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Rebecca Chambers No doubt the paperwork for one Miss Rebecca Chambers was bound to be immense. Whatever happened to Chris and otherwise, Rebecca had seen - and had to kill - her mentor in the S.T.A.R.S. program. She had already felt like she was in over her head and otherwise. Now she felt that she was in over her head, and alone.

Chief Irons had tried to push for time off for Rebecca, but Rebecca had resisted the push, and for now, she was still on duty (perhaps due to Wesker's intervention?!)

But that was yesterday, and yesterday's done. Pulling off her earmuffs as she steps out of the firing range, it was about lunchtime in the station, so all cops - S.T.A.R.S. and uniformed officers alike, were getting grub - whether they were unpacking things made at home, or ordering out.

Rebecca tended to order out, and today was no different. A sandwich from a local chain - Jack's Bar - was delivered by a courier, and she heads towards the lunch room, holding the container containing the hot sandwich as she goes.
Leon Kennedy Out into her path comes one Leon Kennedy, staring down at a stack of forms draped over the top of his Tupperware bowl, clutched in front of him, as he wanders towards the cafeteria. "At least we got enough paperwork," the new officer mutters, not really watching where he's going or walking very quickly as he goes, probably a mistake in the crowded hallways and lunchtime frenzy. Below the paperwork, sheltered in that condensation-filled Tupperware, rides a lowly cold cut sandwich that could have just as easily been stored in a plastic bag, but they got this 'global warming' on, and Leon is an idealist, saving the world one Tupperware at a time.
Rebecca Chambers Rebecca was aware enough to not run into him - but him wandering into her general area is enough to make the young S.T.A.R.S. officer glance up towards him, a little purse touching her lips. A beat, though, and the trouble at the edges of her features is pushed away, replaced by a smile.

"Hey, Leon - what's got you so busy?" she asks, taking note of his murmuring. Her lips purse a bit, and she chooses a seat, apparently, by placing the plastic bag and container on a free spot at one of the tables, one that was otherwise untaken for now.
Leon Kennedy Are they having a conversation now? Leon glances up abruptly at his name, recognizing the S.T.A.R.S. agent, and a wide smile immediately spreads across his face. "Oh, hey, Becca. Becca Chambers." That's how she introduced herself. The rookie cop glances back and forth quickly as she takes a seat, and then he hesitantly plops his Tupperware down on the table next to her sandwich. "I'm just, you know, they got me on this paperwork, being new to the department and everything."

A small frown mars his handsome face, even as he pulls the stack of papers off of the food container and sets them aside. "All this crazy stuff going on, and I haven't been lucky enough to see any of it. So now I'm just going over the reports and that stuff. You know-" She's S.T.A.R.S. and very young. She might have skipped this part. "how it is?" Uncertainty clouds his face for a moment, but a rueful, charismatic grin comes stealing over it just as quickly.
Rebecca Chambers The smile that was returned was bright enough. "That's right, Becca," says the young woman, pulling the chair away from the table, but not quite ready to sit down yet. Scooting the chair to one side to make room for Leon's frame, Rebecca slides into a seat proper. Bringing up her elbows to set on the table, she holds her head in her hands, kinda working her jaw.

"Yeah," she says. "When I was doing ride alongs, I'd often have to do all the paperwork for the officer - and some of my own. They'd look it over, so it wasn't all one sided, but it was plenty of practice," she says. "It's important though, right? If it's not written down, it wasn't ever done?" she asks, canting her head to the side as she pulls the styrofoam container out of the bag, along with the little thing of utensils.

"So there a lot of crime? What sorts of issues do you tend to run into?" she asks.
Leon Kennedy After the space is so politely accommodated for him, Leon takes a seat himself, the chair groaning loudly against the tile in that obnoxious cafeteria way as he scoots closer to the table. "Yeah, it's probably my favorite part of the job so far," he agrees with a wry grin, popping the lid off his sandwich. Oh yeah, look at that condensation drip.

"Probably no more than usual, but it seems like a lot," he answers, brushing a bit of hair back out of his face with one hand. He does have beautiful hair, even if it's kind of out of place for a police officer. Seriously, Capcom, come on. "Just your usual stuff, really. Petty theft, traffic violations. The weird thing is, all these dog attacks. It can't be normal." The sandwich he lifts from the container is soggy on the bottom and stale on the top. Wonderful.
Rebecca Chambers It wasn't super out of place. No more so than an 18 year old girl on their S.W.A.T. team equivalent, right? So just revel in the cheese, please. "What can't be normal about it?" asks Rebecca as she too unfolds her sandwich from her container, bringing her hand up to her teeth so that she can pull her gloves off, one at a time.

"I mean, maybe... the dogs got infected by the same thing that got people... well... infected," she says, her tone of voice quiet. A beat, and her eyes draw downwards a bit. She sighs, before her eyes lift again.
Leon Kennedy "I mean, unless we got a pack of wild rabid dogs descending on Raccoon City, then it can't be normal," Leon replies, as if the explanation is self-explanatory. Cool blue eyes stare jealously at her sandwich, just for a second, before flitting back to Becca's face.

"Dogs don't just go around biting people. They're dogs, not wolves." The explanation of the virus draws a raised brow. "...what's going on with that, anyway? I'm not important enough to hear anything other than the department-wide briefings." Resolutely, he takes a bite of cold, stale/soggy sammy. Delicious.
Barry Burton     An officer calls out from the table across the way, "Yo, Sergeant Burton, sir!"

    That callout has a few other heads glancing towards the entrance to the cafeteria as Barry Burton wanders through. The burly man appears to be on the phone but offers a friendly wave to the fellow officers in the room before interrupting his phone call, "Afternoon, fellas..." then simply falls back into military mode as he jokes, "At ease."

    The other officers chuckle lightly and return to their lunches as Barry goes back to his conversation, a smile curling about his lips as he quietly says, "That's right, darling. Give my best our daughters when you see em and I'll see you tonight . Love you."
    Upon ending his call, Barry notices Rebecca hanging out with what appears to be a new rookie, Leon Kennedy. He wanders up to the pair and says, "Afternoon, Chambers. Making some new friends are we?", making a bit of small talk to break the ice.
Rebecca Chambers "Well, there's a lot of forest out there, but I think that there's... something... else... going on," says Rebecca, taking a bite of sandwich. She didn't seem to be enjoying it, at least, her eyes had a faraway sort of look in them right now. Although it probably smelled like an amazing thing.

"I dunno. It's just some people are acting... crazy, and... not being... normal and not dying at a../
Rebecca Chambers "Well, there's a lot of forest out there, but I think that there's... something... else... going on," says Rebecca, taking a bite of sandwich. She didn't seem to be enjoying it, at least, her eyes had a faraway sort of look in them right now. Although it probably smelled like an amazing thing.

"I dunno. It's just some people are acting... crazy, and... not being... normal and not dying at a..." she pauses a few moments, hearing the call across the room. Blinking a bit, she glances from Leon towards Barry, bringing her hand up in a wave.

"Hey, Barry!" she says, a bit more chipperness in her voice. "I uh... I think so," she says, pausing a moment further. "This is Leon - he isn't in S.T.A.R.S., but I saw him shoot in the range, and he did really good. He's a cop!" she says.

Like everyone else in here, but give her a break, Barry.

"How is your family? Your wife and daughters?" she asks, real interest dancing in her tone.
Leon Kennedy The soggy sammy is not an amazing thing. Leon's eyes are drawn inextricably to Becca's sandwich, which /does/ smell like an amazing thing. Her general demeanor, the slow speech especially, manages to punch through the fog of meal envy and strike him as strange. "Are you alright, Becca...?" He's starting to offer his emotional support, maybe a ridealong down to the local kitty-mill to pet a few before Barry arrives and thankfully derails his wide-eyed concern.

"Uh, good morn-afternoon, sir," the rookie stumbles, getting up to his feet with a squeal of metal feet on stupid linoleum flooring as his chair gets pushed back. "Leon Kennedy, I'm new here." And nervous. And hungry, and making terrible food choices. His eyes dart down to Becca suddenly, and he can't fight it anymore. "Excuse me, but if you don't mind me asking, where did you order that from?"
Barry Burton     Sgt. Burton turns over as Rebecca formally introduces Leon and smiles at the rookie cop, patting his shoulder reassuringly and with a calming tone, "At ease, officer. There's no need to be so formal around me but I appreciate you knowing the drill. Don't lose that."
    Barry grins and extends his hand to the rookie officer, inquiring, "Leon, was it? Its nice to meet you. Barry Burton, S.T.A.R.S. I understand you recently made it out the academy. How's the department treating you and are you settling in alright? "
    While waiting for Leon, Barry glances back at Rebecca and smiles, "The girls are good. Moira and Polly are in school, getting ready to pull through the last half of the semester. Meanwhile, Kathy's being her usual lovely self and keeping me on task as usual. How about yourself? Are you holding up alright?", showing genuine concern for the rookie S.T.A.R.S. (if I don't, Becca gets angry.) member,
    After all, that's part of the sergeant's unofficial duties: keeping track of the newbies and making sure they are doing alright. Officer Chambers is especially no exception.
Rebecca Chambers There's a bit of a smile at the sides of her lips - she gives Leon a half little thing. "Yeah. I mean... you don't really get over stuff like that. But I don't think Ed would have wanted me to quit, you know?" she says, casting a wink over her smile towards Leon. With that said, well... that little bout of sympathy stumbles with the arrival of the sergeant, and Rebecca was okay with that outcome.

"Oh, the sandwich?" says Rebecca, her eyes opening as she glances from Barry, to Leon, and then pauses a moment. She takes a step to one side, so she can twist around and look at it more fully. "That's from Jack's Bar, it's a place in town - the owner is a little weird, but the food is good - and he hasn't poisoned it yet!" she jokes, casting Leon a brilliant grin.

Rebecca had taken the time that Barry had greeted Leon in to push her own chair out to the sound of tortured lineoleum, rising to a stand, that brilliant grin she had given Leon lingering on her lips as she looks towards Barry. "Yeah, I'm doing fine, I mean... I'm practicing a lot more with a pistol, I don't want to be... caught off guard again, you know?" she says. A beat. Smile fades a bit, but recovers.

"Do you think you have time to show me how to aim a little better, sometime? I mean, I remember what Speyer taught me, but..." she pauses. "I think I could use more work, sarge."
Leon Kennedy "No poison?" Leon laughs, put at ease by the sergeant's assurances and Rebecca's persistent, effusive positivity. "Well, that settles it. I'm getting one. It's good to see you both," the rookie throws out there, gathering up his paperwork and the sad, sad Tupperware home-brought sandwich to hurry off and find the nearest phonebook.
Barry Burton     Barry nods to Rebecca, offering her a reassuring smile, "Sure, I'd be delighted to. I won't have time today, however. So, let's set for a time a little later on this week. Maybe on Friday if you have some time to get out from under neath that mountain of paperwork on your desk?", jesting lightly against the rookie officer in fun.
    Meanwhile, Barry watches as his hand goes unshaken and Leon dashes off in a mad race towards Jack's Bar. He momentarily blinks as he watches the rookie officer dash off, surprised and uncertain about what just happened. He reorients himself into the present and shakes his head, muttering beneath his breath, "I swear. Rookies these days. Motivated by two things: Fear and Hunger over the course of the Honeymoon phase."
    Barry glances back over to Rebecca and grins lightly, "So does that work for you, Chambers?"
Rebecca Chambers A double blink of Becca's eyes, and she looks up towards Barry. "Fear and Hunger?"

It takes a few moments for her mind to catch up, her lips pursing as she glances after the fleeing rookie. Bringing up a hand to scratch the side of her nose, that pursing of her lips grows a bit more before, well... her eyes track towards Barry. "Oh, I mean... uh... yeah, maybe Friday?" she says, wincing as the paperwork was mentioned again as well. " Uh..." now she looked a bit sheepish. "I have a lot of it done, I kinda stayed most the night last night," which might explain the circles under her eyes, expertly (sorta) hidden by application of makeups galore.

"So I should have most of it done by Friday. So... what I meant to say is... uhm... yes. I can, Friday is great, sarge," she says, trying to recover with a big wide grin. "But, um... do we still not know much about what happened to the people out there?" she says. A beat. "...and the rest of Bravo team?"
Barry Burton     Barry forms a slight grin about his lips at Becca's quizzical responses and replies, "Yeah, Fear and Hunger. Fear of superiors and performing their jobs, while not eating right. Its a process that all rookies, especially in the RPD have. It's expected by now and eventually, they make it past it."
    Barry returns his full attention to Rebecca as she appears to wince at the mention of the paperwork and takes notice of her weariness, "I see. It appears you could use some coffee, Rebecca and take your time. Pushing yourself is ok but remember, its more important to do it right than get it slammed through, you know?"

    As Rebecca inquires about the status of Bravo Team, Barry crosses his arms and gains a lightly sour look about his face, lowering his voice to keep the conversation between them as he shakes his head, "Nothing yet. The Captain is looking into a few things but I think he may be looking to debrief you personally soon. I'll check in with him though and see if we can get it penciled in sooner than later."
    A slight sigh escapes his lips as he continues, "I haven't heard much and I won't pry but I can only imagine what you experienced up there had to have been pretty rough, Becca. If you need anything, outside of the training that is, let any of us know, alright? We're a team and we help our own, after all."
Rebecca Chambers "Yeah? Did you have some Fear and Hunger when you were a rookie, Sargeant? I can't ever even imagine you being a rookie!" exclaims Rebecca, a little bit of a wry grin dancing at the corners of her lips. A handful of moments. "I just kinda want to get it done with, you know?" says Rebecca at that, running her tongue over her lips and letting her eyes draw downwards a moment, bringing up her back and neck to stand up in an almost military fashion.

She /did/ go through the academy, but the rigid militaryness didn't quite stick. "Okay. I'll slow down, and recheck my work from before," she says. A beat.

"Thank you, sarge. If I need anything like that, I'll let you know, okay? I mean... mostly, yeah," she says, bringing up a hand to brush through her short hair, looking down to her sandwich. "I'm probably keeping you from your lunch, huh?"
Jill Valentine Jill spotted some of her fellow S.T.A.R.S. in the RPD Cafeteria and decided to go join them for lunch since she had been off for a few days, she was dressed in uniform without body armor because that would be weird while not doing something that required body armor.

Setting down a little cloth bag on the table she took out a little zip-loc bagged Peanut Butter and Jam sandwich as she smiled at the pair, "Hey Barry. Hey Rookie. What's up?"

Sitting down beside Barry she patted the big man on the back affectionately even as she tried to act normal around Rebecca the Ripper; slayer of Forest Speyer.
Barry Burton     Barry nods to Becca, "Of course, I did. I was new to all of this too once and even before that when I was with the Air Force as a private. Probably even more so than some of you now. Course that was all bay in the hay day.", which the grizzled old man manages to nip in the bud before he gets off a tangent.
    Barry simply listens to Rebecca, nodding to her as she shys away from him for a moment upon speaking about the event and then commenting on being a bit more thorough in her work, an aspect he is happy to hear about, "Glad to hear it, Becca", then he rests his hand on her shoulder again, giving it a light but reassuring squeeze, "You'll get the hang of it." then with regards to his lunch, he shakes his head, "Nah. Trust me, I'll make time in the process."
    Then to his surprise, Jill arrives! Barry smiles as the Lieutenant Star pats him on the back and sits at the table next to him to attend her lunch, "Hey, Jill. Not much. Just catching up a bit with Becca before I head back out to the yard. Making sure she's doing ok and all. How are you today?", not commenting on the night before and keeping things casual, of course. Another day in the RPD right?
Rebecca Chambers A handful of moments, and Rebecca could sense Jill's reluctance. No doubt some of the others had heard by now, of her stabbing her mentor in the head, but the idea was either so ludicrous, or other voices had called for calmness that she wasn't a total outcast yet.

Except with Jill, apparently. Maybe Chalmers was right about her. Rebecca pauses a moment, letting her eyes linger upon Jill, she looked a little bit pained, really. "Nothin', just having lunch. What's up with you?" she asks, trying to affect a casual demeanor, but her eyes were tracking all around - and end up kinda going to the floor.

It was Barry's hand that ends up bringing her eyes back up. A beat, and she gives him a nod of her head, her eyes - slightly teary, going to his. "...thanks, Barry," she says, heaving a bit of a sigh - that sigh replaces her troubled look with a smile, and that wasn't exactly entirely a fake one.
Jill Valentine Jill waved her hand back in forth to Barry's question, "Kind of hungover and wishing I had some glasses straight out of the Matrix like the Captain because shit.. it is bright in here." Her head rested on the table on top of her arms and she looked at Rebecca with a sideways glance, "Everything, up to and possibly including my breakfast." She said with a gulp. That sandwich was not being touched.
Barry Burton     Barry grins as he continues, "Don't mention it, kid.", then reaches his hand up and ruffles Rebecca's hair a little bit playfully.
    The grizzled man looks back at Jill with a smirk at her rough state. He feels a little guilty for putting the Lt. through the ringer last night but she's an adult and can make her own decisions. It was good night for them, however, allowing them to just be casual for a change amidst the rather insane time that's been going on. After all, it is as the old song goes...

    "So when you feel like you're under the gun. That's when it's time to start havin' some fun."

Still... No Bueno on the roughness. Damn lightweight.

    A few moments later, Barry glances at the watch on his wrist and nods, "Welp, its time for me to get back to work. Trainees aren't going to train themselves obviously.", then Barry turns to the ladies at the table and grins, "You two don't go doing anything more crazy alright?", then the sergeant offers the pair a wave before heading out.
Rebecca Chambers Ruffling of the hair? That gives a wry grin from Rebecca as she brings up an arm to ward off Barry's bear hands. A handful of moments more, and she brings a sigh - rolling her eyes exaggeratedly at Barry afterwards. "That's ~officer~ Chambers, Sarge," she says, with a note of play in her voice.

"Nothing crazier then the rest of the paperwork, promise," says Rebecca, holding her hand up in a salute of ~promise~. But no one could get such a promise out of Jill.

"Why are you getting drunk so much, Officer Valentine?" she asks. She could hear Chalmers' voice in the back of her mind. /Because of guilt/. That would be rude to say. So she'll just think it kinda hard.
Jill Valentine "Do enough work for the both of us Barry, I think I'm going to go lie down somewhere." Jill said in a mostly serious tone to the departing man, still looking at Rebecca sideways which only seemed to make things worse, "See you later."

"Is there such a thing as so much?" Jill shot back at Rebecca before realizing she may have been a little snappy, "Sorry, theres just been a lot on my mind, nothing serious though. You know, guy problems, family problems, work problems.. the usual bs."
Rebecca Chambers "Do you wanna talk about it?" asks Rebecca - although she already could imagine - the veteran S.T.A.R.S. officer talking to a rookie - probably not going to happen. But she seemed honest enough, in spite of the sassy she was thinking pretty hard just a few moments more.

Plus, it kinda took the focus off of her own problems.
Jill Valentine "Probably best not to, but I appreciate the offer. I'm sure Chalmers can fill you in on all the gossip though." Jill didn't mean for the last bit to come out as snarky but it did, even if just a little, "Maybe though you could do something else for me. Tell me about the people who attacked you and Bravo Team and why you had to kill Forest?" She was amazed there had been no IA investigation but she wasn't a cop by training and it seemed like the RPD did things weirdly she had found in her 2 years here.
Rebecca Chambers Maybe it was the rantings of a rookie coming off the deep end. But Rebecca pauses a few moments, her brow furrowing at the snappy last bit of snark, but her eyes draw downwards. "...I didn't kill Forest," says Rebecca. "Like the other people, he had... turned into a monster. There was a criminal - but her family came out of the woods and they just started grabbing and biting people, and..."

Rebecca sighs. "Look. I know you all think I'm crazy, because I'm the only one that saw what I saw. But it was like they were evil. Zombies or something," she says, bringing up a hand to rub the back of her head. "But who knows? Maybe I am going crazy..."
Jill Valentine A zombie appears and bites Rebecca face out and wield a canon
Jill Valentine Jill sat up a little straighter, there was something in her eyes that said she might even believe Rebecca but she wasn't about to share why, "Just try to keep your head together, okay? Something weird is going on but people are going to panic or think you're crazy if you talk about it too much."

Sliding the PB&J sandwich over to Rebecca she smiled, "Here, have a Sandwich." A jill sandwich, cause Jill made it.

Then she got up to go.

The End