to Benny as he picks up a bottle of water and gives it to him. He rubs his forehead as he listens to the details on the story, "Benny, you aren't going anywhere. You should know well that you are way out of yourself, and would at most, become a casuality." He takes his own half-empty water bottle and drinks it, "And just how far was that location, how many were there in their group, where are they now. Even if they wanted her dead, going there without knowing that is in the least, an stupid attempt at heroics." He pauses for a moment and sighs, "And they want her to be their doctor, they probably have wounded, and given how Emma is, we might end up in a situation where we have to convince her to leave wounded people behind. Or to deal with a group of possible maniacs to even attempt to get her back. In either case, we will need to know where they are, how many they are and how well armed they are so we can make proper plans so Emma doesn't die in an attempt to rescue her." He sighs quietly.
Markus Berger "I got to agree with Arch here. In all accounts. As much as I hate it." And he really does hate it, since the situation is allready a complete mess and is just getting worse by the minute now. Not to mention that he doesn't even have his gasmask on to hide his 'I want to kill something' scowl. "Without a plan nothing is going to work, aside from us ending up as swiss cheese or zombie fodder."
Benny "But...but...Emma...and we should see if James's body...wait didn't someone say he died once before and came back? I can show you where we were...scout the area..." Benny blurts out, but then realizes he's being rude and carefully listens to both what Archene and Markus are saying. He sighs, nodding and looks a bit dejected. "Your...your both right. We need a plan...I'm no use to anyone dead. But I still think we should go back to that area, after I rest up a bit and I can show you where this all happened. As for numbers...I think there was about five or six people in that group that kidnapped Emma. The cult...well, there were about eight or ten I think." His throat is parched and his voice cracks, so he takes another sip of water. "I really need a shower...damn I stink." He makes a face, the stench of the gore on his body armor finally registering in his shell shocked brain, which has calmed down quite a bit since he sat down. He slowly stands up, removes his backpack setting it down on the floor since he doesn't want to dirty the table. "Thanks for talking sense into me...and I'll be back in a bit."
Silent Night Archene lets out a sigh in relief as Benny seems to calm down enough to even go get a shower for himself. "No problem, Benny," Archene says as he leaves before he taking a look at Markus, "You seem to know better about what James' has than me, given that he can come back to life, still human enough. What are his chances of surviving a some zombies?" He takes another granola bar from a box and begins to eat it.
Markus Berger Markus glances between the two for a few long moments before shrugging. "Just as shitty as the survival chances of everyone else. Doubt his body is just going to patch itself back up like the first time he died. Otherwise we wouldn't had have to patch him up twice so far."
Benny About 20 minutes later, Benny walks back into the kitchen looking much more respectable, well at least he doesn't smell wearing clean clothes - a pair of jeans, a turtle neck sweater and sneakers. His hair is still a bit wet and flops down to the side, since he didn't bother to style it. He cheeks have a bit more color to them, the shock having worn off now since he showered and was spoken some sense too by his comrades. He has a somewhat serious expression though but there very visible are bags under his bloodshot eyes. It looks like he hasn't slept very well at all since coming here. He's been working hard at fortifying the base, doing all sorts of construction type work and even starting to work on the outside a bit with fencing. "So, how soon can we go back out again?" He also has a map in his hands, he unfolds it laying it on the kitchen table, making room if there are things in the way. He spreads the map as wide as possible with the given space then points to an area of the city, "There. That is where we were scavenging and encountered the cultists. That is where we will hopefully find James and Emma, if she's still nearby with those...kidnappers."
Silent Night "That depends, if we go out now, it may already be night before we are back." Archene has helped partially with ensuring that the fortification of the base is sound, but mostly, he has been making sure that they have their little routes to outside, not that the zombies stood still, but it wasn't uncommon to have an alley blocked by a car that crashed into it, "I see, it isn't too far from here. But we should go check how often they go out for their own base, and how often they go scavenging. It will be easier if we get them while they are leaving or getting to their base. Though we could talk with them, I do have proper weapons to make sure a negotiation between us and them can be safe depending on the location."
Markus Berger Markus himself just stares at the map for a while before he nods. "Indeed. We have far better chances once we at least know where they are and when they are at their hideout. Otherwise its just going to end up quite badly..."
Benny "Okay, sounds good and the sooner we get back out there the better." Benny replies to Archene in an eager tone almost as if he's hoping to go out rather soon to do the scouting mission. He nods to Markus, "I agree...we can scout the place out first, find out who they are and what we are up against. Then once we gather the intel, we can come up with a plan to either negotiate as Archene suggests or just plan a straight rescue. Or heck, we might as well plan both for contigency."
Markus Berger "Well, I'll let the planning up to you two. I still need to sort out the supplies I found today so I'll be in the storage room. Let me know when you need me or we head out." The truth is that Markus does not want to go mad over trying get any good ideas since he allready has enough to fret over than the possible loss of James and Emma, so he does the only good thing he can come up with. Walking away and keeping busy.