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Jill Valentine Jill had taken a few days of personal time after the mission out in the mountains, even if Rebecca had been rescued the entire ordeal and what had been found had left her rather shaken up. She didn't know Rebecca, but she had known Edward and the thought of the young woman killing their own team member because of some infection made her sick to her stomach.

With Chris missing, so soon after he was on to some kind of conspiracy there were few people left for her to trust.

Knocking on the door to Barry's house she hadn't bothered to call ahead, relying on knowledge of shift schedules to hopefully catch him home.
Barry Burton     The knock at door of the Burton home is met with a feminine reply, "Just a moment!."

    A few moments pass before the sound of the front door is heard unlocking from behind and then opening to reveal the form of Kathy Burton, who appears with a look and tone of surprise as she replies, "Jill!"

    However, the startled view quickly fades into a smile as Kathy opens the screen door to allow Jill in, "Please come in." then opening her arms to hug the STARS officer.
    Following their embrace, Kathy looks Jill over and continues, "Its good to see you. How have you been holding up?", inquiring about the young lady's health and well-being.
Jill Valentine Jill slipped her arms out of her jacket to give Kathy a hug, already used to how friendly the Burton family could be with notable attitude filled exceptions from one of Barry's daughters, "Hey Kathy." Jill said as she stepped back from the hug, "I've been keeping together as well as I can with all the weirdness going on, how are you and the girls?"

Sitting down she began to slip off her boots because it would be extremely poor manners to walk around in a house with boots or shoes, at least that's how she was raised.
Barry Burton     Kathy acknowledges Jill with a nod, closing the door behind them as Jill politely removes her boots. The gesture is a welcomed one, as her husband, "The King of The Castle" doesn't seem to be as well mannered as his fellow officer is. Maybe he could learn a thing or two from her! Hmph!
    Kathy offers a sigh and crosses her arms, "As well as could be expected I suppose. Just trying to keep things as status quo as possible."
    Kathy shifts her gaze upstairs for a moment before continuing, offering a subtle smile, "Polly is upstairs taking care of her work and has been doing well in school. She's presented being concerned about the attacks in the city but I think we've managed to curb that fear for now."
    "Moira, on the other hand", which Kathy pauses, sighing lightly before returning her gaze to Jill as she continues, "Is still being herself. This semester she's decided to want to try living on her own and is presently staying at the dorms at the university for a short period. Still, I imagine its done some good. Barry and her have had the time to have some space from each other and from one lady to another, its nice to have a little peace and quiet, if you know what I mean."
    Kathy makes her way ahead of Jill, motioning towards the family room couches, "Please come in and make yourself at home." then begins to make her way towards the kitchen, "So, what brings you by tonight, young lady and can I get you something to drink?"
Jill Valentine Jill struggled with her boots while listening to the older woman speak, reminded just a little of her own mother but not at all relating to having a full household of people present like the Burtons did. She wasn't sure what the deal with Barry's oldest was but she couldn't help but see a little bit of herself in the girl at times, at least when it came to having a bit of an attitude.

"Just water is fine Kathy." Jill replied with a smile as she finally got the boots off and began walking towards the kitchen. Looking around the house as she watched, taking a moment to look at family photos in particular she asked, "Have you had a vacation or anything lately? It might be good to get away from Raccoon City for a bit. I was thinking of it myself."
Barry Burton     Kathy disappears into the kitchen for a moment, replying from there as the sound of the fridge door opens and closes, "Nothing as of yet. With both Polly and Moira in school, we want to be available for daughters during these trying times."
    Kathy takes note of Jill appearing around the corner and then proceeds towards her, providing her the glass of water as requested before continuing, "Besides, Barry is big worry wart as you know. Wanting to be close by in case, particularly for Moira's sake because even if the two remain at odds with each other.. well, he still loves his little baby, as do I.",
    Kathy looks away for a moment, a hint of blush appearing on her cheeks, even though she tries to hide her embarrassment before glancing back. She sighs lightly and forms a grin a moment later, "Its all part of being a parent, Jill. Once you do, you give up the life you had for your kids. Barry and I are no different there."
    Kathy's grin widens as she turns her attention completely to you, "How about you? I know you mentioned a potential vacation. Thinking of taking someone special?"
Jill Valentine "Not sure I could ever see myself being a parent, way too much hard work for too little reward." Jill replied still smiling as she brushed her hair behind her ear, "Someone special?" Jill couldn't help herself, she laughed, "With the luck I have Kathy, any guy I went away with would probably end up cheating on me during the flight. I attract the worst of the worst, the good ones never stick around long enough."
"Thanks Kathy." Jill said as she accepted the glass of water, taking a nice big drink before asking, "Speaking of the good ones, is your grizzly bear of a husband around?
Barry Burton     Kathy simply listens quietly as Jill responds to her inquires and comments on her not being either "Date" or "Parent" material both of which she believes in her heart to not be true, "Maybe."
    Kathy's always had a fondness for Jill: She's been respectable, well-mannered, and one hell of a top cop, especially when it came to having her husband's back. The latter is something she will forever be grateful for.
    Mrs. Burton places a hand on Jill's shoulder, looking at her direct in the eyes as he continues, "However, I don't feel that to be true, Jill. Sure, I think you might scare the guys away by making them feel less than adequate.", she jokes momentarily with a light snicker before getting a gentle and yet warm tone, "But you've always been a bright, beautiful, and charming young woman. I know deep down he's out there and when you meet him, I think he'll know exactly what a gem of a woman he has."
    Then Kathy breaks away from their 'girl-moment' and breaks into a humorous tone again, "Besides, if you wait too long, you might miss out. Speaking of that cuddle bear of mine, yeah, he's around.", as her eyes roll in jest, "Probably down playing with the usual in the basement."
    Kathy wanders over to the stairs and calls down, "Honey. You have a visitor."

    A gruff voice emits from the basement below, "This time of night? This isn't one of Moira's fri--", then Kathy cuts him off, "No, dear... It's Jill. She seems to want to see you about something."
    Barry replies a moment later, obviously surprised, "Oh! Well send her down, I'll be out shortly."

    Kathy returns over to Jill in the kitchen, reaching up and giving her shoulder a small squeeze as she smiles, "The King will see you now. Just holler up if you need anything more dear.".
Jill Valentine "Thanks Kathy, it means a lot. I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed that you're right in the meantime." Jill tried to maintain a cheerful demeanor in the face of Kathy's overwhelming positive attitude but it was tough, even at the best of times to look at things from such a hopeful perspective, "Polly and Moira are lucky to have you."

Jill gave Kathy a quick hug before she wandered off to the stairs, her smile brightening a little more at the back and forth before she was directed downstairs, "See you soon Kathy."

Stepping down the stairs, Jill called out jokingly, "Barry, are you decent?"
Barry Burton     Kathy smiles and embraces Jill, "Anytime, sweetie. Have fun with my husband.", then she moves off to head upstairs to check on Polly.
    Barry's gruff and booming voice echos from downstairs, "For you, Jill?", then a moment later Barry appears at the bottom of the stairs, covered with the smell of grease and gun-oil. Still, the old man cocks a wide smile at her presence, "Never.", then motions her downstairs, "Come on in. I'd offer to give you a hug but as you can see, I am just wrapping up some cleaning and you might want to smell like that on your way home.
    "But then again! Maybe you might", The gruff man jokes aloud! The pair make their way towards a room towards the back of the basement. Once again, the smell of solvent and gun oil is strong the closer they get but its apparent that this is Barry's weapons room.
    The room remains well lit and all the weapon caches are closed for safety reasons. However, a heavy desk with a lamp can be seen opposite to the caches. A weapon appears disassembled upon the table, a pistol or perhaps a revolver of some kind it seems.
    Barry takes a seat back at his desk and begins to re-assemble the weapon, working quickly in order to give his attention to his friend and fellow officer but does inquire, "So what brings you over, Jill. Everything ok?"
Jill Valentine "I'll pass, even though smelling like you might be good dog repellant. Considered showering every now and then?" Jill joked before taking a seat near Barry on whatever sort of chair happened to be available, "Well not really."

Reaching into her jacket she removed a black book with the Umbrella Corporation logo imposed upon it, "A few weeks ago Chris was going on about crazy shit out in the mountains. I thought he was just talking nonsense so I never took him that seriously. Now Chris is missing, and I saw exactly what he was talking about on that rescue mission."

Handing the book over towards Barry she explained, "Chris was right. It's Umbrella Corporation, he went to investigate them and now he's missing. I think they might be behind it, just like they're behind whatever is up in the mountains."
Barry Burton     Barry glanced over at Jill and scoffs a bit, offering a wide grin, "Not if its going to keep the dogs off me!", then his voice quiets a bit, "Good thing I still have a guardian angel other than my wife to look out for me.", offering Jill a wink of appreciation.
    As Jill sits down, the grizzled old man continues to work on the weapon before him but still remains to be listening intently to Jill until she breaks out the black book. Now, she's got his full attention.
    Being the skilled Gun Nut he is, Barry quickly refinishes assembly of the weapon and then begins to clean it off with a nearby rag. However, the elder S.T.A.R.S member's eyes do not shift from the black book in front of him, listening to Jill as she continues.

    Before accepting the book, Barry stands up and opens the weapon safe next to him and carefully puts the weapon away. He wipes his hands off with a fresh rag and then takes the book, carefully glancing through the contents. It doesn't take him long obviously but then he glances up to Jill, a quizzical look written upon his face, "I see. So you think Chris' disappearance has something to due with his investigation into all of this and the Umbrella corporation has a tie somewhere in between?"

    Barry leans in, handing the book back to Jill, while his eyes remain lightly on the logo of the corporation. He is quiet for a few moments then turns his attention back to Jill, asking quietly, Where did you find this, Jill?"
Jill Valentine Inside of the book Barry will find various notes, and a few polaroid photographs taped on the pages. Most of it deals with something called Umbrella Biohazard Containment Services dealing with an outbreak of a strain of the 'T-Virus' in the mountains. It's clear from the notes that it was not written by a soldier, more likely some kind of corporate observer.

There are mentions of infected animals as well as people but there is nothing overly detailed. Aside from the fact that it's in an Umbrella logoed book that realistically anyone could have got or made, even the photos are low quality.

"I do. He wanted to find answers and he knew they were out there." When the book is handed back she slips it back into the fur-lined jacket she was wearing before asking, "I was thinking of filing a report with the FBI." Totally jumping local law enforcement, "What do you think I should do? I didn't tell the Captain about it. I panicked."
Barry Burton     Barry's gaze strays towards that book for a moment as he considers the contents within it and about what Jill has stated. He looks back at Jill for a moment. He certainly doesn't understand the majority of it, or what is going on but there are a couple things that he is certain about:

    One, There is a connection here that obviously links the two together.

    Two, possession of that information could lead to some disastrous results in for her in his mind.

    Barry takes a long and deep breath then sighs just as long. He is quiet for many minutes and then looks back to Jill. Even though she's been there to have his back, the man considers the woman to be a close friend, almost family and one things family do for one another is help in times of need.
    Barry finally breaks his silence and continues, "I don't know exactly what to make of that book, Jill. There's little doubt that there is some shady stuff in there and my gut is telling me that its dangerous as well."
    The grizzled old man leans closer in, his face carrying a stern and serious look on it, his tone grim, "I need you to be upfront with me on this, Jill. Did anyone else see you take this and does anyone else know you have this information?"
Jill Valentine Jill's thoughts went to Chris and the fallen members of Bravo Team as Barry asked his question, in her mind they needed justice served. If Umbrella was responsible, nothing was going to stop her from doing something about it, "Nobody else Barry." Jill replied seriously, looking the grizzled older man in the eye, "You're the only person I've come to with it." As if the paranoia was growing on her a little, infectious as the T-Virus itself she patted her parka to make sure the little black book still existed.
Barry Burton     Barry nods as Jill replies, along with the sudden frantic pat of her feeling for the book in her jacket. It appears to him that his good friend is scared and uncertain with that information in hand. However, rather than outright ask her, Barry decides to inquire more, "Ok. So at this moment, only you and I know about this information. Its sensitive but as of right now, given its contents, we do not have much to go on. I think an investigation could help but also might be a bit risky."

    "The way I see it. We have a couple of options. One, you could pass local law enforcement and hope it goes up the chain. Two, look into the information ourselves.", then the gruff man looks to Jill, "or you can give it to me and I'll take care of it."

    Barry loops his fingers and asks, "This is your call, Jill. What would you like to do?"
Jill Valentine "I'm just not sure Barry.." Jill sighed, her indecisiveness at the matter showing, she was young and relatively inexperienced in comparison to Barry who she felt she could trust in the same way one might trust a father figure or even a mentor.

On the other hand, could she risk dragging him into this any further?

What about Kathy and the girls? I think you should send them away for a bit until all of this cools down." Not only her eyes but her tone that of someone who had already seen more than they had ever wanted to of the dark side of the world; and in such a short period of time.

She removed the book from her jacket, looking it over as she considered her options. What could Barry do with this that she couldn't?
Barry Burton     Barry patiently awaits Jill's response, listening in silence and knowing the decision she is having to make is not an easy one by any means. Jill's sigh further confirmation about inner-turmoil the young woman is feeling inside, followed by her comment.
    Barry isn't sure what he would do with the information as well but simply to get it off her mind would be something he would be willing to endure. After all, Jill has helped him many times in the past, its the least he could do.
    However, Jill's question does bring up a good point, one Barry does take into consideration. He looks away and nods for a couple of moments, "Its a good question, Jill and I appreciate you thinking after Kathy and the girls more than you know."
    The older man looks towards Jill, offering her a light smile, "Unfortunately, that's something I can't do right now. The girls are in school and asking them to pick up and suddenly move would cause an incredible amount of suspicion and worry for them as well. Uprooting their lives would not be a good idea right now."
    Barry leans back in for a moment, "You know, Jill. There's an couple of ol' sayings that I feel could help us here. The First is, "When presented with two options, throw them both out and choose the third." and the second is, "when you can't choose, sleep on it.", then he looks to her, "There is no easy answer here. I think its right for you to struggle with this choice. Conversely though, no one but us knows about this and a rash decision wouldn't do us any good.", then he puts his hand out, "Let me hold on to it for now. I'll keep it in my safe for tonight and you can let me know what you want to do tomorrow. Best you simply sleep on it."
Jill Valentine Jill held the journal in her hands considering all of the weird things she had read in there, most of all how you had to shoot them in the head to keep them down. Why did they need to be shot in the head? Her thoughts drifted back to poor Edward in that car.

Rebecca had claimed that Edward was infected and tried to attack her. She hadn't stabbed him in the head though. She had stabbed him in the body. Ever since that night she had awoken in cold sweats to a nightmare of the infected Edward Dewey returning to Raccoon City.

"Alright Barry, I'll sleep on it. This thing is like the book from Evil Dead as far as I'm concerned, I could use some time away from it." Still reluctant she handed the book over to Barry, "Probably safer with you anyways, I usually don't even remember to lock my door at night." Or bring a radio on a mission.

Standing up from the seat she walked around the desk to give Barry a hug whether he liked it or not, "Thanks Barry, I owe you one for once."
Barry Burton     Barry takes the book from Jill, feeling the trembling reluctance in her hands as she passes it to him. However, Jill did seem a bit more at ease once she let the book slip from her hands and into his. He smiles a bit at the sight, "I think that would be best. Ash never did have the best of luck while the necronomicon was in his possession did he?"
    Barry holds his hands up and attempts to reenact the scene, "Clautu! Verata!" and then mumble coughs the rest of the words before looking round rather frightened by what he might find. Then the burly man grins and embraces Jill with his big, burly frame for a few moments, "Don't mention it, Jill. I think you did good finding this and keeping it hidden for the moment.", ruffling the young woman's hair playfully in an attempt to help air the room a bit.
    Barry eventually breaks from the embrace and puts the book in the safe with his weapons. He closes the massive metal door and locks it safely within, "There, now when we leave, it'll be double safe. Whadda ya say we get outta here for a minute, huh? This gun oil is giving the willies.", placing his arm around Jill and walking them both out the room, locking the door behind them as they depart.
Jill Valentine The re-enactment brought a smile to Jill's face and a tiny laugh out of her, the mussed up hair got a look from Barry that he was probably used to from his own daughters as she worked to straighten it back out as soon as he was done.

"Thanks, I knew you would understand. There's a guy, Daryl, the one I hired to help us with the tracking who saw the Umbrella Helicopter. He took a gun from it, really nice carbine that looked like something you see being shown off for future war stuff. The Captain has it now." Jill didn't want to leave anything out, "I'm pretty sure Daryl didn't see me find the book though, he was too busy eyeing the gun."

Glad to be leaving the smell of gunpowder and solvents as much as she loved guns, Jill let Barry guide her out of the room, "With Chris gone, you know you're pretty much the only one I can count on around here. Don't forget that big guy."
Barry Burton Barry Burton looks back at Jill and smiles, "Wouldn't dream of it, little lady. Come on. Let's grab a beer and spend some time with the family talking about something other than work for a change. Besides, I'm sure Polly would love to see you as well.", as he flicks off the lights and pats Jill on the back as they head up stairs to the main level.