Umbrella Surveillance System
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Kitten Earlier in the day

"This is the National Guard." The message was playing over every radio and tv in the city still with powered, and word was filtering through survivors, "We will be continuing to evacuate survivors of the Outbreak at Raccoon City Central Park. All those who are uninfected will be given safe passage out of Raccoon City. If you have been bitten or scratched by one of the infected, you are advised to remain in your home till help comes."


It was late evening by the time you reached the Park and there were thousands of people here, all packed into large crowds. It was clear the National Guard were over-worked as they tried their best to direct people towards White Medical Tents where CDC workers were currently checking people over for infection.

It was a slow moving process that was never going to get everyone out of here.

On the perimeter of the park, National Guard Rifleman along with a few armored vehicles were positioned to provide cover; but the constant noise of gunfire was only drawing more and more of the undead to the area.

Further away in the park, multiple helicopters could be seen taking off and landing per minute. Even if they could not evacuate everyone, they were doing their best.

If you had only just gotten here though, odds are it would be dark before you even got checked out by the doctors. Having survived a few days in Raccoon City already, you knew it only got worse at night.
Tobias Hunter     Tobias Hunter didn't have family or friends in Raccoon City, but he had a reputation for moving from safe zone to safe zone and word had gotten around about that flashy new armor suit he'd shown up in. One day street trash, next day warrior of the people or some such. Even though he tried to talk them out of it, saying anybody who showed up was going to get gunned down instead of evacuated, he had still eventually agreed to lead handfuls of frightened people from the truck stop and the church to the evacuation at the park, so he had spent most of the day scouting ahead of little bands of survivors to find or clear safe paths for them to move through.

    Even after his fourth trip of the day, seeing that the first group of people he dropped off hours earlier hasn't been dumped into a mass grave, the Blackfoot remains distrustful of the authorities and keeps himself clear of their infection testing queues and defensive formations.
Michonne The city has slowly been devolving into chaos for the last few weeks and yet the District Attourney still found herself sitting at her desk with a frown on her face. When the city really went to hell, that's where she was, half a city away from her house... away from her daughters.

They had established meeting points, of course, but that didn't stop her frantic searching an empty house when she finally got there and found it devoid of her girls. They'd tried to get her to stay home, to be with them, but she had to finish some paperwork... she swore this would all blow over; the government would have everything in hand by the end of the week she'd told them.

Now with a pair of blades crossed on her back, the former District Attourney made her way towards the checkpoints with all the belongings she could muster into a single bag...

Michonne wants to be optomistic; wants to think that her babies will be at the guards checkpoint, but realistically she knows it's unlikely. Constantly silencing that dark thought with a mental whip to keep herself from snapping, she looks around at every snap of gunfire and the terrifying sound of approaching monsters threatening to spill nightmare upon an unprepared crowd.
Elza Walker Elza was all alone for the most part in terms of family, and she hadn't had time to make new friends really before things started going downhill in Raccoon City. Because of this, it's just her alone that is attempting to get out of the city. Unfortunately, her motorcycle had been damaged during the outbreak, as she'd attempted to avoid hitting a zombie and ended up crashing into a street lamp post. The impact took out the front axle, poor thing...

Undeterred, Elza continued to make her way through the city on foot, attempting to get to the park as quickly as she could. She'd brought a pistol with her and had already gunned down a few zombies along the way, but had mostly attempted to avoid being caught or noticed as she made her way to the checkpoint. She was silently praying that she could get out of here without any difficulty, but as she gets closer to the checkpoint, she starts to feel like that's not going to happen...
Markus Berger Markus and his companion meanwhile have come here for different reasons than most others since at least the Doctor himself was quite sure that there was no realistic chance that they would be able to get a spot on any of the helicopters, which seems about right considering the countless people in the area trying to get out of the city.

Instead he is keeping quite some distance between himself and the whole chaos as he moves slowly through the area to get a good look at the situation to better gauge just how screwed everyone and everything is... which likely is something that will have not been worth the trip through the city and past the countless zombies.
Silent Night Archene was as optimist as the one next to him. This time he was even coming as a 'backup' for the Doctor. He believe that given the fact that there would be many people congregating, there would also likely be a good number of the... infected coming there as well, specially later that day.

He was walking along the Doctor on his combat suit, helmet included, and a proper rifle for long range as well as a pistol. After all, he isn't there to attract zombies to himself with some machine gun.
Katherine Quinn You know there were some people who thrived on the chaos of this sort of situation. The U.S.S. operator known as Wyvern was one of those people. She wasn't really plannig on evacuating, not really. But she knew that any time there were a lot of people in one location, all it would take is one person desperate to hide their infection and the proverbial shit would hit the fan.

She was hovering, somewhat quietly, not far from the entry portal where the woefully undertrained and underprepared national guardsmen were trying to sort everybody out. Armed, yes, but also clearly identified as a member of Umbrella's security forces, just in case some guardsman got too nosy.
Tobias Hunter     The Blackfoot doesn't seem to be in any hurry to get out of the area, maybe feeling obligated to hang around and keep an eye on the people he brought out of their safe havens, maybe waiting to see if the National Guard rolls out a buffet table later on. He moves through the crowds aimlessly, never staying in one spot too long, which is a good thing since even people who haven't bathed in days wrinkle their noses at the smell of the guy who's been roaming the streets.

    His rifle is slung across his back and his hands are deep in his jacket pockets, his form tense and alert. If he was in some uniform or other he might fit in, but as it is he tends more to stand out among civilians who mostly keep their heads down and frightened eyes averted.
Kitten It is fortuitous that most of you have stayed on the outskirts of the perimeter as something seems to be happening inside, there are panicked screams from just beyond the makeshift fence.

Several soldiers manning the checkpoint rush inside after calls from their radioes and all of the desperate people who had been wanting to get in for an evacuation began to rush inside.

Within a matter of seconds, the situation was going to turn chaotic.

+roll alertness
Katherine Quinn     The number of helicopters were dwindling, Wyvern could see that clear as day. Somebody inside must have gotten word that the ones here are the last ones heading out. That'd set off a panic alright.

She reaches down to her side and checks her pistol for a moment, before she unslings her rifle. The crowd is about to get out of hand, and she needs to be ready when they do, because this is going to get ugly fast.
Markus Berger Markus too sees what is going on and notices that the helicopters stopped arriving. A mass panic was at this point only natural and with the countless infected and zombies in the area he is quite sure that this is all going to go to hell quite fast. A fact that makes him quite glad to be not too close to the mad rush. "Arch... this is going to turn ugly any moment now."
Elza Walker Elza takes notice of what's going on, and immediately her look becomes that of concern and uneasiness. "What is going on?" She wonders aloud to herself as she struggles to get a better look at what might be happening, as difficult as it might be. Then her concern turns into a scowl of frustration and disbelief. "Looks like the highway to the danger zone just opened up big time!" She pulls out her Browning HP Pistol and double-checks to make sure the safety is off and the clip is loaded. "Good thing I brought backup with me," She comments without smirking in the least bit at her joke. "I just hope I can defend myself well enough."
Michonne It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that this many people are going to draw a lot of unwanted attention which is made all the more obvious when shouting starts somewhere up ahead of them. A logical person would bug out before it goes completely batshit, but Michonne still hasn't found her daughters... so like a mother lionesse, she grabs hold of the wrapped hilt of one of the two blades over her shoulder and slides it out from the scabbard with a hiss of metal against wood. "Does anyone see what's going on?"
Silent Night "I can feel that as well," Archene glances the way helicopters used to be going, "Would you rather get further, or try to find a place with a better point of view. Down here if people begin to spread... we might not be in the best of the situations."
Tobias Hunter     Tobias Hunter sees the same riot forming in front of and around him and just doesn't believe it. He looks around for the people he led in from the safe zones, people he risked his ass for, only to find them pushing and trampling just like everybody else. He chews the inside of his cheek thoughtfully, twisting his fingers through the rings of his knuckledusters inside his pockets and clenching his fists around them, then lets his hands fall free and his arms hang loosely at his sides.

    The Blackfoot spots the people around the edges of the crowd, the young girl in racing leathers with a pistol, the impossibly tall guy with the expensive boomsticks, the uniformed lady with the rifle, finally the woman with the sword. "Who the fuck /are/ these people?" he murmurs half aloud as he starts pushing his way through the crowd, using his elbows to encourage people out of the way and using his brass knucks as gently as appropriate when he really has to get the point across. Nobody really offers much resistance since they're fighting to get into where he's bullying his way out of.
Kitten All of the noise had drawn attention from a near-by horde of undead who had been formerly gathered at the Waste Treatment Plant; a merciful act in one way as it would lead many of the crowds of undead who had been milling about there to the near-by park.

They had just taken some time to get there.

When they had joined the crowds of people and began attacking them, they had gone un-noticed as a large group of zombies until it was too late.

Gunfire was erupting like crazy from within the perimeter, some of the National Guardsman were holding their posts, while several of the Humvees just outright drove away.

A helicopter attempting to take off-off began to spin out of control and nose-dive directly towards the crowd.

A large explosion could be seen and heard, smoke and debris flying everywhere followed by a momentary silence.

As the smoke began to clear large numbers of zombies began to stream out of the park as the remaining National Guard fired on them.


Bonus Rules

This is RPed combat. Feel free to feel like a badass or flee the area. Each round you will earn 5XP for posing from this point forward. If you are fighting undead, you will gain XP = to the resources expended on ammo * 1 each round. Feel free to spend as much as you like and go as crazy as you like. If you are using melee over ranged, you may gain 1*XP per resource you want to give to me. If you wish to bring an alt instead of who you have here, please feel free.
Silent Night "Markus, we are retreating now. I don't have weapons to deal with all of them. If we try to just get to high ground, we won't be getting back to the base today." He pulled the Arbiter, barely seeming to aim before shooting twice at two zombies far away. And then there were two zombies down, headless, and the man was already taking his steps back, away from the park, "Keep walking and see if you can think of a good route or if you'd rather looking for, somewhere we can hide... Though I don't think here will remain safe afterwards."
Elza Walker Things are really starting to heat up here. Zombies coming out, people panicking, and a helicopter crashing down. It's all Elza can do to keep herself stable as she ducks for cover behind a nearby derelict car that hasn't been used since who-knows-when, squeezing her eyes shut. When her eyes open again, there are more zombies coming, and they look hungry. Unfortunately, Elza may be fast, but she's not fast food!

"You're not getting me that easily!" Elza yells out as she fires a shot at the nearest zombie, aiming directly at the head, but her aim is a little unsteady, what with her being very anxious and still being a bit of an amateur with her handgun.
Rain Ocampo All hell hath broke loose and it is without a doubt a killing field down in the crowded square... An SUV sits like a black mark against the night sky with a lone dark clad figure checking the load of the clip slapped into the base of an assault carbine.

Rain Ocampo was not sanctioned for an operation in the City Center. Her orders were very specific; find HVTs and take them out, but soon after the command had folded like a house of cards in a strong wind. Now she was left to her own devices until someone; probably her, resumed operational command of whatever U.S.S. forces remained in the city proper.

The weapon is left to hang across her chest on a tactical sling, eyes flittering up towards the helicopter tumbling down into the crowd like a ball of molten steel and whirling blades. No remorse, no emotion, no restraint. There was a helicopter in there, several of them no doubt, and Rain intended to secure one of them.

Which mean's there's a horde of living and unliving people in her way.

For that there is a solution.

Rain turns and grabs her helmet form the front seat of the SUV and tucks it on her head, then starts forward towards the crowd with the point seriousness of a trained killer. "Move!" Everyone is rushing at her... anyone who does not comply with that command is forfeiting their right to oxygen addiction.

She will kill them.
Tobias Hunter     It's the gunfire behind him, in the crowd, that first gives Tobias pause. Then the rapidly approaching sound of a crashing helicopter makes him dive forward through the people trying to force their way past him and by the time the smoke clears he's laying there with his hands over his head while rioting survivors and infected alike rush past and over him. If not for the body armor protecting his back, he might have taken some nasty heels into his spine or kidneys. He pushes himself halfway up and angrily turns around, grabbing the closest thing running out of the park and dragging it down so he can beat on its skull with his brass-clad fists. It's not self-defense or even preservation, just venting a little rage.
    When what, or who, ever that was quits crying and squirming and begging him to stop and just bleeds limply on the grass, the Blackfoot gets up and looks around at the chaos that's ensued from the evacuation. It's not exactly what he predicted would happen, but it's pretty close.
Markus Berger This is the kind of situation Markus expected from the very beginning, just with more explosions and crashing helicopters. He barely nods towards Archene as he asks for how they should progress, only bothering to fire into the crowd once with his trusty Desert Eagle which ends up putting a decent and especially lethal hole into a subsequently collapsing zombie before starting to move away from the park. "Yes, lets keep walking. Hiding is not going to work with the sheer number of zombies around... it would take half an eternity for them to disperce enough."
Prestige William Caldwell Arriving on the scene on foot was Officer William Caldwell, formerly of STARS. Now turned badass. Walking forward, he is approached by a member of the zombie horde. Simply looking it dead in the face, raising his Samurai Edge, and popping a shot in it's head. Slowly walking forward again and proceeding to not look at the helicopter crash, because not only do cool guys not look at explosions, they don't look at fiery wrecks either. Hence why William has never looked back on his career. Continuing to enter the crowd of the undead, William begins popping off shot after shot, along with some stabbings of zombie brains. He honestly looks like he couldn't give a fuck at this point.
Buck Rogers The explosions, the fire, the screams, and the panic, have all brought a horde of shambling monsters-- and one such monster is Buck Rogers, who has made his way to the group with all the singlemindedness of the undead, fully armored, bloodstained, and with a vicious bitch of a chainsaw that sings a violent, metal tune. He throws himself against the creatures assembled in the park, laughing behind the black faceplate of his helmet, and every maniacal swing results in an improbable spray of blood and gore, the severing of limbs and heads and agreed-upon standards of decency bathing him in utter filth.
Katherine Quinn Yeah, there it is. That's exactly what she was expecting to happen sooner or later. She shakes her head, and reaches down to rack a round into the chamber of her rifle, it looks like it's time to get to work.

The USS operator gets to it, rifle coming up towards the closest target, as she fires a shot into the skull of the first zombie that is near her. She's transitioning quickly between targets, snapping off single shots to the head, or a double tap when the target appears to not be fully infected. She's going to make sure that nobody who could potentially be infected is going to be put down with no prejudice.

She doesn't think she brought enough ammo to take care of EVERY zombie out here, but she can at least try to thin the herd enough to maybe help others out. Or at least help others shuffle off of the mortal coil in a less painful way than turning into a zombie.
Rain Ocampo Zombies are not in short supply, but ammunition is. Every single time Rain pulls the trigger it's with precision, pausing her forward step to take a breath aim and put three quick rounds out in rapid, pinpoint, accuracy. Always going forward, shoving through any civilians that don't bend to her intents, she has absolutely zero concerns for saving any of them.

Most take the black armored angel of death as ill omen speaking unto the coming of hell and the spilling forth of the dead from beyond. Some are foolish enough to come begging for salvation, but they find no solice and absolutely no compassion for their plight.

One woman tries entirely too hard to attach herself to Rain, tugging at her arm trying to get her to go in the oposite direction, and is rewarded with the snap of a rifle butt right between her eyes. The woman drops like a sack of potatoes and the Soldier doesn't linger long enough to see her beset upon by zombies, she certainly doesn't let her terrified death screams sway her intended approach of, what she hopes, will be a working helicopter somewhere in the center of this god damned mess.

What she learns in all of this: It takes one bullet to kill one zombie... but it takes one wounded civilian to draw the attention of ''dozens'' of zombies.

The war of attrition dictates a shifting strategy. Snapping shots, not at skulls, but at knee caps of fleeing civilians in her path. Create diversions, conserve ammunition.

This woman is the fucking Devil incarnate.
Kitten The remaining National Guard soldiers are quickly over-run and killed, leaving only the team of 'badasses' to face down the zombies; who were all thankfully T-Virus infected with surprising efficiency. There was a great deal of ammo being expended, and a great deal of effort but every so often you could see that a life had been saved and dozens of zombies had been killed.

There didn't seem to be an end to them, but they were at the very least streaming out of the fenced off area from rather noticeable points.

Another series of explosions went off as a helicopter that had yet to take off was blown up by the resulting aftermath of the first helicopter's crash.
Tobias Hunter     A frantic woman in torn, bloody clothes, bitten on one cheek and with a bloody bite clear through her jeans on one leg staggers from behind a parked humvee and looks around in a panic. She isn't infected, well she's infected but just, and while Tobias Hunter is looking around with that cold, hard look in his eyes she locks onto him and stumble-runs toward him where he stands like an island of I-don't-give-a-fuck in the middle of the undead carnage. "Please!" she screams as she races toward the Blackfoot, "my husband, my boys, help me!"

    Tobias leans his head far to the left until a tendon cracks, then far to the right until a vertebrae pops, and as the woman reaches him and falls to her knees on the pavement he winds up and punches her as hard as he can right between the eyes. "They're as dead as you are," he answers the doomed woman as he swings the other hand to slug her in the temple. "They were dead the minute you brought them out of that church." He spits on the brass knucks on his right hand, polishes the blood off on his dirty jeans, then slips the device off into his jacket pocket so he can unsling his rifle into that hand. "And goddamn you for talking me into leading you here," he says as he works the lever action to put a shell in the chamber, then lifts the stock to his shoulder, lining up on her head as she lays there on the gray sidewalk, "because I might as well have killed them." The old .44 isn't very loud, just a high SPANG, but the bullet splatters the poor woman's brains effectively enough.
Silent Night "Yes, keep calm and keep walking." Looking more into the crowd of zombies, he briefly kneels on the ground, aims his riffle towards the crowd, and pulls the trigger, again, and again, and again... the process goes on. While there is probably no one to care, no bullets failed to hit a head. At least, anyone being chased by those specific seven zombies would now... just be chased by other zombies instead. What would seven less zombies be, not much, but that still didn't stop Archene from... attempting to make a difference, before checking if Markus had been able to properly get a certain distance further away from the park.

Quickly, the agent stands up and begins moving along further from the zombies, he changes the clip. He looks at the nearest places where zombies were coming out. He didn't have something to stop them all. No one had, but at least, there were other proficient with their weapons. Even with the National Guard down, at least, he could be sure that there were people out there still capable of fighting. He reaching on his belt to check for his ammo... there were only ammo for his pistol.

And that was his final backup.

This was still far from the end.

"Markus, don't slow down!"
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell proceeds to continue walking, proceeding to smash a zombies nose into it's brain, killing it instantly with nothing but his bare fist. He shakes the blood and gore bits off his hands and goes to knife a zombie in the head, proceeding to reload his weapon with a spare mag after clearing the path near him. After that, William charges straight into the fray, proceeding to jump into the air and delivering a kick even Captain Falcon would be proud of into a zombies head, exploding his head into mush and him leaping to his feet. He walks towards Buck and nods to him, guarding his back and popping shots off at any zombies dumb enough to walk towards the maniac wielding a chainsaw and the monster with a samurai edge.
Elza Walker Elza is surprised that she's pretty accurate with her firearm, but she's also finding that she's running out of ammo quickly. After emptying one clip, she loads another one, having found a few extras scattered here and there across the city, although how they got there is anyone's guess. She's just glad that she's got a little extra ammo, because she's going to need as much as she can to survive it looks like. When there's a brief pause in the action, Elza quickly crosses the street and moves to a better vantage spot against the zombies, before resuming opening fire. "This is one long pit stop!" Elza comments.
Markus Berger Since he is admittedly a terrible shot Markus leaves the majority of the zombie killing to Archene, only firing himself if anything got too close or there were several zombies clustered. All in all, only situations where he could hit 'something' at least, although hurrying after Archene was his main-priority especially since he only had a few spare bullets left by now. "Less talking, more moving. Once we take a few turns along the streets we should be able to shake them off and head back to Ivy."
Tobias Hunter     As if in a daze Tobias steps past the woman and wanders back into the park, walking right past snarling zombies who seem to have better things to do than try to eat him. He looks at the ground intently, studying the faces of the dead and dying. Once in awhile he reaches out with his sneakered foot to turn a body over, or to lift a face out of the grass for a better look at it. Finally finding a male corpse holding onto a little boy's hand and arm without a little boy attached, Tobias purses his lips and nods his head as if to say, "See?"

    Aloud, to the corpse, he says, "Your wife's over there," and points with his rifle barrel to where he left the bitten woman dead on the sidewalk. No answer. He leans forward and down, cups his left hand around his mouth and says a bit louder, "I said your fuckin' wife's over there, ASSHOLE!" No answer. Tobias straightens up, nods his head as if to say, "I figured." Aloud, still to the corpse handholding a disembodied arm, he says, "I see little Tommy's doing well, but where's Jimbo?"

    A zombie, finally, takes note and rushes drooling and snarling toward Tobias, who raises his old rifle in his outstretched arm and stuffs the barrel right into the undead's mouth and down it's throat. The zombie just keeps coming, or trying to, but can't quite seem to reach him for some reason. "Well," Tobias says to the corpse at his feet, "I'm sorry to be so rude, but I've got this asshole screaming in my ear. You know how it is." He pulls the trigger, spraying zombie brains and making it go limp, then has to put his foot on the undead's collarbone and kick really hard while yanking on the rifle stock to free the barrel from its throat.
Silent Night "Understood," The man who has Arbiter in his hand replies... before taking a shot at a zombie that happned to be going their way, "Just keep moving, there are enough people being loud with their weapons to distract them." All they had to do was, keep moving... keep quiet, and keep hoping some other people would make very loud noises, like... who knows. Jumping from a car to another. That kind of thing goes well enough, often enough.
Prestige William Caldwell William finishes reloading his gun and continues guarding Buck's back while he goes literally apeshit on everything with a chainsaw. He knifes a nearby zombie by sliding it up his throat and into his brain then yanking it out, shaking off the knife before continuing to fire. He was running low on ammo and would have to bail out soon. But for now he was busy thinning out the hordes a little bit.
Kitten Regardless of the dent the group of you appeared to be making in the initial tide of undead, it was cleared that there were hundreds; if not thousands more to come as those killed in the initial attack by the horde began to rise up as well.

Anyone who remained at this point was in danger of being overwhelmed against a tide of hungry undead.
Elza Walker Realizing that it's a futile effort by now, Elza realizes the best option is to retreat. "If you think you're gonna last long against them, you're wrong!" Elza calls out to those who she sees nearby. "Get the hell outta here! Now!" Elza then takes off running down the street, although where she's heading is anyone's guess. She just knows that she has to get away from that horde if she doesn't want to become zombie sushi.
Markus Berger "Yes, yes..." The hope that everyone else firing loud enough is going to draw attention away from them is enough for Markus to not continue to fire on anything, not to mention that only half his shots actually hit and he is running out of ammo, and instead he just walks faster along the streets away from the park. "Next intersection left and we should be getting away soon, Arch."
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell begins to make his way out of the infected zone, charging through and slamming his shoulder against an infected footballer style, trampling him and leaving him to rot...hehe...rot..get it? Cause he's a zombie? Oh nevermind. He continues firing off shots and begins to get the hell out of here. Leaving Buck to fend for himself because Buck was a badass.
Tobias Hunter     Still dumbstruck, using the tail of his t-shirt to wipe zombie blood off the muzzle of his rifle, Tobias mutters to himself. "Four trips today, these four first, then the preacher and his wife, and I think the Donaldsons, no, yeah, then that guy from the courthouse and his kids, four, five-six, nine, twelve. Busted my ass doing good deeds," finished cleaning gore off the gun he works the lever action and concludes, "got twelve people killed and I fuckin' knew better than to let 'em come here in the first place." He closes his eyes, "Jesus, five of 'em were only kids." He up-ends his rifle, stock down, opens his mouth wide enough to put the barrel in against the roof, and as he's groping down the length of the weapon for the trigger one zombie hits him from the left and another hits him from behind and the rifle tumbles out of his hands.

    Suddenly fighting for his life, the Blackfoot rolls on the ground while the two bite and scratch at his leather-clad arms and the shoulders of his jacket. He finally gets in a lucky enough shot with one elbow to knock one undead loose, gets his knees under him and reaches back to grip the other one under an armpit and perform a rolling throw over his shoulder, then he gets to his feet, grabs his rifle, and starts running as if self-preservation was never anything but the first thing on his mind.
Silent Night Archene only keeps going along Markus, retreating backwards, stopping only very briefly for a shot or another, a zombie falling down somewhere whenever he pulls the trigger, "Alright, left. Got it." He turns around, seeing the Doctor speeding up, he picks up his pace.
Katherine Quinn "There's way more of them than I anticipated." Wyvern says, seemingly just to herself, "Falling back." She may be on a secure radio frequency, but for now this situation has gotten entirely out of hand. If she had another helicopter to throw into the crowd, maybe this would be easier.

She ejects the magazine from her rifle and slams another one home, wheeling around to butt-strike a zombie in the head with the weapon, before turning and booking it. She knows she can outrun the zombies, and as long as there's no BOWs in the group, she should be fine until she can make it back to Umbrella HQ.
Kitten By the end of the night, the evacuation area at the Raccoon City Central Park has fallen. The majority of the zombies begin to move out from the area towards the rest of the city, leaving the area a bloody wasteland of the dead.