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Eve Eve made a phone call, it was simple really, she missed Trixie and wanted to see her - badly. She invited her out to a night of simple pleasures. Movie, popcorn, a bit like the home version but more fancy. Fancy she is, dressed in a flounced pink silk dress that exposes one shoulder and has a hem mid-thigh. Her blonde hair is up in a messy bun and she's holding a very large bucket of popcorn as she waits to see if her date is going to show up. She doesn't look nervous. Right?
Trixie Trixie arrives on time, just a bit dressed up and smiling bravely to hide a fluttering heart. "Girl, you're totally being silly! You survive things out of horror movies, but get nervous going to the movies? Get a grip, huh?" she says scathingly to herself.

Then she blinks, pausing just inside the doors and past the usher taking tickets. "And when did you start talking to yourself? Out loud?"
Eve Eve spots Trixie then, talking to herself no less. Her anxiety gets a bit less and she makes her way over to her, a slight grin tilting her lips. "My my, don't you look pretty tonight?" She says, holding out her right hand, which Trixie will hopefully take. "I bought us some popcorn, and milk duds, but those are in my purse." She grins and gazes at movies showing. "I hope you don't mind cheesy romance flicks." She gently bumps her shoulder against Trixie and starts for the theater.
Trixie Trixie starts as Eve speaks to her. "Oh, my... sorry if I'm a little jumpy," she murmurs apologetically, taking the offered hand. "You are the most thoughtful hostess /ever/... you just think of /everything/!" she whispers. "Besides being totally adorable, which is almost as big a plus. Though maybe we should get some overpriced drinks for all that popcorn, come to think of it," she whispers, moving to follow Eve. "And after Bolivar, I can watch just about anything."
Eve Eve giggles softly at the compliment, her cheeks going pink as she pulls Trixie towards the concession stand. She orders herself a lemonade and turns to gaze at her date, a grin on her face. "Want to share, or do you want something fizzy?" She asks, keeping the popcorn tucked in the crook of one arm. "I really wanted to find some action but, I realized I had been living action so I decided to go for something fun and a little sweet."
Trixie "Long as it doesn't have zombies, I'm totally fine with it," Trixie replies wryly. "Though I doubt I could do a war movie after Bolivar." She glances at Eve and giggles softly. "Awwww... made you blush!" she teases, forgetting her own faint blush. "Make mine fizzy. I'd be fine with sharing, but I don't know how you'll manage the popcorn and still pass me the cup now and then. Take up juggling, maybe?"
Eve "No zombies. No war." Eve murmurs, nibbling at her bottom lip as Trixie calls her out for blushing. She ducks her head and lets out a soft sigh as she orders the second drink. "You'd be surprised, put me in a position where I need to juggle or die. I'd probably pick it up. But since this isnt' a death situation, I'd totally soak you in lemonade." She passes Trixie her fizzy drink and hooks arms with her as they walk towards the theatre. It's nearly empty, everyone is watching some big action flick that has come out that weekend and she kicks her feet up, tucking the popcorn between the pair of them.
Trixie "Definitely make mine fizz, then," Trixie replies impishly, walking side-by-side with Eve into the theater. "Guess there's not too many people in the mood for romance tonight," she muses, eyeing the numerous empty rows. "Not that I'm complaining," she adds impishly, lightly bumping Eve's shoulder as they find their seats.
Eve Eve chuckles at Trixie and her lips purse for a moment before she chuckles softly. "Everyone is after that new action movie, trying to feel like big damn heroes. I just want...I just want to forget heroics and relax with you." She leans in to give Trixie a soft kiss on the cheek. "Dig into the popcorn, I'll fish out the milk duds here soon." The movie comes on and it's loud and bright and the seats fairly rumble when the bass kicks in. Ahh theatres.
Trixie "Big damn heroes... wish I could remember who said that," Trixie murmurs, smiling softly at that kiss on the cheek. She takes a dainty handful of popcorn and begins to pop the kernels into her mouth, one by one. "I know /exactly/ how you feel," she says softly, only to squeak and startle again as the movie comes up. "Yikes... I forgot how loud these new theaters are!" she cries, blushing as she realizes she'd huddled against Eve's side at the sudden blare. She also realizes that those theater chair arms hurt if you press too hard against them.
Eve Eve has a childlike look of happiness on her face as the boom of the bass starts and she grins over at Trixie as she huddles closer. "I love this stuff." She says, a little louder than normal so she can be heard. The previews come on and she takes a handful of popcorn as well, popping in a few kernels at a time.
Trixie Trixie nods her grinning agreement to Eve, trying to relax and enjoy the previews. "Sorry," she says apologetically, straightening enough to make sure she's not crushing her ribs against the hard chair arm. "Wish these chairs didn't have arms like this..." As the previews blare across the screen, she tries not to cringe at the volume, especially when a horror movie preview screams its way past. "I can't believe I used to /like/ those..."
Eve "I never liked horror movies." Eve says, cringing away from the horror movie preview. She turns to gaze at Trixie instead and murmurs. "A far better view.." She leans in and briefly rests her head on the other woman's shoulder, sighing softly. "You used to like them? I have always avoided them, and when I saw a zombie for the first time? I nearly lost my shit." She whispers, wrinkling her nose cutely. She picks up her lemonade and takes a long sip before she gazes back at the screen where an action film preview starts.
Trixie Trixie blushes at the complimentary comparison, but smiles faintly, slipping her arm around Eve's shoulders. "I /did/ lose it... and I was a S.T.A.R.S. officer at the time. It was my /job/ to be professional and protect people, but there's nothing in the manual or the orientation classes about what to do when a dead man, who looks and /smells/ dead, gets up and tries to eat someone. I admit it, I lost it. For the first and last time. So far."

She kisses Eve's cheek gently. "Thank gawd that's over. James Bond stuff I can stand. It's funny, though... I used to like to be scared. Before I found out that movie monsters don't hold a candle to the real ones."
Eve "Well hopefully now that this craziness is over in Bolivar..we'll have some peace and quiet." Eve murmurs, leaning close to Trixie as she speaks quietly. "Here is hoping that the peace isn't broken anytime soon." She tucks the popcorn in snugly and takes Trixie's hand in both of hers, her thumb gently caressing Trixie's knuckles as she seems to be deep in thought. "What are your plans, now that you can make your own?"
Trixie "Here's hoping," Trixie agrees softly, her eyes slipping shut as her hand is clasped and caressed. "I don't know yet. I guess it'll depend on how this Bolivar thing shakes out. I've been hearing rumors that the F.B.C.'s going bye-bye, and that some of the members are being shunted into the B.S.A.A.. I just don't know which members. But I hope I'll be able to get out of the Army after this. I don't know how Dad did it for twenty years."
Eve "Well I know that I'll be heading back to Europe soon, if nothing else to visit my family." Eve murmurs, her eyes shifting to the screen as the movie starts. She keeps hold of Trixie's hand, squeezing when things are funny or slightly charged. She takes it all in, the slight smile on her face rarely leaving as she watches the man and the woman go through all sorts of adversity to fall in love.
Trixie "I might go back to Paris, if I don't wind up back in the States somehow. Not like I've got anything to go back to, really," Trixie muses, watching the ups and downs of silver screen love flash across the screen. "These two... are all Hollywood couples this adorable, or is it just my imagination doing that?"
Eve "Paris is a beautiful place, I'll end up there again eventually." Eve murmurs quietly, aiming a brilliant smile at Trixie before he continues. "I think when you've got a crush on someone, all love and romance just looks absolutely amazing. You just want to eat it up with a spoon, like ice cream, you know?"
Trixie "Just my imagination, then," Trixie murmurs, pouting a little. Then she shrugs. "I can totally live with that." She glances up into Eve's smile and returns that smile in kind. "Sounds like you've had a crush like that before. It's funny... I had one, too, but I didn't feel like that. Granted, most of the time I was depressed from being stuck on that stupid ship or away on ops, so I didn't get to see a lot of romances. And then he got KIA'd, so that was the end of that."

She glances at Eve curiously. "Are you feeling that way now?" she asks softly. "'Cause you kind of sound like you are..."
Eve Eve crosses her legs and she nods to Trixie before she gently pats her hand and squeezes it. "Stress and life can totally take away the magic that a loving feeling can bring, that's for certain. " She blinks at Trixie and her pale eyebrows raise slightly as she goes a bit pale. "I know.." She clears her throat and turns back to the screen, her cheeks turning pink.
Trixie Trixie giggles softly, grinning. "I knew it, I totally /knew it/!" she teases gently. "Can't hide a crush from me, sugar... I was a girl before I was a soldier." Quieting a little, she gently kisses Eve's cheek, giving her a little squeeze with the arm still around Eve's shoulder. "I'm happy for you. Totally. And you don't have to tell me who the lucky guy is if you don't want to."
Eve Eve glances over at Trixie and she loses it, giggling softly and nearly bending over double. When she finally gets control of herself, and it takes a few people glancing back in her direction before she does. She simply squeezes Trixie's hand and then wordlessly gazes back to the movie screen. She does pull one hand away from Trixie's so she can grab some more popcorn. A few minutes pass and she leans towards the other woman, her voice low. "If you guess who it is, I'll totally tell you."
Trixie Trixie blinks at Eve's reaction, looking back at the screen as the girl remasters herself. "I might have to think about that one," she muses, daintily munching popcorn as another too-serious-to-not-be-funny obstacle leaps into the path of the two lovers on the screen. "Isn't that dreamy-eyed U.N. shrink, is it? I remember him being all over Bolivar at one time or another."
Eve "We had a thing, it was brief, but he was dreamy." Eve murmurs, glancing over at Trixie, an impish grin on her face. "He was a pretty good kisser too, but as far as I'm aware, that's over." She shrugs a slender shoulder and gazes back towards the screen. "Have another guess, or should I just let you in on the secret?"
Trixie "I had to escort him around the base at Maracaibo, and then for a while at Coro. Not that he wasn't totally dreamy, but he wasn't really my type. Or maybe I still wasn't over Chris being KIA yet and the sparks just fell on damp firewood. Either way, nothing happened there," Trixie replies, shrugging. "Sorry it didn't last for you two. Or maybe it wasn't meant to." She falls silent, impulsively kissing Eve's cheek. "Maybe you better tell me. My batting average is a total goose egg at this point."
Eve Eve wrinkles her nose and her crossed leg swings idly as she eats her popcorn, her eyes on the screen as Trixie speaks. She shifts her gaze over to the woman beside her and she flushes pink as she glances briefly at their joined hands. "I don't think it was meant to be, Elliott and I had a lot in common, but ..well..he's a guy who will get lost in his work, and I'm a woman who completely drowns in mine at times." She pulls Trixie's hand close and plants a gentle kiss on it. "I do have a crush, and I asked her out tonight and she might not have realized that I was asking for a date." She clears her throat and turns back to the screen, obviously trying not to flush any pinker.
Trixie Trixie's eyes go very wide at that revelation. "Ohmigawd..." she whispers, falling silent for a long few moments, slowly turning as pink as Eve.

"So that's what I've been feeling ever since our night in, back then," she whispers at last. "Gawd, I'm so /stupid/... I didn't even see it, and I should have!" She turns to look into Eve's eyes. "I'm so sorry... you're crushing on a total idiot. You know that, right?"
Eve Eve shakes her head, laughing softly and she reaches out with greasy popcorn fingers to poke Trixie right on her nose. "I'm sorry I wasn't easier to read, and you're not an idiot. You're adorable." She leans in slowly and kisses the spot on Trixie's nose that has a little smudge of butter on it. "You're sweet, kind and you're amazing. Never forget that."
Trixie Trixie grimaces as she feels the butter smudged on her nose, though not at the poke itself. "Don't kick yourself, hm? It's not your fault I didn't see it," she begins, but is stopped by Eve's kiss to her nose. "Wow... so this is what it feels like to have a crush on someone totally awesome." She points sharply at Eve's nose. "Don't stop me now, I'm serious! You /are/ awesome. Kind, sweet, funny, devoted... and I told you I was an idiot. I'm not even halfway done, and I'm totally out of words!"
Eve "There is plenty of time to find more words, for both of us." Eve says, grinning at Trixie as she leans in closer, her voice lower. "That is, if I'll get another date." She squeezes her hand and gazes back at the screen, taking a moment to get a drink from her cup. "I'm ..I..You're not an idiot, and I'm okay. I mean..everyone can strive to be better, yes?"
Trixie "Totally!" Trixie says, loudly at first. But as several people look at her and hiss irritably, she lowers her voice. "Seriously... like I'd refuse? Tell me one other living person I've had more fun with! I couldn't say no with a gun to my head!"
Eve Eve jumps when Trixie loudly speaks and she laughs, leaning in as she reaches out to pull Trixie closer. If she were allowed, she would press a gentle, but lingering kiss on her lips before she drew back, amusement still on her features. "I hope that sentiment remains for a while, I would like more than one more date. I might even want three."
Trixie Trixie, though surprised by the kiss, returns it in kind, pouting a little as it ends. "Only three? I'd better count my dates /carefully/," she muses, before giggling and drawing Eve in close for a more enthusiastic kiss. One that would look at home on the giant movie screen at the front of the theater.