Umbrella Surveillance System
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Elliott     The door to the diner opens to let Elliott step in, and then closes behind him as he releases it, bringing up his hands to adjust the collars of his coat. He exhales as he glances around, rubbing a hand over his mouth and scruff. He slowly moves further in, looking around at the tables thoughtfully.
Emma Emma would come in not long after. She had been out for a run again. Needing a break, once stepped into the diner hands would go to her hips as she breaths heavily, hair a bit of a mess, for some strands had fallen from her ponytail. Pulling off her reflective aviator shades, then whiping her brow with the back of her hand the lass looks around to see what seats are free.
Elliott     Elliott takes a step towards a table as he lets out a sigh, feeling a little disappointed. When the door opens again, he turns a little as he glances over his shoulder, and arches a brow as his lips twist in amusement. "Well, now," he lets out by way of announcing his presence, "there's some force out there trying to further our friendship." He tilts his head as he shrugs, both brows rising briefly. "Join me for a bite to eat?"
Emma The sunglasses are put atop of her head. Emma looks over to Elliott a moment. She didn't expect to see him here that's for sure. But yes, maybe the 'force' is. Nodding a little and heading his way she would gently pull out a chair and then go to sit in it. "H - how are ya doin'?"
Elliott     Touching his tongue to his upper lip, wetting his lips, Elliott's blue eyes follow Emma to the table before he smiles, stepping after her. "All right, I suppose," he says on a shrug, casually pulling out a seat and sitting. He studies her for a silent second before he asks, "And you? I trust things are going all right? How was your run?"
Emma "S - suppose?" Emma asks, resting back in the chair. Her breathing is back to normal now. It looks like she had a good run. So to his question she shrugs a little, moving some red strands of hair from her face. "Th - they are, goin' as best as I can say." Yes, her tone is a touch guarded, but that may be old habit she is trying to break. "Tha run was good an'all. Tryin' t - ta get up ta snuff for work with tha BSAA."
Elliott     Elliott inclines his head a tad as his lips twitch a little. "Let's just say you saved me from eating alone," he remarks, shrugging as he drags the chair closer to the table now that he's seated. His eyes lock on Emma, watching her as she speaks, lowering as he lets out a murmur. "So is this a daily occurrence then? This running?" He gestures with a single hand, rolling it forward.
Emma "Th - then I have saved ano - another life." Emma replies with a small smirk. A waitress comes along and hands them menus, would take their drink order then go to fill it. For herself, the lass orders water. With a lot of ice. Looking back to Elliott she nods a little. "As daily as I - I can make it. Ya never know wh - what trouble be ahead'n all, need t - ta be ready."
Elliott     "My saviour," Elliott returns as he smiles lopsidedly. He chuckles, his eyebrows lifting if only for a second as his eyes focus on Emma. He takes the menu when it's offered, dipping his head as he says, "Thank you," and hmms a moment as he considers, and then decides on a soda. His gaze moves back to Emma as the waitress steps away again, and he nods to her. "Yes, never know what trouble," he agrees, but flashes a smile as he shrugs. "I'm glad you're doing well, though. Not pushing yourself too hard, I hope?" He glances down as he opens the menu.
Emma Emma shakes her head just a little, with a faint smirk to go with that. "N - no, I'm not. But I gotta lot of work ta do ta get ready an' all." She was just out for a run after all. "What of - of yet work? Ya meetin' interestin' people?" A pause and she looks out the window as a group of loud teenagers pass by. Then she looks back to Elliott. "I bet yer workin' with tons of people t - that are needin' help."
Elliott     The menu wobbles a little as Elliott holds it in hand, idly tapping his fingers against it, but otherwise not giving it much attention. Instead, his light blue eyes focus on Emma as she speaks, his lips quirking as his shoulders lift. :"Well there's been no shortage of people to help," he replies casually, and then lets out a faint laugh. "I'm not sure if that's good or not." He tilts his head, his half smile spreading as he shrugs. Wetting his lips with a flick of his tongue as he considers, he states, "Maybe you could help me out with something?" He arches a brow.
Emma "Th - tha world ain't black'n white ta - ta make it easy. An' a simple thing can mess with tha mind." There is a small, hopeless shrug then. Yet her eyes show curiosity, fixed on Elliott a brow lifts, her head tilts just a little. Her hand comes to her glass of water, while she weights his question. After a sip, there is a small nod, to prompt him to continue.
Elliott     "Don't I know it," Elliott replies with a smirk, his gaze on Emma as he arches a brow. "I've been there, after all," he says, far more open with her since, well, she knows how he used to be. He glances down now to the menu, a little twitch of his lips as he remembers back to that. It takes a moment or so before he continues on with what he had in mind, but eventually his gaze lifts to Emma again. "Perhaps you could help me understand more about the BSAA and what they do? They were so under the radar I hardly got to meet any of their members."
Emma "I - I am sure yer much more aware of all that." Emma replies with a quick nod. Given his work and all. Yet she seems unsure on his desire to know of the BSAA, and sits across from him, silently for a moment. "I - I am not to sure on it all," Admits the lass. "I am still learnin' myself ya'know. Why y - ya so curious about them?" The redhead asks in return.