Umbrella Surveillance System
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Emma This lab is barren, and cold. It's really like a hallow shell, because everything was taken out of here. The air has this endless feeling, as if it swallows you up in blankness. In a way it may even be eerie. Even though the lab isn't overly big, enough for a handful of people to work, there is a sort of hopeless feeling in here. Maybe a by product of whatever use to be tested. Maybe because of the empty shelves, counters, and coldness of the room. An access to the sewer can be seen, on a wall is a trash shoot for medical materials to be disposed of - that is where the bits and pieces went after James was tended too.
In an attempt to make this place a little softer, a bed has been make shifted on a table. There is a blanket, and a pillow there. A small light, to see better. And on a counter by it are medical supplies, blankets and other items that may be needed for any medical emergency. It's not a lot, because there isn't a lot that can be put out, just the basics, the bare basics, to treat a person. But it at least adds a little something to this barren, cold, hopeless feeling room.
James Scott James Scott has found himself at the bottom of the stairs, left in a puddle of his own blood with a quickly forming bruise under his eye. The blunt he escaped to smoke is several steps above him, but left unattended it has burnt down to a stinger. Could this be the end for the least favorite Scott brother?
Silent Night Archene Night had recently just arrived for a bit more of his... solo surveys on the outside. Which as safe as they may be, they do give him an idea of how badly things are going. When he arrives, his first destination were the sewers, so he can finish any required daily checks. This, however, requires him to pass through the lab. While there he finds James left on a puddle of his own blood. He pauses for a moment, immediately checking his vitals. Considering this was the last Scott brother Archene has ever even heard about, he certainly wouldn't let the man just die.

Gently, he picks the man up before moving him back to the local makeshift bed. Not minding whether he is awake or asleep afterwards, he immediately goes towards Emma's room. She was, after all, the local doctor. He knocked her door, rather... heavily, "Emma, there is an emergency, James seems to have sufered an accident, he is down at the lab. Please, have a look at him." Given that he didn't even have the time to change his clothes, he is just on his combat armor, armed with little more than his pistol.
Markus Berger Markus himself just returned from another trip of 'acquiration of conveniently available supplies' aka. 'looting everything usefull that is not nailed down nearby' as he sees Archene knock on the door to Emma's room and hears the whole part about James having had an accident. Long story short, he completely ignores Archene, drops the bags with the things he gathered on the floor, heads down into the lab and prepares the medical supplies for Emma while taking a look at the injury himself.
Emma Emma is in her room, hidden away with reason. What transpired minutes before shoot her up real bad. Even if she was willing to take that bullet, the fact that the gun was fired.. well, I was the icing on the cake. What this lass had done was sit on her bed, knees up, head down, and cried, releasing so many emotions, trying to cope with so many feelings. The knock startles her, there is a jump and a move to the door. There isn't any way to hide her tears now, so when the door is thrown open it's plain as day, the hard crying she was doing. "Wha - what do ya mean, James had an accident?" Unaware of what happened after she ran off, and even if she is furious still, the caring, kind person she is, is the stronger force. "Aw, fuck." Another curse! Pushing past Archene and wiping tears away with the palm of her hand, bare feet smack against the cold floor as the redhead hurries down to the lab. On the way down, the joint is seen on the floor, and then the blood on the bottom. "What.." Realizing something happened, more serious than a paper cut, quick light steps bring her to where James was laid. "Mar - Markus, do ya know what happened here?" Seeing that he is getting tools ready, her move here, is to examine the injury right away.
James Scott James Scott really appears out of it. He isn't coming to from being moved, he isn't groaning in his sleep. If he weren't breathing, as shallow as it is, he could easily be mistaken for a corpse.
Silent Night As Emma goes past him, he is surprised to just see hre complexion and sighs before closing her door. He shakes his head quietly, not having noticed Markus going towards the lab at all. He quietly walks back towards it, given that they do have a proper place for Emma to work now, he expects little for himself to do. He is a bit surprised at the presence of most of the resistents in the Lab when he arrives there however quiet he may remain by its entrance.
Markus Berger Markus just briefly looks up to look at both Archene and Emma, particularly the later who looks more than just terrible and shrugs. "No idea, but I can tell you what I'm seeing. Hit in the face hard by something and hit his head on the stairs. The later following the former, most likely." He just points at the black eye and the laceration at the back of the head before stepping away to let Emma get to work. "He is going to have a concussion from this and this will need to be stitched."
Emma Emma doesn't even bother to hide the fact that she has been crying. Her red eyes are more focused now. Looking at the back of James head, there is an agreeing nod to Markus. Then his face is looked at, and the black eye. "Oh, Benny." Whispers the woman, shaking her head, assuming that something between them happened. "Least - least James is out." For a second there is a flash of anger, mixed with a betrayed expression as eyes fix on the unconscious teen. Moving to the counter and grabbing her things with an angry flip of the medkit flap, the needle is steralized. "Clean tha wound." Is her direction to Markus, as a hand motions to some sterile wipes and some clothes.
Markus Berger Markus briefly nods and quickly begins to do as told. Not that he has much of a choice in the matter and is particularly glad that they have Emma to handle the walking disaster that is James. "Why is he down here anyway? He was supposed to be cuffed until he wakes up and either of us gets around to checking up on him." A legitimate question since he isn't in the least aware of what happened. Fortunately, probably. For now.
Silent Night "That is a question that I'd really like to know, Markus." Archene shakes his head briefly, "Luckly, he isn't dead or worse." He looks towards James with rather appraising eyes for a few moments, when he waas awaken, he'd have questions for him.
Emma Once the wound is cleaned, Emma would go about her work. To Markus, there is a moment of silence. That ball of hurt in the pit of her stomach returning quickly. Before the first stitch, those red stained eyes move up to Markus, and then looks towards Archene. A second later the first stitch with the curved needed is made. Quick work will need to be made of this before James wakes up.

"I came - came down here, ta setup stuff. I was sitting 'lone, thinkin', and Benny came down. A second later, James did. I dunno how it started, but when I turned around James had a gun out on Benny. I ran between them, so I'd take tha bullet. Told James to shoot.." That's when the ginger pauses, and eyes James a moment, and then continues. "And he shot or somethin', gun made a clickin' sound. I can't believe James shot at me, or pretended ta? I dunno, he pulled tha gun. Thought we were friends. I expected ta die. I dunno what happened next, I ran, in fear, and in hurt, ta my room." Which would explain why Arch found her crying in her room. "I'm assumin' Benny punched him for shootin' at me, he came up ta the room to check on me after I ran off. Then went ta work on securing the bunker here. Guess it was a good punch."
Markus Berger Throwing up of his hands in a resigned gesture Markus just takes a step back at the end of the explanation. Mostly because resignation is all he can muster, considering they have been stuck here not for too long now and at least two are allready at each others throats. "In all honesty? He deserved it in that case. Just wish we wouldn't have far bigger problems than an idiot with attitude pissing off the seething cop. Grundguetiger..."
Silent Night "True enough, it is already, not as efficient as it could be to have someone as dangerous as him around," Archene keeps looking at Emma doing her work, "But yes, he deserved this." He sighs quietly, knowing that sincerely, if his objective was anything other than cooperating and making use of those people, he would certainly have welcomed James to remain outside for a few nights.
James Scott James Scott squeezes his eyes shut as the stitching begins, a low sound of pain rumbling in his throat. The teen's eyes stay shut as Emma explains the situation and everyone chimes in. "Missed where Benny reached for his gun when he saw me. I knew his gun was loaded, so I drew mine. You turned around and assumed I was the bad guy. But then again, everyone always does. I'm not Chad, I'm the piece of shit Scott brother."
Emma Emma is just.. quiet, with the weight of their words. Teeth take hold of her lower lip, there is a frown. Cheeks are still damp with tears, but there is no time to shed any more. "James isn't an idiot." Says the Scottish lass, firmly, yet gently, showing that this is what she believes. Not able to defend the fact that James did deserve it, that bit is left where it is. Even if she doesn't want people hurt, it's a hard zombie filled world, even before the outbreak, and shit happens. The stitches don't take all to long, being good at them the final one is put in, and then the thread is cut. "Yer gun was drawn, his wasn't." Her statement is gentle, the gloves having been put on are pulled off, and tossed into a bin to be disposed of later. Moving around to face James, there is a sigh as well. "Yer tha one that 'fired', tho, ya knew it was a bad move, yet ya did it, I thought you were gonna kill me, for no real good reason. There is a difference there, a loaded and pointed gun assumed ta be loaded. You pulled that trigger." Silence, it's brief, but long enough to hopefully sink in. "But, yer not bad, either. Yer hurting, scared, and unsure on how ta react to it. Changin' against yer will. Ya didn' ask for any of this, we know, ya know it. Deep down. I do think yer not this person yer showin', I think there is someone better there that yer afraid ta be." That said, arms cross in front of her. "Ya got a concussion, ya need ta get back ta yer bed, and rest. Yer on bedrest, if yer up again" Well, don't cross a ginger with doctor skills!
Markus Berger The doctor apparently is just done with the whole mess in every way and just offers a shrug in combination with a nearly blank stare. "Allright. I'll check up on you later to see how the wounds are healing. Also, no cuffs. Doesn't stop anyone here anyway. If someone is looking for me... I got a few supplies to sort into storage." With that said Markus simply turns around and leaves back upstairs to take care of the supplies he dropped only a bit ago.
Silent Night "James, I don't know who you are or who Chad is to compare either of the two of you." Archene simply smiles, "There won't be cuffs around, but don't point a gun at anyone living in this little fort of ours. If you do think you are losing control of yourself for a reason or another, just do let us know. If you are feeling too hurt, in much pain," He shrugs a bit, "Just talk with us. If you need any food, I can grab you some in the kitchen, but really, do rest. When you are better, we will be sure to be counting on you." As he sees Markus leaving, he gives the man a nod only. Markus is on his list of people who really know what they are doing, so if the doctor says he is going to sort the storage, he... is more than certainly going to be doing that. No reason for any possible suspicion.
James Scott "Bed rest my ass. I'll try my luck with the church or over at the apartment buildings. I at least know when I'm not wanted." James' nostrils flare and his eyes open, his eyes glowing once more with anger. "Seems all I ever get for trying is shit on. Pretty sure I woke up in hell after that car hit me." With extreme effort he manages to roll off the makeshift bed, and for his efforts he's forced over to the waste bin to vomit.

         "It's bad enough that I have to share a living space with the man that made sure I had a criminal record, but it's my fault that he cracked my fucking head open after he went for his pistol. While I was high off pain meds because I got shot in my fucking ballsack. So yeah, I'll be leaving."
Emma Emma gives Markus a nod, and then passes a worried glance to Archene. Then, James is rolling off the bed, and heading to the trash can. Moving forward to his side, that undertone of anger resurfaces. "Enough!" Snaps the ginger. This quiet, gentle woman is yet again on the edge of going off the edge. "Yer drowin' yerself! If we didn' want ya here, ya'd not be here, got it. Stop hurtin' yerself. We're friends, aye? And you had tha gun -pulled-, you pulled tha trigger." Hands ball into fists at her side, but it's brief, the white knuckles return to normal as hands release, while kneeling down at his side. This isn't a time to go at each other, it's time to support. "Yer past is yer past, we're here ta help, like Archene said, ta talk to." If allowed, a hand would be put on his back, to support him. "No time fer grudges now, no time ta dwell, come on, lets get ya ta yer bed, yer not goin', and if ya try, it's over my dead body, that'd ya'd have'ta use a real bullet against."
Silent Night "James, if you were not wanted, you can be sure that you wouldn't be around anymore. You wouldn't have recieved aid, twice. And you can be sure that if you didn't point a gun at somewhere people considered a safe zone, then pulled the trigger, on someone who is at most a civilian. In front of a police officer, you wouldn't have gotten half a punch. That is, after you left a room designed so we wouldn't simply shoot you on sight due to instability. If -he- went for the pistol, which he didn't even draw. Something he could simply enough have done to shoot you after you played a bit with yours. If you were high on meds back then, you are as fucked right now. So really, if you want to leave, get better first. Else you will be dead before you get to the church, or even the appartments."

Archene sighs briefly before offering the kindest smile he can... which still looks rather plan given the shades, "Sincerely, if you have a problem with yourself getting a criminal record, you can be sure that it matters very, very little to the people in this place, or even in this city given the fact that most people out there are dying, or at least, had their close ones dead. If this is really a problem, you can have all the fights you want with him, after all of us are able to get out of here alive. Before that, I'd ask you to cooperate and help us." He smiles, giving little to no fucks to any reaction given by James, as sincerely Archene has tried enough.
James Scott "Can't say I'd have a problem with being dead." James manages, before he's sick once more. "Better than being a fucking monster." And that appears to be all he's able to get out. At least all the words he's able to get out.
Emma Emma looks over her shoulder, to Archene, she nods a little and then fully lowers to the floor, sitting against the wall beside James as he pukes. "I know." Her tone is soft, kind. If allowed, a hand would gently rub his back, in a supportive gesture.
Silent Night Archene sighs quietly, "I will get him some water... he will be needing that soon." He half smiles before directing his words to James, "And you aren't a monster right now, so don't think there is a reason to be dead." He sighs again, "And what makes a monster is their actions, not anything else. So keep yourself cool, and control yourself." With those words, he goes off, not before waiting to see if James does have something to say, however.
James Scott "Yeah." James mumbles, sat with his head in the trash can and Emma rubbing his back.