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Emma Who knew the holidays would sneak up so fast! They have. And it's getting dark early now, and so sunset is comming - the clouds with falling snow getting darker.

In the park is Emma. Toque on, winter jacket, gloves, etc. With her is her massive hound Shaemus, who is playing in the snow, as his master sits on a bench watching and sipping tea.
Phelan Ah. Matt did have most of the day off, considering Emma spent it sequestered doing whatever people in charge of charity organization stuff do. But he'll come out to visit the park to do his typical duties. Stand around and watch stuff. "So. Have you reviewed proper lifting techniques for heavy objects? I foresee a need whenever your large friend does his business."
Maxim Nearby is Max, as is his usual. Even when Max isn't on the job he is apparently, and he takes protecting people seriously. Having looked about the perimeter he makes his way back toward Emma and new guy, offering a bow as he gets closer. "Greetings." His bronze coin makes it's way out into his right hand, flipping over the fingers as he moves rather quietly for someone with plenty of snow to move in.
Emma Emma does a double take, looking to Phelan with a bit of surprise. Lips curl into an amused smirk, there is a sip of tea and again eyes move to Shaemus. "It - it is why I've go - got security." Replies the lass softly.

"'ello, Ma - Maxim." She greets him with a nod. "wh - what brings ya two out?"
Phelan "For..oh." Phelan takes another look towards the horse-sized dog and sighs a bit. He'll eye the approaching man before giving him a nod. "Do we rock paper scissors...or?" He'll check around a bit before raising an eyebrow towards Emma. "Well. You finally went out today."
Maxim Maxim blinks a bit at Phelan's statement. "Rock..paper..scissors?" Apparently he's not familiar with it. He does nods in agreement at the man's words regarding Emma being out and about finally. "Better to have us about and not need us, than the other way around." He glances about briefly, eyes always searching before settling back upon the other two.
Emma Emma looks between the two, then shyly looks down and kicks at some snow. After a second she looks up to Phelan and shrugs a little. "I - I am told gettin' out be good, ya - ya'know." She then looks to Maxim and raises a brow. "A - are ya suggestin' I - I am a magnet f - for trouble?"
Phelan "Getting out *is* good*. Seeing the sights. Letting your bear wander to play." Phelan glances over towards the bigthing. "I haven't gotten out lately either. Its fun! If a bit cold."
Maxim Flipping his coin to his other hand to let it continue moving over those fingers awhile Max looks about at all the snow. "It feels colder after having been to Bolivar. But it is refreshing as well. That place was uncomfortably hot." Of course the man always wearing coats and gloves would say the tropics was a tad much.
Emma Emma smirks, even laughs a little, regarding Phelan with a slight amused look in her eyes. "T - try Canada in - in tha winter. We - we go ta visit mama's family sometimes. Quite cold." Shaemus plays, chasing birds, rolling in the snow. Being happy.

"Bo - Bolivar was warm." There is a nod in agreement to Maxim. "I - I like th - tha snow, it sparkles un - under tha light."
Phelan "I've had my share of hot. Give me a nice drizzly day. Or snow even, and I'll be content. As long as I don't hafta run in it." Phelan takes the time to check the sights around now. A slow steady turn of head, then body. "Guess nobody is out and about on...whats today?" He checks his watch and goes. "Oh. I might be in trouble."
Maxim Maxim looks about briefly again, while he's not hugely familiar with snow he's dealt with it a few times in the past. "It can be pretty." But then Phelan is talking about trouble and his gaze tracks back over to him. "Trouble? What trouble?" The coin stops it's movement a bit, then starts to reverse direction over his fingers.
Emma "Ra - rain, re - reminds me of home. Ridin' horses in tha rain, pulling food from th - tha garden for dinner.." There is a small, quick smile to herself, remembering home. But then there is the mention of trouble. Like Maxim, she stops and looks at Phelan curiously.
Phelan "Its Christmas eve. I've got a nephew who is probably expecting something great from his uncle." Phelan shrugs his shoulders and puts his hands back into his pockets. "Legos or something."
Maxim "Christmas?" It takes Maxim a moment and then looks at Emma and says, "The day where you exchange presents yes? You and Eve mentioned it last year." He looks just about as confused as Phelan mentioning Legos as the holiday in question. A frown and he says, "I might have something for you Emma. I will get it to you tomorrow. For now I will go check the perimeter again." With that he offers a bow to Phelan and Emma both, and starts to make his way out. Of course this will stick Phelan with picking up after the dog as he's not there to.
Emma "O - oh." Emma laughs a little. "I - I got a - a big family my - myself. Five o - older brothers."

Turning her head sharply eyes fix on Maxim. "Ya - ya dun --" But he is gone, before a shy protest can be made. So she looks back to Phelan. "Ye - yer welcome ta - ta go home ya'know, be with y - yer family."
Phelan "Wow Emma. I didn't know you hated me so much already." Phelan laughs as he settles onto the bench next to her. "All I need is some talk about choices I should've made differently. And that wretched meatloaf."
Emma Again Emma laughs and shakes her head. "N - no, ya should be wi - with family'n all." Even thought she wasn't either.

"Ya - ya got choices they di - dislike? Is - isn't that family?"
Phelan "Well. Some mothers are like that. Any choices would end up wrong." Phelan shakes his head at that. "Why can't we just enjoy a park with your large dog, or small bear?"