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Elliott     Elliott is wandering aimlessly throughout the arcade, shaking a cup of coins unconsciously as his light blue eyes sweep around at his surroundings. Occasionally pauses to study a game that takes his interest, debating playing it or simply watching someone else. For a time, El comes caught up in watching one young lady dancing, a lopsided, amused smile played across his face as he cocks his head. When she glances over her shoulder between songs, he offers a brighter, friendly smile as he lifts his head in greeting, shaking his head in answer to her question if he would like a try. "Nah, I'm all right here. Not much of a dancer," he says, flashing white teeth. Letting out a breath, Elliott turns to walk on, striking blue eyes scanning the games and crowd curiously.
Cassie If one were to look at Cassie, one never would've guessed that she's a military woman. The only hint is the dark green beret she wears on her head, keeping most of her red hair out of her face. Other than that, she's wearing a dark blue turtleneck sweater with blue jeans and simple sneakers on her feet. To the average person, Cassie is just another ordinary civilian. In reality, she's on leave for awhile, so she's decided to come have some fun.

Over by one machine, a two-in-one which has both Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga in it, Cassie can be seen watching as another person plays Galaga. She watches as the player manages to score big in the Challenging Stages, causing Cassie to nod a little in approval. "I always found those to be a bit difficult," She mutters to herself. "Always needed dual fighters for them."
Maxim In contrast while Maxim has the build of someone who could have seen duty, he's dressed as anything but. His dark hair pulled back and tied into a tail today, the tall dark man makes his way around the various machines of the arcade, a few tokens flipping over his fingers idly instead of his regular coin. He moves about gracefully for such a big man, weaving around various partons his eyes looking over the various people as well as the games. He pauses at one, perhaps debating trying it, before moving along to the next, a look given over at Ms. Pac-man Galaga combo, and the people there.
Elliott     Elliott doesn't show much of an interest in playing a game for, or by, himself. He peruses the arcade curiously, and as he approaches the machine that Cassie is by, he pauses and glances her way when he overhears her words. With a grin tugging at his lips, he steps up closer as he says by way of greeting in his British accent, "I take it you've a bit of experience with the game?" He pauses, shifts the cup of coins to his less dominant hand, and offers out his right hand to her. "Names Elliott," he supplies, flashing a warm, toothy smile. His gaze darts off suddenly when he thinks he sees a familiar face, and then re-doubles as they land on Max and the Brit raises a hand to beckon him. "Why, hello, mate. All right?"
Cassie Shaking Elliott's hand, Cassie replies with a firm, "Cass Harper." She nods a little to his question. "Yeah, they had this on the base I was stationed on. It was a good way to pass the time, honestly. I was one of the better players honestly." She runs a hand through her hair. "That was, when we weren't working on missions and whatnot." She then looks over and sees Maxim, someone she doesn't quite recognize.
Maxim A blink as Elliott appears out of nowhere it seems and calls the man over. "Greetings." Maxim offers a bow to him, and then a bow of his head to Cassie as he doesn't really know her. Looking back to El he asks, "How have you been? It has been awhile." The tokens moving across his fingers he flips to his other hand, freeing that one up in case people try to do the whole hand shaking thing.
Elliott     Elliott smiles a warm, pleasant smile as he shakes Cassie's hand. "A pleasure, I'm sure," he returns, his smile widening as he bobs his head in turn to her words. "Oh, so are you hoping for a challenge then?" A twinkle shows in his eyes as he inclines his head in question. Then the twinkle disappears and he lets out a quiet, "Mhm," as he bobs his head. "So you worked as an officer?" he asks curiously before he glances back to Max with a grin. "Oi, you any good at this game?" Elliott gestures at the machine, lifting his shoulders casually. "I think you should be the challenger."
Cassie "I don't think we've met," Cassie says to Maxim. "I'm Cass Harper. Nice to meet you." She looks to Elliott and says, "Well, I'm willing to play if no one else wants to. I mean I enjoy a good challenge now and then but I don't like to keep others waiting either." She stretches her arms over her head.
Maxim      "Maxim. Nice to meet you as well." He continues the token's movement with his left hand now, not bothering to switch them back. Looking at the game in question as Elliott speaks, Max blinks and shrugs his shoulders some. "I do not think so. I have only tried a few games here." At mention of being the challenger he looks briefly shocked. Slowly moving around he goes to get a look at the game from the other side, since if he's going to play he'd better know what to do. "I... I could. I will think about it."
Elliott     Elliott lifts his chin in a gesture at the machine, or the person playing it. "I also wouldn't mind watching a bit of a show," he says as his lips twitch lightly. "Doesn't look like a bad player, either." He glances to Maxim, giving a bit of a shrug as he says with a glance at Cassie, "Well, maybe you could give a couple out a couple of pointers." El glances down into the cup, jingling the coins thoughtfully before letting out a breath. "Here." Suddenly, Elliott is offering out the cup, shrugging. "Take the rest and enjoy a couple of games. I've got to slip away because I think..." He trails off as his gaze moves off to the distance, tilting his head a little. With a shake of his head, he glances back and finishes, "I think I see someone I've been meaning to catch up with. I'll chat with you later, yea?" He'll clap a hand over Maxim's shoulder before nodding his head to Cassie. "I hope we'll run into each other again and next time be able to talk more." He flashes a smile, waving.