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Emma Emma, this eve, finds herself within the arcade! It is loud and full of people. And likely the lass has been here a while, as there is a decent amount of tickets in her cup.
Trixie Trixie enters the arcade from the direction of the beach, still attired in swimwear and beach sandals. She doesn't immediately notice Emma in the crowd, though that may change in short order. Getting some change from her beach bag, she exchanges it for tokens and studies the Skee-Ball machines thoughtfully, waiting for one to open up.
Emma Emma, done with her game grabs the tickets and gets up, to find something else. That is when Trixie is seen. Heading her way, the shy redhead speaks once near. "H - how is going?"
Trixie Trixie glances over her shoulder at the unexpected voice. Turning, she hugs her fellow redhead warmly. "Emma! I'm pretty good... but how are you?" she asks, gently releasing her friend. Noting Emma's full cup of tickets, she grins. "Looks like lucky is on that list."
Emma The hug is returned happily. "I - I am good." Looking down to her tickets too she laughs a little. "I - I like arcades." Clearly. "H - hopin' ta win somethin' good. Di - did'ya just get here?"
Trixie "Still getting sand off of my sandals," Trixie replies impishly. "Hoping a Skee-Ball lane will open up... my bowling arm is feeling itchy. So, what part of arcades do you like best? It's Skee-Ball for me, but that's mostly 'cause I can clean up with it."
Emma "Sk - skee-ball is good." Emma says, looking to them and then around, shrugging a little bit. "I - I like tha music ones, an' tha classic arcade. Race ones. Mos - most really. But with fi - five older brothers an' all, ya learn ta play'em all."
Trixie "I'm only fair with the others, even if I do think they're fun sometimes. Being an only child, I don't know much about siblings. Sometimes I wished I had a sister, though," Trixie confides. "Five older brothers... that had to be an experience. How are you alive to tell about it?" she asks impishly.
Emma "I - I don't know what it is - is like ta have a sister." Emma says in her thick accent. "I - I grew up on a acreage, an'all, had ta help out with everythin'. Taught me ta - ta be tough, even with my brothers. Played p - pranks, fought, ya name it. They a - are equally protective."
Trixie "Sounds like an adventure, all right. I'm glad they're protective of you now. Even if I have no idea what an acreage is," Trixie replies, giving Emma a gentle hug. "No wonder you can handle the reins of TerraSave... you've herded cats before."
Emma Emma returns the gentle hug, and laughs a little. "I - I have herded cattle before." She says gently. "A - an acreage is a smaller farm. We grew our o - own food, had animals for - for food, or pets. Horses ta ride. Land to explore.. it was nice."
Trixie "Sounds pretty last-century, but who am I to judge? It actually sounds kind of fun, sometimes," Trixie muses, nodding. "I went through that phase of wanting a pony, which I totally never got and was probably better off for it, but land to explore was right up my alley once. Dad encouraged me to get out and live a little, when I could. That wasn't often."
Emma "We - we had modern stuff t - to." Emma says. "Papa and ma - mama thought a life wi - with nature was best. H - how did you grow up?"
Trixie "On the move, mostly. Dad was active duty Army, and I think the longest time we spent in one place was two years, until he retired from the Army and we settled down in Raccoon City," Trixie says thoughtfully, looking away at the Skee-Ball machines. "Oooh, one's open now! Come on over," she says, all but jogging over to claim the unused lane. She slots a token into the machine with a rattle and a clink and receives her first wooden ball. Weighting it carefully in her hands, she gives it an underhanded toss, sending it rumbling down the lane to jump the ramp and sink into the second-smallest hole. "Yes! Still got it!"