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Emma It isn't sunny, but it is hot, and muggy. The sky isn't the usual blue for today it is grey. Luckily, the rain is more a mist than anything. And a touch cooling.
    His doesn't stop people from enjoying themselves. Many are shopping, walking the beach. None sunbathing of course.

One on the beach is Emma. It is the perfect afternoon for a run. She is on the walkway by the beach, jogging along with ear buds in red hair pulled back and of course Shaemus trotting at her side.
Phelan The DSO has kept Phelan busy since the fall of Terrasave, and has sent him off to some island resort. Operations reports and guidelines are going to be forthcoming, but for now he is plodding along at an easy run pace towards Emma, at an almost intercept course.

He glances off from the waves and his gaze passes over the redhead to the dog. That. Dog. Thats a familiar dog, who's dog is it? Oh. Its her.
Elliott     Chilling out on the beach, Elliott wears dark mesh shorts and a tank top and his hanging out by the bars barring the beach from the path. Leaning against the railing, a bottle of beer in his hands, El lifts the drink to his mouth to take a swig. Trying to stay cool, and watch the passersby, his incredibly blue eyes checking people out and offering friendly nods of greetings. A single brow arches as his gaze trails over the red head, sucking in a breath and releasing it as he brings his gaze back towards her as she closes the distance. Elliott stirs, shifting his position against the railing, but only to appear more casual as he watches Emma silently, waiting for her to be a bit closer before saying anything.
Emma SheHaemus trots along side his master, stopping briefly to sniff at something, or to try to play with a bird. He is such a big loveable lug.

Emma jogs, listening to music. Beastie Boys actually. While she runs she hums, weaving her way around people. Her grey-green eyes looking over faces as she goes, falling on one that's familiar. Her pace slows, almost to a walk. A hand comes up to pull out a earbud, looking around briefly while doing so. And that is when she spots Elliott. He is given a quick wave and small smile in greeting as he 'acts' all casual drinking his beer.
Elliott     So she noticed him. Eyes on Emma, his lips twisting into a lopsided smile that shows amusement, Elliott lowers his chin a fraction in greeting to her, bringing the bottle of beer up into the air. As she slows her pace, Elliott leans away from the railing, stepping toward her. "Emma," he greets coolly. He's quite happy to see the wave and smile from her, and that gives him a little more confidence -- except for the slightly glance towards her dog that adds a bit of nerves to the confidence. "Good to see you out and active," he comments, his eyes dropping over her figure and lifting again, offering out a smile.
Emma Emma pulls off the MP3 player from her arm, and stops the music. Shaemus meanwhile sits by his master, contently. Her grey-green eyes move to Elliott again, in time to see that look. Did that just happen?! Being a total dudd with these things, her mind can't figure it out. Still cheeks ridden a little, because even the thought of someone doing that would do it. Shuffling her feet a little with a casual shrug Emma tucks some red hair that had fallen out during her run behind her ear. "W - well need to be in shape." A pause there. "H - ya you doin'? Good th - time ta enjoy some beer."
Phelan Phelan turns his head away from Emma as she diverts towards the bar and he keeps on jogging for a bit longer. Maybe he wasn't quite ready to decide what he was going to do. Circling back after awhile at a slow walk to cooldown instead. He'll have earbuds hanging down through the neck of his tanktop and fingers interlaced behind his head when he spots Emma again with the man Elliot. "Is this the island of old friends?"
Elliott     Habit. Elliott doesn't even realise when he's scoping out a woman, it's so ingrained in his head. She just looks so good. It's a shame they have a past, or he might have actually tried to flirt. Instead, El is more reserved around Emma, tossing up his shoulders coolly and bringing his beer up to his mouth to take a long pull. "I suppose I'm all right," he answers in his British accent. "But, Emma..." He 'hrms' thoughtfully and shakes his head. "I'm still trying to figure out what happened to TerraSave..." He looks like he was going to ask more, but cuts off instead. Turning his head as Phelan joins them, Elliott offers the man a nod of greeting. "It appears that way, doesn't it?"
Emma Emma lifts a brow, grey-green eyes fixed on Elliott. When he asks of TerraSave he is met with a sad sort of silence. "I - I can't say, really." Speaks the lass softly, adding in a shrug. "I w - would like'ta know too."

Then Phelan arrives and she connects it all. "P - Phelan! It's been again - ages, how are you?" He was once a guard for her, to keep her safe. A mighty feat indeed. "I - it must be that. F - friend island."
Phelan "Ages and ages. Well. A few years. I'm doing alright. Terrasave went under after you went on your walkabout." Phelan leans onto the bar next to Emma and nods towards Elliot. Terrasave seems to be the subject of conversation here. "Just been floating between temporary contracts since then."
Elliott     "I'm sorry," Elliott remarks when he notices the sad note. He nods his head in understanding, bobbing it in acknowledgement to Phelan as he draws his gaze onto him. Shifting the beer bottle from his right hand to his left, El extends a hand to the man, a friendly smile lightly crossing his face. "Elliott," he offers out. He may have seen Phelan around, but now they can meet more officially. He glances back at Emma as he considers. With his smile growing a bit, he suggests, "That's grand -- 'Friend Island.' We can all hang about together. Grab some beers, get food, get better acquainted."
Emma "I - I have not drank in years." Emma says eyeing the drink Elliott has, thinking back to the bad time she had. Looking away then, fiddling with the wire to her headphones, eyes move to the water. "I - I got a job with the BSAA actually."
Phelan His hand reaches and grasps Elliot's quickly. "I'm Phelan." A quick shake and a release, but he eyes the man a bit at offering Emma beer. "Well. I don't think us joggers want to start drinking beer so quickly. Maybe after food or something." A glance towards Emma and he is nodding, he did remember right. "BSAA? That sounds interesting. I thought you were trying to uh...keep away from that sort of thing."
Benny Benny is walking with an umbrella in one hand and the other is in his Belstaff jacket pocket. He got a text message from Emma earlier that she was at this pub and wanted to get together to catch up. He spots, Emma, Phelan and Elliot talking just outside the pub then approaches them, giving them a small wave. "Hey Emma. I hope I'm not interrupting? Got your text. Oh, I'm Benny by the way." He extends his hand towards the two men.
Elliott     "Of course you could always stick with water," Elliott intones as he looks to Emma. His gaze trails towards the water, following Emma's gaze out there, before he glances back to her and Phelan as he switches his drink to his right hand again, lifting it to his mouth. When the bottle is lowered, letting out a refreshed breath, he states, "I take it you're feeling ready to start tackling a big job again." He offers Emma a warm smile with a small shrug. He smirks as he glances to Phelan. "Don't have to drink, mate, I just thought it'd be fun to get out and chill with other people." His eyes drift away as a passing thought moves past them, and he turns his head to glance at Emma with a faltering smile before he shifts his gaze to Benny, offering a nod. "Hello."
Emma SheHaemus spots Benny first, and excitedly goes to jump at him. Emma turns and gives a smile and wave to him, waving him over.

When Phelan and Elliott comment to her new job, there is a deep breath, which is released slowly. "I - I had time ta find myself an' all, when I went away. I - I realised I couldn't run from it, by - but I had ta embrace what had happened an' turn it 'round ta somethin'. So, I accept the job f - from the BSAA. Wi - with all in the news, the so - world will need every hand th - they can get." Does her tone have a touch of foreboding to it? Maybe.
Benny Benny holds his umbrella up higher as Shaemus nearly tackles him over. "Hey Shaemus. Good boy! How ya doing? Down boy. Good boy." He ruffles the big dog behind his ears and pats Shaemus on the head. "Evening. So how is everyone doing? You guys must really like hanging outside in the rain when there is a perfectly dry pub with food and drinks a few steps away. You need only enter weary travellers." Ben says in a poor imitation of Gandalf's voice from Lord of the Rings. He glances between everyone standing before him and shakes any hands that are offered back to his. "Did I hear someone say uh...BSAA?"
Emma Emma gives a quick whistle to Shaemus. He stops jumping and hovers around. She looks up to the sky, and the rain. "I - I like rain. Reminds me o - of home." Grey-green eyes move to Benny, with a nod. They could go in and eat. But first she replies to his question of the BSAA. "I - I got a job offer for them, an' I accepted it."
Benny " BSAA eh? I guess they could use a fantastic doctor." Benny replies after a brief pause and holds the umbrella above you so that you are shielded from it as well. "I guess we should celebrate a few things tonight then. Old friends seeing one another again after too long a time and congrats to your new job." He smiles warmly and waves as the other two gentleman take their leave.
Emma Her cheeks go a little red. "I - I am just okay." She says, about being a doctor. Nodding some, moving to step under the offered umbrella with a thankful smile. Inside, the hustle and bustle can be heard as people eat and enjoy. "T - thank ya. An' it'll be good ta - ta catch up an' all, I'm sure we - we both got stories." Putting an arm round his she'd hurry them inside where it's dry and where there is food.