Umbrella Surveillance System
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Emma Outbreak has happened! The city is in total chaos now. Zombies are everywhere. People scream, run, get turned. It's a living hell outside, and people are dropping by the minute. Trying her best to surive, Emma - who has Shaemus, and her things, is hurring to the building. Having been told that this was where a safe place was, it's the main destination point. Once at the building, the lass would of stopped briefly, to breath. Looking down to her dog, who is panting hard, and on alert, there is a pat on his head. "Come on boy, we -- we gotta get goin'." Because, who knows when they'll be folled. Grabbing her things, and having a guitar strung over her back, the redhead goes to the bunker, and knocks on the door, hoping someone will answer.
Markus Berger Upon knocking there is a short ammount of noise to be heard as someone heads to the door and it is abruptly opened, revealing a NBC armor and gasmask clad man with a Desert Eagle directly pointed ahead of him, which in this case is towards Emma, before he abruptly lowers it after a split moment. "Gott sei Dank... was wondering when you would arrive here. Get in, my contact is inside." With that said Markus, steps to the side and gestures inside.
Emma Emma wasn't all to sure who she would see inside. Markus told her about this place but.. well, she remains unsure. When the door opens and a masked man appears eyes widen a moment, until the ginger realizes who it is. With clear relaxation, in the form of a slump of her shoulders, the items are dropped briefly to go to give Markus a hug, if he'd allowed. "Yer safe!" There was worry. "And ya got -- got a place too!" There is such relief in her tone. Shaemus shuffles in, going to sniff about making sure the area is okay. Once the hug is done, hands would reach for her few bags again. Her hair is a mess, it was back, clothes are dirty, but she is alive, and unbit. "Yer contact? Who is that?"
Silent Night Inside, there was a man wearing shades and a black combat armor with Umbrella's logo on the arm and back. He has a standard Umbrella pistol on his waist and is sitting down on a bench with some ammo and seemingly full clips in front of him. As he hears a rather familiar voice, he takes a look their way before smiling. "That contact would be me," he offers Emma a rather bright smile for someone with shades, "Glad to see you are safe, Emma."
Markus Berger The hug was unexpected but accepted graciously, with a slight hug back before Markus tries to get her to get inside quickly with a nudge as he closes the door. "Yep. Archene here helped me get out of the hospital. I was still there, trying to secure some data as long as I could when all hell broke loose. Now its just a tomb... with the dead being up and about." With that said Markus himself heads back into the building to where Archene is sitting. "Hows the ammo looking so far?"
Emma Grabbing her things Emma shuffles in, smiling more now than she has in a while. Resting her stuff - which includes her guitar case, a look is given to Markus, and then to Archene. The look of surprise crosses her freckled face, and silent a moment eyes can only move between the two. Never would she of guessed that they knew each other, and he was the contact. "Hi." Manages the ginger to Arch, smiling and then looking around as they talk about Ammo. "I -- I can't believe ya guys found this place, how did ya?" Shaemus goes to shuffle up beside his master, laying down. He seems to sense too that this place seems safe enough that he can finally relax.
Silent Night Archene looks briefly towards the ammo again before saying, "We should have more than enough for a squad to operate for quite a few weeks. In regards to ammo, at least, there is nothing to worry about. I still need to do a proper inspection in the sewers, to ensure that it is safe for now at least." Seeing Shaemus more clearly he snickers briefly, and smiles at the dog before telling Emma, "I work for security, and the Doctor here is good at finding what needs to be found." He just smiles at the nonanswer.
Benny Benny was providing cover for Emma, his Ford Explorer patrol vehicle has very little gas left and had sustained some damage, when he crashed through a few parked cars trying to escape hordes of zombies. When Raccoon City Police dispatch was no longer responding and he couldn't find any other RPD or S.T.A.R.S. members he found Emma. His mission now, was to escort her to this safehouse location that she knew about and it was the least he could do after all hell broke loose during the critical mass of the outbreak. Once Emma was safely into the building, he followed, making sure to turn off the engine, grab everything useful from the patrol vehicle he could, lock it and then run as fast as he could up to the front doors. "Okay, Emma..." he pauses a moment to catch his breath and blinks at the closed door where she just entered, "Uh...hey. Hey!" He bangs on the door with his hand, turning to face the street with his MP7 at the ready in case he's caught the attention of any zombies. "Open up. I'm a friend of Emma's." He speaks loudly but doesn't yell towards the door.
Markus Berger As the question of how they found this place Markus just raises the hand that is not holding the Desert Eagle and wagles his fingers. "Through the magic... of hacking. Umbrella doesn't secure its low-priority files well enough at all. Was a bit more problematic to get here and actually open up everything afterwards. Will likely take a day until its cleaned up..." Its obvious despite his gasmask obscuring his face that he wants to keep rambling, but the sudden banging on the door does kind off interrupt it. "I think thats Benny. I'll handle that." And with that he is heading back towards the door to open up. Again.
Emma Emma quielty comsiders this a little, still looking between Markus and Archene. They both work for umbrella, they have found this lab. Slowly her eyes drift, looking it over. Biting her lower lip a little there is a small nod to what Archene says, and then a glance to Markus. "Yer -- yer tha one that found it?" Then again, to the 'contact' her eyes move while a hand fishes into her pocket to pull out a hair tie. "Yer security, then?" Says the woman gently, yet with her thich Scottish accent. Sweeping her hair back and out of her face, she sighs. "So ya can fight then?" And just as suddenly the door is heard, eyes widen. There is a quick turn to get to the door, knowing Benny is behind it. But Markus seems to take the lead on that, he'll likely be better at stopping anything unhuman that may come in. There is some relief, knowing the STARS officer didn't get taken on his way here too. Shaemus gets up, shuffles about, and sniffs at things. "I -- I can cook, if ya need one, clean, whatever. Anyone hurt that I need ta tend to?"
James Scott Beeny was in for quite the shock. Somebody else was coming to the building, somebody else dressed in STARS armor. Who might it be? None other than James Scott.

         "A-ah l-little h-help?" he asks, limping forward only thanks to the baseball bat he's using at a bat.

Was using as a bat. By the time the teen makes it to the door he falls out. The various bites and other wounds, coupled with the extreme blood loss, claim his consciousness before he can make it inside.
Silent Night "I did say I worked in security, back then." Archene seems to ponder on something briefly, especially after listenning to her words, "Having someone who can take care of wounds is very good, even better if you can also cook." He sighs briefly looking towards the door, "I'm starting to wonder how many he managed to tell about this place. I am sure I can keep a handful of people safe if they can at least walk and handle a gun, but if I suddenly have to take care of a dozen..." He sighs quietly, "Well, there are some rooms around, and a bathroom, make yourself at home. But don't go into or through the lab, I haven't fully checked the area." He smiles again, "I'll give you a tour after Markus and company, are here."
Benny Benny points his MP7 at the limping figure with the baseball bat and wearing S.T.A.R.S. armor. "Holy shit...wait a second zombies don't talk. What the hell happened to you? Jezzus, is that you James?" He quickly moves from the door, holding out an arm for James to grab while keeping his MP7 free in case they are attacked. "Medic! We need a medic! Let us in! Holy shit your losing a lot of blood..." He doesn't have to be a doctor to realize the severity of his injuries, looks like he got riddled with bullets, a lot of bullets which penetrated his uh acquired not earned S.T.A.R.S. armor but he'll ask about that later. He kicks the door with the back of his heel, just as the door is opened...
Markus Berger "Oh for..." Markus doesn't get any further than that as he gets smacked by the door... which is particularly less bad than it sounds due to his armor. In fact he doesn't even bother saying anything else as he grabs James and helps Benny drag him inside the moment he sees the horrific sight. "Emma! You can make yourself usefull now... I'm not a medical doctor! I doubt James will come back from the dead twice. Archene! Help dragging or close the door!"
Emma "Aye, I can cook." Emma states to Archene. "I love ta -- ta cook." The noise from the door draws her attention. Luckily, being a doctor, there is no panic from her. Not in the helpless sense anyway. Jaw dropping when James is brought in by Benny and Markus the doctor hurries forward, grabbing her medkit on the way. "Oh shit." Woah, she cursed! It's not a common thing to hear, but this looks back. "We -- we need ta get him on a bed, I need water, towels. The bleedin' needs ta be stopped. James? James!" But he doesn't seem responsive at this time.
Silent Night Archene is about to say something when he begins hearing Markus' shouts, "Don't tell me that.." It takes him only a moment to dash off towards the door, he looks about the outside before fully closing and locking it. It wouldn't be good to have zombies, or even... uncivilized people coming about because of an attempt to save someone. When he is back to the group, he can only say, "Markus, get him into the first bedroom, I'll get a towel and a bowl of water." With that, Archene is off again, to get the required items.
James Scott James Scott has seen better days, but he's seen wrose too. Thankfully it looks like most of his wounds are limited to his lower body, a nasty bite to his left leg, a bullet wound through the meat of his thigh, and a /lot/ of blood coming from his groin. In fact that's where most of it looks to be coming from.
Benny Benny nearly falls over when his heel hits the door as it moves, but feels it stopping when it bumps into Markus's armored scientist body. "Shit and thank gawd you opened the door." He lowers his MP7 as soon as he's through the door, half dragging James through then more hands are helping, Markus's he thinks and then Archene is there shutting the door, barking out orders to go to the first bedroom. Shaemus is barking in the background he thinks or is that just the thudding of his heart? He hears Emma's voice, asking for water, towels then yelling out James name. All of this would overwhelm most people, but he's S.T.A.R.S. damnit and he's got a job to do. Priority is to help save Jame's life and worry about other shit later. He uses his other hand to grab a hold of James, making sure not to injure the poor man worse, using his first aid knowledge, to hold James in a rescue carry hold. So much blood and it is gushing out of the uh groin area. He was mistaken the armor doesn't look like it was penetrated, so is it some sort of internal injury? He follows Markus's lead towards the first bedroom because he has no idea where he is.
Markus Berger Markus does indeed lead Benny towards the next best bedroom they have available and once there places James on the bed before quickly getting out of the way. He isn't a medical doctor since in theory he is only supposed to glare at various viruses in petri dishes and not piece people back together, which means that poor Emma suddenly is the one with the most experience. "Shit... I'd like to know who shot him. Looters, STARS, RPD... Umbrella?"
Emma Shaemus is indeed barking, because James.. well he was never the -best- around James. But kept his cool enough because of his master, who by the way gives a quick command in Gaelic and that shuts the dog up. As for Emma, she'd follow them to the room, and toss her medkit on the beside table. There is a quick assessment, it seems most of the blood is coming from his groin. Being a doctor, or budding doctor, not much phases her. So going with the abilities of the group a quick glance is given to Markus. "Yer my nurse." And then, there is a look to Benny, with some relief that he is find after following her in. "Benny, I need ya to hold James down. He's out, but might wake up." Because there isn't much for sedation. Zipping open the medkit and looking over what's in, some gloves are slapped on, a pair handed to Markus. "Ar - Archene, got that water? We need ta clean him up."

From there, the intern would move to a good position, and pull back James pants, being as gentle as she can. The wood needs to be examined as well. When that's done what's shown is blood, and torn skin. His scrotum is ripped apart, a testicle once there, seems to of been blown right off and left as shreds. There is a small gasp - that damage wasn't expected. "Oh damn." Mutters the redhead, stepping back and moving to the medkit then, looking at it quickly. "Gonna need ta stitch this up too."
Silent Night Archene quickly goes through the kitchen to get a bowl filled with water, picking up a towel and running off towards the bedroom. Hopefully, Emma would have the expertise necessary to keep James safe. As he gets into the room, he says, "Here is the water, and the towel," he holds each low enough for Emma to have easy access to them, as he looks at James... it could have been worse. At least, the man is alive.
Benny The sight of all that blood, the severity of James injuries in the lower extremity region and seeing it after Emma removes the leg padding from the S.T.A.R.S. armor....well he felt more than a little bile bubbling up from his stomach into his throat. Luckily, he's seen so much crazy shit the last few weeks, including but not necessarily in order, infected dogs, dead S.T.A.R.S., infected people, full on zombies, then zombies with mutated eels inside them and a freaking tentacle with eyeballs monster that a ruptured scrotum along with a leg gash, isn't really that bad. "Shit...that looks...really bad. I hope you can fix that Emma." He makes a scrunchy face, then can't take it any longer and looks away as he holds James by the Shoulders with his hands, putting his weight on him slightly but ready to restrain him if he starts to struggle. "Hold him down. Got it. Come on James. Hang in there...please stay unconscious because this is probably going to hurt like a son of a bitch. What the hell happened to him?" He glances towards Markus, then to Archene. "Oh hey guys...uh, nice place you got here..."
Markus Berger Markus briefly glances around before he abruptly rips off his gasmask and gloves, tosses them aside and puts on the ones handed to him as he begins to help Emma with whatever she tries. Firstly by taking the water and towel from Archene and placing them in reach of Emma. "I'd like to know that as well. Definitely failed to dodge some gruesome caliber, thats for sure and I doubt that he is going to revive from the dead a second time if the bites it now." It probably says a lot about the current overall situation when someone talks about people coming back from the dead in any way as a common fact instead of as... pretty much anything else.
James Scott James Scott shifts slightly, but doesn't look to be waking up. Instead it looks like fever has gripped him. He was already pale and sweaty, but appears even more so now.

         "Ssttaaarrrs." he groans out, clearly having some sot of nightmare. Probably about the thing that shot him.

Interestingly enough even though his eyes are closed, you can still make out their movement beneath the lids, thanks to how brightly they're glowing. And occasionally it appears as though something is bulging beneath his skin.
Emma Emma has taken a curced needle, and threaded it. Set it in the medkit so it will be ready. Looking to Archene, there is a nod in thanks for him bringing the items. For her, she is in doctor mode now. Focused, serious, putting all the options through her mind. It's her domain. Calm as could be - for there is a calm sort of air about her, which traslates even more now, a concerned look is given to Benny. "Ya okay?" Asks the woman, frowning a touch. "Dun look, if ya can help it. It'll all be fine, dun'ca worry." Her tone is gentle and reassuring. Now, that groin needs to be atteneded to. Moving to that same spot as before, with the flesh exposed, there she stands a moment, thinking something over. Grabbing the cloth, the redhead words as slowly as possible, very focused on fixing this. Over time, the wound would be cleaned, revealing the skin, the damage. "He's totally lost it, the other seems fine." Yeah, there needs to be some examination too. For her, it's strictly medical. Once it's cleaned, one of those sanatizing clothes is taken. "I worry more about tha bite, Markus. I'd rather like to not have him hop up alive in front of me again, anyway." There is a shake of her head, remembering that fear. "Markus check that bite, can ya, while I cut away some skin. I need a small garbage, for waste. A container is better." With the cleaning and steralization done the siccors are grabbed, the next step being cutting away any loose skin, so it can be stitched up smoothly.
Benny "Oh man...he lost one...that, really" Benny exclaims with a wince and doesn't finish his sentence, because that would be mean. Even though he's not the injured party, just what Emma's describing leaves enough up to his imagination to make him shiver. When Markus removes his gasmask, he finally recognizes the man. "Hey...I know you, Markus right? We met at that dinner over at Emma's, your that scientist that works with Emma at the hospital..." He then blinks when Markus starts saying stuff about James reviving from the dead a second time. "Uh..wait a second...did you just say, that James has died once already?" He looks down at James's face, when the injured man groans out S.T.A.R.S. and then notices something really strange. "Uh...guys, that normal? His eyes are glowing and there is something moving under his skin...what the fuck." He puts more pressure on James Scott's shoulders, but his right hand is getting ready to move to his Samurai Pistol or combat knife, it some alien bursts out of James body or James starts changing into that creature from the movie, Thing. Benny's brow furrows as many thoughts seem to be going through his mind.
Silent Night "Markus, you seem to know more about this near dead one than me," Archene doesn't seem to have much haste as he pulls out his pistol and points it at James' head, "So let me know if I should shoot." He does what he can to remain calm despite... the fact that the man lost a marble, or is possible the kind of infected that someone doesn't want inside their safe place, "And Emma, you can just throw things to the side of the room, it will be cleaned later. It is more of a question of how messy this room will get from what I'm seeing."
Markus Berger Markus just nods as he gets to checking and treating the bite. "You know... I doubt that the bite could infect him with anything worse than what he allready has been infected with for weeks. That said... at worst I'm expecting him to just start mutating." He glances briefly over his shoulder to Benny before getting back to work. "Well, Benny. Umbrella has been working on bioweapons and I'm not just talking about viruses and poisons that just kill you gruesomely. You can see the results outside. Zombies, mutants... the works. Going by what I figured out even the hospital where Emma and I were working itself had Umbrella controlled labs dedicated to virus research in it. In addition there is the Umbrella Building, apparently some other places here and there and one in the mountains althought that one has been blown up after the US tried to have some special forces wipe out Umbrella there. Remember the earthquake sometime ago?"
Emma She is mid stitch now, with bleeding stopped and skin snipped. The needle is pulled through, the ginger looking up with absolute surprise. "Benny, what ya talkin' about?" Then her attention turns to Markus, and in silence the woman listens, jaw dropped a bit. Slowly, eyes turn to James, and the lump in her throat is swallowed. "He is - is gonna mutate?" No way her mind wraps around that to well. "I thought when he died tha first time, that was.. it." Baffled, and shaking her head with a sigh the stitches are continued. "Than take a look, Markus, while I finish this." Because it needs to be done, and -quick-. "His eyes glowed red before, before he died tha - tha first time. Are they glowin'? Actually glowing?" There is a quick look to Benny, with a frown. "How big is tha thing movin' inside?" Returning to focus on her work, the words for Archene hit her, with a hard realization. "I dunno what ta do, or what he is anymore. Perhaps we should be ready, but no killin' needlessly."
Benny "Woah...Archene. Isn't that kind of extre....actually, nevermind. I don't know what the hell is going on here. But if James, has /died/ once does that mean he is one of them? Like those things outside?" Benny is a little taken back by how quickly and calmly Archene put a pistol to James Scott's unconscious but something weird going on head. Yes, there are a million questions running through, Benny's mind when Markus drops the FYI bomb about Umbrella being behind all of this. His jaw kinda drops a bit, his brow furrows even more now as he keeps holding James's shoulders down so that Emma can keep working on him. "Are you fucking serious? Umbrella is behind this whole damn mess!? All these people are dying, then coming back to life, infecting everyone with this super virus that they created." The normally calm and nice martial arts Cop is beside himselfl now, the revelation of this is shattering his reality that is already on a slippery slope.

"Fucking unbelieveable! We gotta tell the government, they have to help us put a stop to this and then they can deal with Umbrella. Hell, I'll deal with Umbrella...oh my gawd. My dad works for umbrella...shit! This can't be happening!" Benny shakes his head and then looks down at James once more, hoping that no tentacles start sprouting from his body, "So James is infected...mutating? Is he going to kill us when he wakes up then?" He glances over to Emma, "You knew about all this? You saw James die once already..." Benny can't continue and he grits his teeth. "After James is stitched up. I'm going to handcuff him to the bed or something. We gotta lock him up until we figure out what is going on. Then I want to know everything, Markus. I've lost communication with RPD, the whole city is in complete chaos and fucking Umbrella's stock is probably going up!"
Silent Night Archene just replies, "It is not like I'm unloading the clip on his head, but if he does jump on any of us, or attempts to bite. I will be shooting him." He replies... rather calmly again, "I hope either of you can tell me more about him after he is patched up though," He takes a noticiably deep breath, "Benny, calm down. We can get him cuffed in a room and get food to him once he is up. As for the outside, I doubt that the government doesn't know what is going on around here. And don't worry, chances are, your father knew nothing. So focus on keeping him still now. Ponder conspiracy theories later."
James Scott "N-not killing anybody." James groans, eyes still closed. The look on his face has changed, he's awake. But he's in a /lot/ of pain. "Some pills, in my bag. Could use them." From how his voice is strained, it's clear he probably shouldn't be trying to talk. His hands curl into fists and his eyes squeeze closed. Apparently he's said all he plans on for the moment though.
Markus Berger The doctor flinches badly at Bennys freakout and quickly shuffles a slight bit away from him. Not far enough to actually move away from his patient though, especially since he apparently has regained conciosness... mostly. Maybe. "Jesus Christ, man. Don't even think about pressing me for information. I'm a labrat that has been forced into this bioweapon virus madness. One day I do labwork for medicine and vaccines, the next day I'm on retrieval duty with a bunch of Umbrellas commandos, get shot at by US Special Forces in a Umbrella facility in the Mountains and then had to run away from zombies. Afterwards I was stuck in the hospital with Umbrella looking over my shoulders." With that said he continues to treat the bite, although he is more interested in what is going on under his skin and gestures for one of the others to grab the mentioned pills. "Hmmm... no idea whats going on, but apparently whatever he infected himself with all those weeks ago is having an effect on his biology past what he displayed earlier. I admit, past some informations about two of the viruses rampaging around I have no knowledge about what it actually can cause aside from what we allready have seen. I admit, I am glad that I myself am not suffering from anything considering that I have undergone some treatments..."
Emma Archene seems to be focused, and calm. But with a gun to James head. The conversation around her is making her a bit more tense, not that it's seen, there is that calm air about her still. Just that, her mind may be going to am eventual blowout with the men. Making quick work of the stitching what's applied next is some antibiotic ointment and then a bandage. Slowly standing the gloves are pulled off, and tossed into a garbage with the other parts. "We need ta hope infection doesn't happen." There is some hope in her voice. Surprised to hear James talk there is a nod, saying she'll get the pills. Firstly, she steps over to Benny. If allowed, a hand would be put on his shoulder. It's to help calm him, being able to tell how on edge he is and all. "Gettin' mad right now won't-- won't help ya any, I got that tea ya gave me, we'll make a cup ta help ya relax." A pause there with a frown. "Let's talk when yer calmer." There is a small smile and then she goes to the bag to get the pills, making sure to see what it is first. "Markus, yer not on trial here, don't worry." Looking his way, there is a smile to him. "No need ta have us all get uppity. Plus, if ya all start scrappin' I'll seperate ya all till ya -- ya calm down and then make ya hug it out, even if I need ta pull ya by the ear, ya'll hear?" This is said kindly, with that gentle sweetness of hers. Truly, thi redhead is just meaning well. "Also, if ya tie him down down, do his legs. If he moves to much he might ruin tha stitchin' and I can't keep him under."
Benny "For the love of..." Benny doesn't finish his sentence, instead he starts taking deep breaths, inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth and this calms him down somewhat. Especially after what Archene says to him. Gotta keep his shit together because it is important more than ever right now. He looks towards Archene, nodding his head. " right. We gotta save James first and we can figure the rest out...later." He shoots a look over at Markus, feeling a bit bad after the man flinches from his tirade but softens his tone when he speaks to the scientist. "I'm...I was out of are sharing this information with us...freely and anything more you can reveal would be...appreciated. It's a lot all at much...death...shit."

Benny, then blinks and looks towards Markus. "Earthquake? Yeah, I remember that...but yeah we can talk later if your willing." He then shuts up to listen to what Markus has to say about James and is relieved when James actually regains consciousness to ask for his pills as well as reassure them that he won't hurt anybody. "Hey...James. Your awake...pills. Yeah, yeah. We can get that for ya. Just try to relax, Emma's almost done treating ya." He is still busy holding onto James shoulders. "I'm just going to keep you still until she's finished okay? If I'm pressing too hard let me know. Markus is helping to fix up your leg." He looks towards Emma at her calming words, then he flinches slightly and his cheeks flush a bit when she puts a hand on his shoulder, "Sorry, Emma...I just lost it a touch there. Won't happen again and thanks for the offer of...uh, tea. I think we can all use a bit of it after this I'm sure. Especially James here...don't worry buddy. You're going to be alright. No handcuffs."
Silent Night Archene just replies, "I won't be killing anyone, as long as we all stay working together. First one who tries to bite someone else though." He sighs slightly as Emma visibly tries to reduce the tention in the air, "Let us leave questions for later," and then he looks at Benny, "Cuff him just in case, it is for the best James. If you don't turn into a flesh eating zombie, then you should be fine and will be able to get a great dinner with us. Markus, you can show Emma the kitchen after," he motions his free hand towards the bloody person on the bed, "There should be something she can work with in our supplies."

He finally puts his pistol down before hostering it, "I'll store our bullets back and go do a small inspection at the sewer entrance to be sure that it is safe for whomever stays on the look out. I just hope you haven't invited many more people, else we will be facing shortages soon enough." He seems to take a good look at the people in the room, "Feel free to get acquainted to the layout, Markus should be able to tell you the things you should and shouldn't touch or play around with. We have limited supplies for now," he smiles half-heartedly and finishes, saying, "But we will manage, for now, I have more to do." Soon enough he is walking out of the room to store the bullets and clips back before he 'sets out' to ensure the safety of the base.
James Scott "I've been like this for a while. Don't think you have to worry." James grumbles, waiting for the Oxycodone as patiently as possible, given that his scrotum has both been shot and had pieces snipped off.
Markus Berger Seeing how he is done with the bite wound and everyone is now either arguing, freaking out or trying to calm down Markus just shrugs and steps back to let Emma finish the rest. "Do I have to remind you that... Nevermind, short version. Virus, Umbrella, you infected and some place in your body is visibly mutating. So, that means cuffs while you rest once Emma is done. You should hope that once you are sufficiently medicated out of your mind the pain reduces itself to some dreadfull burning and aching. That gets bearable faster. Got to know, since I spent a whole day like that after I got operated on in an Umbrella lab."
Emma The pill bottle is rolled about in her handa bit. "I -- I hit my head during that earthquake." Emma remembers it now, it seemed like forever ago. Sighing and looking to Benny, she smiles to him a bit with blush a bit too. "I figured tha - tha tea would come in handy. I'll get ta makin' it soon." There is a look to Arch, nods a little and heads to James, going to sit on the bed beside him. "Here, got yer pills. Ya need ta - ta rest, doctors orders." Then she'd go to help him take the pills. "Umbrella is evil." Is added to what Markus says, with a bit of a frown again. "They care nothin' for people."
Benny Benny glances towards Archene, nodding slightly as the man explains about exploring this makeshift lab base and cuffing James just in case. "Appreciate you letting me stay in this shelter for the time being Mr. Archene. But I really should try to get back out there soon, make contact with my squad or see if anybody else is alive back at RPD." he pauses then adds, "I don't want to be a burden here. If I find help, I can let them know you are here if you want to be rescued?" He takes out his handcuffs, makes sure that Emma and Markus are finished treating him then cuffs one of James hands putting the other cuff around the bed frame. "Sorry, James...everyone will feel a lot safer this way. I won't put it on very tight and like they said, if you're okay in the morning we can re-assess. In the meantime get some rest, we'll get you food and water when you need it." He listens to Markus explain about the Virus, mutating in James's body. He'll get more details later if he they are willing to provide it and if he even understands it. He's no scientist of biology major, but he does watch a lot of sci-fi movies if that counts for anytying. He looks at Emma, nodding. "I remember...and yeah, I have to agree with you about that...but like Archene said, not everyone working there is directly involved. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this one day."
James Scott "Maybe they need to keep an eye on you too." James says of Markus, taking the pills and trying to get comfortable as best he can without rolling over. "And you should know," this is to Benny now, "the thing that shot me was hunting STARS. Looked like it was made in a lab too. It'll probably pay us a visit. If that happens, run."

The teen sighs quietly, mainly at being handcuffed. Those red eyes of his, the same ones that he had in the dinner, take stock of where he's at and who's here. "Guess I may as well try to get some sleep."
Markus Berger Markus just smirks slightly as he shrugs. "Well, other than you I at least know whats been done to me since I requested it. Enhancements on the genetic level... I spent an entire day out of comission while my body was basicaly rewriting itself. Painfully." Having said that he too slowly exits the room, although he does turn around again for a moment. "Oh, also folks... I think I can make an educated guess what this thing that shot you likely is. In the hospital I have read about a Bio Organic Weapon called Nemesis that is to be deployed in the city. Apparently based on something called the Tyrant Experiment and a so called Nemesis Parasite although don't ask me what either is since I have no idea. Trouble for another day, I suppose." Next stop, the kitchen and the supplies. The day was far too exciting so far.
Emma A slow realization hits her as Emma sits on the bed as James is cuffed. "Huh?" Her name was said, and eyes move to James and then Benny. "Oh -- ah, okay." But something is nagging at her. Slowly standing and watching Markus go, an unesy feeling translates to Shaemus, who growls a little as if in silent reply to his master. "Ben -- Benny.." Says the Scottish lass, in a soft yet unsettled tone.
Benny "What do you mean by that James?" Benny asks the red eyed man he's just handcuffed to the bed and then looks bewildered, "Wait...what? Shit...another umbrella creation...that means...we gotta fortify this place." Benny can't get a break, at least not today it seems from the information overload of bad news that progressively gets worse. He stares at the wall for a moment in stunned silence, then gives his head a shake. "Once we fortify this place, then I might be able to head out. Scout that area and see if I can find any other survivors. I may need to borrow some ammo and gas if you have any to spare." He nods to James, the poor man must be exhausted, he'll try to get some answers later then. He motions for Emma to follow him out of the room, listening to Markus as he leaves and blinks. "Wait a second...did you just say genetic level. Oh crap, you've been experimented on as well...and that /thing/ that James was mentioning. Is called a what...Bio Organic Weapon? Nemesis...Tyrant and parasites?" But before he can figure things out and ask any more questions, Markus leaves the room. More questions, no answers and a now growing headache. He walks with Emma, leaving James to get some rest and sighs. "Sorry, were saying?" Even Emma seems to know more than he does. He's just a grunt, a pretty fresh recruit into S.T.A.R.S. after several years of being a beat cop. He's no scientist or doctor or mutant enhanced X-Men with super powers.
Emma Slowly turning to James, she moves to grab a blanket and then goes to gently lay it upon him. "Sleep well deamon." Says the woman. Then movements being her to Benny, his arm would be grabbed and tugged, to follow her so James can rest.e
Benny "Daemon...wha?" Benny hears Emma call James, a nickname from a fantasy RPG that isn't exactly the nicest thing to say to a person. then gets his arm hooked by Emma's and lead out of the room.
Emma Emma would step into the hallway, looking to the open space and then turn and walk down the other direction. The air about her is heavy with worry. Tinged with obvious fear. Once near the end she would stop, and look up to Benny with a slight shuffle of her feet. "Daemon, it - it is what I called James. See, I was there when he died, by his side. He got hit by a van, wrapped 'round a pole. Someone called 911, but he died on scene. Back broke, internal damage.." It's a hard, scary memory. "Markus 'n I were walking by the morgue, heard noise, went in, found James, he fell off tha -- tha table, naked, with glowing red eyes. I grabbed a scalpel ta defend myself, Markus stood in the way. He said he didn' die, but I was there. He shouldn' be alive, he came back different. I called him a daemon, a creature from hell. We did some tests, couldn't keep him confined.."
Benny Benny nods but has a concerned expression as Emma tells him about her first encounter with James Scott's first death, then coming back to life. "That...that's crazy. But then zombies are crazy too but they are as real as chicken nuggets now." He rubs the back of his neck, looking up at the ceiling and then sighs. "Well, James isn't a those rotting, slow moving one's we've encountered. Those seem pretty dumb but James and Markus said something about a...Nemesis or something that is hunting S.T.A.R.S. members...I don't know, like these things have some sort of hierarchy or different types. You work at the hospital...did you know anything about these Umbrella experiments? Is there anything you want to tell me?" He rubs his temples now. "I can't believe that both James and Markus are...some sort of could this happen...shit. We have to start fortifying this building. Gotta find some supplies, reinforce the front door, windows and once the interior is set, then I can go outside maybe get some early warning system set up."
Emma Emma laughs softly at the nugget comment. Arms cross in front of her, as if hugging herself. "I -- I du know what James is, I dun know much about all tha tests." Then, she is silent, sensing maybe that he is even unsure of her? That's what she thinks suddenly, and it causes a bit of pain in her. "I knew Umbrella was up ta somethin', I didn' know well ta after tha earthquake that it was a mountain base that exploded. Markus.. told me a lil' bit of stuff of himelf. But I didn' know that, how far any of it as gone. I have no idea what James is gonna be, or what's up with Markus now." There is more worry as he talks about going out, alone. "Ya can't be serious can ya? Goin' out alone! Don't, please, yer 'bout the only person I can trust right now I think, and if someone happened ta ya.." That part is dropped with another shake of her head, Shemus coming up to them and resting at their feet. "Somethin' is huntin' ya, it's to dangerous. Well fortify tha buildin', but if ya go out, I go too. Ya know I'm a decent shot as is anyway, you'd need backup."
Benny Benny offers the briefest of smiles at your reaction to the chicken nugget comment but it quickly fades when he spots your body language after he questions you about Umbrella. He puts a hand on his forehead, looking down at your feet and see's Shaemus, kneeling down now to rub the dog behind the ears. "Hey boy." He then stands up once more after more patting of the dog. "That...wasn't what I meant...but thank you for being honest. I guess, I took what Markus said about you working at the hospital with Umbrella doing experiments." He can't quite make himself look at you, staring at the wall behind your shoulder. "It's been a crazy day...and I'm sorry. I trust you too. I don't know about the rest of these people...but at least they are letting us stay here, it's shelter, they have supplies and if they were bag guys, I'd probably be dead or locked up." He taps a finger to his chin and now looks at you with a serious expression. "Hey, I'm planning on coming back...but I need to find out what is going on out there. Raccoon City is going to hell and unless the National Guard are here, people are going to get hurt or be killed or...worse. Maybe, there is some RPD officers or S.T.A.R.S. holed up somewhere too." He senses from your look and words, that it isn't helping. "James needs ya here...he's hurt real bad and I know you are good back up but...yeah for now lets just fortify this place first. We can discuss the other stuff later. Come on lets go check out those supplies and get this place ready in case..." He doesn't finish the sentence but he doesn't have too, cause a Nemesis hunting S.T.A.R.S. is out there.