Umbrella Surveillance System
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Ingrid Hunnigan It's the night of Outbreak and Leon has received word from dispatch that the Main Precinct is falling to an attack of some kind by armed rioters, "This is dispatch to all remaining units, if you can hear this, get out of Raccoon City. The station is going to fall to rioters, this is the last message you can expect from dispatch." It was Jason Price, the last remaining Dispatch operator in Raccoon City and he like everyone else was cutting his losses and running; if he would even survive the night.

As Leon drives through the streets he can see people smashing windows and heading into empty stores to loot them.

Up ahead, another car crashes into another, the driver of one vehicle sailing out of the vehicle a good thirty feet before landing in a crumpled pile.

These problems were no longer Leon's responsibility. There was nothing he could do about them.
Leon Kennedy "Dispatch, Dispatch, this is officer Kennedy, good copy, over," Leon replies into his radio as he sails down the streets. Are they looters or undead? The two behave with shocking similarity. There's not much he can do here, but damn if it doesn't feel wrong to just abandon his post like this.
Up ahead, there's a man flying an obscene distance through his windshield, and Leon jerks the wheel to go around the accident. What can he do to help? How can he save them? Bright eyes dart frantically to the left and the right between watching the road, trying to figure out how he can protect the city, but it feels much too late for that.
Ingrid Hunnigan No doubt Leon had people to call and somewhere to go and gather his belongings if he was willing to risk such a thing but fate was about to intervene and prevent such a thing. The uPhone that he had been given as part of his welcome to the force package a few weeks ago began to ring from within the glove box of the car.
Leon Kennedy Of course it's in the glovebox, Leon doesn't use that thing. That would require learning how to or giving up his beloved Razr or letting the government track his every move or getting work emails at all hours of the day and night, or... something. It's in the glovebox where it belongs, that's all that matters, until it starts ringing.
"The hell is that!" he jolts, having forgotten all about it, and popping the glovebox open fully expecting some sort of remote IED. Instead, it's an innocent little uPhone. Don't text and drive probably isn't a thing on the lawbooks yet, so he reaches in and grabs it hurriedly, leaning over the center console and only swerving a little before he's back upright and answering the call after a moment's confusion trying to tap the 'button' before sliding it to the right. "Hello?"
Ingrid Hunnigan The uPhone was ingeneous in the sense that it was years ahead of its time, incorporating features Apple was only dreaming of with their prototype iPhone. It also provides a great excuse to slowly introduce modern cell phone features in a time when they did not exist.

Leon might be surprised that it wasn't a voice call, it was a video call. On the screen was a young woman with dark hair and glasses, dressed in business clothing.

The sounds of a franticly busy room could be heard in the background, orders being shouted, information being provided; the words Pentagon, Senate and others popping up in the background chatter.

The truth was, Ingrid had searched long and hard for someone else in the hours since Ashley's ride had been lost, she had tried to locate members of S.T.A.R.S. the strange equivalent of Raccoon Cities SWAT but the ones she had tracked down had already fled the city.

The National Guard units were too far away and tracking satellite feeds she had found a single patrol car even remotely in the area; that had to be one dedicated cop she thought to herself.

"You're Leon Kennedy, right?" The young woman on the other end of the call asked, "My name is Agent Hunnigan, I'm operating on authorization of the President of the United States of America. We need your help with something very important." She couldn't believe her only hope was a rookie cop. Not just her only hope, but Ashley's as well.
Leon Kennedy ...which means Ingrid is greeted by a brief view of the side of his head before he figures it out and pulls it down in front of the wheel where he can see it and keep one eye on the road. Totally safe, driving like this. "Agent who? The President?" Things must be bad if they're calling him. "How did you get my number? I voted for him last election, is that what this is about?" The road ahead is blocked with cars and shopping carts, oddly enough, and the rookie cop puts the car into a sharp turn to take it down a sidestreet.
Ingrid Hunnigan "You're going to want to make a left ahead Officer Kennedy. You'll be headed for the subway entrance. A secret service vehicle crashed somewhere near the entrance of the subways, it was carrying a VIP." Ingrid did her best to maintain an air of business, still following Leon's progress, "The VIP is the President's daughter Ashley. I'm going to need you to confirm whether she is still alive or dead. Can you do that?"
Leon Kennedy "I can do that," Leon answers, nodding briefly, brushing his hair back out of his face with one hand, the phone in the other, and driving with no hands for a second by default. Then he's taking the next right, gunning the car toward the station. "I see it," he calls, eyes ahead, phone in hand. "I'm going in."
The car door pops open, and Leon hops out, slamming it shut and locking the door. He's got his Glock and a nice Samurai Edge he found just laying around somewhere (go figure), but they didn't bother to give him the standard M16 and shotgun for his beat on the college campus for some lame reason. There's a path of devastation leading directly into the subway station, and the zombies are thicker here than they were out on the open streets. For the moment, they seem to be roaming randomly, but that could change at any instant.
Ingrid Hunnigan "Alright Leon." Ingrid switching to more familiar terms that she had gotten some measure of co-operation, watching the progress on her computer screen, "I'll do whatever I can to offer support, I've got access to some camera feeds in the subway but it's really dark down there. I don't know what you'll be dealing with but be---"

The cell phone call cuts out as Leon heads down the stairs into the darkened subway, like most police officers he no doubt had some kind of flashlight on him to help cut through some of the darkness.

The way ahead was eerily quiet.
Leon Kennedy Leon /does/ have a flashlight, a big clunky maglight from before the era of LED. The dim ring of orangey light is better than nothing, though, and he switches it on, holding it around his waist for now as he cautiously descends. The subway is dark indeed, and more than a little creepy, with a persistent sound of dripping water coming in from somewhere. Ingrid's help or even the comfort of a human voice are gone, leaving him on his own.
Ingrid Hunnigan Leon can see directly ahead the toll booth leading into the underground subway station has been smashed down by what was likely a vehicle. There are also several bodies strewn about directly in his path, most of them suitably run over and very dead looking.

Much carnage had been caused by Ashley's ride on its way in.

The dripping water persists and in the far distance, the echoing sound of a subway train; somehow still running can be heard. It might have even been getting closer, it definitely seemed to be.

Up ahead was a black sedan flipped over onto the tracks, the headlights illuminating the small area in front of it.
Ingrid Hunnigan For the audience some musix begins to play: muahahaha
Leon Kennedy Much carnage, indeed. Leon picks carefully over the corpses on his way toward the sedan, with its headlights still on. It's a black towncar, maybe a Lincoln or something, with tinted windows, and it looks like the sort of thing the President or his daughter would be carted around in. He instinctively moves to grab at his radio clipped to the bulletproof vest, but then he remembers dispatch is gone and the hand drops again.
Quietly, the rookie officer approaches, glancing around in the darkness and occasionally skimming his flashlight over the tunnel passages and fallen bodies, trying to make sure nothing else is moving. When he gets up next to it, he crouches down to try to shine some light inside.
Ashley Graham Perhaps it's the light that does it. The little flash from Leon's light, illuminating naught but death around him. Or perhaps it's the rattle of a less-than-far-off subway engine, wheels clattering on the tracks.

Ashley's eyes don't flutter open, but she doesn't spring to wakefulness either. She is sleeping one moment, and then awake the next, but her state of wakefulness can't be described as alert. She's disoriented. Who wouldn't be? After all, she's in that damaged Sedan. She's hanging upside down in the back, her body still held fast to the seat though her arms dangle up above her head, wrists twisted against the roof of the sedan. Lifeless. And bloody, oh so bloody.

What was once a fashionable outfit of black boots, black leggings, and an oversized white cashmere sweater is now just copper-colored. Even her porcelain face and white-blonde hair are now ruddy and ginger, respectively. Because really, her whole front is just coated in the stuff, save for a flash of pure white that was untouched behind the seatbelt strap, or under her hand.

First, Ashley's clear blue eyes move to the two secret service agents who were, earlier, dead in the front seat. And then, slowly, Ashley turns her head to look over her shoulder to the source of the moving ray of light. She opens her mouth, dried blood cracking along her face. "Hello," she manages in only a hoarse whisper. But then she dares do no more than that, and her hands reach up for the buckle of the seatbelt which she begins to depress and yank on, violently, her body bouncing slightly for the effort as she struggles to free herself. Because someone's alive down here. Someone besides her.
Ingrid Hunnigan A combination of the light and the call of Ashley awakens the infected secret serviceman in the passenger seat who had been lying dormant the past few hours. Snarling and crawling from his strange position on the roof of the upside down car, the man's body was all twisted up awkwardly and he began reaching towards Ashley with his blood-covered hands.

If Leon didn't do something Ashley was going to be zombie chow!
Leon Kennedy The dead man in the front suddenly starts to move. Leon is a rookie, but he knows that's not a good sign, and it's not the first zombie he's shot. It takes him half a heartbeat to sight in on the zombie's head, the night sights on that custom Samurai Edge coming in handy, and a quick squeeze of the trigger blows half the dead man's skull back against the windshield, the sharp report of the handgun ringing in the confined space. Ashley is in the backseat, visible if well-soaked in blood, and he barks at her, "Get out of the vehicle, /now!/ I'm here to rescue you."
Ashley Graham Ashley is still tugging on the seatbelt when she turns her head back to the Secret Service man, just in time to see him reaching between the seats for her. She has no time for more than a gasp, for then the creature's head explodes and she turns her face quickly to the side, though she's still got warm splatter atop cold, just now. She can't see Leon, but she does hear his voice outside the car. "I'm trying!" she barks back, her own tone losing most pretense of gruffness due to it's sweetness. And then, at last, the seatbelt gives and there's a yelp from the seat followed by a thump as Ashley falls head-first onto the ceiling of the sedan

But for a moment, there's quiet. No movement. No sound. Just Ashley, staring wide-eyed at the half-faced zombie that used to be her protector. In this moment of fight or flight, there's a moment of freeze as she takes stock of what's before her. But then, in another moment or two, Ashley is sliding out through the broken window, moving gently and gingerly to avoid cutting herself any further on any of the glass. She doesn't even look up at Leon, just yet, rather she seems to be checking her surroundings. Safety first kids!

"They're armed," she reports to her rescuer. "They've got guns." Followed by a sniffle, holding back what is likely a good, damn-earned cry from the civilian woman.
Ingrid Hunnigan The sound of the oncoming subway train was growing louder, and the visible lights could be seen coming around the bend towards the station.

The gunshot from Leon had caused a great deal of noise and several of the corpses on the platform began to stir and slowly rise to their feet, the light of the oncoming train illuminating them.

Leon and Ashley had to get out quickly!
Leon Kennedy "I don't care," is Leon's sharp reply, latching onto her arm immediately as she comes out blinking and holding back tears. It's not that she doesn't deserve a second to process all this, it's that they literally have no time to do that in and also survive.
Pulling at her arm, he hisses "Come on!", already starting to run back toward the stairs, urging her on. There's a biter in the path ahead of them, and he slows for a beat, whipping his pistol up again and firing a second shot. The bullet hurtles forward and pushes bits of jawbone up through the zombo's brain, and then the cop is running again.
Ashley Graham "But we-" Ashley begins to protest. Yeah, Leon, there's going to be a lot of that. At least the sight of the oncoming subway is enough to stifle even her, and she instead picks up her feet in those stylish yet useful black boots and runs with the man. Even without the hand on her upper arm, she manages to keep up, though almost skids to a stop when they come face to face with another undead. Or, as Ashley still understands it to be, sick person. "Jesus!" She gasps when the Zed's jawbone is suddenly hanging loose from his skull, before the creature collapses. Leon's hand on her arm and his movement breaks another spell of shock for the girl and she's soon moving with him. He doesn't need to encourage her again.
Ingrid Hunnigan As Leon and Ashley race off of the tracks, the rogue subway train comes around the corner and smashes into the car in its way sending debris and metal flying in places as it continues on its path with the car being pushed in front of it.

Inside of the subway train if you looked back, you could see lots of blood on the windows and lots of people still inside.

The slower moving T-Virus zombies that had been laying dormant in the station begin moving after Leon and Ashley but they are able to outrun them and get to Leon's car safely.