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Silent Night It is evening in this lovely diner. A relatively calm place which is a short walk of all of some night clubs among other nightly places. The diner itself is somewhat empty, only waits and the like moving from a side to another to serve the few patrons of the diner. Among them, there is Archene in some jeans and a white t-shirt. He had given Emma a call to set up a place for them to properly meet, the time were around now.
Emma Emma was never really a club type of girl. The pickup scene, not her thing. People pushing amd shoving, not overly appealing. Meeting an old friend for food however, is her thing. After having gotten word from Archene the lass would have made her way here, stepping into the diner, looking around. Once he is spotted, thd redhead would head his way.
Silent Night As he was spot, Archene gave her a wave standing up as she got closer to give her a hug, "Emma, hope you like this place." He says before taking a seat, "The food is nice and it is quiet enough for conversations." He smiles at her.
Emma The hug is returned. She doesn't have Shaemus with her it seems. Taking a seat and nodding, hands rest on her lap. "I - I come here often, I enjoy th - tha food an'all. Is this yer first time here?" She asks, with a slight tilt of her head. "An' - An' what are ya up ta now?"
Silent Night Archene keeps his arms lightly resting on the table as he says, "Yes, some people recommended it for me. It seemed interesting and I thought you might like it." He grins, "But if you are a regular, even better." He then sighs, "After the problems with TRICELL in Africa, had to deal with a few.. problems and variables, but right now, I'm mostly here to take a look at a fw things I've heard. Otherwise, just enjoying a lovely extended after a long string of problematic days." He then hmms, looking at Emma closely before asking, "And you, what are you up to now?"
Emma "Problematic days?" Emma inquires, curiously. Then she shrugs a bit, in a casual fashion. "I - I went away, aye, found m - myself an' all. Had a lot ta let go of. But as of now, I - I accepted a position with tha BSAA. Quite a change f - from TerraSave, but I think a good one. A needed one."
Silent Night Archene nods, "Some stupid, greedy businessman in TRICELL decided that it would be a nice idea to deal with bioweapons... and basically sunk the whole company." He sighs, "Had to deal with quite a lot from the aftermatch of that all." He then smiles lightly, "It is good to see you learning more about yourself. Glad to hear you are in BSAA now, and changing positively. Hope you keep doing your best for a better world." He smiles warmly before beckoning a waiter over, whom brings them 2 menus.

"But we should order something, since you are more used to here, any suggestions?"
Emma "I - I am sorry ta hear that." Emma replies, in regards to Tricell. "TerraSave has som - somethin' goin' on too. Ta be honest I'm worried. Though I went away, it hurts ta see it bein' shattered'n all." There is a quick frown. All that work, and now chaos. "Hope ya find somethin' too, ya'know."

Looking at the menu she smiles. "Their burger is amazin' actually. An' battered fries, I'd suggest that."
Silent Night Archene shakes his head, "It is alright, I should already have expected something like that... it always happens when people get too much power." He sighs briefly before nodding at Emma, "I've heard of TerraSave's situation..." He sighs quietly before saying, "Don't worry, I have my contacts here and there. For now, I just want to find out how big of a problem this island has."

He then gives Emma a light smile, "I'll be taking that then." He looks at the waiter, "Your burger, battered fries and some orange juice, no ice." The waiter jolts things down before looking at Emma and asking, "And you miss?"
Emma "H - humans can be awful." Emma replies, following it with a sad shake of her head. "I - if yer hearin' anythin', let me know?" She is curious.

Looking to the waiter, and though she suggested the burger the lass orders something else. "A - a chicken salad please, an' a glass of water, with ice." The waiter is given a small smile.
Silent Night "Alright, for now, all I know is that things here are real enough to warrant investigation." Archene nods briefly at Emma, "Let me know if you find out anything too.

The waiter smiles back and says, "Your order should be ready in a few minutes." Quickly, he left them at the table... but soon enough he was already back with both the juice and the water, "Here you go." He smiles before leaving the two to themselves.
Emma "I - I will." Emma says to Archene, giving a small quick thankful smile to the waiter before he is gone. Lifting her glass of water, a sip is taken. Sure there is AC here but a cold drink is nice. "H - have ya spoken ta Markus lately?" Her tone is a touch hesitant, even a little unsure.
Silent Night "Thank you," Archene replies before sipping some of his iceless juice. After all, he is paying for the juice, not for icecubes. "Last time I spoke to him, he was going to some sort of facility. Given everything that happened, he is either just hiding, or someone had the ludicrous idea of attempting to imprision him. Either way, we should hear of him sooner or later. He should be fine for the time being." He smiles reassuringly? Despite everything he just said.
Emma Emma now looks surprised, her glass of water is put down slowly. For a second the lass doesn't know what to say, or rather, how to say it. Idly her thumb pushes away some droplets from the side of her glass. She knows something. "W - well, Archene.." There is a moment there, she is hesitant.
Silent Night "Emma?" Archene asks quiety as he notices her hesitation, putting down his glass of juice, "Please, tell me." He gives her a light smile.
Emma "M - Markus is - is back an' things were not good for him." Such details she may leave him to tell. "An' - an' he came with news. Tha - tha sickness in yer hearin' 'bout, it's gonna be Raccoon, all over again."
Silent Night Archene sighs in relief, "If he has been back so soon, it couldn't be too bad." But then he furrows his brows, "I, thought so. I hoped that it wasn't like that, but it was the least I could expect given all of the signs." He sighs briefly before giving Emma a brief smile, "Thank you for sharing, just by being sure this is that bad... helps a lot."
Emma "I - it was bad for him." Emma says gently. She can't put it to words really, best if Markus does. "T - think of it like a possible global Raccoon. Al - all tha more reason I'm glad I am wi - with tha BSAA. But with it mutated an' all, we could be at risk too."
Silent Night "You are the doctor and Markus is the one who knows how the virus works best." Archene sighs, "But if this can become global, we are probably at the stage where there is virus spread through the world. If it mutates though... We will have to go back to the basics of avoiding contact at all costs." He speaks seriously, "I'll check a few things with my contacts to have them check the possibility of a global outbreak."
Benny Benny walks into the diner, dressed in his usual manner of a Belstaff jacket, jeans and his usual graphic t-shirt, which today happens to be Star Wars themed with the Milenium Falcon on the front. He spots Emma and Archene at the table, nods his head politely to the waitress and greets his old friends. "Hey Emma and Archene. So glad to see you the two of you." His smile is warm and geniune. "Thanks for inviting me down. So how have you been doing?" He slides into a seat beside Archene as Emma excuses herself to the bathroom after a brief hug.
Silent Night Archene gives Benny a hug as he comes in, "How could I not invite my friends?" He smiles at Benny, "Though now, I may have missed sending Markus his invitation. I didn't know he was around this place." He then briefly sighs, "But though the immediate present is nice, because honestly this place has its good distraction, I can only say that there is no shortage of signs saying that this whole place has real problems that need to be dealt with."
Benny Benny hugs Archene back the best he can since the legendary Knight is so much taller than he is. "Always happy to see you guys and too bad Markus couldn't make it. I miss that grumpy scientist." He grins and then quirks an eyebrow slightly. "Problems? Like what? Seems like this is a pretty quaint restaurant...or are you talking on a more global scale?"
Silent Night "I'm talking about Raccoon City all over again, in this island, or maybe the world. Though I have yet to confirm this info on reliable sources." Archene frowns, "But I can let you know when I find more concrete information on this." He picks up his orange juice and drinks some of it.

Soon enough a waiter comes by and offers Benny a menu, before just standing there as if waiting for the order.
Benny "Thanks. Oh and a cup of french roast coffee please." Benny says to the waiter when the menu and the water are dropped off to him. He takes a few moments to pour over the menu before replying to Archene's rather ominious news. "I know you will Arche and even after all these years...despite what the media spins, deep down I always knew that it wouldn't be over." He sighs softly but there isn't fear or regret in his expression, more like resigned understanding. "So who do you work for now if you mind me asking? I know Emma said she joined the BSAA." He raises his glass and takes a small sip but stops himself to cheers your orange juice glass. "To friendship."
Silent Night "I did say that night that the fight wouldn't end then. Now it is only a question of who is behind things." Archene sighs, "Currently, I consider what I do, working for myself, since TRICELL went down." He sighs, "It is a bit rough, but I have enough savings in the right places in the end." He raises his glass before saying, "To friendship, but then just drains it."

It is all well, until his phone rings. Archene only needs to see the ID before sighing and saying, "Just let me have a look at this, I'll try to be back before my food gets here." With that he excused himself from the table and said, "Oh, when Emma is back, let her know I only left for a call." And thus, he walked out of the Inn, but it wasn't hard to see that he just stopped outside to take the call.
Emma Emma, done in the bathroom, heads back to the table to see that.. Archene is gone. Her grey-green eyes show some confusion, and she'd look to Benny before going to sit. "D - Did I miss somethin'? Ya scare him off with yer kung fu?" She smirks a little.
Benny Benny nods to Archene when he gets up to take the call. "I was kinda hoping you were wrong but alas...okay well I'll still be here when you get back." He watches the tall man leave and then turns to Emma when she returns. Replying with a smirk, "No we were just catching up and he apologizes for leaving while he takes a phone call. No Kungfu skills were used while you were away." He winks, "So how are you?" He waves the waitress over and orders a roasted chicken sandwich with a garden salad.
Emma Emma had ordered water, so she would take a drink of hers, putting the cup down gently afterwards. There is a bit of a laugh too. "I - I would say yer as threatenin' as a puppy but I know d - different." Having ordered already, a garden salad she gives the waitress a quick smile before looking back to Benny with a shrug. "T - tryin' ta prepare for wh - what might be, workin' out atta gym, preparin' for tha field. Ta admit, a lil' nervous. But can't be worse than my supposed humanity job." Because, well, assassins etc. "Wh - what 'bout you? Livin' the IT life up?"
Benny Benny blinks, "But I am mostly harmless." He feigns innocence but smirks just a little. "I'm glad you are preping and it is normal to feel nervous. I remember my first time out with S.T.A.R.S. I was pretty anxious but then your training kicks in and it gets easier everytime after that. Just don't ever get complacent and always watch your six as well as your partner." He takes another sip of water before replying. "IT life is good and I do enjoy training. The travel is nice as well but sometimes I miss home but getting an opportunity to catch up with old friends makes it worth it."
Emma "I - I don't have a partner, as of yet." Frankly, she didn't think of that much. "A - an' I aint much of a fighter, g - guess I need ta learn a few more things." Briefly she looks worried, did she bite off more than she can chew. Biting her lower lip a little with worry, when the topic changes she relaxes, and nods while listening. "Y - ya bought a place ta have yer parents with ya right?" A fact she can't quite remember. "Well as they - they say in tha Lion King, home is where ya rump rests." As if in toast, she'd lift her glass of water.
Benny Benny raises his glass to toast yours. "To the rump." He then reaches over to pat your arm gently. "Don't worry too much Em. I'm sure the BSAA won't let you out in the field without proper training or back up. You'll be fine and they are lucky to have you. You are very experienced and don't doubt yourself out there."
Emma "Th - thanks." Emma says simply, it does help her to relax a little. After all, they arent in the thick of it yet. "Y - ya know, it surprises me, Archene didn' know 'bout Markus. Has he tried ta get in touch with ya yet?"
Benny Benny shakes his head. "No, I haven't heard from Markus in a long time. I was hoping he would get in touch with me." He takes another sip of water and then the food arrives. He thanks the waitress and then starts picking at his salad before speaking again. "How about you? Have you spoken to him since we last met?"
Emma Sitting back in the chair with a sigh, Emma shakes her head a touch. "I - I've not, no. Last I saw him he wanted ta experience some of th - tha life here, an' eat some food. Ya'know," Now she goes off in another direction. "I - I've not heard from James in.. years either."
Benny "James...yeah, not sure what happened to him after we last saw one another. He was changing...not sure if for the better either. But if he is still out there, I hope he's okay." Benny replies, pausing for a moment and the resumes eating. Munching on the chicken sandwich now and after a few more bites he adds. "I hope Markus is okay too and that he's found some happiness."
Emma "I - I was hopin' ta see him ta tell him 'bout h - his pa." Emma adds, then shrugs some. "I just hope James is happy too. H - he.. had ta work on things, ta be happy. I told him that a few times." She would nod, agreeing about Markus too. "I - if only bein' happy was as easy as talkin' 'bout it."
Benny Benny nods. "Well, here's hoping Markus contacts one of us and we can get more people to our reunion." He smiles softly and takes another sip of water, the sandwich has dissapeared and soon the salad will be devoured by the man named Benny. "Arch seems pretty much the same, although I guess Tricell took a really big hit after the Bolivar incident. But he seems in good spirits as always and I know he will bounce back in whatever he does."
Emma "H - hopefully Markus does." Emma says but not without worry. When it comes to Archene she laughs a little. "I - I don't think he'll ever change. L - like he was bred for this life an'all."