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Phelan     Ah yes. The best first impressions. When Phelan got an e-mail requesting a nice meet and greet lunch for a new employee, he choose with his stomach instead of his brain. 2 dollar margaritas and an endless chicken strip luncheon drove him to offer up a Chilis as a destination, and that is where he is now.
    A nice booth deep away from the front is where he is settled in now, a nice freckled lemonade already devoured for the second time, at the chagrin of the waitress. He *insisted* he is waiting for someone. Dressed like he is, its plausible. Nice khaiks, nice green button-down, with a vest keeping a solid black tie from flailing in the wind or anything else.
Emma The cold outside doesn't hinder Emma in the least, she has work to do. And has spent her fair share of time working in it. Entering the restaurant, the lass easily stands out with that long vivid red hair, a dark grey toque worn to keep warm. Shuffling off her winter coat, and kicking off her snow covered boots grey-green eyes scan the room before befalling the man fitting the description she has.

Slowly yet gracefully the Scot makes her way to his table, an air of sweet shyness about her.
Phelan     He has put the menu away, he has fiddled with it long enough and has already known what he was gonna get before he even sat down. Someone is venturing down his way though, and he watchs the approach with a weird expression of unease. It passes though.
    Phelan takes in the woman approaching his table, and grins at her. "That is a very unique hat." He stands quick though as he is saying it, offering a hand out towards her. Must've known who she was, or been briefed or something. "I'm Phelan."
Emma When near, Emma blinks at the hat remark. Cheeks redden a touch, highlighting her freckles some. A delicate hand comes out to take his, her grip though, is firm yet gentle, perfectly balanced. "N - nice ta - ta meet ya, Phelan. I - I be doctor Emma O'Connal." A shy yet kind smile is given to him, when she is done talking in her thick Scottish accent. "So - sorry if I kept ya waitin', tha conferences ran be - behind taday."
Phelan     "I've seen many a hats, and its the best so far." Phelan has a welcoming handshake, firm yet not crushing. "Oh, no. I know how scientists like to talk, and I know how activists like to talk. I'm sure they're still talking." He offers a hand across the booth towards the side he wasn't sitting in before moving to settle into his side. "Phelan Kell, if it matters. Uh, have you seen my resume? Or CV as they call it across the pond?"
Emma A hand comes up to touch her hat briefly. "Th - thank ya." Stammers the lass with her shy stutter. From there she slides into the seat across from him, hands resting on her lap. "Aye I - I have seen both. Ta admit, I - I found it interestin'. Ar - army trained, chemical, biological.." She ia quiet for just a second, perhaps that betrays the fact that there are more questions than she will ask. "I - I am sure yer enlightened ta who I am?"    
Phelan "Uhhh..I hope not a lightweight? The margaritas are 2 dollars." Phelan grabs the drink menu as he reminds himself and flashs 2 fingers towards the waitress, then pointing at margaritas. "I hear you're a bit dangerprone. Part of why someone was nice enough to hire me to follow you around. You're a fairly in-power executive, if thats the term, within Terrasave."
Emma Briefly Emma pales, and bites her lower lip. She looks to the waitress briefly then back to Phelan. "Ya - ya can have th - tha drinks." Fingers fiddling with the hem of her top. "I - I am unable ta drink right now." And to move on from that she laughs and looka down shyly. "Aye, I - I be a targert, sort of like.. a curse perhaps? If I didn' have bad luck I'd h - have no luck." She shrugs, trying to take a stab at humour.
Phelan Phelan acks and waves a cancel motion towards the waitress, but she still comes over anyways. "We can, uh, order chips and guac? Or something. Its fine." Phelan sits up and rests his forearms upon the table. "Its more your location, not you specifically. At least, thats what I've been thinking reading some of this stuff. Would it make you feel better knowing that if I 'd been with you longer than just recently, it would've been the most dangerous situation I'd been in, but only by a little?"
Emma "N - no, don't withhold on my - my account." The lass states in gentle protest. "I - I am fine ta be 'round it now." This, she seems condident of.

"N - not just location. When I was in Paris, attacked, Bolivar, same." Yet she looks to him, curiously too. "Oh? I - I am sorry for ye - yer own hellish paths, then." Following that, is a sympathetic smile.
Phelan "Oh no, the chicken strips'll be fine." Phelan waves it off, happy with his freckled lemonade. A slight smile though, as his hand wraps around his dwindling supply of beverage. "Part of the charity aspect, is being where things are likely to go sideways. I doubt anyone is thinking its on you."
Emma There is a quick nod, she'll not push on his decision to drink or not. Hands remain clasped on her lap, quietly she listens, mulling over what he had said. "Th - there is some truth ta - ta that." There is, yes to a degree this, but it's also known too, of assassination attempts, etc. "So yer - yer trained again, in biological an' chemical speciality. So, if y - yer so focused in that, why security? We - we have our own research teams, medical teams, why - why not apply ta those?"
Phelan "Well. Theres certain things you can put on a resume, and certain things that haven't been unclassified yet." Phelan hunches his shoulders a bit, clasping his hands together. "Your recruiter was allowed to be privy to a more in-depth overview of my time in the service, enough to certify that I'd be equipped to handle situations..situations that you have been prone to." He raises his eyebrows towards Emma. "Though, its really up to your approval. Your traveling and conferences would include me, so that'd be something you'd have to be open towards."
Phelan "Well. Theres certain things you can put on a resume, and certain things that haven't been unclassified yet." Phelan hunches his shoulders a bit, clasping his hands together. "Your recruiter was allowed to be privy to a more in-depth overview of my time in the service, enough to certify that I'd be equipped to handle situations..situations that you have been prone to." He raises his eyebrows towards Emma. "Though, its really up to your approval. Your traveling and conferences would include me, so that'd be something you'd have to be open towards."
Emma Calmly Emma takes this in, and at this point she isn't surprised. So many webs are formed in this world now that she simply goes to accept such things. There is a small nod, eyea gaze to the approaching waitress. "T - tea please, ea - earl grey, black." Then Phelan is looked at. The waitress await his order.
Phelan "Uh, the chicken strips. Feel free to have the second plate being made when the first one gets delivered, thank you muchly." Matt folds his menu up and tucks it down towards the end of the table. Its not one of those kinds of restaurants. "I speak an extra language or two. Spanish mostly. Farsi some, but I don't think that'll be useful anywhere. I'd hope not at least."
Emma "Ya - ya got yerself a big appetite?" Emma asks, tilting her head a little and smirking faintly. "Th - that is a good 'mount. I - I speak French, Spanish, an' Gaelic myself." But she is a brain, super smart type. "I - I hope this assignment proves ta - ta be interestin', an' not a bore for ya, I - I'm hopin' my time of chaos is comin' ta a - a end."
Phelan "There is a reason I've left the service. And seeking more excitement is not it." Phelan tilts his head with the smirking redhead. "Well, I will remember your language skills whenever we encounter any of the wee folk in the dells, huh? Which would be an upgrade in your day to day activities. I'd much prefer the boredom. Some sight-seeing maybe." His chin gets plopped into the crook of a palm, elbow to table.
Emma "Wh - why did ya leave then?" Emma asks right before her tea arrives. Delicate hands grip her cup, as if using its warmth to warm her hands. There is a bit of a smile, remembering home. "G - Gaelic isn't as - as common as one may be thinkin'." Replies the lass in that thick yet soft Scottish accent. "Wh - where do ya w - wanna sight-see then?" If his posture is of any indication to anything, the lass, as shy as she seems to be, is equally unaware.
Phelan "Aside from pulling security for pretty activists with globetrotting conferences, fancy fundraiser dinners and deep expense accounts?" A deflection, obviously. Well. Maybe obviously. He rolls his eyes upwards, thinking, phrasing in his mind what to see and how to say it before letting it roll out. "For every one or two actual outbreaks, theres at least one that didn't go sideways." Hes serious now though, the set jawline and wrinkled brow demonstrates it. "Usually, the military may want certain...items to come back. Certain officers in charge of units in the field may decide that the lives of their men is worth more than something like that and let it get destroyed instead."
Emma "Ya - ya'know, so - some of us do this n - not for power or - or wealth, but be - because we truly want ta help an' learn." Emma has never been in it for the money herself. "I - I've learned orders an' th - tha heart are often in - in competition."
Phelan     "I did enough good. Risked enough for enough people. I'm happy with my position. Terrasave does do a lot of good." Phelan takes possession of his chicken plate, appetite seemed to have taken a damper, however. "You seem to be in the right place for a lot of good, huh?"
Emma Emma lifts her tea and takes a sip, putting the cup back down slowly, fingers wrapped around the mug still. She doesn't have a big appetite, and thusly ordered no food. To his question she shrugs a little. "I - I simply wi - wish ta help, this has b - been a good way ta, sure it has - has it's perils, it is worth it. Bu - but I am not in it ta - ta become a hero." Quiet a second she looks out the window and then back to him, grey-green eyes curious. "Te - tell me more of yerself. Wh - where do ya come from?"
Phelan "A lot of questions about me, you at least had a resume to look at. All I really know is your name and what the website says you are." Phelan deflects a bit. Again. He finishs his first plate of chicken quick, they don't really put much on a plate if its endless. "I'm from New York City, outta Brooklyn actually..if you know where that is." The accent makes him think she might not. "I went to Temple University for Molecular Biology...the idea of a hospital for the next 7 to 11 years kinda made my skin crawl, so I got a commission."
Emma "A res - resume is - is designed to highlight th - tha best of us, it - it is in a meeting such as thia ya truly ge - get ta know tha person." Emma says in her shy sweet way. While listening, she sips from her tea, if she noted the deflection she doesn't bring it up. "Ho - hospitals can be.. hard ta work in. So ya - ya went ta something th - that was?"
Phelan     "Uhh..Well, they commissioned me into chemical, biological...basically hazmat. Went through training, six months in that, I volunteered for counterintelligence. Then things get a bit grey for about 4 or 5 years." Phelan hmms a bit before deciding to leave it like that. "Quite a bit of sand. Quite a bit of jungle. A lot of talking to people."
    He takes the time now to settle back into the booth, looking across the table towards Emma. "The flaws which eventually made me unsuitable for continued command, are sought after commodities for which your security recruiter was looking for."
Emma Again, Emma doesn't push. Everyone has their secrets. So she nods a little, and grabs to pot of hot water to refill her cup of tea, it's put down gently, the drink left to cool enough to drink. Her eyes remain on him in return. "An' - an' those flaws are?"
Phelan "People over objectives mostly." Phelan shrugs his shoulders. Talking around classified events is tough, but at least hes already hired. Can't unhire someone. "I'm also a bit unreasonable in the early mornings. If you ever have to wake me up."
Emma Emma laughs a little. "N - noted." She remarks with an amused shake of her head, following it with a sip of her tea. "Pe - people are most im - important. I c - couldn't be in tha military for th - that reason. I - I would disobey to quick ta - ta save a life or - or give up my own."
Phelan "Somedays I think I joined up just to shake loose expectations." Phelan finagles his lemonade straw to his mouth and sucks some down. "I've talked a great deal. Don't I get to hear some from the person I'm gonna be shadowing for months on end?"
Emma Another sip, another nod and Emma takes a deep breath. "A - ask away, then." She says with a light smile.
Phelan "Ask away? Oh, ye of such trust." Phelan smirks a bit, pondering before leaning forward again over the table. "Alright then. Who was your childhood crush? I can't chase after some lady who thought Jonathan Taylor Thomas was a cute."
Emma Emma laughs, and looks confused. She shakes her head a little. "Who - who is that?" The name is clearly lost on her.
Phelan "Ah. The correct answer. Good, good. He was on some terrible sitcom. Its fine." Phelan plant his chin into hand again. "Alright. A real question. When have you been most afraid?"
Emma This isn't the type of question she expected, So the lass pauses, looking into her cup of tea.

"I - I had an assassination att - attempt on my life. It - it killed me briefly. I - I remember a place. Warm, lo - lovin', I - I felt safe, truly s - safe. Th - then it was ripped from me." A pause, there is a fleeting look of pain, she looks up from her tea to him. "Ta - ta know I was ripped from th - that place, from all that ta - ta here, ta the cruel realities, the dangers, th - tha was what scared me th - tha most."
Phelan "Well. Belief in afterlife is a strange thing to be afraid of." Phelan seems to teeter between actual jokes, or understanding. "Life is hard, and I kinda think thats the point. Why should there be some easy afterlife, if ya didn't go through the hard stuff to get to it?"
Emma "I - I guess." Emma is quiet a moment. "A - anymore questions?"
Phelan "Well, that went deep quick." Phelan uhhs for a few seconds. "Well, I lost my conversation start index cards. So I'm gonna go off the cuff. Are you still actively practicing medicine? Or just the activism? I only got your wikipedia page to look at."
Emma Trying to break any spot of awkward with a laugh, Emma nods with a smile. "I - I try ta - ta get inta work as - as much as possible. I've become a sort of work - work horse, when not bein' attacked an' stuff. I've no - no real access ta my other hobbies at this time."
Phelan "*Really?* No hobbies. Someone has to try minigolf then." Phelan shakes his head across the table. "Or card games. Or knitting."
Emma "I - I, first wanted ta - ta be a musican. I'm trained in - in many forms of dance, singin', instruments. It - it was in watchin' my mother, in that I - I wanted ta become a doctor. I grew up on a - a acreage, tendin' ta animals, gardenin', livin' off th - tha land. I miss th - that simplicity sometimes. Playin' my music, tendin' ta animals.."