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Trixie Midmorning at the church, still occupied by the National Guard, the day after the disastrous evacuation attempt. As the would-be outpost conducts its business as usual, newly-minted Sergeant Trixie Mackenzie studies the half-dozen faces of Bravo Two platoon, all that is left of what was a full-strength platoon a week ago. Her fatigues are older than she is, and her equipment isn't standard issue. But those brand-new Sergeant's stripes on her stiff and slightly frayed collar say all the platoon needs to see or hear.

"Starting today, we're getting to know one another better," she says, pacing back and forth in front of the six-pack of Guardsmen. "Some of your files didn't make it down here, and the 'net is still dead to the world. If you're infantry, be ready for action. Until we get an order to move out, you're probably going to be on guard duty, 'cause that's where you're needed. If you're not infantry, there's way too much else to do to have any idle hands. Be prepared for work detail assignments."

She pauses and looks at all of them head-on. "If any of us are getting out of this town alive, we have to work together and play to each other's strengths. But before that, there are two ground rules to follow. First, identify your targets. Second, if it shambles and moans, shoot it in the head. Anywhere else is just wasting ammunition. I only wish we had time and ammo for marksmanship training, but we're running short of everything. So we'll work with what we have. Practice using whatever you have to stabilize your aim. Just make sure you work in a safe direction."
Claire Redfield Claire made it to the Church, but the exact events of how are a blur. After she scattered from the convoy and her companions, she made her way to the only place she knew for sure still had any form of security. Staggering out of the woods covered in sweat sometime around four in the morning, dirty from trudging through back alleys, and exausted from climbing and jumping to get away from the persuit of zombies hordes that relentlessly followed her every step.

Once she was within the safety provided by the guard post, still gasping for breath and looking back over her shoulder as if she expects something to be following her, she drops down on the front steps of the church and slaps both hands onto her forehead after smoothing back her hair with fingers combing back and pushing her beanie off onto the concrete.
Trixie "Okay... now that that's cleared up, get some rest. You'll have assignments coming up on the next watch, so get some sleep above all else. Until then, you're dismissed. See you in six hours." Trixie watches her platoon filter off to sleeping spaces, then heads for the church building herself. The sight of someone sitting on the steps is nothing she hasn't seen before, but something seems familiar about this one...

It's not until she's almost on top of her that she recognizes the young woman. "Ohmigawd, is that you, Claire?" she asks. Whatever the uniform, she still comes across as borderline clueless when Claire is around.
Claire Redfield Claire glances up at the sound of someone speaking her voice and turns to find a familiar face staring down at her, "Trixie?" Eyes flickering over the National Guard uniform, "You turned in the badge huh?" A tired grin, hand whipping back to grab her beanie and tug it back onto her head after smoothing out her hair.

"I don't suppose Leon has showed up here? Ashley? Yoko? Anybody?" She's certainly not seeing any of them... Jesus, what had that thing ''been''.
Trixie "Actually, no... I was Guard before I was RPD. Long story," Trixie explains, listing the two items out on her fingers as if she were counting. "I'd be both, if the RPD still existed in any meaningful form."

She plops down on the steps next to Claire. "And Ashley and Leon are both here right now... but nobody knows Ashley's last name." She leans a bit closer, whispering, "It's totally a secret. It'd be giggly fun if there wasn't a risk of someone trying to use her as a bargaining chip for an evac or something. Even here."
Claire Redfield That's a load off... Claire blows out a long breath and glances back over her shoulder at the doors of the church, "Good, okay, yeah good..." Smoothing her hands along her thighs leaving behind dirt trails from the grime built up on her palms. "We tried that last night... evacuation, I mean.. didn't go so well."

Which is exactly what Claire predicted.

"I'm just glad they're okay." A pause, "How about Yoko, Cecily and Hunni? Or any of the guards posted on the convoy?"
Trixie "Some of the Guard covering the evac returned by Humvee, but I don't know everyone who was with them. But I think I would've recognized Cecily and Hunni, since I worked with them a little. Not sure who Yoko is, though... definitely would not recognize her," Trixie confesses, her smile fading away. "Just how bad did this evac go? Leon and Ashley said it was bad, but didn't really give any details."
Claire Redfield "Bad." Claire says flatly, plainly, without hint that she's going to continue or expand upon the exact details. With her feet up on the seat just beneath the one upon she's sitting, both arms cross over her knees so she can lean her forehead down against them. "Very bad." Way worse than she thought it would.
Trixie "That bad, huh?" Trixie asks softly, her tone a little disappointed that Claire is only slightly more forthcoming than Leon and Ashley had been. "I get the feeling it was a real disaster, complete with a heaping helping of tragedy and a super-sized side of terror, then. All the more reason to be glad that you three are still here with me. This camp loses people almost every day. We need every little scrap of hope and security we can get just to keep us going from day to day. And I don't mind telling you I need it every bit as much as they do."
Claire Redfield Claire nods, but doesn't elaborate upon how bad the whole thing actually was. She's sitting on the front steps of the church covered in mud, scraps, and drenched in sweat after spending the better part of the night and early morning making her way to the safe zone from the evacuation point across town. She's only just got her breathing back under control, "It does look pretty dispondant around here..." She agrees with a glance, frowning a little, "I have some supplies I could lend you guys. A couple gallons of gas, maybe a generator... do you have space heaters? I think I have a spare."

Let's just say Claire has been prepping for this for months and disregard how crazy she probably seemed until all hell broke loose.
Trixie Trixie nods. "I have a feeling it'll get worse once it gets around just how bad that evac went. Had a lot of empty sleeping bags last night," she says sadly. The offered goods perk her mood up. "Yes, definitely... we still have power for the most part, but we're short on just about everything else. Anything at all will totally be appreciated."
Claire Redfield Claire grabs the strap of her bag and pulls it around to sit between her legs so she can go through it. A pair of water bottles are pulled out so she can offer one to Trixie and sets the other down beside herself. More rummaging and she comes up with a map of Raccoon City, "How about net? Do you still have net here or has the grid gone down?" It went down at the campus pretty quickly, but Claire is forming an idea to reestablish it.
Trixie "Net's dead as a doornail. Whatever that may mean," Trixie replies softly, accepting the water bottle gratefully and looking down at the map. "We've been getting along without it, but it would be very useful to have it back. It would take some of the guesswork out of some of our operations and allow better information sharing. 'Cause that last is really hurting us."
Alice Alice wasn't exactly staying at the Church but she had heard survivors had grouped here, she was already sure they were all going to die but it was still the easiest place to get supplies. Stepping into the church far more heavily armed than most, she drew a pistol from her waistband with a gloved hand, releasing the magazine to show it was full before setting the pistol and the magazine down on a table where people were bartering, "STARS Issue Beretta. Looking for green or red herbs."
Claire Redfield Claire nods knowingly to Trixie and looks off down the street, "There's a relay station right here..." Tapping at her map where she's already drawn a black circle. There's other such locations, as well. Different colors indicating various different operations no doubt. "I've got a program running in several servers all across the city since a few weeks before the outbreak, but I need to get a signal out from ''here''... and if I've figured right, we should have net access over most of the city. Sporadic, but it should be enough to start connecting isolated groups of survivors who might have bunkered down in their basement." Hopefully with cellphones.

Claire glances up at the bartering table, "Alice?" Squinting, "Alice! You made it!" Of course she did.
Trixie Trixie does her best to follow the information, but it's clearly a little over her head. "If you say it can be done, Claire Redfield, I believe you," she replies, smiling at the hacker. "Even if I have no clue /how/ you do it."

The exchange at the table and Claire's sudden departure leaves her blinking, but she jogs after the brunette anyway. On arrival, she studies the woman at the table for a moment. "Nice skirt," she observes softly, without a trace of snark. "And I don't know if it's what you're looking for, but I found this when we looked through a bus terminal." A packet of what might be marijuana or something similar is drawn from a pocket and placed on the table. "I don't have any use for it, but I know a few people who could use that gun."
Alice "Deal." Alice replied to Trixie, sliding the gun and magazine towards the police officer who probably should have had it in the first place. The herbs were taken and stuffed into a satchel that hung beside the automatic shotgun over her shoulder.

"You should have listened to me and got out of the city." Alice replied to Claire, barely showing any emotion as she swiped a protein bar from the table and slipped it into her satchel.
Claire Redfield "You should have taken your own advice and left." Claire replies to Alice with a shrug, "Neither of us seems particularly bright when it comes to doing what's smart." What with them both still being here and all. "I sat at the bus station every night for a month and never got on the train. When I made the ''decision'' to stay, I didn't do it because I didn't know what's going on.." Because it is quite arguable that she knew more than most. "I did it because there was going to be a lot of people who didn't listen, but were also stupid enough not to get ready for what's happened..."

Which is why she's got all those supplies she's liberally handing out.
Trixie "Thank you. I'll make sure it's put to good use. I don't know what that stuff is for, but I hope you get your bargain's worth," Trixie replies to Alice, her warm tone as sincere as her smile.

She glances at Claire as Alice speaks to her, but blinks as she sees that protein bar vanish into the woman's satchel. The clerk at the table blinks and moves, but Trixie plants a hand on his shoulder before he can rise. "Hey, wait! You don't have to do that," she cries.

Reaching into a thigh pocket, she produces two protein bars, of a different brand. "Here... you can have these instead. They're probably better for you, and it'll pad out the trade properly. Will that work for you?" she asks, the warmth having returned to her voice. Clearly she bears no hard feelings.

She glances back to Claire. "I for one am glad you did. And I'm betting there are totally dozens or more people who are, too."
Alice "What makes you think I didn't try to." Alice replied to Claire grimly as she caught sight of Trixie dealing with the person upset over the protein bar. Trixie might have caught the faintest glimpses of a smile from Alice before she turned and began to walk out of the Church.
Claire Redfield Claire slides up from the steps after shoving her things back down in her bag and hoisting it onto her shoulders. "I'm going to get a nap before I head back tot he campus." Said to Trixie, a glance tossed over towards Alice as she slips out of the church. Then she starts inside to find an empty cot... of which there are quite a few after last night.