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Silent Night It is an average morning for this apocalyptic part of the city. The weather is rather pleasant with some wind and few clouds in the sky. There are of course a good number of zombies around, but they are sparse enough for the careful to be able to avoid them. The street itself had a number of residential buildings, with the City College been a bit further south and a more industrial area being location in the Upper Ivy Street.

It was earlier in this particular day that Archene Night invited Emma and Markus to help him survey the area outside, Markus due to his knowledge about what is happening around and Emma, mostly in case they happen to find someone that wasn't wounded by the infected out there. It would also be a good experience for both to know more about how their surroundings are.

Archene was just on the edge of an alley of what was probably a residential building not far from where their safehouse was, looking out in case any zombies may be coming their their way, "The street has quite some zombies right now," he frowns a bit, "I didn't expect it to be so bad around here."
Emma Emma, the redheaded Scottish lass has followed Markus and Archene outside. She'd of been the last to come from their hiding spot. Slung over her shoulder is a first aid kit, and tucked at her side is a gun. Really, it seems out of place on her, given the gentle smooth movements she has, that dancers sort of grace. At the mention of Zombies her breath catches. The previous night she was stuck out here alone, returned sick. Her freckled face is still a bit pale "Ah, there -- there be a pharmacy nat to far, Arch." Says the shy girl. "Can we check it out? I wanna find supplies."
Markus Berger Markus trudges along behind Archene with quite some dread due to his own previous close encounters with the various zombies or rather zombie types, dread that is only barely mitigated by the the fact that he is clad in fully sealed NBC armor and wielding a Desert Eagle. "What did you expect? Sooner or later this is going to wipe out the entire population of the city. Be glad that this place isn't as populated as most other areas."
Tobias Hunter     Traveling the streets and alleys (maybe even that particular alley) alone, Tobias Hunter's street clothes are rapidly on their way to rags while a suit of S.T.A.R.S. body armor under his leather jacket looks brand new and totally out of place. His kit shows that he's more stalking the area than walking it, the duct tape on his sneaker soles put there to make them slip easier and keep them from squeaking rather than to effect any kind of makeshift repair. He sports a fresh extra-short haircut, carries an old deer rifle slung across his back that belongs in a museum, and at present has his feet off the ground so his upper torso can go far over the edge of a high dumpster for a deep, thorough dive into the contents.
Silent Night "It doesn't seem like a very good idea right now, it would be easier for someone to go alone with a pack since I don't think we have enough bullets to kill them all, nor we will be able to... sneakly make our way there." Archene looks at Emma for a moment before sighing, "There are enough Zombies for it to go wrong easily with a group like ours."

The alley Tobias just entered, however, was in fact the same one as the little group of people. And seeing a man armed, before anything he stood in between Emma and them, given that she was the least armored member of the team. Only then he notices the man diving into a dumpster. His surprise, however, is barely noticed through his shades. "You there, at the dumpster," he annouces, not too loudly, "Show yourself."
Markus Berger "Agreed. We should get by for a while with what we have for now anyway. We just wanted to survey the situation anyway..." Looking around for a moment Markus too sees the dumpster diver, sighs and keeps looking in the opposite direction. "You handle that one..." He is definitely not in the mood to handle whatever that is going to end up as.
Emma Emma nods, it is a good idea to avoid a horde of zombies. For now, she stays in her spot, hand on gun and waiting to see who it is that's coming.
Tobias Hunter     The man halfway into the trash bin stops wriggling and very, very slowly eases his way out until he falls to the ground, landing lightly on the balls of his feet with his hands up. His raised left hand contains an unopened can of Cheri Cola that somebody apparently threw away for fear of getting drenched on opening, if the big dent in the upper rim of the can is any indication. His raised right hand has a bit of nasty blackened banana peel clinging to it which won't let go when he twitches his hand, or when he shakes it, and finally flies free when he gives a violent whip of the arm off to that side. It splutches against the brick wall of the alley opposite the dumpster and sticks there, instead.
    The Blackfoot stands there staring coldly black-eyed back at Archene, Markus, and Emma as if wondering whether they actually intend to shoot him for the empty calories.
Silent Night Archene sighs at Markus' words lightly waving his hands in front of him, "You can relax," and the man smiles, "We aren't aggressive, and we don't plan to shoot unless you point a weapon at us." He smiles quite warmly, as he rests his hand on the pistol at the hoster on his waist.
Markus Berger Markus himself just briefly glances over his shoulder to the guy from the trash and Archene before shaking his head and keeping an eye on the opposite direction in case of zombies. They are likely a bigger problem than some guy in a dumpster. Usually. Maybe.
Emma Emma shuffles the bag hung over her shoulder. Her big silver eyes note the dented can of pop, and the banana. Looking betwedn Markus and Archene, then around to make sure if any zombies are super close or not, a hand digs into her bag. Out comes a granola bar, and a bottle of water. The redhead slowly moves forward, not daring to go past Archene, with an extended hand that holds the water and bar. "'Ere," Says the Scottish lass gently, tone as quiet as she can make it without drawing undo attention. "Take it, yer needin' it more than I." He is also given a kind, if not shy smile.
Tobias Hunter     So assured by Archene, Tobias Hunter looks over his shoulder both directions and then wipes the banana mess off his hand onto his jeans before he grips the nylon strap that slings his rifle over his back and adjusts it there. Finally with Emma's offer of food and drink, he cautiously approaches the trio at the alley mouth, speaking quietly as he goes. He speaks like a well-experienced hunter, never in a whisper and just loud enough to be heard from where he is to where they are, and his voice drops with each step so it doesn't carry past the alley mouth even as he nears it. "What brings you folks out in a shitstorm like this?" The can of cola disappears into a jacket pocket and he reaches out to accept the water and the granola bar.
Silent Night "We are just scouting this area right now. Seeing if there is anything worth salvaging around here." Archene sighs a bit and relaxes as the man reaches out for the cola, "And you, I assume, are looking for appropriate food currently." He smiles rather warmly, hoping that the man enjoys the water and the granola promptly.
Markus Berger With another look back Markus himself also pipes up for a moment. "Right about now there is more zombies around than any salvage is worth it though. Trust me on that one." His expression as he says that isn't really readable due to the gasmask, but he does sound particularly cranky about that as he begins to take a few steps away closer while still keeping an eye on the direction he is expecting trouble from.
Emma "Hope -- hope ya like 'em." Emma says, looking over Tobias a second, scanning for injuries. "Ya need tendin' ta at all?" The doctor, once the food and drink are handed over, shifts the bag she carries. "Is it just ya out 'ere?" There is a look to Arch and then Markus, with a frown.e
Tobias Hunter     "Food," the Blackfoot agrees with Archene, nodding to the tall, pale man while eyeing the red-headed girl and the guy in armored hazmat gear with a big gun. "Medicine," he adds, swinging his attention back and far up to the impossibly tall man again. "Survivors. Running escort for a lost scavenging party back to one of the safe zones pays better than a day or two of dumpster diving." He lets out a small, amused snort as his dark eyes travel back down the big, big Archene Night and the man's own arms and armor. "Not that anybody but that girl looks like they need any help out here."

    He looks past Archene to Emma and gives her a small shake of the head as he hefts the water bottle in salut. "No medic needed, thank you miss," he twists the cap off the bottle and tries a long swallow of what's inside, smiles widely and has another. "I don't suppose I can do anything to pay you back for lunch? Guide, tracking, scout and protection services in the urban jungle?"
Markus Berger Markus finnaly fully walks back up as he starts checking his pistol, especially the silencer attached to it. "Doubt it, at least not today since we are likely to duck out of here again soon. Too much trouble here right about now. I advice to stick close once we move out considering the freakshow around." He briefly looks at Tobias and smirks under his gasmask. "Well, that armor looks familiar. Looted?"
Emma Emma reaches into her bag, pulls out another granola bar from her stash and goes to toss it to Tobias. "'ere, I dun need it. Stay rull ya'll need tha energy." The redhead gives a small smile, looking to Markus after. "I don't think the -- there is much freedom 'round here. Zombies are everywhere."
Tobias Hunter     The Blackfoot's black eyes flick up to meet the glassy dome lenses of Markus' gasmask and Tobias looks at him like he's looking him in the eye when he answers, "Assisted the RCPD recovering gear from the station armory a few nights back, got this in trade." He accepts the second granola bar from Emma with a genuinely warm smile and a grateful nod, but then turns a cold glare back on the biohazard suited man. "I guess to a guy like you, honest work and looting ain't much different." The food bars go into his pocket, he deliberately turns his back on the trio, and he drains the water bottle empty as he walks away down the alley.

    "Good luck," can be heard faintly as he walks away, barely audible over the plastic clacking of the empty water bottle as it bounds around inside the dumpster he tosses it into on his way past it.
Markus Berger With another brief look towards Archene to make sure he is taking care of the whole keeping an eye out for zombies thing Markus just watches Tobias walk away. "What the hell was that supposed to mean? Seriously..."
Emma One is tense when outside, in the open, with zombies. But something Tobias says makes her a little more tense, and eyes dart to Markus. She isn't going to explain that, doesn't want to. So her attention returns to the departing man, curiously watching him for a moment. "Keep -- keep safe." Says the Scottish lass, quietly, hopefully enough to be heard. After that, turning on the balls of her feet her team mates are regarded. "Ya -- ya think he can get peope outta tha city?" That's what she took from it. "Maybe that's'n option if so."
Markus Berger "Hope so. I know that I've been insulted somewhow and with the crap thats been going on I'll be keeping a grudge, but I hope it anyway. The destroyed bridges and the quarantine zone will be stopping any attempt dead anyway though unless some organised extractions start up anytime soon." The doctor is definitely seething under his mask there, that much is obvious.
Silent Night Archene looks away from the zombies which had recently taken his attention away from the conversation, "Markus is right though, chances of someone simply being able to get people out of the city are... rather low, if it isn't part of an organized attempt. I'm sure there will be people out there being tricked into that kind of thing sooner or later though." He sighs quietly, "I think here should be far enough for today, should return for now, or do you two want to have a look further off?"
Emma "No reason for -- for a grudge, Markus. Ya got bigger issues ta deal with, like tryin' ta stay alive 'n all." It's a pretty important goal. "Well hopefully someone'll be able ta -- ta get us out." Looking to the building there is a nod to Arch. "I need ta check on James again anyway."
Markus Berger "True enough. Lets go the way we came from and hope that path is still clear. I'll probably just take my lockpicks later and search the closer area around our place for anything of use." He doesn't even bother saying much else as he slowly lurks backwards the way they came from for a few steps before turning around and heading out... slowly.