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Kitten Unnamed Island - Jungle

It had all begun hours ago with the moving in of a sudden tropical storm and the cast and crew of Miss Congenality taking shelter in what they thought that was an abandoned military bunker from the second world war.

It seemed like a good idea at the time, but an hour after it had been opened several people had gone missing. Within the hour? Several more had gone missing.

The entire group had been separated, and young cast member Clover had found herself alone with guest star, Buck Rogers, a former reality tv star of some note that had faded into obscurity and languished into obesity.

The pair had been lucky enough to escape the Bunker amidst the chaos, finding their way into the lush and vibrant nearby jungle which was soaked heavily with rain, mud making walking or running slippery.

The BSAA Team lead by Codename: Silent Night was not far from the area, investigating rumors of a WW2 Bunker that had been used by the Nazis to perform vile experiments.

Accompany him was Stitch, as his partner, along with Emma as Medical Support with Bob and Trixie of Alpha Team there to provide fire support. Unusually, Markus Berger, a former Umbrella Scientist, now working for the World Health Organization was with the team in hopes of uncovering clues about the growing threat of t-influenza.

In the distance, the team could see two figures running in their direction: Buck, & Clover.
Stitch stitch walks threw the jungle his marksman rifle and combat shotgun slung over his back and a crapload of granade badaleers under his trenchcoat "so any idea if we can earn free tickets to go backstage after this?" his voice littered with sarcasm
Clover Clover is running, yes running and encouranging Buck, "Come on come, you can do it..get those chubby legs moving. You want to get to saftey don't you...yes, you know what...if you run faster, I'll buy you a bucket of chicken..hows that?"
Markus Berger "In the Jungle, the mighty Jungle I hate my joooob. Seriously, first deployment and its to a god damn Jungle. My prison cell was more comfortable than this." This gem of an optimistic attitude orginates from Markus Berger as he makes his way through the Jungle, a large Assault Rifle in hand and at least two more weapons hidden under his own coat. Quite well armed for a scientist. A scientist that looks like a Pseudo-Tyrant too boot.
Silent Night "The resort is already free enough, we couldn't ask that much." Silent Night replied sincerely enough to his partner's question, "Though... I think that we have a few people up ahead now." The agent was wearing a sleek black body suit with shades and... a fancy black cape, which did a good job at hidding his armament for the most part.

He made a handsignal for the others to slow down as he observed the people running in their direction and checked what they were running from. At least, he kept himself in the open enough to be noticed.
Buck Rogers "I tell you, sweet tits, it's probably zombies," Buck says rather nonchalantly, his fingers clutching his fourth beer of the day -- it's some foreign brand, El Guata, delivered to him personally by an old friend from neighboring Bolivar. He took a whole six-pack with him to the set this day before the storm came in. "It's always somethin' like that, you know? These old bunkers, they're full of monsters. Back in my day, before we shut Umbrella down, they were doing all sorts of whacky experiments here."

His sandals slide in the mud and he topples forward, arresting his momentum with a quick smack of a hand to a tree. The motion makes his beer-gut jiggle beneath his unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt, a lovely mix of blues and greens, as his Guata-holding arm waves wildly. "No, no, no," he says, as it tips to the side, threatening to spill --

But Buck gets his mouth on it, slurping it down, and drains it in an instant, tossing the can aside and belching loudly. He adjusts his speedo, riding up his ass as it is.

"Anyway, sugar, fact is you're probably gonna die without me. But y'know, we could work something out."

As he speaks, he's leaning up against a rainslick tree, flashing a.. 'charming' smile.
Emma To Emma, much of this is familiar. Just another walk in the park - or jungle this time. Her red hair is pulled back, she is armoured as to avoid getting hurt. With her is her first aid kit full of supplies. And a weapon, which as always looks strange on her. Quietly she would walk along with the others.
Bob No stranger to the jungle, Bob moves through it like a predator, shotgun held at the low ready. "Eyes open, folks. It's easy to get mixed up in a place like this," the former FBC commando warns the rest of his team. Markus gets a rather cold look from Sergeant Delgado, though he says nothing. He doesn't make it too far when the sound of approaching footsteps reaches him and he slows down to see who they belong to, not yet ready to aim his weapon. When he finally sees who it is that approaches his eyes go wide and he shakes his head, as if disbelieving what it is he's seeing.
Trixie "Wish it was /my/ first deployment to a jungle..." Trixie grumbles, trying to watch in every direction amid the chaos of the oncoming storm. "Whose idea was it to deploy us in the path of a damned /tropical storm/? And why do they still have a job that doesn't involve shoveling french fries?" Off Silent Night's comment, she adds, "/I/ could..."

Off his signal, on the other hand, she slows and lifts her weapon, aiming down the sights briefly. "I make two... One's probably a female... other's probably male, with some extra pounds," she adds softly. "Can't tell much else in this mess."
Clover Clover hmms, "Actually I'm young and cute..I'll be they say, you don't need to out run the bear. You just need to be faster then the other people running from the bear..." she keeps moving as she says that..."Tell Yogi hi, when he catches up to you..."
Stitch stitch looks to trixie "a few!? he looks like mcdonalds best customer" stitch wisper yelled wile watching the two people walking around his tyrant abilitys helping his eyesight.
Buck Rogers Buck tsks, and raps a knuckle on the tree he leans against; a leaf o'erhead becomes too pregnant with rainwater to support itself and turns aside, dropping a flood on his head. Given the rain itself, it doesn't really make him any wetter.. but he still coughs, and wipes his face off, watching Clover's ass shake as she moves on ahead.

"You're saying that now, beautiful, but let me tell you: this stallion can't be tamed, not even by the endless, flesh-craving hordes. I'll run free and beautiful across the plains, and baby, you're gonna wish you hopped in my saddle."
Emma Emma simply keeps alert and ready. As she follows along with the group quietly.
Silent Night "You should then, the higher ups can be receptive. And if they didn't deploy us, who would they, some run off the mill people?" Silent Night replied to Trixie. As he got a better look at the person running and the one... resting against a tree, he drew his weapon, a rifle M82A2, and point it at them, "Halt!" At least, that might get the two's attention on them, he asks loud and clear enough, "Why are you running?"
Markus Berger Markus just stares at the distant sight of a fat guy running through the jungle before abruptly and audibly groaning in annoyance as he slows down. "I have a hunch who the fat one is and I'm not happy about it. Not the first time I see that bulk running through a jungle, just fatter this time."
Trixie "Tell me about it... and I'll consider it. Though I doubt they'd give me a Section Eight after this long," Trixie murmurs to Stitch and Silent Night, lowering her weapon a little and angling the barrel a bit to one side, out of line of the oncoming fugitives from horror, but keeping it to her shoulder. "Wait... is that..?" she adds, peering through the murk.

She aims her weapon in the general direction of Clover and Buck, off Silent's call. "Let's see some hands, people! Up, up, up!" she says sharply. Then, getting a better look at them, she adds a softer, "Geez, Buck... did they sign you to play John Goodman or somethin'?"
Stitch Stitch shakes his head before pulling out a small thing of sunblock to apply to his pale white skin "so you guys know this butterball?" stitch asks his jet black eyes half lidded in anoyence
Clover Clover says, "People!..." as she skids to a halt, "The monsters in the dark didn't get you." She looks back to Buck, then to the others again.."So you know him too? Wow, small world...or small island. See were saved...""
Buck Rogers Buck clicks his tongue and brrs as a cool storm-wind brushes against his exposed nipples. "Like teeth," he says with a shiver of goosebumps, leaning forward and lumbering into motion once more. It's then that he spies the group of military types, kitted out and posturing aggressive. He slows, hands up, a flop of gut settling over the rather pronounced bulge underneath.

It's not a pleasant sight, really. He's like a bear.. prepped for a long winter.

"Mm," he says, giving Trixie a long look up and down. "Silly rabbit, that is not for kids."

A beat.

"Oh, yeah," he says, jerking a thumb over a shoulder, pointing toward deeper in the jungle. "We cozied up in this old World War 2 bunker, you know the type. Thin little slits, concrete a mile thick. But folks started disappearing, and we all split up. Miss Congeniality there took off after a spook, and I, uh, escorted her to safety."
Buck Rogers Buck pauses, and looks to Clover, but with more words this time. "You're welcome."
Bob "Hey Buck," Bob greets the tubby fellow, standing up straight so he can try to look past the pair. "So we got disappearing people in an old ass bunker? I'm surprised you haven't found yourself a chainsaw and gone hunting for whatever's taking them." All things considered, Delgado looks pretty relaxed as he glances over towards Silent Night for his direction.
Kitten Another group of figures could be seen approaching in the distance, pushing through the foliage towards the group of you. In the distance, the sound of thunder cracking the sky could be heard as lightning struck near the coast dramatically.
Trixie "Yeah... we've met. We were in S.T.A.R.S. together," Trixie replies to Stitch, and several others, shrugging. "And somehow I think that escort was totally informal," she adds wryly toward Buck. "Sooooooo... abandoned World War Two bunker in some godforsaken jungle, Miss Congeniality contest interrupted by tropical storm, monsters, people disappearing... is this Tuesday? 'Cause it totally feels like Tuesday to me."

Scowling faintly, she pivots in place, aiming her weapon at a group of oncoming figures just visible through the foliage. "Looks like some more incoming... survivors, maybe. Forgive me if I don't lower this thing until I see 'em clearly," she says in a lower voice.
Buck Rogers "Yeah, look, this storm's gonna last awhile and I think I left my windows open," Buck remarks, fingers lazily buttoning the center button of his shirt to keep it together. The rain makes it slick, and he struggles for a moment to do so. "You guys got a jeep or something back there, right? I'll catch a ride with you, we can crack open some beers, wait it out. Ain't nothing good gonna come from marching forward."

He turns, and looks toward the group coming, obscured by foliage, distance, and curtains of rain that obscure sight as surely as any material barrier. "Oh, great. Okay, throw me the keys, and I'll keep the engine running while you guys clean up."

He lifts a hand and shakes it.
Markus Berger Markus abruptly raises his rifle and begins to glance over the ironsights instead of relaxing even a little. At all. Fortunately all his stuff is waterproof or he would be even more on edge by now. "Can confirm, I see someone else approach. Appears definitely human. Which my experience tells me means very little. So, a typical tuesday indeed."
Stitch stitch taps trixie on the shoulder his eyes fixated on the recage of a crashed plane far off in the overgroth "hey either way we need to move i can see a good spot for cover and lay low but its a hike if you guys are up for it."
Emma Emma would lean forward some, going to look around people. Her grey-green eyes look to Buck, then Clover. She is assessing to see if there are injuries, even bites maybe. About to step forward to inquire something catches her attention.

"U - uh guys," The lass says in her thick Scottish accent. "I'm s - seein' somethin' that way, almost looks like a scope on'a gun or - or somthin'." Unsure on what it could be, a hand goes to her weapon.
Clover Clover hmms, "Maybe is more people from the show..maybe they got out too...thats prolly what happened..they got trapped in that bunker, and had to find a tunnel out or something....thats a good explanation...
Silent Night "They may be armed with long ranged weaponry, take cover and be prepared." Silent Night says seriously, only believing that Buck is Buck due to his... usual behavior, "Also, no throwing keys to civilians. We are on a mission here, Buck." He frowned as he took aim with his rifle, ready to return fire should the people coming fire at them.

Yes, Silent Night just stands there in the open while telling people to take cover. Honestly, it could be just a camera in the end too. Just a camera and the enemies could be zombies. After all, if you think of the most implausible things to happen first, you end up right enough times to believe the implausible is what should be happening.
Bob When he hears Emma announce that there might be a scoped weapon aimed in their direction, not to mention a bunch of people moving weirdly approaching their location, Bob says, "Get to cover. Where's that scope at, Emma?" The soldier immediately starts moving to use a tree for both cover and concealment, leaning the smallest portion of his head around it so that he can hopefully make out the potential shooter that Emma spotted while keeping an eye on the approaching group. "Can one of you guys glass those guys headed this way, see what's going on with them?"
Trixie "Something's way off about the way they're moving... too erratic to be normal," Trixie says, just loud enough to be heard over the storm as she takes cover behind the bole of a tree. "Possible groaners, probably hostile, whatever they are. I've got a light, but it'll give us away if I turn it on." She nods to Stitch. "I'm with you. Cover's good, especially with this damned storm." And then Emma speaks up, and she blinks in surprise. "Point it out to me, Emma. Scopes are bad, people... recommend we get to that cover Stitch mentioned. Preferably /now/."
Stitch Stitch looks tword the group stumbling tword them "i could pop a granade safly away from those things if they cower or scream their not enemys what do all think?"
Emma Emma looks to Bob, then in the direction he asked. She raises a hand and points while moving back to find some cover. Just in case.
Buck Rogers Buck slopes his shoulders and barrels forward in Clover's direction, sandalled feet splashing the mud and the slick, fallen leaves of the thick jungle with aplomb. "I've never seen a zombie shoot a gun," he remarks, taking cover as the group suggests. He reaches out with one large hand to coax Clover to the side, off this make-shift path they've stomped into being, tucked beneath a maze of branches so thick and dark they wind like pillars of black iron. It's a cozy nook away from the wind and rain, for what that's worth.

"Alright, sweetcheeks, look. They're the military guys. And girls, they can join these days. Great thing, you know? Progress. And they're almost as tough as the men. Anyway, you just hunker down, and let them handle business. Ol' Buck'll keep an eye on you."
Clover Clover eeeks, as Chubby Buck tries to get all handzy in the bushes. "Hey, hey...none of that old just keep those hands to yourself..." Though she does let the killer kiddies do what they might do..not that she at the moment could do much.
Kitten It was a good thing nobody had opened fire, the approaching figures moved closer into sight and they were a camera crew with the lead host Troy 'TJ' Jones, a former Survivor fan-favorite leading the group. Spotting one of the errant group, he calls out to Buck, "Hey! What are you doing out here mate? You're supposed to be in that fekkin' bunker with the rest of them. Jesus H Christ. Cut! Cut! Why are you morons still filming?"

When the BSAA Team members are spotted the man frowns and says, "That's not the gear you morons were issued. Where the fuck is Danny?"
Stitch Stitch looks to the guy whohe deems a director and says "hey buddy dose this look like a prop to you he says flashing his large ammount of granades before tossing one far away from the group to go off
Buck Rogers Buck turns and spots TJ, swaggering over towards him. "Aw, the lil girl here got spooked when everyone split up, she needed some fresh air," Buck says, turning on the schmoozy charm now that he's with the host; for now, at least, this guy's in good with the producer, and he's Buck's meal-ticket. Not that Buck is strapped for cash.. but that's a status quo he wants to maintain. These little jobs keep him comfortable. "Talking about monsters and all that. You know how it is. But hey, these guys here aren't crew, they're--"

The grenade explodes, sending shrapnel and dirt flying, and sending a reverberating shock through the area; almost intinctively, Buck moves, shielding Clover.. only to, inconspicuously, step aside when it's clear there's no danger.

"Hey, short bus, relax. Girls don't like a guy who pops premature."
Emma From her spot Emma watches, but it's a camera crew. Still the lass doesn't relax. But she does step out from behind a trunk of a tree, shifting her medic bag a bit while doing so. The doctor jumps, at the sudden sound of the grenade. "N - now they'll know where we be." She says softly, looking around again.

"A - anyone hurt? Or needin' anythin'? " Her grey green eyes would scan over the people, assessing what she can visually while frowning some at Buck's last comment.
Silent Night "And this is why you don't throw grenades at unidentified targets," Silent Night tells Stitch, "We are an specialized team doing, mostly specialized. He is part-comedian." He sighs before saying, "Stop wasting grenades." He then looks at the man that seemed to be in charge of the... civilians, "But as you may have noticed," He takes a hand off the trigger and motions to where the grenade landed, "We are in the middle of an operation here." He glances over to the medical and fire support, "Check them out just in case, something happened to them." Because asking has failed more often than not.
Markus Berger Markus doesn't even bother to react to the exploding grenade as he instead tries to do his best to glare the film crew into the ground. "Well, now the entire Jungle knows that either Spec-Ops or complete Lunatics are here. As if running into some idiotic filmcrew wasn't annoying enough." He shoots Arche a brief annoyed look. "Got to say, going by the usuall track record of how things go I'm surprised that we haven't run into anything munching on that lot so far."
Bob "Oh fuck," mutters Bob when the grenade gets tossed. "Get down!" he yells before doing exactly that, flattening himself out in the prone position on the ground until after the explosive detonates. Once he's free from that danger he gets to his feet and approaches the herd of civilians, calling to Silent Night, "Roger, sir. I'll take a look. Cover me." Walking right up to them Bob says loudly, in the event any of their hearing was damaged by the grenade, "Are any of you injured?" Emma already asked that, but Bob's asking louder.
Stitch Stitch scofs at bucks comment "speaking from experiance there?" then looking back twords the plane and then twords their co he says "sir premisssion to scout ahead and secure that area i saw, it could make great cover."
Kitten "Operation for what? We've rented the entire god damn island. Please don't tell me you guys are the zombie X-Files, the Bullshit Assessment Authority? Listen.. it's just actors, makeup. You know, something to thrill the fans. Why do you think we got Fatso to guest star?" TJ sighed and then nearly jumped at the sight of the grenade, "Fucking lunatics. I'm calling the American and AUstrallian Embassies right now."
Trixie Trixie winces at the sound of a pin being bulled and an arming lever flying off, and covers her ears, pressing herself against the tree she's in cover behind until the frag goes off. "/Brilliant/ idea, whoever that was..." she grumbles, rolling her eyes and slowly getting to her feet and lowering her submachine gun to hang by its sling. "And I'm with you," she adds to Markus, keeping a hand on the weapon and moving to check out the parade of film crew. "Anybody who's been hurt, sing out! Scratches, bites, any wounds at all! Got medics available to take care of ya!"
Buck Rogers "Hey-ey, kiwi," Buck tells TJ, scowling. "Who you callin' a fatso? All this," and he grabs his sides and gives a shake, "is prime real estate. All you did was almost win a gameshow, I'm a god damn hero. Show some respect."
Markus Berger "As a living X-File reject of Viral origin I can tell you to choke on your big mouth. This entire Island and everyone on it can go to hell, in my humble oppinion." Markus is evidently less than pleased and internaly hoping for something to eat TJ as he makes a mental note to mess with that guy at some point. He has got the money and influence to allow himself pettyness. Still, he doesn't write the whole matter off completely just yet as he begins to pace through the area near the group.
Silent Night "Operation to secure you and your mates out of this Island. And we aren't here to investigate -your- activities, unless you have been renting this island for the last few years." Silent Night sighs, "Though now, please cooperate, you are free to put your lawyers against my superiors any time." He repeats in serious tone, "For now, comform to our requests for now for your safety."
Trixie "Try the last /sixty/ years, given the age of that bunker..." Trixie murmurs, looking over the individual members of the film crew for signs of injuries. Finding none, she adds, "Looks like everyone's unhurt, Sir," in a louder voice to be heard over the storm. "Is this everyone?! Anybody missing?!" she calls, louder yet, beginning to wonder just what the H-E-double-hockeysticks is going on here...
Kitten TJ scowled at the group and began trying to get reception on his cellphone before walking off and leaving the group of you with a few camera crew and others who were part of the set. Awkward.
Buck Rogers Buck lets out a loud laugh once TJ's out of earshot. "Hah! All that growlin' and scrapin' in the dark was actors, huh? Guess they wanted some candid camera." He chuckles, and looks back up to the sky. "Well, shit, they got me. Figured the bunker was some old experimental lab. Those things are all over these islands, I used to find 'em like quarters on the sidewalk."

Buck shakes his head and begins to walk back to the direction of the bunker. "Hell, guess I better go help round everybody up."

The crew, meanwhile, stares. One of the camera men has kept his camera rolling, mounted on his shoulder as he stares toward the military men.. including the one that hurled a grenade.

"So you're all BSAA, huh? Hey.. think we could get an interview? Maybe you could run around, shoot your guns a little? Pretend there's zombies? We could splice the footage in later, make it more authentic!"
Trixie "Five years ago, I would've thought that was fun and a good idea. Now? No offense, but with the mood your boss is in, it'd probably wind up as some fake news piece on BBC news. That, and I think the brass would want a say in it, or give us hell for not asking them first," Trixie says in reply to the cameraman, with a sad little smile. "So we probably can't. I'm really sorry."
Buck Rogers The cameraman sighs, and flicks the camera off. "Worth a shot," he says. "Ratings have been going down on z-shows the whole world over. A few years back, couldn't get enough of 'em, but these days if you're not the biggest and best, you're just small potatos. Even got some people saying it's tasteless with that new superflu going around. Well.. come on, let's get out of the rain, then. You all coming? Or you got, uh, a.. mission?"

The cameraman's taking point here, but he's still got no real idea what the hell the group is up to. The crew begin to shuffle off after Buck, making their way toward the bunker to wait out the storm.