Umbrella Surveillance System
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Emma Racoon City is a dreary place. It's a place of horror and nightmares. It's a place of death and decay. Gloomy would be the overall feel, and that's without the rain that's trickling down right now. The patter of it can be heard off roofs, the sight of it echoes in every wave of a puddle. The water drips off the zombies, who dont really seem to care about it. All they are concerned with is getting to people. Their wrecked, rotted bodies move through the rain with unfinished hunger. The hordes of them moving throughout the city without easy. The rain isn't making it easy on them either.

As for this group, they ventured out in search of supplies, and ammo. Not that it's likely to be found, but something -has- to be done. So in the rain, with the clouds that loom with more rain they go. One of them, Emma, is in the back of the group - likely there to stay safe, and out of the way. Though the gun at her side is loaded, and even if she is a decent shot, doesn't mean using it is something she wants to do. There are distant sounds of zombies, likely they aren't far. The streets are void, until a group of people - men, it seems, walk openly without arms, down the middle of the road.
James Scott James Scott probably shouldn't be outside. Where Lucille was once brandished proudly, the poor bat has been downgraded to a walking stick. A nasty bruise rests under the teen's eye, and a portion of his hair has been cut so stitches could have been applied properly. Just as he goes to point out the men, a more violent urge tears through his body, and he hunches over to puke. Damn concussion.
Benny Benny is taking point, he was rear security with S.T.A.R.S. but that role is taken up by Emma now. He is holding his MP7 in his arms, walking with his knees slightly bent and on his heels so that the muzzle of the gun won't move around as much. When he comes up to a corner, he holds his hand up like a fist, which he told everyone before they went out means to stop moving and stay quiet, while he peeks around the corner. When he points his fingers forward, that means to move and if he points to his eyes, and holds up a number of fingers that means he spies enemies. He is dressed in his usual, full S.T.A.R.S. body armor with lots of gear and a backpack. He's been busy with building fortifications at the base and he's gone scavenging by himself quite a bit lately. Not to mention, he's been a bit more quiet than usual, distant but when he comes out with the group he's all business.

When he spots the group of men, he does hold up his fist and puts his fingers to his eyes, then points towards the group of unarmed men. He puts his fingers to his lips, then slowly advances trying to be silent to get a closer look at the group, count how many there are and see what the hell they are doing walking around without weapons.

Just as he dissapears into the shadows, he blinks when James doubles over and starts puking. He makes a silent, Doh face and moves to take cover behind a car to gain a tactical advantage if they come over to check what the noise was about.
Emma Emma is beginning to understand these hand signals. The rain has made her hair wet, those red locks sticking to her face now. No matter how hard she tries to wipe away the water from her face, it returns. Thus, a hopeless gesture. Normally the rain would be pretty, back home, but not now. Now it's simple horrid, a disaster added to a disaster. Moving a bit closer to see what Benny is looking at, her jaw drops a little. "Th - those are tha cult men, wantin' ta turn everyone to their cult!" Recalling how she ran across one earlier, there is a look of such disbelief on her face. And then, James is throwing up. Turning the splash of a puddle marks her way to his side. "Yer - yer not okay, ya need ta stay in bed!" Having some regret for him coming, an arm would go to help him move to that spot of cover behind the vehicle.

Just then, a noise comes from where the men are. The leader steps forward, arms open and bellows. "Come all, ye faithful followers! Come to us and seek enlightenment! Humans, zombies, we accept them all! Join us!" His arms are wide, as if expecting humans and zombies alike to run up and hug him in spiritual freedom. Another member of that cult, had heard James barfing, and slowly moved away to see what the noise was.
James Scott James Scott finishes up rather quickly, it's hard to puke too much on an empty stomach. So it's not a huge issue when he's pulled aside to hide behind the car. "Sorry." he wheezes quietly, eyes squeezing shut as he leans his head back near the tire.
Benny Benny wants to say "Shit" but he prefers to remain hidden for the time being. Seeing as one of the cult members is coming over to investigate, he gives Emma one nod of this head in reply to her comment about encountering one of their group before and picks up a small rock. He quickly scans the area, rear his arm back and whips the rock at a parked wrecked car that is 90 degrees away from where their current location is. Thankfully, Benny has awfully good aim practicing with throwing stars so hopefully he will be able to hit the car with enough force that it distracts the cultist to investigate where that came from instead. He furrows his brow, when the cult leader spouts off crazy religious sermon about joining them. Humans and zombies?! These guys are nuts! And they are wearing sunglasses! Hmm...kinda looks like the same glasses Wesker wears...
Emma They are the same sunglasses that Wesker wears. And these guys are nuts. Emma pats James on the back, as Benny throws that rock. It does the job, to distract the guy heading their way. He turns and goes to where he heard the sound. His leader is still calling out, like a beacon. "Come one come all! Join us! JOIN US!" He bellows this, arms still wide. And of course this is going to attract attention. From the left, and the right, one can hear those sounds. Those deadly, inhuman sounds. Zombies. All this noise is attracting them. With rain pouring down slowly their disfigured forms can be seen, coming from both ways minus an alley over on the other side of the trio. Reaching out, a hand tugs on Benny's arm, to get his attention to nod in the direction of the zombies she sees. There is a panicked look on her face, the only way out is at the other side, past the cult. "James can, ya run? Yer gonna need ta.."
James Scott "Probably not, but I've got my bat. If I slow you down, leave me behind. I'll survive." James seems pretty confident about that, despite the fact that he also looks like he has one hell of a headache. Regardless he pushes up into a shaky squat, ready to move out when they give the word.
Benny Benny looks to where Emma is nodding, his jaw clenches when he see's that the zombies are starting to close in because of all the noise the cult leader is making and Emma is right, they have to get past zombies to get away from the Cult. In his mind, he hears Admiral Akbar's voice yelling It's a TRAP! "We've got to make a break for it or else we are going to be overrun by both and it's be twice as hard to fight our way through. We have to go now." He looks at James, shaking his head. "I don't leave anybody behind." He pulls out his combat knife, "Get ready. I'll try to clear a path, you just keep running through to the other side."
Emma Emma, well, she is frozen in place for a moment. The leader, who she is watching, turns with his open arms and slowly walks TOWARDS the zombies. Her jaw drops now, but James and Benny snap her out of it and there is a nod. Not that she likes the idea of Benny going to clear a path, but she has seen him fight. "Be. Careful." Says the lass to the officer, with a serious edge to her tone. A hand goes to take James' arm to help him if need be.

Just then, though, things change, out of a building come a group of people, rushing as if away from danger. It's a smaller group, about five people. Three men and two women. One looks pregnant too! They dodged out in front of the zombie hord, the women scream blue murder and turn to run, the men behind them. Sadly, the group of worshipers are there, blocking them. "Why for you leave! Join us!" Bellows the leader, and the others go to stop the group further. Now there are more bodies, and lives, in the mix.
James Scott "No need now, looks like brunch came out." James pushes up to his feet, raising his bat to use it like it was intended. "Let's get the fuck out of here."
Benny "Oh no...Emma, James. Go now!" Benny exclaims to the pair as he rushes out from his hiding place, cutting into one zombie with his first knife thrust and then decapitates it with his second attack. With one zombie down, there should be an opening that the two need to weave through the advancing zombies to get to the other side but it will be close. "Hey, you! Yeah, you weird, freaky, dumb ass Wesker shade cultists! I don't want to join you and what are you going to do about it?" He hopes that the cultists will all turn their attention to him and that the pregnant ladies party with seize the opportunity to run past them to safety.
Emma The cult group keep the new group contained well enough. But Benny does gather the attention of the leader, who turns to him. "You know not what you say son! Your soul has to be enlightened!" This guy is seriously out to lunch, and doesn't seem to grasp what's going to happen to him. At Benny's command Emma gets up to run, the Zombies now close. But they seem to gather again, the rain making them slip some too. Also, the new group are beginning to fight the cult guys, one of them, assumingly their leader, grabs a gun and right out shoots one. "Fuck you bastard!" The leader calls out, and then goes to shoot the other. He, doesn't seem all that friendly. With the path blocked Emma slips back and falls into a puddle, the leader looking the way of their group. "Hey aren't you that doctor!" He snaps, and runs forward to the lass, going to grab is arm with a wicked grin. "You're mine now.." He seems overjoyed by this turn of events now. "Hey Ricky, we got a doctor!" He's just grabbed Emma by the arm and hauled her up, for her part she is trying to get away but can't compare to his strength. And the Zombies, are more of a threat than even, moving in to a dangerous level. Some of the cult guys are openly being bit as the group piles in together.
James Scott Apparently in the rush to grab the doctor, James and his bat were overlooked. What happens when you touch a Scott brother's friend? There's a sickening crunch as the bat in his hand meets the man's jaw, tearing it off. Look indeed Ricky. The bat comes down once more, putting a dent in the middle of the asshole's head to top things off. This is clearly not the first time the teen has killed another person.
Benny Benny blinks, this is not going to plan...not at all. He watches feeling rather helpless when Emma gets grabbed by one of the cultists who seems to know that she's a doctor. "Emma..." he looks around, he's being surrounded by zombies, the small window of escape is narrowing but he doesn't /leave/ anybody behind! "James! Look out!" He see's that James just bashed the skull in of the guy who grabbed Emma, at least they share that in common that they protect their friends/team mates no matter what the cost. But he see's that James is also badly outnumbered, first by cultists and then by zombies that are closing in. He starts, stabbing at the zombies nearby, the adrenaline in his body spikes but it also throws off his accuracy. Even though he has increased the tempo of his attacks, none of them were fatal to the zombies around him and he's unable thin the line to move closer to Emma or James. "Run guys, get out of there!" He realizes that the other group with the pregnany lady, might not be able to get away. He can't help everybody, he can barely help himself but he's going to keep trying, he has too!
Emma Ricky is stunned to see his buddy's face and head get smashed into bits. Emma is for now, released. But there is blood and bits all over her. Splattered across her face, and her clothes. Not that it bothers her, because well, doctor. It's given her a chance to pull away, and at that time three more men dodge out of the same building the group came out of, realizing that zombies are closing in, and that cult men freely are being bit which is putting the zombies into greater numbers. The pregnant woman and the other woman are now screaming in true and total fear, trying to get away in the rain. But the area is dangerous, very dangerous. The rain isn't helping anyone. Ricky pulls out a gun, and goes to shoot at James, but misses, he slips in some water. Luckily the bullet hits a zombie. A zombie comes up to swipe at Emma but she slips and slides away, yelping while doing so. Ricky, he is close enough to grab her again, knowing that she is the doctor and of use - especially with there being a pregnant woman them. Once grabbed, she yells and kicks, but the arm is around her throat. The three men join up with their group, Ricky being the new leader. They all have a gun, and start shooting at Benny and James! But with the growing crowd no shots hit, they are also backing up to leave, dragging the lass with them. Between Zombies and the cult guys it's chaos, and the rain makes it worse. Barely able to breath Emma can't get a yell out, there is to many people between them and her group.
James Scott "Emma!" James shouts, a stray bullet tearing a small piece of his ear off. Unfortunately he's surrounded by zombies, bullets are flying, and he has a concussion. Ears ringing, the teen destroys the skull of one nearby zombie and manages to knock the front teeth from another. Crimson eyes burning he pushes forward into the crowd, fighting a losing battle to save his friend.
Benny "Emma! No..." Benny is now fighting like a man possessed, he's moving even faster now, his knife a blur, each movement is fluid, as he flows to the next and his steps like a deadly dance. The first zombie in his way, gets a knife through the eye socket, he spins out of the way of the second zombie's attack only to end up behind in, his knife cutting off it's hand then finds the back of it's skull, piecing the brain killing it instantly as it drops to the ground. A third zombie, stumbles towards him hands outstrteched, rotted teeth chomping at him but the knife goes under it's chin, shutting that jaw forever and a fourth looks like it has him but he twirls, like a whirlwind, and decapitates it's head. Shots from the cultists are getting closer, hitting more of the zombies as they act as meat shields actually protecting both Benny and James from their gunfire.

Benny is completely focused, all his years of martial arts training to hone these movements into a natural reflex is what is keeping alive, turned him into what he isn't by nature. An undead kiling machine. He doesn't have time to contemplate what he's become, no time to retch at the amount of blood or zombie guts he has on his body armor and this isn't the time to feel guilt, that is for later. Right now he has to try his best to save his friends!
Emma It's near impossible now, the group is thick, people are fighting. Noise is getting all the attention from surrounding zombies. Cult men in the way, zombies trying to feed. Chaos, total chaos. The other group are firing too, but this worked in their favour. They get to get away, and they get a doctor! It's a glorious win. Emma is struggling. Scared, and being dragged away she kicks and yells but Ricky doesn't let go. Seeing the cluster she is being dragged from, there is something she yells in a most desperate tone. "RUN JUST SAVE YOURSELVS!"
James Scott For all his trouble James gets a set of powerful teeth sank into his shoulder, and the zombie in question catches the end of the bat between it's eyes, before having it's lower jaw removed as well. Thankfully he does manage to avoid one of the other infected, who grabs hold of a cultist instead.
Benny Benny is bleeding from a gash to his head, one of the zombies had long fingernails, had thrashed him as it flailed trying to eat his brainz. He's covered in zombie blood and guts, he wipes his brow, clearing his vision of blood temporarily.Benny glances around, the three zombies he just quickly dispatched have given him some time and space to assess. It doesn't look good, in fact it looks downright shit and it's going to get worse every second they remain here. "James we have to leave!"

Benny finds himself back to back with James, dead zombies lay at their feet but more are coming and bullets are wizzing by ever closer. There is a break in the line of zombies, the other end of the alley is within reach. The way to Emma is closed, dozens of zombies are in the way to get to her and the cultists are moving, shooting at both zombies and then as they near the shelter of a building. James and Benny will be Admiral Akbar TRAPPED if they don't move right now. They will be overwhelmed, torn into by zombies and then become one of them. "We'll come back to save Emma, but we have to save ourselves first." He hates himself for those words, but it's the truth and deep down he knows he has to survive, to live to fight another day! "Go!" he gives James a shove in the direction of the opening, his sprints, stabbing and shoving any zombies that get in his way!
Emma Emma can't see much, a hand covers her mouth. She can't yell, and given that Ricky is a big strong guy, there is no hope of getting away. All she can see is a cluster of cult guys and zombies now. While being pulled away little can be seen, her tears brought on by fear mix with the rain, left with the only hope that they at least got away safe.
James Scott James Scott turns to push further on and try to make his way to Emma, except then Benny is pushing him towards an opening. He stumbles backwards, arms spinning to try and keep his balance. But it's no use, he cracks his head against a rock, tearing his stitches loose.

Undead converge on the newely downed target, one losing it's teeth, another managing to get it's teeth into the teen's forearm. This certainly can't end poorly.
Benny Benny see's that James has fallen and is getting swarmed. "Fuck! James...No!" But there is nothing he can do, not unless he wants to die right here, right now in a blaze of glory. He swallows his emotions, buries them deep inside for now and runs like hell, breaking through the gauntlet of zombies to reach the other end of the street. There are no zombies taking swipes at him, but they are coming towards him but he has time now. He takes out his hookshot, aims it at the roof and fires. The grappling hook catches and holds! Then he zips upwards both hands gripping it, now that he's learned his lesson and climbs onto the roof. He looks down once more at the carnage. James getting swarmed by zombies, Emma getting carried off by the leader of that other group and encountering these strange Wesker sunglass stealing cultists. Who are these other survivors that took Emma and how did they know she was a doctor? More riddles and mysteries he is going to have to try to solve to get her back. "Emma....James...I'm...going to make this right!" He turns and then runs across the roof tops, sticking to the high ground for now, until he can find a clear path back to their base and get help.
Emma Emma is gone out of sight now, that group going to some unknown place. Now, there are zombies and cultists and James. Some cultists run, most - including the leader, are down, ravaged by the undead.