Umbrella Surveillance System
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Kitten 24 Hours Ago

"Sir, we've successfully activated the project. She's primed and ready to go on your word." The technician reported from his place safely inside of an Umbrella Facility far from Raccoon City.

"Excellent. Let's see how she does." Doctor Isaacs replied with a sinister smile as he watched the display on the screen monitoring Project: ALICE change to Status: Active.


"STAAAAARRRRSSSSSS" Nemesis uttered once more before beginning to move in the direction of the front door of the building.

Those fleeing from the aftermath of the foray into the S.T.A.R.S. Armory had little time to escape given that Nemesis was actively searching for them.
Ada Wong     Ada rounds the corner as previously states just as Alice begins to make her comments to Andrei, Tobias, and James. With the trio now having ample opportunity to flee, Ada simply watches as them as they head off and then turns back to Alice, gazing the woman and her choice in wares over.
    A smirk comes quickly to Ada's lips as she comments, "Nice choices.", then brings up a rather large caliber weapon of her own as she glances out towards the hulking brute outside.
    The sight of the Nemesis Type-T still unnerves the agent greatly but she still manages to keep her cool.

    "Guess this the way he's paying me back I suppose.", comments Ada as she looks over towards Nemesis, "So, I take it we're taking this, bad boy on for a change?", inquiring as she locks and loads a round into the sniper rifle before taking a deep breath, "Hell of a way to break a fever."
PrestigeAndrei It hasn't even been a few minutes and Andrei is now looking over his new 'toy'. That crazy lady who told him to get out of there was packing some serious heat.. and also appeared quite insane to be going up against whatever that monster thing was. All would need to be included in reports and other documentation. Eventually, once Andrei has fallen out of love with his new misbegotten purchase, he'll move to slide it off to the side, carefully hiding it admist some garbage and refuse.. definetly in a trash bag, and move to pick up his SMG, holding it carefully in his hand.. he'll unload it, still remaining in his hiding place as he counts the bullets in his clip, one by one, before he slides his hand to his side and pulls out another magazine, and clumisly, but eventually, he'll change out the mags, restashing the half-emtpy one at his side.
Wendy Wendy emerged from an alleyway and crept behind a car parked across the street from the police station. The area looked roughly as much like a war zone as she'd been expecting, with all the gunshots she'd been hearing. Looting was starting to feel like a worse and worse idea every second. But surely, she thought, with all the gunshots there must be something worthwhile in there. Like the guns the shots were coming from. She peered over the car, saw the massive creature, and immediately ducked back down. Time to bide her time and hope for the best.
Alice     Alice nodded to Ada as she stepped towards the front of the building, "It's a modified Tyrant-type of some kind, I'm sure breaking their toy will send them a message." Taking a deep breath she looked to the rifle and offered, "I'll go low, you go high."
    There was no time like the present to send Umbrella a gigantic fuck you by dismantling whatever bioweapon they were trying to test right here in Raccoon City. She was confident that between her and Ada they would be able to dismantle it, just like they had the things in The Hive.
Kitten Umbrella Prime

"Nemesis' Combat Protocols are still in a limited state." Doctor Isaacs frowned as he looked over the display readings, "Disengage the programming limitations and allow it to make decisions for itself. Let's see how it does."

One of the Executives overseeing the experiment looked horrified, "You can't be serious. You assured us that this testing would be entirely controlled."

Isaacs shrugged his shoulders uncaringly, "You wanted a weapon, I'm giving you two for the price of one."


Wendy can see that aside from the behemoth known as Nemesis, there is very little in the path between her and the police station and the tempting armory that still had prizes inside potentially to be claimed.

Nemesis stood rigid for a moment as the new programming instructions were received, the grotesque eyes flashing with a new intelligence as the side of its face began to mutate slightly to match the typical appearance it was known for.
Ada Wong Just like old times sake, it seems.

    Ada looks back to Alice and nods, "Sounds like a plan to me. Preciate the offer too.", she comments again, followed with a wink.

    The pair begin to execute their plan as agreed with them splitting off in separate intended directions. Ada begins making her way back towards the rooftop of the RPD. It certainly would have been more classy for her to use her hookshot though the poor thing simply wouldn't be able to take the strain with the massive rifle to boot. So sadly, she's going to have to hoof it.
    Ada makes to the rooftop with little resistance, maybe a little bit of blood spatter on the rifle in question. Having seen Alice in action before, Ada believes she should be able to keep the Nemesis busy for a time while she gets setup. The agent finds a good spot to post up at and begins to quickly setup the rifle as needed. She carefully takes the time while Alice sets to engage the modified tyrant before them, "Come on, baby. We can do this."
    While not expertly trained as a sniper, Ada has been through the ropes. She begins to slow her breath through deep breathing, continuing to follow Alice and lining up her shot. With each breath, her focus intensifies and begins to range around the Type-T's head, "You can do this. Just give me the shot."
Alice While Ada went one way, Alice went the other and she was straight out the front door towards what she presumed to be an ordinary Tyrant. The former S.T.A.R.S. SMGs are unloaded in fully automatic towards Nemesis with one in each hand.
    Most of the shots bounce harmlessly off the creatures armor but a few shots strike it in the unarmored head, no doubt getting its attention, "Hello Ugly."
    Alice continued her advance hoping that if she got close enough the creature would not be able to utilize its heavier weapons.
Kitten Nemesis aimed his minigun at Alice and opened fire with reckless abandon, and yet somehow he didn't manage to hit the crazy ass woman who was running towards him with machine guns blazing. It would learn and it would adapt. There were other strategies it could utilize now.
Ada Wong     Ada smiles as she watches Alice successfully gain Nemesis' attention, "Good girl. Just like that. Keep him busy."
    The Agent keeps up her breathing, watching as Alice continues to nimbly move between the Tyrant's movements. However, there appears to be some cause for concern once Nemesis brings up his Minigun and starts laying waste to the ground nearby Alice. Certainly, not something one would want to be in front of.
    Luckily for her, even despite the tyrant's massive frame, Nemesis is forced to stand remotely still, giving Ada the shot she was looking for. Keeping her aim steady, the agent lines up the shot, "Good night, big boy. Hopefully this will keep you busy for her." and then fires!
    The round launches with a sounding boom that kicks back into Ada's shoulder! The bullet streams across towards the Tyrant, however resulting in a resounding successful hit!

    Ada groans lightly as she begins to recover, "That smarts a bit. Been awhile since I've had to shoot one of these.", then proceeds to discharge the round and lock another into place. This time, Ada looks to act as support, aiming her rifle in the direction of Nemesis' arms, the one wielding the rather impressively large minigun. Damage aside, the agent is looking to incapacitate him if possible, "Hang in there.. Give me another shot."
Wendy Wendy winces as some of the bullets land a bit too close to the car she's behind for her liking. She had a sinking suspicion that the time to leave the street had come.
Wendy Wendy Breaking into a dead sprint, she bolts for the door, heart leaping in her chest as she desperately prays neither of the sides shoots her.
Alice     Alice continued her forward momentum towards Nemesis, not stopping for a second as bullets landed all around her; some of them whizzing by a little too close for comfort as she continued firing with the pair of MP5s until each of them was drained of ammunition.
    Half-way in her charge towards Nemesis, Alice begins to realize that this was an ill-fated plan. She had just emptied 2 full clips into the creature before her and seen a .50 caliber round hit it in the head with little noticeable effect.
    The pair of SMGs were dropped to the floor with little care as she changed direction away from Nemesis to the same car Wendy had just been using.
    With surprising alacrity she pulls out the M4 Carbine she had slung over her back hoping she might have better luck with it.
Kitten Nemesis roars in pain or is it laughter? Perhaps amusement as the weapons fire strikes its body and pings off the armor. The shots to the head seem to have little effect and only seem to add to the grotesque mutation that is sprouting from the creatures head.

The rocket launcher is aimed and fired up towards Ada Wong's position on the rooftop, taking out a chunk of the roof even if the shot missed her directly.

Alice is kept pinned down, the woman barely avoiding becoming shredded lunchmeat as she narrowly avoids the attack at the last moment. The noise has drawn the remaining infected who had prior followed the group into the parking garage and about 40 zombies are beginning to shuffle out in the street.

Meanwhile? Wendy has found a perfectly cleared path with tons of strewn zombie corpses to the armory. She would get her pick of what remained with a quick in and out.
Wendy Wendy pops out of the armory, brand new M4 Carbine in hand, quickly diving behind a desk. "Now, to get out alive. This is going to be the hard part."
Alice     "Shit." Alice watched the bullets narrowly avoid hitting her right in the head as they ripped through the car she was hiding behind, "RUN!" She screamed out to Ada before ducking out of cover and unloading everything the M4 had into Nemesis only to see very little happen for so much firepower expended.
    How was she supposed to deal with this?
    The M4 is dropped as she runs towards another car for cover, noticing the growing hordes of zombies with concern as the SPAS-12 was gripped in her hands, ready for one last assault on Nemesis before it probably killed her.
Ada Wong     It appears her blow to Nemesis was more or less shrugged off by the beast of tyrant, or was at least a glancing blow at best, causing Ada to be surprised.

    It can shrug off .50 caliber bullet? I wonder just what this thing really is?

The passing thought rolls through Ada's mind, as it appears Umbrella's newest monstrosity has a lot more fight in him than the pair originally thought. In fact, the monster's reaction was enough to throw Ada off her game, causing her to unfortunately miss her opportunity for a shot.
    To make matters worse, it appears Nemesis has deeper pockets than they thought as well, as it pulls a rocket launcher to boot and appears to take aim directly at her.


    Appears the super spy forgot the most important part of Sniper-101: Always be on the move following a shot and never stay in the same place.
    The Tyrant fires its blast and Ada narrowly manages to dodge the rocket! However, the rocket explodes behind her, causing the area around her to shake violently, causing the roof and floor to collapse! In the resounding explosion, she attempts to brace before being enveloped by the rubble and smoke around her!

    A few moments pass and there is no word from the super spy.

                "Alice! CATCH!"

    Just then, an MP5 SMG-C slings out from the smoke and in Alice's direction, hopefully to help give her ally a little more of a chance to get out of that hell!

    A few moments later, the smoke clears and there stands Ada, once more posed with the .50 properly aimed. She appears to be covered in soot and breathing heavily, along with scrapes and wounds a plenty The bastard Tyrant surely did his job and got her good but not enough to take her down.
    The worst part about it all? The bastard ripped her dress and its appears she is not happy about that. Keeping her aim steady, Ada continues to eye Nemesis, "You're gonna pay for that, Big Boy.", then fires another round of her .50!

Even when things don't look like they are going your one, there's one you don't do and that's mess with a woman's clothes.

After all, as William Congreve once said:

         "Hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned."
Kitten The situation was looking grim for Ada and Alice.

Nemesis didn't seem to be taking it easy on them and had even swapped up tactics. The rocket launcher was this time aimed at Alice and her cover, blowing it away and wounding the woman with the resulting fallout.

The minigun was unloaded full blast into Ada with a deadly volley that should have killed the woman but she somehow manages to avoid it.

Fourty zombies or so have now made it out into the street. There was looking to be no way out. Even zombies from near-by areas had been drawn here. It was a nightmare with no way out.
Albert Wesker It's the kind of situation where one guardian angel just isn't enough to guarantee victory; or even survival. Ada's shooting is masterful by any measure, especially alongside Alice's fearless and relentless onslaught-- but they've barely slowed the creature. The exchange is watched with interest from a rooftop across the street, often through the powerful magnification of a rifle scope. As the RPD roof is blown apart, and a few dozen of the shambling undead spill forth onto the street anew, things are looking worse and worse for the pair, however.

That's when their voyeur intercedes. Albert Wesker plucks the nigh-opaque shades from his shining crimson, bestial eyes and settles his aim down the scope, easing the stock of the battle rifle back tightly against his shoulder. He breathes smoothly, muscle memory smoothly guiding his finger over the two-stage trigger's second tug as he exhales, announcing his presence with a first shot that whips its way across the distance seperating them in an instant, its bloody impact aligned with the towering Tyrant's temple.

There's a pause, a beat, a scant moment as the rifle's report echoes off this building and that in confusing fashion before it's joined by a second, and the delightful, subtler burn of a 40mm grenade's primer whistles in the air as the projectile joins its faster-arriving, 7.62 brethren and momentarily consumes Nemesis' position in a fierce shockwave accompanied by a high explosive ball of fire.

There's little opportunity to yell audible advice to the pair, so hopefully the punctuating moments make their situation clear: Wesker's last shot sees a second explosive round delivered to the street below him, blasting into the mostly-full fuel truck in a second fireball; and triggering a third, far larger one. This conflagration likely rips any number of the encroaching horde leaving the station directly from their feet, if not tearing the closer zeds apart. The outpouring of flame immediately ignites slowly leaking gas in the bottom floor of the building Wesker occupies, and a fire flashes to life, hungrily seeking out all consumable materials within its reach.

Calmly, smoothly, the Captain does keep Sniper 101 in his mind, moving to vacate his perch on the ledge-- and disappear back into the city, beyond that newly lit inferno. He'd almost -like- to see the T-Type follow him through -that-.
Wendy Wendy peers out the window. The fight wasn't exactly going badly, but it wasn't going great either, and while not too keen on getting involved, she did feel she had to help. In her books, the less big monsters with guns and rocket launchers in the world, the better the world was. Stuffing a newspaper into a jerry can of gasoline, Wendy flicked a lighter, and heaved it fuse-burning through the window into the street outside, bathing it in flames.
Kitten The chain reaction of explosions rips through the area as Wendy is tossing her makeshift Molotov cocktail at Nemesis. It might not do a lot of damage but karma is on her side for her brave actions in the face of overwhelming danger and she manages to score a direct hit on Nemesis' head.

The conflagaration spreads through the streets in a series of Hollywood Style explosions caused by Wesker that begin to obliterate the zombies and will no doubt start a huge fire in the area.

The good news was? Nemesis was temporarily dealt with and there was a temporary means of escape before all of this began to burn.