Umbrella Surveillance System
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Eve Chaos. That is a great word to describe what is going on at TerraSave right now. The offices are busy dealing with the aftermath of Bolivar and the uncertainty that follows. In the midst of all of that is Eve. She sits at her desk, calmly sipping from a large white mug as she taps at her laptop. She has several appointments set up today and she was on the verge of cancelling all of them. Instead she pushes on, at times ignoring the phone in front of her or fingering it thoughtfully. The fax machine starts it's whine and she turns to glare at it, pushing her blonde hair out of her face.
Grammercy With the collapse of Umbrella, Umbrella employees were scattering to the four corners of the Earth. Some of them were going to prison, some of them were being fired, but most of them were being moved into other corporate entities, as Umbrella subsidies and assets were sold to other corporate bodies. Patents, contracts, real estate, brand names, employees, they were all being moved about. The once mighty titan that sought to create a perilous future from the wreckage of the human genome, so moribund in its comfort and stagnate in its development, was now merely a slur spoken amid homes and hallways and classrooms. Umbrella employees, from janitors to executives, were treated as second class citizens. But one of them, Chuck Grammercy, had joined Umbrella not for money or vision or hatred, but merely for a purpose.

And Grammercy, Umbrella Security Services, was not willing to let his people fade into the night that easily.

Chuck believes in Umbrella's vision merely because they had given him a chance. And now, an employee of a small mercenary company operating out of Denmark, his homeblood, he was setting up a shadow organization among the bandwiths of the modern world's communications systems, for Umbrella outcasts. A corporate headhunter, previously a human resources officer, had given him a tip that TerraSave migt be keelhauling. That means, their employees would be undergoing the same upheaval that Umbrella had. And TerraSave's employees had a knack for being in the action. That is why Chuck Grammercy's contact had arranged an appointment today, with Eve.

Chuck Grammercy walks through the TerraSave building, wearing a three piece leisure suit with thin black tie. The Danish-American, with his seething resentment and quiet sadness, pauses outside her office, looking at the name on the door, before stepping into the frame.

He says nothing, merely offering a forced smile and a dreary nod.
Eve Eve looks up from her laptop and after a moment or two of silence she blinks and gets to her feet, gesturing for Chuck to have a seat. "I apologize, it's been a long day, and it's not even noon yet." She murmurs, holding out a hand to shake. "I'm Eve Magnusson, welcome to Terrasave." She waits for him to get settled and she leans against the desk, arms lightly folded over her chest. "So what can I do for you today.." Her eyes stray to her appointment book for a moment as she pauses for a beat. "..Mister Grammercy?" She has a polite smile on her face and slight curiousity in her perceptive gaze.
Grammercy Chuck steps in and shakes Eve's hand as he sits, his grip soft but not warm, with a certain priestly contenance to its humility. "Grammercy will do, Miss Magnusson," comes a gentle retort, as he interlaces his fingers over his lap. He's got the quality of a leopard to him, but not one in a jungle, or even a zoo. Rather, one strolling about a neighborhood, with curiousity rather than hunger. But it shows in his eyes, he is a creature of the wild places.

"I'm represent Redstone International. We're private mercenary company that works as an auxilliary to development projects. Security, telecommunications, field intelligence in rare cases, that sort of thing. Presently, my organization is between major deployments, and we're looking for someone that likes to travel to be an administrator." He tips his head downwards briefly, before his eyes move upwards. "As opposed, to an administrative assistant."
Eve Eve lets out a brief chuckle, and when her eyes meet his she doesn't blink, flinch or look away. She measures him quietly for a few moments before she pushes away from her desk and moves behind it again to retake her seat. She crosses her legs, and quietly taps something into her laptop as she speaks. "So you need someone to organize your ..deployments?" She asks, one eyebrow quirking slightly as she gazes at him over the screen of her laptop. She calls up information on the company he named, her eyes skimming it briefly before she closes her laptop. She leans in, chin propped on her palm and smiles. "Why me?"
Grammercy "Just about," Grammercy says, with a purse of his lower lips, tipping his head back up to a level position to meet her eyes as she props her chin up on her hand. "You have field experience with TerraSave, and TerraSave has done admirably at dealing with situations far more dangerous than the ones we typically deal with. It'd be safer than what you do now, pay more, and you'd get to help people at less expense to your sanity. Hydroelectric projects, universities, power plants, desalinization facilities, airports, railroads...We deal in all of that, in countries that need those things the most." He unlocks his fingers, and cross his right leg over his left, at the ankle, placing his hand on his knee.

"Nobody can be a long distance runner forever, especially competing in the Olympics, Miss Magnusson."
Eve Eve gets to her feet and she paces a bit, walking around the desk until she can sit right in front of Grammercy. "We're a non profit organization trying to bring supplies and peace to war torn nations." She says carefully, but she doesn't look like a typical pencil pusher. She is, in fact, armed and has been since the rogue bomber tried to take out their office in Bolivar. "So you'll be doing..civilian work?" She tilts her head nd pushes back slightly, sitting on the edge of the desk. "I'm pretty settled here, it would take a damn good offer for me to make any serious moves."
Grammercy "We're a mercenary company, but we protect civilian facilities, yes," Grammercy says, watching her as she paces. He notices the weaponry as she paces, his eyes rapidly scanning over them, in an insectile manner, the only hint of his previous affiliation to Umbrella's elite security wing. "I happen to know that TerraSave's little trip to Bolivar wasn't quite what any of you expected," he says lowly, his eyes moving to look out Eve's window, over Paris. "That's the only reason why I'm here. Let's say the payrate of everyone working for your group has gone up in the private sector's eyes, and probably the public sector also." His eyes glide back to Eve's, looking up at her as she sits on her desk. "I apologize if I'm sharking on you, here."
Eve "That is how the world works." Eve says, not seemingly perturbed about being approached with a job offer, even if she doesn't completely trust the man bringing it. "Bolivar was a mess, and it's one we'll be cleaning up for quite some time." She glances at the door, a frown on her face before she lets her gaze slowly rest on Grammercy again. "I'm not going to say yes or no today, and I'm sure you understand that and the reasons why." She walks back behind her desk and fishes out one of her business cards. "In case you need to get in touch with me, this is my private numbers. I'll be heading to Stockholm in a few days to see my family. I will make a decision when I return."
Grammercy "An interesting man, an interesting country." Chuck uncrosses his legs and stands, taking the card gingerly between his fingers and slipping it into an inner pocket of his jacket. "The man got his act together when South America rebelled against Spain, you know. Before that, he was an alcoholic over the loss of his wife." He turns about towards the door, before turning back to face Eve. "All it takes is something, or someone, needing you, you know, to turn the worst man into a saint." He grins, his face gaining a skull like quality, merely from the movements of his micromuscles. "A saint in the logs of history, at least." His grin fades, and he bows his head politely. "Thank you for hearing me out. I'm going to see if I can't catch a clown show." He turns about and exits, slipping his hands into the pockets of his jackets once he's out of Eve's sight. He watches the TerraSave offices especially carefully, now, with a great deal of interest. The meeting with Eve is his cover for his precise study, having been unable to perform such a case of their employees before he had pretext.