Umbrella Surveillance System
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Markus Berger Its a typical hot day on the Island as the sun glares down on the ground and tourists mingle about on the boardwalk. Everything is absolutely normal, except for a certain quite 'off' looking person who is sitting at a isolated picnic table at the edges of the area who essentially everyone avoids.

That man being... a quite changed Markus Berger who recently sent a message to one of his old acquaintances after way over a year of silence and is now waiting for that person in question.
Emma Emma had gotten that message. It is hot, and humid. So she is wearing shorts and a tank top with flip flops. Red hair is pulled back, and her reflective aviator sunglasses are worn. At her side is Shaemus.

Once at her destination the lass looks around, grey-green eyes settle on Markus. Or who she thinks Markus is. The man looks familiar but not. Clearly the woman is trying to figure out if it is really him.
Markus Berger Markus has been busy looking at his smartphone as Emma approached, so before he event notices anything he is cursing silently about something in his typical german accent. Its quickly followed by him slamming it down on the table, displaying a WHO logo on its backside before he looks up, spots Emma, squints behind his sunglasses and waves her over wordlessly.
Emma It.. is Markus. Emma is of course happy to see him, but is equally shocked. Even Shaemus seems unsure on what to make of the German. They both head to his table, the lass if able and allowed, would go to give him a hug, but not without a clear expression of concern on her face.

"M - Markus, y - you've changed." She says softly in her thick Scottish accent. "W - what happened? Ya okay?" If she did notice the WHO symbol for now it isn't mentioned as there is more concern for her friend.
Markus Berger He doesn't really react much has he instead tents his hands, looks around for a moment before taking a short breath. "Let me summarise. I was imprisoned in a US Military Prison for nearly two years after Wesker and co. got what was coming to them. Unfortunately that also had the effect that it was followed by a crackdown on the big three of Pharma, to the point even my former employer TRICELL is heavily dimnished nowadays. Well, in the wake I was arrested, charged with bioterrorism, ruled as one of those responsible for the Raccoon City Outbreak and thrown into High Security Military Prison."

He takes another short breath before he gestures at himself. "It was not pleasant to say the least. That hellhole was bad enough that my regenerative abilities were overtaxed a good bit to not bite the dust, so I look terrible. They even used titanium chains to keep me restrained."
Emma Emma would slowly go to sit beside him, with nothing but sadness on her face as Markus tells his tale. It hurts her heart even, to know what he had been through and that she had no idea and couldn't help.

"M - Markus, I am so sorry. I - If I had any idea, I woulda come ta yet aid. Gotten ya out'n stuff." Her head shakes from side to side, red hair swaying around her. "Co - come ta that hospital so I can look ya over proper an' help ya get better."
Markus Berger "Don't worry about my health. Its fine after I spent a few hundred dollars in a restaurant. I just look uncanny as a side-effect of the genetic enhancement in the first place now that I had to overtax my abilities. Remember, the ones I have are based on Umbrellas favorite BOW experiment. The Tyrants. I hope you know what those look like?" Markus picks up his smartphone again and starts typing on it immideately. "Besides, we got bigger problems now. I'm supposed to be in prison for life, but someone got me out of there on one condition. Namely, working for the WHO since we are threatened with a globe wide Pandemic that will make Raccoon City look like a walk in the park. Considering that it was Alexia Ashford who told me that I'm taking that claim very seriously."

He quickly places the smartphone down again which now displays a text with some very, very basic informations about T-Influenzia. "Before you ask, yes you are seeing that right."
Emma "I - I will worry." Emma replies gently. "I still wanna take ya ta - ta tha hospital ta look ya over."

Yet she doesn't push the subject either. She knows well enough that Markus will do as he wished. Looking down to her phone and at the information there is A slow nod, yet she doesn't look all to surprised either. Which may be interesting in of itself.

"I - I feared it happenin' again. Wished I - it wouldn't though." With a sigh she scratches the top of Shaemus' head, briefly looking over the innocent people, enjoying their lives, blissfully unaware. "So what ya be - bein' released ta so then?"
Markus Berger "My job now is to research it and develop a vaccine. Of course containment will also be needed wherever it breaks out, since due it being the T-Virus combining its own high virality with the virality of the Influenza virus we will have to deal with zombies and mutants just like in the old days. I've contacted you since you are a better doctor than I am and I'm also trying to get into contact with Archene and Benny to make use of their badassery. In addittion I'm trying to finaly create my virus database to catalogue the virus variations, the BOWs and mutants." With another tap against the smartphones screen by Markus it removes the displayed information again and pulls up worldmap. "Just wonder where it will crop up next. There are some reports, but not much is known. Not to mention that with the downfall of the big three medical supplies have actually become a threatenigly rare ressource since even normal diseases have become problematic."
Emma "Y - you want me to join ya in this?" Emma asks, a little surprised actually. "Ta - ta join WHO? An' before I left TerraSave we had started on a catalog of such - such things."

Pullinh out her phone and looking at it, she pulls up a number. "I - I got Benny's number here." She'd show it to him. "I - I can get in touch if yer wantin' me ta. And Archene is 'round too. Any idea Wh - when all this hell'll come?"
Markus Berger Markus quickly holds up his hands in a placating gesture. "Not saying you need to join. I'm just trying to get the most competent people pointed in the right direction, which as off now is the T-Influenza virus. Anyway, I can use the number. I doubt that the one from two years ago is still correct." He quickly adds the new number to his contacts. "Honestly have no idea when all hell will break loose again. I'm barely out of prison since... I think two or three days? I was imprisoned not too far away, you know."
Emma "I - I will do anythin' ta help." Emma says truly. "But a - a world-wide I - infection, that is.." Words trail off, her expression speaks of someone looking at a mountain one needs to climb.

"We - we need samples ta begin with. An' is there anythin' yer needin'? Wanna do?" He has been gone a long time. "I - I can't imagine how awful that'd have been."
Markus Berger "Awfull enough that I actually tried to see if I can poison myself as a quick way to skip the prison sentence. I unfortunately forgot that that doesn't work on me." If there ever was any doubt that Markus was more or less done with the world, then this was the confirmation, but at least he is grinning faintly as he taps against the screen of this smartphone again. "Let me quickly make some notes to get Ashford to talk with you since you're going to help out and to make a short trip back to Paris to get my stuff from the Chateau. You see... I own a Private Jet now. Courtesies of Miss Ashford. Right now? I'd like to put all this out of my mind, get some diner, get out of the kevlar and go for a swim."
Emma Emma lifts a brow. "Wow." Because that is one hell of a way to try to escape. "Ya - ya got a a jet? Le - least yer out in style'n all. But yes, le - lets get ya some food an' we'll go ta beach. If anyone deserves ta have some fun, it be you Markus."
Markus Berger "Well, wow is a good way to put it. Even tried to use cyanide which I smuggled in. That took a good while to get the capsule out of my flesh with blunt, improvised tools. Bloodloss and lethal poisoning combined still wasn't enough to get me killed as intended. Just slightly sick." With that said Markus takes off his coat which for once in his life isn't being used to carry around half an armory and slings it over his shoulder as he slowly gets up, smartphone in hand. "Right, first some food. A lot. I got to catch up on two years."
Emma "I - I get why ya tried." Emma says with a touch of sorrow. Her mind can't even begin to comprehend what he had gone through. And what it took to try it all. "Y - ya survived it all, though, ta help tha people now too. I am glad yer still here." There would be a pat on his arm then.

"Co - come on, I know a good place ta eat. Big serings too. Ya'll like it."