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Alexia Ashford US Military Prison - Paradise Islands

Markus Berger had been brought out of his holding cell for a visitor, the first one he had been allowed in over a year since Archene had visited him last. Since then, it had been next to impossible to get clearance to visit the prisoners still being held for various crimes as part of the Raccoon City incident.

Markus Berger was one of those unfortunates.

When evidence was uncovered that he had not only worked for the Umbrella Corporation, but had actively taken part in viral research he was arrested and extradited into US Custody as part of their initiative to take anyone who was involved in Raccoon City down.

When Markus was brought into the visiting room, they kept him cuffed in titanium chains. A blonde haired woman wearing a black dress was seated on the other side of the table with her legs crossed and her arms folded across her chest, a petulant expression of boredom plastered across her features.

Markus recognized her immediately as Alexia Ashford, one of the Senior Researchers for Umbrella during his time there and from what he knew, a member of one of the founding families along with the Spencer, and Markus families who had founded the corporation.

"Well, it's about time Doctor Berger. I was wondering if you were going to arrive at all." She reached into a clutch purse laying on the table in front of her and lit up a cigarette, "Do you smoke?" She offered the cigarette to Markus even if the man had no way of taking it with his hands.
Markus Berger Markus, who is clad in the newest of prison fashion of orange and showing noticeable... complications with his genetic enhancements since being stuck in this Prison, just grumbles and lifts his hands, showing off the chains and displaying no real reaction the fact that the a damn Ashford is sitting there in front of him. After all the Umbrella related madness of the last few years followed by being stuck in a Military Prison of Guantanomo quality not much phases him anymore. "No. Tempted to start considering how long I've been stuck here so far though. I mean, its not like its gonna kill me." With that said he lowers his hands again and shoots the chains a glare. "So... Not to be unpolite, but I don't care about politness too much in this hole. What are you off all people doing here? I'm pretty much useless by now. The big three are done for, bunch of people are dead and things been quiet. I mean, the world is 'safe', my field of science is now considered anathema to everything and all the bad guys including me are dead, on the run or in some hole." Surprisingly the former scientist manages to say all that without so much as dropping out of a deadpan tone.
Alexia Ashford Alexia shrugged her shoulders at the decline to her offer and took a long drag of the cigarette, blowing the air obnoxiously in Markus' direction, "Don't know what you're missing." She leaned back in the chair a little regarding Markus with raised eyebrows, "I always wondered what the Tyrant program could have produced if Umbrella wasn't so busy trying to create weapons. You know, I always wanted to make improvements, not kill anyone. Not purposely, anyways."

She cleared her throat and smiled innocent before taking another drag of the cigarette, "I wish you were useless. Spencer's legacy is not quite done fucking with us all yet." The cigarette was ashed on the floor, "Something fascinating has happened. The t-virus, some sample of it out in the wild has managed to mutate with influenza. It's unlike anything I've ever seen."

Reaching up she tossed her hair over her shoulder haughtily, "You know, they came to me first. I'm one of the smartest people in the world you know." She just had to remind Markus, "I graduated valedictorian of my class at ten years old, Oxford, no less." She still hadn't gotten to why she was here to see Markus, "Youngest ever I think, except some stupid Chinese boy who was probably far older than they claim. You can never trust the Chinese, or the Americans for that matter."
Markus Berger Markus groans slightly and raises his hands in an attempt to put his face into them. "Well, great. Let me quickly rattle that whole mess down. First, same here. Genetic enhancements are a interesting and we can all thank Umbrella for the fact that using it for everyones betterment is now off the table for a long time. Secondly, as prime example of being what I would dub a Pseudo-Tyrant I can say that the results are more than interesting since even lacking any training or basic phyisical capabilities those ehancements compensate quite well. Of course there are the side-effects off looking quite... off, although after a good while in this hole those are admittedly getting worse. Probably because my regenerative abilities are overextended due to how much of a hellhole this place is."

With the 'basic' science topic out of the way Markus takes a long, deep breath before looking up again. "Allright. T-Virus mutated in the wilds. With influenza. Admittedly, I'm not even surprised considering that there are likely considerable ammounts of unaccounted for samples in the wilds, considering that I kept stumbling over them all over the globe. I mean, I kept stumbling upon that all over the damn globe. Still, thats the worst thing it could've combine with. With that we got a Pandemic on its way. Zombies, mutants, rabid wildlife... If you can name it, it will spring up once it gets going. If you can't, it still will."
Alexia Ashford "Hmmmm." Alexia allowed a long silence to hang in the air as she finished her cigarette.

"No doubt you could be of great use in helping to develop a vaccine that would be effective." Alexia put the cigarette out on the table before smiling once more, "It's that or rotting in here till the end of the world."

She gave Markus a moment to consider things, "If you agree, your charges will be dropped and your record will be wiped clean. The World Health Organization is quite desperate to get this matter sorted, and you seem fortuitously equipped to deal with the task at hand."
Markus Berger "I'll do one better than just helping out. Get my RAID Laptop back from storage here and I have half a working database on Viruses, BOWs and various other mutants available. I've been working on it to aid research of TRICELL and to hand a more limited version to the BSAA and DSO for their work, before the situation turned out the way it did and the whole 'sweep everything under the rug' mentality started. Just got to hope that they didn't wipe it or even the encryptions on it aren't gonna do anything." With that said Markus shrugs slightly. "Besides, not much of a choice there. I'm quite sure I would actually literaly start to rot in a year or so, so I'd like to get the hell out of here. I'm allready starting to look as bad as the Ivans."
Alexia Ashford "It will all be arranged along with a private jet for your use. I imagine there's going to be quite a bit more travelling in your future." Alexia stood up and gathered her purse, "I'm sure someone will take care of it soon, I'll get around to making the call when I've got a spare moment. Ciao for now Doctor Berger."