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Laura While it's getting more light out, Laura was determined to bring home atleast something to eat. Not a desperate situation, but one where you none the less want to sit idly at home, super-rabies infected people on the street or not. Or whatever they were, she didn't much like them. Doubtful that anyone did.

The next building she stepped over to seemed promising, and didn't look like it had been rummaged through yet. Few more careful steps quietly along the walls, and she reaches the door, grabbing the handle reeeaaally carefully. Not one sound, not even a minor creak, and she got that wish. She didn't like the look of the clearly dead-but-not-dead look of the creatures milling on the street, huddled over some poor soul. She pulled in a deep breath, taking a step to the lobby, feeling her pulse rise at the dark interior, instinctively grabbing onto her pistol, keeping it pointed ahead as she moved on slowly and quietly.
Isabel What a night it's been for Isabel Welsh. First, she found a mother lode of supplies even the Lost Dutchman might envy in an abandoned warehouse. Next, she nearly got crushed by a helicopter falling through the roof of the warehouse, which subsequently exploded once she was a couple alleys away. Third, she barely evaded a zombie in one of those alleys.
On the plus side, she did come away with two boxes of Twinkies, now stuffed inside her laptop bag. It's not exactly health food, but it's food. On the minus side, she's scuffed and bruised from her narrow escape. Further on the minus side, she's missing the back and part of the thighs of her jeans.
One might call it a seat-of-the-pants escape, were one inclined to be a smart alec about it.
It's the main reason she's here now, slipping into this apartment building through an unlocked service door. Hopefully someone lived here who's about her own size.
She gets into the lobby quietly enough. But as she turns to close the door, her laptop bag slips from her shoulder, rasping loudly against her old green Carhart jacket as it slides to the end of its strap. Isabel winces. Hopefully nobody heard that...
Laura Laura continued to make her way through the building, deeming it safer to stick to the lower floors before risking going up and getting trapped. Only if electricity was still around, it'd be much easier to see... Bingo! A closed door, she could just lockpick it and-- What was that?

The barrel of Laura's pistol pointed further down the corridor, towards what probably was a service area in the back. Maybe it was nothing, but she couldn't quite risk it, she'd have to look further, as a door that still was closed should prove fruitful, or atleast have some non-perishables to grab with her if not actual fruit. Gun barrel first, Laura made her way down, ending up at a corner. Jumping around it like an action hero certainly wasn't her style, so she took a careful glance around it. No very angry dogs, atleast. But there was a figure, apparently more worried about something else that her being there for the moment being, but she wasn't quite sure with the distance would that figure try to bite her head off sooner or later. She turns the corner, holding her breath, her steps even slower, even more nervous, keeping the pistol at the ready. A girl, apparently, whom didn't look too much like a zombie. "...Hey.", she said, figuring out she had the upper hand and the girl with her ripped jeans didn't seem too threatening either way.
Isabel Isabel slowly eases the door shut with a soft click, sighing in relief. She gets a better grip on the laptop bag and hoists it up to her shoulder again. That's better. Now to see what's here in this hopefully-abandoned apartment building.
And then someone speaks.
"Eep..." Isabel says, glancing over her shoulder in alarm. The sight of a woman with a gun is even scarier than the sound of a voice in this empty building. She freezes in place, eyes locked on her unexpected companion.
Whether she's a friendly companion or not remains to be seen. But on the plus side, she hasn't pulled the trigger.
Laura That's definitely not a growl, and seemed quite surprised with Laura lurking up to her. Who wouldn't; but of course there were things that were far, far more unpleasant to bump into. She narrowed her eyes in the dark, her hands easing off a little, especially seeing Isabel's pistol holstered on her thigh. "You keep that thing holstered, and we'll be fine.", she comments, waiting a brief moment for a response before lowering her pistol more. It was a long one, a rather unwiedly silencer attached to it's tip.

"What are you doing here?", she then asked, stepping in a few steps closer while keeping some distance, getting a better look at the co-invader to the apartment building.
Isabel Isabel, for her part, remains silent for as long as it takes the woman to state her conditions. "Th-th-that's for zombies," she says, as soon as she can make her mouth work, careful to keep her hands away from the Python and its holster. "And I'm... I'm scavenging. Same as you are, I'm guessing. I mean, guns are all well and good, but you can't eat them. And they won't keep you warm," she adds, blushing a little. "You won't need to point that at me. The real enemies are shambling around out there, promise."
Laura It was nice hearing someone actually talk for a change. Most of the days she heard growling and cries, angry shouting as scavenger groups clashed. Laura enjoyed a normal conversation for a change, even if it was on gunpoint. Not quite sure she could entirely put it away, she lowers it, having it pointed to the floor, but keeping on guard. She gave a little nod, "Yeah, looting about..", she replied, biting to her lip a little, torn between stashing her pistol away. "With the shambling ones you can atleast tell they are out to bite you, not so sure with other people.", she sighs, "Being desperate makes people do strange things. Become paranoid.", she says, letting her pistol hang loosely off one hand. "You look like you've had a bad day.", she says, nodding towards the woman, specifically at the fresh-seeming tear.
Isabel "They're still scary, though. I mean, they used to be people," Isabel says, her voice going low at the end. "At least I haven't seen anyone I know yet. I guess it's only a matter of time."
Then the woman indicates the sign of her narrow escape, and she blushes a little, putting a self-conscious hand over the white panties showing through the missing part of her jeans. "I got out of a collapsing warehouse by the seat of my pants," she jokes weakly. "It's the narrowest scrape I've had so far. I was hoping I could find a replacement here." She nods in the direction of the stairs. "Maybe we should start looking. Want to make it a team effort? I'll bet we could get a lot more done that way."
Laura Laura Herron curls her nose up a little, giving her head a little shake. "I try not to think them as such..", she replies in a soft murmur. Seeing people get torn apart by others, without mercy.. Certainly not people. "Thank the stars I'm from out of town, so I know everyone's safe-- apart from us all stuck in here.". She seemed much more relaxed, letting off a soft chuckle, not having noticed the white poking from the torn up jeans before from being on the edge earlier. "Clothes there's probably in abundance, unless folks here evacuated early with their things..", she comments, not entirely sure on how plentiful the looting would be. A team effort? That was an interesting thought, she could keep all she wanted by shooing the woman away, but another pair of eyes to atleast look out for less friendly people or the infected outside certainly wouldn't hurt-- and just maybe they'd cover more ground too, before interruptions. That is, as long as she didn't end up with a revolver bullet in the back the moment she turned around. Being desperate does strange things...

"Fine.. Let's get you those new pants. And whatelse good there is. I noticed a locked door earlier, which might be good pickings.", she nodded back towards the corner where she launched her ambush from earlier.
Isabel Isabel blushes a little more, but at least the woman doesn't seem to have decided to boot her out of here. A little embarrassment she can handle. Still, she does have one concern. "Locked? But how will we get in?" she has to ask. "I guess we could check the manager's office, see if there's a spare key or something. If it's not locked, too."
Laura "An apartment door shouldn't be too hard to pick.. Especially if you have the tools.", Laura smiles, a hand reaching for her pocket, pulling out a small plastic case to display. She pops it's hinged lid open, showing off a set of lockpicks before snapping it shut again. "Could give it a try, I'd rather not wander out to the office just yet, guessing it's other side of the building.", she comments, turning her back and leading the way back deeper inside the building to the door she passed on earlier. No way she could focus on keeping her gun out, and pick the lock at the same time... She slipped the pistol behind her back under her jacket, and knelt down before the door as she reached it. "Let's see..." It wasn't as quick and fast as she would've hoped, maybe thanks to being nervous with her back out in the open, but finally, a click from the door...
Isabel "You can pick locks? Oh, wow..." Isabel's eyes widen. "Right. I'll get out of your light." At the risk of turning her back on the other woman, Isabel steps a bit away to keep an eye on the hallway and the door they can see. It's creepy, really, sneaking around inside an apparently-abandoned building while the dead shuffle around outside. She can see a few moving shadows crossing the window in the front door now, and shivers.
She glances back at the sound of a metallic *click* from the door, seeing her companion kneeling there. "Nice!"
Laura Laura coughs softly, "Yeah, you know, things you find while scavenging, and some spare time while hiding.", she nods back before slipping down the hallway. Of course, she was much more experienced than that, but it's not something to drag about in the open.

She pushes the door open and stands up, looking into the room. Silent, apart from sounds outside. Nothing seemed to be moving either.

Someone had left the apartment in a hurry, a breakfast still set on the table. Seemed like a score, surely there'd be atleast something to grab. "Looks safe.. And quiet. Check the other rooms first.", she said, stepping carefully inside, following the left wall towards what soon turned out to be a bedroom. No zombies there, either.
Isabel "Wish I could do that. It'd save a lot of time looking for open windows," Isabel says admiringly. Carefully shutting the apartment door behind them, she lets Laura take the lead, moving to open a door on the right wall...
Into a bathroom. While the open medicine cabinet shows some signs of a hasty packing, there's no one there to confirm or deny it. She moves to the next door. "Clear so far..."
Laura Laura looks about the bedroom quickly, the nightstands with any luck might hide a weapon, or ammunition.. And the closets seemed untouch. "Guess you'll find pants here.", she calls out with a quiet voice, not sure if it quite carried across the apartment. Better check the remaining rooms before rummaging through those closets and nightstands, she thought, and turned about. Looking out the window gave a bit more of a reason to worry. There were a pair of infected right outside, lurched against the building wall. They should be okay, as long as they kept quiet. "Careful..", she calls out with extra care, pointing at the windows while glancing over her shoulder, with light steps making her way to the next room, staying away from the windows. Living room, it seemed, and the usual deal at that. Nothing too interesting in bookshelves and CD collections now. That leaves just the kitchen they walked through to get to the other rooms, hopefully with something non-spoiled to eat.
Isabel "Maybe there's something for you, too. Your outfit isn't exactly rough-friendly," Isabel points out softly. "But pants would be good." She points out the bathroom. "There might be some first aid supplies in there, if whoever lived here didn't take them. I'll be in the bedroom."
So saying, she steps quietly into the room and opens the closet. Careful to be quiet, she begins leafing through the items inside. "Looks like a small woman lived here."
Laura "It's black and quiet, just what I need to keep out of rough.", Laura laughs softly. "A proper jacket with more pockets might be nice, tho.", she comments briefly. For scavenging, her top priority was on food, and she dug through the kitchen cabinets and drawers. As expected, the freezer was full of things she'd rather not eat at that point, the drawers having a bunch of cans. Canned fruit, canned soup. Should keep her good for a few days... Or a day, seeming that it'd be worth sharing. She pulls the cans out from the cabinets, setting them out on the kitchen counter, extra careful to not bang the cans on anything or make too much ruckus digging through the drawers. Not much she could do with pasta, however and most of the dry foods, unless one risks setting a campfire to cook on someplace, the unopened cartons of juice probably were good, atleast. Should take care of most of the things in the kitchen, and she moves out towards the bathroom. "Ah.. I'm Laura, by the way. Shouldn't loot about with a total stranger, I guess.", she laughs a little.
Isabel Isabel shrugs off her jacket and sits down on the bed to unlace and pull off her shoes, wincing as the springs creak audibly. Fortunately, the zombies outside don't seem to notice. "I'm Isabel, Isabel Welsh. Cool to meet you, Laura."
Boots off, she unlatches her belt and its thigh clasp and sets them aside, though she leaves the holster pointed her way within easy reach... just in case. At last, she unfastens her ruined jeans and slides them down, stepping out of them with a sigh of relief.
Then a thought strikes her. "Oh! Is there any dry cereal?" she asks in a low voice, stepping out the bedroom door to make herself easier to hear. If she's aware that she's wearing only a pink longsleeved tee and white high-cut briefs, she doesn't acknowledge the fact. "I know it's not very filling, but at least you don't have to cook it, and it keeps for a long time."
Laura "Nice to meet someone sane, too. Thought everyone in the city had gone mad for a while already.", Laura laughed softly from the bathroom, deemed the windows isolating enough to keep the discussion from attracting attention. Seemed like atleast some of the things were pulled out from the medicine cabinet already, but there was painkillers and bandages left behind that would be of use. Soap, soap and more soap was in the other cabinets. Toilet paper, a pile of old magazines. Uninteresting, overall. She grabbed the things that were left in the medicine cabinet, and returned them to the hoard on the table. "I guess there was a box in the bottom left cabinet, cereal. It's kinda.. boring to eat..". Boring or not, certainly would be worthy of grabbing along. Setting the loot from the cabinet, she grins softly, "No pants that fit you?", she asks, eyeing the woman over.
Isabel "Sometimes it seems that way. Not that what's happened wouldn't drive anyone crazy," Isabel comments, wincing faintly. "What bothers me is that something must have caused this. The mystery is /what/, and /who/. None of it makes any sense."
Laura's up-and-down glance, and her words, clue the dark-haired waif in that she might've stepped out of the bedroom a little too soon. Though her cheeks pinken a touch, she smiles in return. "I was thinking of staying the night. A warm bed would be a nice change of pace."
Laura Laura had a good idea on who, but no idea for certain on what. Surely there wasn't profits in working something like that? "Can't forget /why/.. Seems much too freaky to be something.. natural. But don't see anyone gaining anything on making something like this..", she frowns, looking towards the windows, certain that the zombies were still lurching there. "Seems like a dangerous idea, as nice as a bed would sound, the street doesn't seem the safest, was quieter few blocks down.", she comments, glancing at the blue-eyed girl in the eye in a sincere advice, smiling warmly at the pinkened touch to the woman's cheeks. She was quite happy too, to not end up with a revolver round in the back. "But atleast we didn't kick the door in, so you can lock it when I slip out.", she said, moving over to the pile of supplies. A couple of cans, bandages, a carton of juice. She shoved them in her bag, leaving the rest behind. "Better close the curtains, too.", she nodded, giving a hand with that starting from the living room, before moving over to the door. "...Listen, if you get in trouble, I have a place down the road, it's been quiet for now.", she says, yanking out a napkin and a pen from the kitchen drawer. "I'll leave you a map. If something comes up."
Isabel "It's definitely not natural. I've never heard of anything in nature like this," Isabel replies, grimacing as she thinks about it. "But I'm a bit too tired to think about it now. I'm going to patch up my bruises and get some sleep. If I find a good jacket with a lot of pockets, though, I'll save it for you," she promises with a smile.
She moves to help Laura with the curtains, sliding them quietly shut in the bedroom, then the bathroom, silent on her sock-clad feet. "Good idea." She shuts up to listen as Laura speaks of that important matter. "A safe place... that's... wow. Laura, thank you. If there's ever something I can do to help you, please don't hesitate to find me. You can even call; my uPhone still works." She finds some paper to write on and hastily scribbles down the number. "Until the power goes, you can call me anytime."