Umbrella Surveillance System
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Kitten The area Isabel had been scavenging in had proven to be a treasure trove of valuable items, there was a large stash of food, some ammunition and even some electronics that someone had stashed in the upper floor of the warehouse for a rainy day.

On her way in Isabel was able to avoid alerting any of the roaming undead outside, but that was likely all about to change as Isabel's luck took a turn for the worse.

The helicopter crashed on the roof of the warehouse began to creak and groan and Isabel swore she felt the entire building shake a little as the helicopter pushed inward through the roof another few feet; teetering on the edge of oblivion.
Isabel The Lost Dutchman couldn't have hit more of a mother lode than /this/! Isabel Welsh, rookie scavenger, whistles softly as she looks over the haul. This could keep the team going for weeks... maybe even a month! "Buck, I wish you could see this. Better mark it on the map. There's no way I could carry all..."
Her thoughts, and her reach for her uPhone, are interrupted by a creak. Then a louder one. Then a groaning sound of overstressed metal shifting. Does the nose of that helicopter look bigger than it did earlier?
It does. And it's slowly growing bigger.Isabel holds her breath...
It stops with a jerk, but the creaking underneath it doesn't. Isabel Welsh, terrified young woman, looks around frantically for a way out of the warehouse. Side door, fire escape ladder, sewer grate... anything!
Kitten Isabel can see the way she came in, the ladder from the rooftop entrance in between her and the now unstable helicopter; there was a risk that the entire thing might fall down in the time she tried to make it over there, but maybe she was fast enough.

There was also numerous windows that she could try to make her way through or even the warehouse door for loading trucks or a small door on the ground level that led out into the alley.

Could she get there in time though?
Isabel The small door looks like a good option, relatively speaking... assuming it's not stick or something. The windows might make a good fallback option, if the alley turns out to be full of zombies. Either way, she'll have to move it! Isabel snatches up a two boxes of Twinkies from a cut-open pallet and takes off running, hopping over the tines of a hand forklift.
At least she won't leave empty-handed...
Kitten As Isabel is running towards the door, she is successful in snagging herself some twinkies; enough to live off for a few days or more depending how heavily she rationed herself. The helicopter however groans and creaks against the damaged roof one last time before the entire top of the building begins to cave in.

Isabel had almost been fast enough to get to the door before all hell broke loose, but she was just a few feet short as debris began to fly as throughout the warehouse.

No doubt the noise had attracted a great deal of attention from the living dead just outside of the warehouse.
Isabel Was that last creak a little louder than the rest? Isabel can't hear much over her own feet pounding and her own breath in her ears, but the next creak is accompanied by the shrieking of tortured metal bending and giving way!
The helicopter is falling... and she's a good eight feet from the door! A cacophony of of clatters and smashes almost overpowers her yowl of dismay as she ducks, shoving her padded laptop bag, now doing duty as a scavenger's satchel, in front of her to absorb the impact of running into the door she's about to hit. A case of MREs smacks painfully into her shoulder as she runs. Part of the sheet metal flooring it was on slams down almost immediately after, scraping down the back of her jacket and taking the seat and part of the thighs from her jeans as it catches on her hip pockets. Too close!
She crashes into the door, instinctively grabbing and turning the knob as she hits, stumbling out into the night. She takes a hurried look around and dashes for a connecting alley. She does /not/ want to be here if that helicopter goes the way of the /Hindenburg/!
Kitten The helicopter is only moments from exploding but the noise of the crash already has zombies from all over moving towards the warehouse. In Isabel's path to freedom is a solitary zombie, at least she had been lucky in the direction she had taken.
Isabel Shambler! And there's no time to stop! Isabel swerves to her right, dodging past a toppled garbage can that the clumsy horror almost trips over in its lunge at her, its fingers missing by inches. She doesn't stop to see if it stays on its feet, rushing for the cover of an intersecting alleyway.
This place will be swarming with undead in a hurry. She grabs for her uPhone and the mapping program. At least it was in her coat pocket and not her hip pocket!
Kitten Isabel is able to escape the area to safety as the entire warehouse goes up in flames behind her due to a large explosion, likely caused by the helicopter. The supplies in there save the two boxes of twinkies she had escaped with were lost, but at least ever zombie for a mile had something to distract them.

She was a little bruised, but still alive and she had twinkies! Go Isabel!
Isabel Taking the next alley at a quieter jog, Isabel sighs in relief as she reaches a brick building with a fire escape. With the roofs as close together as they are here, she can get literally above the danger for a while and make her way to a safer part of town. And she's got Twinkies! Go her!
Wait... is she feeling a draft? Isabel blinks and claps her hands to her hindside.
She should /not/ be feeling nylon and skin. Out and about with her white VS high-cut briefs on display? What would her mother say?
Maybe she can break into a shop on the way home. At least she's alive to worry about her modesty. Isabel quietly counts her blessings as she starts up the ladder.