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Elliott     Elliott walks the beach with bare feet, carrying a volleyball in his hands as his clear blue eyes search the area. He's wearing shorts and a shirt that is opened, his head inclining back to peer up at the sky precariously. Silently, he hopes that those dark clouds in the distance stay in the distance, or drift in another direction entirely. As he approaches one of the kiosks, the volleyball shifting casually to one arm, he flashes his teeth in one of those charming smiles, locking his gaze on the vendor as he offers a friendly nod. "Right, so I'm going to be playing volleyball and I'm going to need a drink for this," he says light-heartedly. The elbow of his free arm leans against the counter, taking the weight of one foot, striking up a friendly conversation and inviting her out to play with them once she's finished her shift. "Thank you," he says in his British accent once he receives his drink and pays for it, turning to continue towards where the net is set up, drink in one hand, volleyball under the arm of the other.
Trixie Trixie lingers in the shade of an awning close to the beach, watching the volleyball net and occasionally glancing at her watch. Occasionally she takes a smartphone from her beach bag and studies the screen, then slips it back into the bag. As she sees Elliott approaching the net, she leaves the shade of the awning and walks toward him. "I haven't played volleyball in a while," she says, by way of greeting. "Hope you don't mind giving me a little time to work the rust off before you bring up your A-game. Unless we're playing someone else."
Silent Night Meanwhile, just coming fom the water there was a slightly sun-tanned man, possibly from Latin America, there is Archene. He was walking towards his plain white parasol. He dries himself before stretching himself as coincidentally walks over to the same vendor as Elliot to ask for a water bottle. It is a beach, and it is hot! Who'd want to dehydrate?

He did hear the guy inviting the girl for a game... and though it was likely a pickup line, they might really be needing an extra player, thus he said with a wave Elliott, "Hey, still needing another player?"
Elliott     Adjusting the ball as he shifts his arms around -- so the ball doesn't slip out -- there's a crack and release of pressure as Elliott opens the can of beer. He drinks, lowering the can as he exhales a refreshed breath, and turns so that he can catch sight of the source of the question. "Oi, hello," he greets warmly, lifting his head as he smiles. "Yea, mate, another player would definitely be welcome." He gestures out with the can of beer as he continues onward, and eventually he catches Trixie as she comes out from under the awning. "Glad you could make it," he says cheerily by way of greeting, followed by a chuckle as he rolls back his shoulders. "Oi, yea, I'll tone down the skill level a bit," he lets out with a slight smirk and a wink, obviously joking, playing up his skill more than he has.
Trixie "Thank you. After everything I've been through since Raccoon City, I'm lucky I can play at all," Trixie replies gratefully to Elliott. Looking past him, she stares at Archene as the other approaches. "Who's your friend?" she asks softly. "I could swear I've seen him before somewhere... I just wish I could remember where."
Silent Night "Perfect, I was just hoping to stretch my body a bit." Arcchene smiles his way as he drinks his water. As he sees Trixie though, it might even seem like he may have looked at her for a few moments too long, "I could say the same though," He hmms, "Maybe Bolivar, or Paris. Regardless, if we have ever met," He tells Trixie extending a hand, "It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance again, I'm Archene." He offers her a hand for shaking.
Elliott     Elliott inclines his head a tad as he takes another drink, his eyes flicking from Trixie to Archene as he strolls towards a picnic table. "Good question," he says this to Trixie, setting down the drink and looking to Archene, who introduces himself before he even begins to ask. "The name is Elliott," he announces, taking the volleyball in both hands and tossing it once into the air only to catch it again. There's a moment where he frowns, his gaze drifting away as his mind falls onto something else before he shakes it away. "Shall we do this?" he asks, holding up the ball for whoever wants to start it off.
Trixie "I hope it was Paris... Bolivar was too damned miserable and pointless to waste time remembering," Trixie grumbles, clearly not savoring her memories of the deeply corrupt nation. She takes the offered hand. "Trixie. Nice to see you again... wherever I saw you before. It probably doesn't matter." As Elliott suggests starting, the redhead glances at the net, then at her two companions. "Seems to me we're one player short. Any thoughts on where we might find someone to fill in?" she asks the pair.
Silent Night "Hopefully, it was Paris." Archene sighs, "If it was there, you can come to my Chateau anytime, I did make a party every now and then back there." He hmms before looking and noticing that, in fact they were 3, "I'm alone around today, so many I can invite." He looks about, maybe there was someone like him that was also looking to play some Volleyball.
Elliott     Since no one reaches out for the ball, Elliott assumes he's setting. He tosses it up once again to catch it, stepping through the sand to the net even as he looks between Archene and Trixie. With a simple tilt of his head and a shrug of the shoulders, he says, "Not a problem, I'm sure we can find someone to come and join us." Already El swings his gaze around, looking, even as he beckons the other two. "Might as well get some practice in in the meantime. You two wantto take a side together?"
Trixie "I hope so, too. I think I remember something about a chateau, but maybe it was a different chateau," Trixie muses, then shrugs, idly following Elliott as she speaks. "It'll come to me." At Elliott's suggestion, she takes a look around the panorama of the beach. "People everywhere... we can always hope someone's hard up for a game of beach volleyball, maybe. But I don't know anyone here, so I can't really invite anybody to play."

She glances at Archene. "Shall we pair up for now? I could use some practice." She smirks faintly as she looks back at Elliott. "Are you sure you're up for playing both of us at once? Is there a psychological diagnosis for that kind of confidence?" she asks impishly.
Silent Night Archene grins, "I'd have no problems with that, not the best player in the world, but then again, it is just practice, right?" He then walked to the other side of the net, staying close to it.
Elliott     Elliott is confident he'll be able to snag another player, but he gives Trixie a lopsided smile and a thumbs-up. "It's called pride," he responds as he flashes his teeth in a grin, laughing as he stands in position on his side of the net. His incredibly blue eyes stray off for a moment, watching for passersby before he turns back. As he serves, bringing an arm back and forward again, the ball dives right into the net and drops back into the sand on his side. It's hard to tell if he meant to do that or it was a mistake, because the man plays it up as he snaps his fingers and grimaces upon lowering his head shamefully. "Blimey," he lets out, lifting his head and glancing out to the people passing. "Help a guy out?"

    Watching most of the group shake their heads uncertainly, or apologise that they weren't very good, Elliott doesn't take no for an answer once he chooses a partner. "I bet you're a fantastic player. Come along," he says insistently as he flashes his smile. "You'll have my back, yea?" says Elliott, winking as he positions his self again, bringing back his arm and serving. He releases a breath as it sails over.
Trixie "Not a promising start, Doc. Maybe you'll improve with a little time to warm up?" Trixie suggests from her side of the net. Archene's comment is met with a nod and an affirmation of, "It totally is. So get ready!" As the ball sails over the net from Elliott's serve, she swings up her double-clenched fists to pop it up and off to her partner's side, setting Archene up with a good shot over the net and a possible spike. Maybe she's rusty, but her instincts aren't failing her.
Silent Night Archene seems to be ready to jump and block... when Elliot hits the net. He then chuckles at the interactions between Elliott, Trixie (and the crowd too). When the ball finally sails over the net watches it go over to Trixie, her raising of it, AND! He jumps, seems like he is going for a spike... before just hitting it hard enough for it to fall on the other side.
Elliott     Once his serve is off, Elliott glances over at his partner, giving her a nod. The woman's eyes trail after the ball, and she squats into a ready stance as she watches the other side. Elliott grins widely, thrilled that she's decided to get into it, and as he turns back, Archene is hitting it over. "Crikey!" escapes him as he lunges forward, a single arm outstretching. He misses, and his partner has stopped mid-way to the net since she saw Elliott getting to the ball first. He flashes out a warm smile to Trixie and Archene, nodding as he picks up the ball and tosses it under the net to Trixie. "Let's see your serve."
Trixie Trixie winces in mild sympathy as Elliott misses the lunge. "Nice try, anyway. But keep a sharp eye on that ball, hm?" she calls, catching the ball as it's tossed to her. Looking back to Archene and nodding, she cups the ball in her left hand and sends it over the net with a quick, sure underhanded sweep of her right fist.
Silent Night Archene clenches a fist as his side of the net makes a point, before grinning slightly to the other side. As Trixie prepares to serve and giins him a nod, he nods back getting ready for however they may throw the ball back.
Elliott     Elliott gives Trixie a smile in response to her. He backs up, ready for the serve, and watches the ball come over. He watches the ball fly over closer to his partner's side, and she steps up to volley it. It doesn't quite make it over the net, and Elliott moves in quickly to bop the ball over with a single fist. He hops back, readying for the return. But there's a someone's voice to the side calling out to Elliott's partner. The woman turns her head, distracted, and is suddenly apologising to El. "Sorry. My ride is leaving. Thank you," she says politely before jogging off.
Emma Emma, she has been an elusive figure. Well more than that, she fell off the map some. After all that happened the lass needed space, needed time. To reconnect with herself, to heal her soul. So she had gone off, to do just that.

There was no word to any on when she would return. Because she didn't know. Till now. Now Emma has returned. She is on the beach, in a bikini, long red hair down and swaying around her. There is a drink in hand, and of course Shaemus at her side. So far no nobody she knew she had run into. Until now. Her pace slows upon nearing the volleyball court.
Trixie Trixie grins as she leaps to pop the ball up again as it comes over the net, setting Archene up for a strong return of his choice. With her attention on the game, she misses Emma's approach. But not the departure of Elliott's partner. "Doc? Would you prefer that I take you both on instead? That might be a little more fair... 'cause I'm totally starting to feel bad for you here."
Silent Night "Oh, well." Archene says as he relaxes out of his sportsman position, but as he does so, he notices Emma, whom he seems more than surprised to see her. The first thing he does is give her a smile, say her name and walks over to her, giving her a tight hug, "Glad to see you around again, Emma." As soon as he stops hugging he gives Shaemus a pat, "Glad to see you again too, Shaemus." He smiles warmly, "Want to play some volleyball, a spot just openned."
Elliott     Elliott's head turns as Trixie hits the ball, his eyes tracking his partner's departure. "Blimey," he murmurs out, quickly bringing his gaze back so that he may catch the ball coming over in time. His eyes pass over Emma's familiar face, however, and the Brit double takes. "Oh. Oi! Hang on," he lets out as he glances back to the net. "It's all right," he calls back to Trixie. "/Emma's/ joining the game," he says with Emma's name being a bit louder, hoping he hears and, more importantly, really hoping she jumps in. Of course, his gaze follows Archene over to Emma, and he grins, nodding his head. Double the encouragement. "Good work, mate," he says to Archene, as if he was working with El to convince Emma to play.
Trixie "Oh? Hm." Trixie just pops the ball back over the net in an arc that will put it behind Elliott, then glances over at Archene and Emma. She gives Emma a quick wave and a smile before looking back to the game. Maybe the teams are even now, but she's not letting that keep her mind off of the ball.
Emma For a moment Emma stands there, looking on at the game. It has been a while, more than a while, ages since she had seen them all. There was no interruption. But when Archene notices her the lass smiles a little, in her shy way, and takes a few steps to him, returning the hug. "N - nice ta - ta see you to." Replies the redhead. Shaemus wags his tail happily. He is partly wet, given that he played in the water. "Y - you seem well."

Looking over to Elliott he is given curious look, with a stammer. "O - okay." She will play, or try. A small smile and shy wave is given to Trixie as the lasa goes to move to the Brits side of the net. Of all people, she is paired up with him. Maybe it won't be so bad. "I - I may not be to good." Emma advises Elliott, moving some red hair from her face.
Silent Night "Glad to see you well, Emma." Archene smiles at her before walking back to his isde of the field, "Don't worry Emma, no one here is a pro." He chuckles quietly. Glancing back to Trixie and nodding at her.
Elliott     Elliott lets out the breath he didn't know he was holding when Emma decides to join him. Of course, that brings about a whole new set of, well, awkwardness. Not that he lets that show. He flashes an appreciative smile at Emma, nodding his head, "Brilliant," he declares. He glances around for the ball, letting out an 'hm' until he catches it in the sand behind him, clearing his throat as he, apparently, didn't notice it land. HIs lips twist into a little lopsided smile as he tosses the ball back to Trixie, but instead of making some joke about being pro, he instead releases a breath and prepares himself.
Trixie "Hi, Emma!" Trixie calls across the net, smiling at her fellow redhead. She sets herself to serve, only to pause and look over at her beach bag, which is pinging insistently. Definitely not normal behavior for a tote bag. Tossing the ball to Archene, she jogs over to the bag and removes her smartphone, studies it, and answers the incoming call. Frowning, she ends the call. "I'm needed back at the hotel! Have fun!" she shouts to the trio, before catching up her beach bag and jogging back toward the hotel complex.
Emma Trixie is given a wave. If there is any awkwardness with being on Elliott's team, she doesn't let it show. But now, teams are uneven. Her grey-green eyes look between the two men, quietly asking how or if they want to continue the game. Shaemus meanwhile, has found the water again and is splashing around.
Silent Night "On that note, I should be going for a bit tough, I have to be on a meeting later today." Archene sighs and shakes his head, "But Emma, I'll be sure to buy you a drink later so we can talk. Hope you two have some fun." He smiles at Elliott and Emma as he walks off towards some parasol, picks up his stuff and walks towards the hotel.
Elliott     "Hrm?" Elliott's gaze follows Trixie's, and then returns to the girl herself. He lets out a breath, but nods his head as he waves at her departure. "Well, I reckon--" He cuts off when Archene mentions needing to go and Elliott lets out a long breath. He smiles after him, waving a hand. "Oh, yea, well it was nice to meet you," he offers out. His gaze shifts, glancing towards the ball as his bare feet step through the sand to pick it up. He clears his throat, looking over to Emma as he stands. "Suppose that leaves just you and me." He pauses, thinking, and then adding in, "I understand if you don't want to play, but... Might as well have some fun, yea?"
Emma Emma nods to Archene, smiling and giving him a wave. They will need to get a drink. Then that leaves her and Elliott. Looking to the ball a moment, thinking, then looking up to him a slow deep breath is released.

"I - I know that tha past w - was not good 'tween us an' all. But, I learned a lot on my - my journy, an' well, people change an' all. Grow. So, I - I may of been holdin' onto a grudge an' all, an' just wanna say.. sorry. F - friends?" A delicate hand is extended, in truce.
Elliott     The corner of Elliott's mouth twitches as he shifts the ball to the position under an arm. He takes a single step toward her, studying her as he tilts his head a bit. "Blimey. I don't hold it against you." He gives his head a shake, eyeing her hand thoughtfully before he reaches out his own. He smiles as he grasps her hand. "That would be nice. Hm -- this sounds like quite the journey you went on." HIs hand will pause before he withdraws it, inclining his head a little to the side as he breathes out. "Feeling better, then?"
Emma "I - I was in a bad spot, ya'know. Af - after all that happened. I felt l - like I couldn't trust an - anyone anymore. Lost. M - mostly lost within." A pause, her head turns a little, indiciting that from behind her reflective aviator glasses she is watching Shaemus play in the water. "Ne - needed time away. Ta patch myself back up."
Elliott     Elliott nods, taking the ball in two hands again once he releases Emma's. He gives her a lopsided grin, raising his shoulders a bit. "It's a part of life, Emma. But it's how we work through those bad areas. We can remember, learn from it, improve, and move on." His eyes study her for a second as he considers, and then he flashes his teeth in a brighter smile. "Besides, I, for one, think we were meant to be friends in the end or we wouldn't keep meeting each other."
Emma Now that is something Emma didn't consider, They do run into each other. Hell, she just got here and he was one of the first she ran into! "Y - you may have a point." A quick look to Shaemus as he plays in the ocean. "B - but ya'know an' all, it'll take time too. Bu - but this is a good first step a - anyway. An' - an' were both in a field ta - ta help people." Says the doctor.
Benny It has been a long time since Benny has been to any sort of beach, espeically in the past few years anyways. The DSO agent has been quite busy, the missions of trying to save the world from bio-terrorism threats doesn't offer him much of a break. But when he heard that some old friends, fromer comrades of arms were gathering here for a reunion well he would be a real ahole to miss that.

Benny's physical appearance hasn't chnaged all that much except for a few grey hairs and a scar or two but those are covered up for the time being. He isn't really dressed for the beach, wearing his typical DSO get up more suited for a middle class coffee shop or a casual evening out on the town. No, he doesn't flaunt Archene's binoculars at this time already having used them before he got within visual range of the people he's here to see as he approaches the volley ball nets.

A smile lights up his face when he see's Shaemus playing in the ocean, a wave to the big friendly dog and then his attention is on Emma who is speaking to Elliot. He won't intrude just yet but makes his way towards them.
Elliott     Elliott nods to her as he smiles, shifting the ball to his other hand and holding it out in front of her in offer for her to start -- if she still wants to play. "Of course, but it is a start." HIs lips flick warmly as he sighs out gently. "It's interesting how life works. Both here to help people, presented with the opportunity to become friends." His gaze flicks between the ball and Emma, and for a moment he seems to consider as his eyes drift to glance out at the water. "I don't suppose..." He lets out a breath, bringing his gaze back to her. "You have seen Eve on that journey?"

    For the moment, El doesn't notice Benny's approach.
Emma "O - odd how life w - weaves tha way." Emma says, as she stands. "Eve?" There is a bit of surprise. "I have n - not sorry."

Then there is a double take motion, wearing her reflective aviators one can see by the motion of her head. It is when Benny is spotted. "E - excuse me a second." Says the lass to Elliott before moving off to engulf the angent jn a tackle like hug.
Benny Benny was not surprised by Emma's reaction as she rushes towards him for the tackle hug. Bracing himself he opens his arms wide as the redhead barrels into him, bracing his feet so that he doesn't get knocked over into the sand. "Em! It has been too long and you look great as always." His cheeks do blush a bit at the public display of affection of two friends who haven't seen each other in a long time. But that's just Benny being Benny and he gives Emma a warm squeeze in return.

"I'm so glad to see you doing well and happy." He says with a warm smile and then nods towards Elliot when he see's the man through the red hair that is flying all over during the hug. "Hey Elliot. Long time no see. How are you?" He walks on over and extends a hand to Elliot, dragging Emma with him if she is still clinging onto him.
Elliott     "I see," Elliott lets out, unable to hold back the disappointment. He's not sure what he was expecting, or why he was hoping she might have journeyed together. He lowers the ball, letting it drop to the sand as he shrugs. He glances away with a look of concern, only half aware of Emma moving off to greet Benny. His blue eyes are focused on the water when he hears his name, and with a shake of his head and a 'hrm,' El turns his head towards the source. "Oh. Hello," he returns, offering Benny a nod of his head. "All right. Yourself?"
Emma "T - the road was long b - but worth it." It sounds like her getaway was worth it. Like it did good for her. She'd give him room to move, it's polite "Y - ya look great too." She replies, then looks to Elliott a moment. But then Shaemus comes up hauling ass and goes to jump up at Benny soaking wet with seawater, shaking it all over his master and Elliott.
Benny "I'm good thanks, Elliot. You know how it goes, never enough time to take holidays and the boss is always breathing down my neck to get my paper work in." Benny replies to Elliot with a wry grin and then he turns his attention to Emma. "I'm glad everything worked out..." Benny says just before he gets tackled by a big wet dog, "Ooofff! Shaemus! Down boy, down...ahhhh...and I thought the smell of a wet dog was bad on the outside..." He falls over into the sand and gets his face licked even though he tries to defend himself. Yeah, he's survived Nemesis but a giant wet dog has defeated him.
Elliott     Elliott's lips twist into a lopsided grin, nodding his head. "Right, keeping busy," he says in response. The fear that sparks in his eyes is very real as he hears the dog, turning to see the approach. Elliott automatically steps backward, far away from Emma and Benny both, and releasing out the breath that he had sucked in as the canine moves past without taking notice of him. Elliott grimaces, clearing his throat, and trying to play it cool even as he, well, keeps his distance as he eyes Shaemus warily.